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  1. Please post any NEW cloudflare messages here. (523 errors, etc.)

    Edit: Please provide the "Ray ID" from any error messages.
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  2. got an error 523 Left in the desktop time so you could see.

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  3. I broke it updating a webserver config file. Let me know if it continues.
  4. It happens allot to me too
  5. My site information lock has a red 'x'. I got an error last night when I tried to come on site, like the warning pages you get before you enter a potential malware site (The ones that urge you to go "Back to Safety"). Since then, I've had the x on the lock. Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 7.12.06 AM.png
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  6. Try closing your browser and/or rebooting. I had the same issue
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  7. Had to do some captcha to get on Iwaku this morning.

    Something to do with accessing the property.. Not sure if related.
  8. I had that happen a few times while uploading a sign up form.
  9. I forgot to report at it at the time, because it was when I decided to go to sleep.
    But at 11:00 AM yesterday I couldn't get on the site for a few moments.

    Getting an error along the lines of "403 you lack access to this site".
    Not exact wording mind you, but that was the gist of it.
  10. I keep getting an error message along the lines of "An error occurred, please try again later" or something, leaving me unable to access the site at all. Clearing my browser cache fixes the problem, but only for a very short while. Then it comes right back up again.
  11. It should be resolved now. Please let me know if errors continue.
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  12. I'm getting the 404 error when I try to view Iwaku on my Blackberry (yes, you read that correctly).

    The message states that the site name does not match what's in its certificate.

    Is there a place for me in Paradise? 8|
  13. How old is the blackberry?
  14. o_O

    I dunno. My cheap-ass boss gave it to me for work emails.


    Blackberry Bold 9930... released in 2011 I think.
  15. Got Error 522 Ray ID: 1f611c887d1f09d0 just a few minutes ago. :/ That was weird. Closed the tab and opened a new one after a few minutes and it cleared up.
  16. Thanks for the heads up. It was a server glitch.
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  17. Don't know if you want it here but I'm getting Error 400. Bad Request and it says cloudflare. It's only occasionally and just started a few moments ago.
  18. I got 522 for a bit.

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