INTEREST CHECK Cloverfield-Inspired Halloween RP.

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  1. Basic point: All the characters are individuals living in the same city, which is attacked by a monster(s). There is mass destruction, devastation, and loss of life. The military is attempting to fight it, but it's not looking good. They're evacuating as many people as they can in preparation to just raze the entire damn city to try and stop the monsters before they can spread to other cities and become impossible to contain.

    The players will be characters who all start at a single starting point--perhaps a train station. Some place where many characters who don't necessarily all know each other from the beginning would be congregated. Everyone's attempting to get on trains to flee the city, when they're informed the train system is no longer running (the monster probably destroyed the rails or tunnels further along, making leaving the city by train impossible), and that the monsters are heading in their direction breaking into the train station right now. This sets the tone: find a way out of the city, as fast as possible, and try not to get killed along the way.

    It would start on October 1st with the scene described (monsters attacking the train station) and the goal would be to get out of the city by October 31st, which would comprise only maybe one day/night in-game. Characters will die along the way, determined by chance, fate, whoever's slowing up the group, and the whims of god (aka whoever the GM dislikes most).

    Would anyone be interested in joining this? (Or, you know. GMing this?)
  2. Interested XD

  4. Yessss keep this up and we might actually be able to start it in three days like I'd hoped!