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  1. Intro
    Hi, I'm Smallz I have been role playing for some time now. Though, I'm just getting back into it after years of hiatus. I love writing and creating awesome and unique worlds, stories and characters. My schedule is completely erratic, and will get more erratic when I return to school(college tends to do that to you). I do try to post at least once a day, some days it will be much more, others I will not post at all. I will do my best to let you know.

    I expect my partner to have well built, and unique characters. I'm not a fan of playing a 'type' of character ex: the bad boy, the sweet girl, the shy dorky kid. No, characters like people are complex, and that's what makes stories interesting. I'm not a huge stickler on post length, or grammar. It has to be readable, and you must give me something to respond to. All the other typical role playing rules apply: no godmoding, no Mary sue, Gary sue, no one liners.

    I prefer to play male characters, that are bisexual, or gay. I will play straight females, or straight males as well, but I must be interested in the plot. Also, I will not play any knight in shining armor type character, or damsel in distress. I don't find that interesting. I prefer to have a ensemble of characters involved in a role play, so someone who can play multiple characters is preferred.

    Plot Starters
    Below are a list of starting points, or ideas to build a plot out of.
    School for the Gifted(magical or realistic)
    Struggling 20-somethings
    Troubled Teens
    Summer Camp
    Run Away
    Road Trip
    High Fantasy
    Super Heroes
    Your ideas!

    A note on fandoms: I will only play OC characters and
    plots. Cannon can be mentioned, but not played.
    Full Metal Alchemist
    Death Note
    Attack on Titian
    Avatar(Korra or Last Airbender)
    Sword Art Online
    Harry Potter

    Lord of the Rings

    Home for Magical Creatures
    Just like non-magical pets, countless magical creatures are abandoned everyday. Whether it is because they are expensive, dangerous, or don't match the furniture they end up in the The Ark. Romance between workers, heart wrenching animal stories, and controversy to be had. Perfect for a cast of characters, and those who want realism, with a fantastical twist.

    More plots to come!

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  3. I'd be willing to do a school for the gifted or summer camp rp, if you're still looking for somebody. Also, your Ark idea sounds amazing. ^-^ But it looks like you've already found a partner for that one.
  4. Send me a pm! I m at work so I ll respond later tonight
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