Co-GM needed. Anime High School Roleplay.

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Urban fantasy, cyberpunk.
Basically, due to my busy schedule I am looking for someone to help me GM a roleplay. It's a high school set in Japan, in an alternate reality where everyone knows how to fight. I'd like players to pick a specific fighting style and stick to it, or you can make one up yourself. Anime physics wil apply full force, meaning everyone will be able to take beatings like crazy and still stand up, etc.

Everyone will be sort of super human, too, meaning you're strong and fast aside from being extremely durable. The tone will be like your typical anime. It will be both extremely lighthearted and comedic while at times it can get serious.

It's gonna be like gangsters vs student council and the teachers will only step in when things get too serious.

I'm typing on my phone so I can't write too much without wrecking my phone because of bugs here and there but if you have any queries feel free to ask.
This is my style of... well, a lot of things. If you want, I'll help you out. Or just be an interested player. :)
! Yes! A vic- I mean helper.

Uh. If you want to help co-gm this, sure!