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  1. So I'm looking to do a rendition of a soldier/native woman role play. Now, the difference is mainly that I wish to play a mercenary in either an Arabic country or an eastern European country. As far as plot goes I tend to do such things on the fly with these kinds of role plays. Do expect a decent bit of violence at times, gore, etc.

    I would prefer it if you were over the age of 18 but I will not require it... any takers?
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  2. it sounds really cool i would like to rp that if thats ok
  3. Aye! Huzzah! A taker!
  4. so i take it that youll have me then....... yay :mycookie:
  5. Aye! So, middle eastern setting or eastern Europe?

    Also, am I the cookie in that emoticon?
  6. umm eastern Europe and yes and no X3
  7. Alrighty, feel free to formulate a basic character sheet, I'll have one for my character in the morning.
  8. ok mine will be up soon
  9. Do you still want someone to roleplay with? i'm really interested in this.
  10. Feel free to throw a character sheet at me.

    Name: Lenz Witthoft

    Age: 25

    Country of origin: Switzerland, fights for the German mercenary group "Clubs high".

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    That's all I really ask for.
  11. i like him so how would you like my girl to be
  12. Well, that depends, you have a choice of eastern European or Arabic... Other than that I don't ask much
  13. I wont mind arabic i'l message you a character sheet
  14. ok give me a min and she'll be up
  15. Name: Caireann Whelan
    Age: 22
    Country of origin: Ireland
  16. Are you still accepting more people? :3
  17. Dakota: Love, but eastern Europe as in Poland and over >.>

    Oniaxis: Throw me a character sheet.
  18. Name: Natasha Bolingard

    Age: 23

    Country of Origin: Ukraine


  19. Accepted! Okay, any questions? PM or thread?
  20. Pm would probably work better for me :)
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