Coalesce; reborn elemental (accepting but open to plotting)

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  1. Story intro

    June 20th, 2012

    "Good grief! Where is all of this heat coming from?" Cicadas screeched loudly permeating the Texas beach with the feeling of uncontrollable heat, while the young blonde fanned herself with a tanning voucher.
    "Celina, everyone else on the beach seems to be just fine except you." Her boyfriend commented from a stretch of sand beside her. Celina scanned the other picnicking groups on the beach, who, as he said, were having a splendid time. "Well that's just not fair." She pouted fanning herself harder.
    " Well, then take off your swim suit." He commented propping himself onto his elbows with a mischievous grin. She smiled, sarcastically scrunching her nose. " In your dreams, Micheal." Celina sighed fanning herself violently "I really, don't feel so good." she moaned. Her boyfriend sighed "oh don't play that with me," Celina stopped fanning herself abruptly, frozen in place " your mom told me all about your- " Blondie literally melted into a puddle of water in front of him. After a moment of mouth gaping silence he scrambled to his feet and over to her puddle. "CELINA?!" Celina was obviously not there anymore.

    "BREAKING NEWS, a young woman, this morning reportedly melted on a Texas beach, and later an elderly man burst into flames in a shopping mall, stay tuned for these stories at the top of the hour." The lovely brunette's smile was deceivingly hopeful of events taking place. That day more than 113 reports of melting, bursting into flame, whisking away on the wind and turning into stone rocked the nation's news. By the end of the week the numbers had reached just over 2,000 incidents and 746 bystander deaths worldwide. The world was confounded by an ever spreading epidemic that seemed to be tied to bursts of elemental furry.

    The US, France, Germany, South Korea, the UK and Canada, forming a coalition put in place advanced quarantine regulations requiring weekly examinations for each of the victim's family members and those exposed to it; together they pooled their medical resources discovering the genetic marker that had emerged in the recent medical history of every victim. Thankfully, the marker was not present in every citizen examined but, terrifyingly, it could not be predicted either. Citizens of the world lived in fear of developing the marker and instead of seeking to help others through their loss were reclusive or visited the specialists excessively.

    Less than a month later any occurrences of the disease seemed to had ceased, leaving as abruptly as it had come. The disappearance of the epidemic left a wave relief and confusion among the citizens as well as Coalition specialists analyzing it. The families of the dead barely had time to grieve. Exactly one week later the discovery of a frozen Lake Mead left many questions as to how it had occurred in late July.

    A short yet secretive investigation revealed it to be the cause of one person. A person with the epidemic's marker who had NOT died. Once the US shared this information with the other governing countries, they were informed of others across the world; each affected, by a different element, that had not died of it. Collectively making four elements: water, earth, fire and air. They were taken into forced custody for "safety" reasons.

    The press did eventually find out about them, actively hounding government officials with the excuse that the victims had done nothing wrong and had the right to freedom over their own lives. Others, mainly families of previously lost victims, took the view that the people who had survived caused it or because they now controlled the element that they were now possessed with the spirits of their dead loved ones. The Government agreed to freedom but did not concede the right to protect the public from the potential danger.

    The solution? The four Elementals are to be offered special housing by the coalition, outside Seattle, where their lives will be monitored by a newly formed protective detail (EPMD). In condition to that, they were required to sign a non-disclosure agreement about their elemental powers. How do they deal with loosing their previous lives? What can they do with their elements? What will they do next? Will life go on?

    ____________________________ Setup _______________________________

    I've set this up to be more of a Nonchalant "Slice of Life, after the incident" Role play with elements of romance, action, mystery, and comedy and should feel like a futuristic, doomsday, fantasy. This is a relaxed, open world in which the characters decisions effect how the world perceives the new elemental generation. I do have a few story arcs planned but they aren't fully thought out and I won't put them into play until the characters are comfortable with each other.


    Roles to fill

    Water elemental: Taken and accepted by Chaelin
    Water elemental's agent:
    Fire elemental:
    Taken by WrittenAll Over
    Fire elemental's agent:
    Air elemental: Called by Masked
    Air elemental's agent:
    Earth elemental:
    Earth elemental's Agent:

    Neighbors or other Characters;
    Sign up your crazy, in love, stupid, or overachieving non-elemental characters in this role

    Character Skeleton (open)



    ⇔Full Name⇔
    First, "Nickname", Last

    Month. Date. Year. (collective age)


    Male, Female or Hermaphrodite

    City. State. Country. This really only applies to where they lived most recently since their moving into a new place

    If Elemental: Previously; the government pulled strings, gave you severance pay and basically is going to make it impossible to find a job. Problem is, you can't prove it.

    Physical Information



    ⇔Eye Color⇔

    Length and color.

    ⇔Body Type⇔

    ⇔Special Markings⇔
    Tattoos. Piercings. Scars.


    Mental Information

    At least 5

    At least 5

    At least 2

    At least 2.

    At least 1

    A least 2, one the government would know and one they would not

    too repetitive or vague personalities should be reconsidered

    Life skills

    Water, Earth, Fire, Air or N/A

    ⇔Discovered Abilities⇔
    Elemental only. How are they able to use their elemental power as of now?

    What might be possible in the future?

    Domestic, combat, medical etc.

    Vehicles, sentimental items, weapons etc.

    Personal, physical, emotional, mental, and elemental-related weaknesses.

    Bygone times

    At least 2 paragraphs . Try and relay their elemental discovery story.

    “Character Quote”

    ⇔Theme Song⇔



    ⇔Thoughts on what's happened⇔


    Even though this is an elemental based role play and I want you to be creative with how you use each element, there will be no major destruction of the complex. If you have a plan, please, just communicate with me.

    Mild Language and Sexual content;
    This is means no Sh**s or F***s. Be creative with expressive words. Anything other than general couple touching/kissing goes to PM.

    One Paragraph posts;
    If you can't put enough description into your character's thoughts, mannerisms or dialog to fill six sentences, or even try to do so, please don't sign-up. I do, however, understand that certain situations do not allow for very much description. My point is, do your best. Absolutely no, one-liners.

    I don't think I'm to strict about rules but I reserve the right to ask you to cease and desist when I feel the story is compromised. Also, I have no intention to upset anyone on purpose but I do have morals, I try my best to practice them and hope that you understand when I say Please don't do this or that. Of course, I owe you an explanation, just ask :)

    Please post at least a work-in-progress Character sheet here. I already have a group where you can place the complete ones.
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  2. This seems very interesting.
  3. I've always loved elemental RP's and this one is pretty originally as well as interesting. I'd be interested in joining ^^ (already planning to nab the Air elemental ;p)
  4. Thanks very much @Masked and @Chaelin, I think I rewrote the story about four times already. I'm stick'n to this one. I'll be placing the Sign-ups on this week, kinda want to do that tonight, but I think I'll wait till I have at least four interests and more detail about the complex and a character skeleton.

    Are you serious about nabbing the Air elemental? @Masked

    I like Nana's hair flip @Chaelin
  5. That's good to hear. The sign up postings I mean. I'll be available all week this week.

    Thank you! Nana's hair flip was so perfect in the gif I had to save it.
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  6. Thats great to hear ^^ I'll be keeping tabs of when that is then. If its alright for me to reserve an element then yes! I always tend to play the air elemental.
  7. Sure, completely fine to reserve an Elemental; Air is yours. I'm excited to see an experienced Air Elemental in action ^o^
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  8. I've turned this into a plot discussion while-st we wait for a few more people.

    Does anyone have a critique? Please, Anything at all? Also, I'm probably one of the few in the world who really like to be corrected on their english and grammar.
  9. I was actually wondering for the CS, do we have the option of using a picture? (I'm still going to fully fill out the required info but hunting for pics is my thing)
  10. Oh yes, there is a place for it. It's just in the coding. I use pictures in all of mine, including the descriptions.

    When you see the Official sign-up thread there will be a code box (no, it wasn't there before because I completely forgot... >_<) you can copy and paste.
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  11. Other Elementals will be added to the story. Tell me some of your interesting ideas!

    Current list

    Air -Basically the same as wind
    Light- Both light and darkness
  12. *am hoping this is the group chatting place* What I was basically going for the light plasma thing is the concentration of light protons which would change it into a source of energy. That would be the ball of light thing. Then you can release it as a projectile. Maybe its update would be shrapnel or something like that.
  13. I like that concept, I'm slightly worried that it would be a little too similar to electricity perhaps minus the burning/shock and just penetration? Either that or I really don't understand what your saying.

    The "group chatting area" I was talking about is and actual group (Group Link), I believe your accepted in it as well, but here is great too.
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