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  1. High school is the bane of so many people's existence (with plenty of reason!) but one of the things about high school and university that I think is great is the ability to form clubs about all kinds of interests. From chess club to marching band, the debate team to AV club, theater groups and football...
    If you could be a member of a club now, what would you like to join? If you found an adult-oriented community group like that, would you join it if you could (had time, resources, etc.)?​
  2. I am actually a part of a Club in the city I am in.

    It is the University's TableTop Gaming Club, going from D&D and RPGs, to board games, collectible card games and event miniature wargaming.

    It's where I made my friends back in Cegep (College), which was the College TableTop and LARP group.
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  3. Such things exist outside of academia! You just have to organize/fund/maintain/advertise them yourself instead of getting space/budget from the school.

    I was part of a board games club back home: every Tuesday we met at a cafe downtown and everybody brought board games. It was a public group, we always had a good turnout.

    There was an MtG group as well and a DND group. Also a writer's club at the library

    I'm in a signing (ASL) group here, we meet Mondays and practice signing and learn new signs together
  4. I don't have time for clubs :( plus I'm too much of a hermit XD
  5. I'm just graduating from high school, where I was the president of my school's art club. Now I'm heading off to college and plan on starting an art club, since my school lacks one, and joining in a few others. My home city has a writing group at the library, but I only went once (it was cool, but nobody really seemed excited to be there).
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