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  1. In the world of Clymer, a continent dead center of the known world, a season of harvest begins. While valuable resources are on the line for Stellar, Freelang and Terrestria, an extreme caution is dictated throughout the groups that are sent out on these missions. It has been rumored that the reverent and the advent are aggressively sapping these territories of these valuable resources and thus, need to be either peacefully escorted out or dealt with in a proper manner. These teams of specialist with be tasked with many jobs, all of which are aimed at achieving two singular goals, retrieving valuable resources and escorting any unwanted visitors off the island. (If you are unfamiliar with the magical arts of the world and choose a combat role, please choose something you are capable of performing without error and take this campaign as a learning experience to ask NPC's who know magic to teach you the arts. Thus, making you later on capable of understanding how to perform these arts in the future.)

    Clymer is a world of magic and spiritual arts, a home to three factions.

    Clymer is a single continent that previously housed the Ternary Empire which began the time period known as the Sisters era. The sisters period exists to this very day, 342 SP. Previously dominating the entire continent, as time passed Clymer sooner or later split into three factions due to internal conflicts. Although a large portion of information is lost in time and only those educated in Clymer politics and international politics are truly aware of the information concerning this. Nonetheless with the split up The Ternary Empire; the entire continent was split into three factions that are currently lead by one of the sisters in friendly relations.

    Stellar, the nation lead by Flux and very representative of the culture Flux has adopted throughout her life. Her red hair represents the nation of fire and constant war that some would say represent the Namtars past (In the past the Namtar ruled similarly to Stellar, constant conflict and war while removing rights from the people.) Stellar represents itself with fire and hot colors and is constantly militarized. Stellar is an oligarchic government that splits a small portion of power to Flux which is constantly negligible. The Stellar culture is much more americanized than others, people often times sleep alone and have their own rooms. In generalization, the Stellar are very picky and prefer not to eat anything strange such as insects for example. The nation holds climates that are mostly hot and cool however lacks large amounts of resources that Freelang and Terrestria hold. The most notable to mention about Stellar is the alliances it holds to the north, the most popularly known is the Empire of Agni; with this strong alliance technology in Stellar is rapidly advancing and surpassing what has ever been recorded in the past.

    Freelang, the nation of change and fluid government. Identified as a democratic counseled bureaucracy, although contradicting to the term bureaucracy this is the official terminology for the identification of Freelangs government. A tree sense of freedom can be felt throughout Freelang, no laws enforcing culture may be found in Freelang aside from only the most extreme and damaging of cultures that conflict with natural human behavior. For years Freelang and Stellar have been at hostile conflict, it is a constant worry of a Clymeranian war involving Freelang. Also advancing technology, Freelang has the strongest navy in the world. Freelang identifies with water, Pura’s blue hair and an alliance to the north, north east and eastern powers known as the holy water empire. Though with an increasing population, Freelang struggles with supplying this population with food as farmlands are rare. Though, Terrestria, a very friendly ally to Freelang happily supplies this need in exchange for other goods and friendly relations.

    Terrestria, the nation of tradition and defense. Invading Terrestria is an impossible task that has never been accomplished in the past. Terrestria is a nation that defends it’s spiritual lands to the death and even civilians are called to war. Although in times of peace it is a confederacy, a military dictatorship is immediately pronounced in times of war and at times, can be considered fascist. The Terrestria people are free folk in times of peace though. An attack on natural human behavior is considered to be an attack on the entire nation. The people certainly aren’t picky either, eating insects, many plants that are considered to be disgusting and sexual intercourse is considered a social experience everybody should experience when they feel is ready. A popular figure in Terrestria culture is Natura, a figure who has shown the world an idea that Terrestria fully defends to the death. Freedom of culture, tradition and natural human instincts.

    Campaign - Stellar - On the island of Hunt, a group of specialist, labor force and guardsman are sent to the island for an annual harvest of important herbs and other delicacies. Although dinosaurs of many kind, fantasy and reality walk the grounds knowledge is a source of protection as well as magic and skilled arms of many kinds. Dangerous yet paying well, only high amounts of enthusiasm, skill and caution will allow this group to survive. Let us hope all goes well . . .

    Campaign - Freelang - On the island of Hunta, a group of specialist, labor force and guardsman are sent to the island for an annual harvest of important herbs and other delicacies. Dangerous winters and extreme weathers make it hard to believe that such strange creatures exist in such a golden road of luxurious resources. With great perseverance and beyond wealthy amounts of payment, the group might survive long enough to spend such a luxury. Let us hope all goes well . . .

    Campaign - Terrestria - On the island of Hanto, a group of specialist, labor force and guardsman are sent to the island for an annual harvest of important herbs and other delicacies. The dangers of not only wildlife and extreme weathers but also treading upon forbidden lands, only the utmost caution should be taken to prevent any casualty in such a necessary expedition. With caution comes the paradox of allowing the unknown only a little bit closer. Let us hope all goes well . . .

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