Club Anima 2027

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  1. Type of Role Play: Modern (slight future, fourteen years from now)

    The setting or location this role play takes place in is within the limits or bounds of a Tokyo nightclub by the name of Club Anima, the year 2027. Fourteen years from this day one may find things to be incomparably different. The lighting effects, the music, and hell even the people are all interchanged. Come in and have fun but be careful, the party lasts all night and so do most of the beings/creatures; going home to sleep is near impossible when comming to Club Anima. Enjoy yourself and enter at your own risk! You never know what you'll find ;).

    (Club Anima Entrance)


    [ClubANIMA]Top Level.jpg (Club Anima Second Level)

    [ClubANIMA].JPG (Dance Floor)

  2. The thrum and beats of music would vibrate the streets and buildings often in this area of Tokyo thanks to the massive sound that emanates from Club Anima. Nice cars, bright lights, and the thrum and rhythm of music is exactly what Tokyo was about in the nicer parts of the city. And over the years, it's only become even more extravagant. People and creatures of all sorts would flow in and out of the club at all periods of time. Cars coming in and being taken to the parking by auto-drive instead of valets, who are often untrustworthy. But some valets would still remain present in case a patron with a classic vehicle without auto-drive were to pull in. As if on cue, the fierce hum of a superbike would be heard coming towards the club. As fast as it had been heard a distance away, it'd pull up to the edge of the club like a black and red blur before coming to a dead stop right infront of the club. On top of the jet black bike with blood splatter decals in vibrant red, a figure dressed in black and red on top of it wearing a black hooded sleeveless vest with a red designer t-shirt on underneath, and a pair of black pants with red flames on the cuffs of his pants, and a pair of black sneakers with red laces on his feet. On his hands are a pair of black fingerless gloves with red flames to match his pants on the back of the knuckles. His hood would be up, but his eyes can be seen from the shadow of his hood. Bright red eyes with the fiery tinge of orange at their core. His brighter blue hair with highlights of white would fall over his eyes slightly due to being untrimmed in awhile. He'd get off his bike, and unhook his keys. He'd take his phone from his pocket and tell his bike to go park, and it would do so, revving and peeling out before driving straight to the parking lot nearby to park itself. Several of the girls outside the club would stare as he walks past into the club with his hands in his vest pockets. He'd turn to look at the ones on his right that caught his eye and he'd give them a half-smile and a wink, making them all giggle as he enters the club. He'd make his way down the entrance hall at his own pace, enjoying the many colors of the entrance hallway. He'd eventually make his way to the stairs, and he'd start walking down them leisurely as he makes his way past everyone else. He'd come to the second floor now, making his way to the next set of stairs, the music now pumping the floor violently, and filling his ears slightly now. He could feel it now, and soon, he'd feel it in his soul. As he makes his way down the stairs to the dance floor, the sound of music would fill him to his core. The beat of the music and the thrum of collective feet dancing on the dance floor just below him shaking the ground he walks on violently like an earthquake. He'd only smirk, and remove his hands from his pockets, holding them up for a moment to feel the moment as if he's the host. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the guest of honor, Nericaru Envarius, has arrived..." With that said, he'd return his hands to his pockets and walk with the beat towards the dance floors bar to get something to eat and drink after his ride to the club, smiling to all the pretty girls as he makes his way there. He'd sit down at the bar, and tap it, getting the bartenders attention. "Sake if you'd be so kind." The bartender would smile and nod, and Nericaru would turn around and look around, resting his elbows on the bar-top behind him as he looks around, and taps his right foot to the violent beat of the music.
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    Vinicius Levita walks through the two large double doors, the size of the two glass structors granting entry way into the Nightclub inhabit an area of eight foot high by two and half yards wide. Rather large indeed, everything seems to be big here and like always it's bouncing with life. The 23 year old Deliciae (deliciae is his race) keeping a straight face the as he then shuffles his way through a large hall with bouncers found pacing to and fro. His apparel consists of dark blue jeans and a black tuxedo like top with blue buttons down the front matching the blue marking on his face just under his left eye. Music blairing inside is ever so welcoming, this wouldn't be the first time he's been here. The second he passes through the second set of doors he reaches up to remove the hood of his cloak, snow white hair swaying in different directions. Scanning the area he notices quite a blend of different species here tonight.

    "What can I get fo ya Vinicius?" The bartender asks with a smile on his face. "What ever's popular tonight," replys the young white haired male who's also at the bar. Turning around the bartender grabes a couple different things mixing up a glowing concoction. Due to his frequent visits quite a few of the people know Vinicius Levita by name; he's a regular. Spinning around the bartender hands him his drink is a clear glass, two ice cubes thrown in making a mist like vapor rise from within. Taking a drink Vinivius turns around leaning against the bar with his back as he watches the crowd with the look as if he's trying to find someone.