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Which Setting?

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  1. School Newspaper

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  2. Animal Shelter

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  3. Detention

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  4. Defenders of the Universe

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  1. So about 7 or 8 months ago, I created a remake rp of a school student council rp that I made like (a year ago? Or something), it was pretty successful the second time around, but then it died due to inactivity, and I think that was mostly because I had too many people in it, and it was hard to keep track of everyone.

    So I'd like to make a new rp, kind of like my old one (Seito-kai no Nichijō Seikatsu), but in a different setting. The available spots will be significantly smaller too. I'm thinking instead of eight people, I'll do five or four this time.

    I have number settings that I can't decide on, so I'd like you guys to vote, and decide for me! :D

    So the choices are below but they are also in the poll.

    School Newspaper (I don't think I need to explain)

    Animal Shelter (Crappy shelter with the most undesirable animals)

    Detention (Not really a club, but it'll be about a group of kids who spend most of their time together because they keep screwing up or breaking rules. [This will not be an anime version of the breakfast club])

    Defenders of the Universe (Students who think aliens are undercover in their school. There aren't but they think there are.)

    All of these choices save for the Animal Shelter, take place at a school.

    Now! About the voice acting! We would be using, and all of our characters dialogue would be voice acting!

    EDIT: I have been informed that vocaroo does not work for everyone, so other voice recording applications can be used as long as other people can access it and be able to listen to the recorded messages.

    So, -and I don't mean to be harsh, but-, if you can't do the voice acting, I do not recommend joining.
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  2. I'm torn between Animal Shelter and Defenders. Both have such dynamic potential.
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  3. I find the combination of writing and voice acting to be really interesting. I think the "Defenders of the Universe" and the "Detention" ideas sound fun.

    I do have some questions:
    • Are you expecting players to have quality recording equipment, or is whatever a player has good enough as long as Vocaroo can record with it?
    • What if a player isn't aware of how good or bad their potential voice acting might be but is still interested?
    • Will you have some kind of audition process to judge whether a player is on par with what you want? (If yes, will you provide the "script," will you want us to provide it, or are both options viable?)
    • Do you have any plots in mind to go with the premises you've provided, or will the players help you build one once they help you decide which premise to do?
  4. @Thought Manifest

    Okay so, I've been made aware that vocaroo does not work for everyone, so you can use alternative voice recording programs, as long as other people will be able to hear the recordings.

    There is no audition, I'm not looking for any talents or anything, it's just all in good fun.

    I'll figure out a plot when the voting is over, and I usually create the plots without much player input. In my experience, rps like this tend to get crazy when everyone starts throwing out ideas and debating whether this or that should be established etc.

    For this particular brand of role play, the events will happen in episodes (like an actual anime), and there will be some player centric episodes, where I will discuss plots with individual players and we will basically come up with an episode that centers around their character. It's like when an episode is written by a different writer in TV shows.
  5. So this will be kind of like we're making up our own anime without the visuals but with the voice acting? This actually sounds really interesting. I'd love to participate.
  6. @Thought Manifest

    That is correct, and I'm happy you're interested. Hopefully we can get at least one more interested person and then I'll check out the poll results and start making the IC. :3
  7. I got vocaroo to work after messing around more with my mic settings. So, I'm in!
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  8. Ok! So I voted too, but since I am the GM and the epitome of fairityosity (I've been watching Wicked) the majority vote goes to Defenders of the Universe! And so now I am creating that thread. It should be up in like...A few hours.
    @Whirlwind @Thought Manifest @Vegnya
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