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.:Description:Ripped away from your family at a young age, and into a world of complete isolation because now you are deemed to be a group of gifted individuals called "Clovers" who have the power to manipulate technology.

.:Setting:Cyberpunk | SteamPunk | DieselPunk


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Based on the Manga CLOVER by CLAMP

Clover takes place in a futuristic world where these teens are currently inhabited, the military conducted a search for gifted children nicknamed "Clovers", who seemingly have the magical ability to manipulate technology. Demonstrations of their powers include teleportation and summoning weapons from thin air.

Classified according to how powerful they are, the children were then tattooed with a symbol of the Clover Project, with the number of leaves on the Clover indicating their power. To date, Sue is the only "4-leaf Clover" discovered. Along with other "Clovers", Sue was imprisoned to prevent her contact with other humans, as the government feared that she might develop feelings and be used as a weapon to jeopardize the country's national security.

Being isolated from the rest of mankind, Sue craves for company, and as for her only wish, she asks to visit "Fairy Park." Her escort is Kazuhiko, an ex-military soldier who has been forced to undertake the task. It is later revealed that Kazuhiko and Sue are connected through Kazuhiko's deceased lover, Ora.

It's been a few years since then, but even now, more Clovers are being recruited, this time to be tested again and again, to become stronger and more resistant to damage, the Wizard Government decided to use these "special" subjects and turn them into the X Super Soldiers.

...But what happens when a few of these Clovers escape back into their own world? Their families all believed that their little children had died, how will they ever believe now that the young adult standing at their door step is their child? Will they be able to "fit" in? Or succumb the reality they were forced to swallow as children and return the place they had escaped, give themselves back to them... or did they ever belong?

Who's side are you on? There are 3 Factions:

Those Who Are Against- A small group of individuals who are against the Clover Project

Those Who Are Beside-A large group of individuals who want the Clover Project to stand tall

Those Who Are Agnostic-A few of those who don't believe in anything, believing it to be Myth and something the government made up to scare people


Character Skelly...

[code][B]Real Name:[/B]

[B]Chosen Name[/B]

[B]Race/Class/Type: (Clover, scientist, human)[/B]

[I]If Clover, how many leaves? (No more than 3, there aren't supposed to be a million \"four-leaved' Clovers anyway)[/I]: Clover Project ID #:___


[B]Appearance:[/B] (Please put realistic images & description)

[B]Normal Equipment:[/B] (anything without magical/holy/advanced qualities)

[B]Special Equipment:[/B] (anything that relies on magical/holy/advanced abilities)

[B]General Abilities:[/B] (anything you can do in normal everyday reality, like today,)

[B]Special Abilites:[/B] (anything that relies on advanced technology)


[B]Origin:[/B] (How you got to this world. Use Spoiler tags)