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  1. A new generation of Heroes and Heroines have emerged. There young men and ladies are ready to go out into the world and protect it from aliens, super villains and corrupt business people.

    But before these heroes can go out, they have to get matched up to the group of people who will keep them in check. The glue in their hectic lives. The Bonnie to their Clydes! The sheath of their swords!

    The Sidekicks!

    And then after you're paired together...You'll have to go through a two week trial period where'll you'll live together and see if your partnership will work out.

    Yeah, sorry kiddos, no fighting crime until we know you can work together!

    - Sidekick powers should be relatively weak. Meaning no mind control or turning into a dragon or something.
    - I reserve the right to reject a power that I think is too powerful for a sidekick.
    - Romance is allowed but fade to black if it get's too heated.
    - All posts must be third person, past tense, and at least five sentences per post not including dialogue.
    - No godmodding, Mary Sues/Gary Stues/Special Snowflakes etc.
    - Spelling and grammar is a must! You can have a few errors but use spell check or some sort of word processor.
    - No back to back posting. Give other people a chance. Allow at least three different posts before you post again. However, if 30 minutes passes without any activity, you can post.
    - I'm not reserving spots. It's first come, first approved.
    - Everyone is a super powered human, no aliens or vampires or whatever.
    - READ THIS PART VERY WELL! In the CS, I have typed some information in brackets. Upon reading the brackets and filling out the character sheet, DELETE the bracket.
    - Original characters only.

    [Available housing that I shall assign. Your character's personality plays a large part in the choosing.]
    Coming Soon to Theaters Near You...

    Partnerships: [Six pairings available]

    _________ & __________

    _________ & __________

    _________ & __________

    _________ & __________

    _________ & __________

    _________ & __________

    Character Sheet
    [Use the provided style. To do tabs, you can either quote my post to copy the CS or ask me how to do it. You can use whatever colors you want.]

    • [Real Picture or Very Detailed Description. No anime.]
      Exceptions: [Things not included in the picture]
      Alias: [Your superhero name!]
      Sexual Orientation:
      Birthday: [DD, Month]
      Partner: [This will be chosen for you]
      - - -
      Body Modifications:
      Power: [Max amount is 3 powers. If you have more than one, they have to connect to each other somehow.]
      [Link to costume or very detailed description]

    • History: [Min. Ten sentences.]
      Pet Peeves:

    • [Possible answers are in bold. Choose one.]
      Q: If the President and your Family Member were both dangling from a cliff, who would you save?

      Q: If the arch villain Parasight ever escaped from prison and possessed a child would you, Kill the child or Capture the child (keep in mind that since Parasight needs a host in order to stay imprisoned, the child will be kept in a high security facility for the rest of his/her life.)

      Q: If the fate of the world depended on it, would you kill your partner? Yes or No?
  2. Appearance:
    Exceptions: He has a wooden bow in arrow
    Name:Tyson Martinez
    Sexual Orientation: Hetrosexual
    Birthday: 19/07
    Partner: N/A
    Weight:155 pounds
    Body Modifications: N/A
    Powers: Foxtrot has the ability to shapeshift into a fox, When angry, He grows Fangs and sharp claws, He has extra, Durability,stamina and strength, He is also an expert at climbing, Most of the time runs on his hands and feet

    • [​IMG]
      Exceptions: tattoo on lower back
      Name: Veronica(Vero/Vern) Casey
      Alias: The Scarlet Phantom
      Age: 26
      Sexual Orientation: straight
      Birthday: 1, July
      Partner: ...
      - - -
      Height: 5'6''
      Body Modifications:
      Power: invisibility, turns objects invisible
      Red specifically scarlet thigh high boots, with a matching in color, sleeveless leatard, both made of leather. Covering her very bare self is a long hooded cloak that reaches two inched above her ankles. Along her upper left arm are three black bands of metal.

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  3. Appearance:
    Name: Isa Wilcox
    Alias: Rev-Tone
    Age: 18
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Birthday: April,11
    Partner: [This will be chosen for you]
    - - -
    Height: 5,4
    Weight: 103 pounds Body Modifications: Her veins will glow when she charges up electricity.

    Power: Isa can fire electricity from her hands. The color of the lighting may depend on her mood (Red for anger, Yellow for happiness, WIP) and she can hover and fly in small distances. Her strength is enhanced, but limited to making a small dent on a wall when she punches.

    Costume: Isa wears a black helmet with a red stripe around the helmet. It has a grey faceplate, witch disguises her voice. She wears, a black vest over a tanktop. Her vest is equipped with a double holster that contains two night sticks that can be charged with lightning. She wears two gloves, and two elbow warmers on each arm. She wears black shorts with knee warmers. She wears a pair of grey boots.

    Personality: Isa is a little energetic, and hyper active, which may annoy her companions. She gets mad easily, coping with a bipolar disorder. This cripples her self esteem, as she secretly thinks that She can't be as good as anyone else. However, she can be quite merciless when she fights, but it makes her lose focus and loses.

    History: Isa grew up as an only child. Prior to her birth, her sister died in a robbery, which left a great impact on her family. She spent her life fighting a Bipolar disorder, but gets worse when her parents argue constantly. She was well liked in school, putting her home life aside. She was neglected by her parents, and often was insulted by them. She tried to take her own life once,
    Putting a temporary stop to her parent's fighting. It didn't last long, as her parents bicker a lot more. Isa tried to run away, but was picked up by a scientist who wanted to test his experiments on her. For about a year, she was tortured by the experiments, mutating her body, altering DNA, etc. She was given enhanced strength, and the ability to electrocute people. She escaped the lab, and nearly killing the scientist that kept her. With her new found powers, she broke out, and was able to steal some of his equipment.
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  4. How do you do the coding for the character sheets?
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