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  1. Yes, I am aware about the fact that if there are issues that pop up due to errors I should post them in the designated thread.
    But, my problem isn't with any errors, as a matter of fact everything works perfectly. Except for one thing. I can't remove the message that tells us where to go and post any errors we might encounter.

    Schermafbeelding 2015-06-09 om 03.34.55.png

    There is no X, nor any other symbol that I can use to remove the message, and by now I definitely know the message, and would dearly love to remove it, since it's everywhere I go.
    I figured maybe since it's stated that 'we disabled some of the features' maybe removing this message was also disabled. Didn't sound logical, but I rather waited and saw what happened, than complain too soon.

    Then the other message about the voting came up a short while ago. This one I could remove after hitting the usual X button.

    Now my main question is, are we all in the same boat and have to have the message on top constantly? Or is there something wrong and am I one of the only ones (if not only one) that has this issue (and if so, could it please be resolved?)
    I have already refreshed, checked on other pages, hard refreshed, closed the browser, and tried a different browser and device. None of which have made any difference.
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  2. It's probably to ensure that we all get the message. This recent update still had people who asked what happened to the site during scheduled down time and some people even losing their work despite a warning AND the constant message. And since it's probably an ongoing issue, they keep it there to remind people what to do if they come across anything.
  3. If it indeed has been placed there with the intention of it not being removable till the issue is resolved, then it's all good :)
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