Clusterfuck of STUPID!

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Isabellas have confirmed having a college education makes you less smart.

There is a new thing at work now starting Monday. We are no longer having lunch breaks! All so staff meetings are out now.. so now we have no way to know what plan number or batch we are on before we head out to work.. WTF.. Who came up with that wonderful idea.. Some capitalist pig pencil pusher was like " I've got a great idea! Lets take away lunch breaks so everyone is more tired and less efficient as well as get rid of staff meetings so noone will know what is going on!" Seriously? How is that going to make things better!? Sure we don't get paid for lunch breaks any way.. So we will leave 30 minutes earlier now.. But if this is not costing any money any way then WHY CHANGE IT!?

Want to figure out who's idea this is and wall in there with plain white gloves on so I can take one off and slap him with it!

This is officially the dumbest idea they have come up with yet.. It even beats the last one. Put more cans on a pallet so we can send more cheaper! But oops.. the pallets are now too tall to fit in the doors... So now we have to throw away 1000 or so on every pallet and not profit at all! YAY!

Oh and the old job at Freds long ago.. We had all the stuff come in with numbers on it so you knew just where in the store it goes.. you could sort it easy and get it on the shelves faster. Another pencil pushes was like "HEY! I've got a great idea! we should scrap the number system and just put a code that says these items need to be stocked first! and put it on like 90 percent of everything!" So now we have everything all mixed up so you have to run ALL OVER THE STORE NOW to put things up.. this makes it take lots more time and drops efficiency by about two days..

All so we have to have downtime and can tracking sheets with the correct date printed every day.. this severely conflicts with first shift now as we 3'rd shift are technically on the day before even after midnight.. So the first shift guy comes up to me and starts hollering in my face saying if they don't have today's date on the I will be held accountable for it..

Diana needs to wake the fuck up and get one of those bottles of booze out because Isabellas need a god damn drink after that bullshit of a day!

Seriously.. It seems like all these college educated pencil pushing pricks are less intelligent than the people who do the blue color jobs..


That actually sounds illegal. You might want to find the number to L&I (Labor and Industries) and ask what the state and federal laws are in lunch breaks.

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I am pretty sure that is illegal, as well. If you work for more than six hours a shift, then by Federal Law having time for meals is required.


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Absolutely illegal.

Make some calls and bring the hammer of justice down.


I've worked at Safeway... I know how you feel, Pan Pan. :c

Isabella Hime

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Turns out it is legal since they are shortening the day by 30 minutes.. so it is a loop hole! Still stupid idea though!

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They have the legal right to option it to you. However I've worked quite a few jobs where a lunch break was not an option. 15+ hour shifts too. Luckily, in that case I could eat on the job as long as nobody saw me. But then I was working alone. My current job, if we're doing certain things we don't get a lunch break. Again, 15+ hour days.