Clymer, A Naruto Based RP Community for Skype

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    Hai, I made a thread about this earlier, Although I'm not in it i want to help my friend out, It is a Naruto Based Community that was changed a bit that does not include any of the original Characters, You can Make your own Character Sheet, Get to know people there, Help the community grow.

    Clymer is based in a Naruto World with a Hand Made map that isn't completely done yet and is in the process of being made. This is on Skype. There's different type of Formats for Battle and Normal Socializing RP. My friend who is in it has a lot of fun it seems. There isn't many people and since I am a Hardcore role player I know how he feels and the others feel of not doing too well. So please consider doing this? Information about the Creator is here:

    • Skype: Sonicstar1961

    I hope you consider joining, it would mean a lot to my friend. I never got into Naruto too much so i decided to not be in the community. Thanks. Have fun.

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