ROLEPLAY Clueless about Genres

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to ask if there's some sort of master post of descriptions of different genres used in role-playing. I want to increase my knowledge on some genres that I see in requests (I see stuff like "high fantasy" or "hard cyberpunk") so that I can give my RP partners the kind of writing that is appropriate to their genre preference. :)
  2. I couldn't find anything on-site, but Wikipedia had a full list.
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  3. We're working on it!
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  4. OMG, when I saw the list I was so overwhelmed! But it's going to be exciting browsing through all those and learning more :D

    Awesome! :D Looking forward to reading it when it comes!

    Thank you for responding to this thread :D
  5. It's quite the list, but it should help until an on-site guide is made that might look a bit less intimidating. =) TV Tropes may also have information—they're a wealth!
  6. Okay, I'll check that one out! Thank you so much :D
  7. Not a problem! I'll keep my eyes open for more shinies for ya.