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  1. Welcome to Nue! We are the capital of a cloud state call Nuvole. Once, a long time ago, our lands were peaceful. Our tiny islands suspended in mid air among the clouds with steam powered fans. Everyone used the railway or their own blimp ships to get around, but now, nothing is the same. The cloud state next door, Trubal, invaded us. The soldiers pillaged out homes, took everything of value from most of our lives. Many have been talking. Trubal will pay for what they have done to us. Already, a group of rebels have started having meetings. Many, mostly teenagers have been showing up, ready to fight Trubal. The leader is a small girl called Fox. She goes by no other name.

    They have named their group, The Pride. Soon enough, The Pride will rise, and take Trubal to the land beneath the clouds. Heroes. The Pride is still trying to bring in enough people to fight. Trubal is not large, but their sons and daughters were raised to seek the blood of anyone in their way. Nue spawns must be trained. Their peaceful times kept them from learning the way Trubal did.

    Will you join The Pride?


    Character Sheet:







    Home State:

    Personality / Bio:

    Rank or Job:


    Name: Fox

    Age: 19


    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: 122lbs

    Alignment: The Pride
    Home State: Nue

    Personality / Bio: Hot-headed, easily angered, passionate for her cause. Fox is a tough girl, who can fight better than most in the Pride, though she is proud to say there are a few very skilled fighters among them. Fox was born Wix Morndale. She adopted the name Fox early in life, and never told anyone her real name. Only one or two people know it. When Nue fell, her blood boiled hot. She vowed revenge on the savages of Trubal. Thus creating the Pride. She is only nineteen, but a strong leader and holds much passion for her cause.

    Rank or Job: Leader of the Pride.

  2. Hi nells, just like to say new on the site but would like to role play with you so here goes the character sheet

    Name: Gaeton Moliere

    Age: 23

    Appearance: Tall but have some fat on me

    Height: 6'3"

    Weight: 280

    Alignment: The pride
    Home State: Destroyed Years ago

    Personality/Bio: Gaeton Moliere also called mole for short, is relatively laid back. Mole is tall man who is drifting from place to place. His home town of Westron was destroyed years ago when was still a teenager. He joined a small legion of militia of soldiers when he was 20 so he could fight back on the men who destroyed his home, during a fight though his lost a leg and an arm and they were replaced with prosthetics. Now he goes from place to place to help anyone in help.

    Rank or Job: Mechanic and weapons expert/weapons maker
  3. I like this concept but I'm on a mobile. I'll roll a character up and post later. I'll probably make a Trubal :P
  4. Name: Lawson Kehoe
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Lawson
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 190 lbs
    Alignment: Trubal
    Home State: Trubal
    Personality / Bio:Sly and cunning, Lawson knows how to get what he wants. He's intelligent and can be somewhat manipulative when he wants to be. Lawson does not enjoy the spotlight. His strategies don't involve barging into an attack head first, like some barbarian. No, he prefers to work behind the scenes. He's the kind of person who will gather every bit and piece of data he can find about his opponent and use that to his advantage, to slowly tear his opponent appart piece by piece rather than just demolishing them all at once. Lawson prefers to work alone, figuring if something's not being done his way, then it's not being done right at all, making him a bit of a control freak. However, he isn't opposed to working with others. But they would have to be as quick witted as he is in order for him to consider working with them.
    Rank or Job: Researcher/Information tech for the Trubal Army
  5. Character Sheet:

    Name: Jose Manuel

    Age: 10

    Appearance: Jose Armless.png (ignore the missing arm xP)

    Height: 4' 9"

    Weight: light, about 80-90 pounds

    Alignment: Trubal

    Home State: Trubal

    Personality / Bio: Born into a modest household, he lost his parents young, and hung around with a group of rebellious kids who have shaped his personality. He's a real big troublemaker that loves to make adults scream in anger, more so known for his trouble than for who he really is. He can be very cocky, he talks back a lot, and isn't really likable at first, but that's just a facade. He's actually a really nice kid, but situation dictates that he acts tough to gain the other kids respect. Overall he is sneaky, funny, caring, and a bit impulsive. During his time in the group, his right arm was badly injured and now its in a makeshift brace. Its pretty much useless, but its not like he can afford the proper treatment. Once he turned ten he decided to get out of the "gang" and live on his own, wanting to reshape his image.

    Rank or Job: Delivery boy far various shops and storefronts. He'd make a pretty good spy, if trained right.
  6. Name: Terra Lovisten

    Age: 25 *according to Terra*


    Height: 5'8

    Weight: 143

    The Pride (If that is okay, by you considering she's coming from the other end)

    Home State:

    Personality / Bio: Terra has a strong personality. She upholds a strong sense of honor and justice which makes her ever day decisions hard. She usually doesn't choose the easy way out if it means she had to do something she considers wrong.That explains why she left behind her family and friends to side with the supposed enemy. Terra did not agree with the way Trubal conquered Nuel, and she soon abandoned the place she called home for the sake of doing what was right. Terra is violent, she revels in fighting and enjoys every bit of it. To her a fight for her life is a game. She enjoys taunting her enemy and is usually flirty with just about anyone (even girls). She likes a good joke, and she has the tendency to throw out some of her own. Often she is sarcastic, and she uses pet names with those she holds close (or enemies when she is taunting them). The only time Terra loses her cool act is when an innocent is at risk or was abused, and then everything tends to go to hell.

    Rank or Job: (Whatever you want to give her)
  7. Name: Isa lisseck

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Isa is 5,4 and weighs 101 pounds. Her light brown hair is shoulder lenght, with several green hair streaks. She wears a grey turtleneck tanktop. with a black waist coat. She also wears a one side cloak for her left shoulder. She wears gloves and a
    leggings with shorts over them. she has several scars on her right and left arm, and has some freckles on her face. She also has green eyes.

    Alignment: Trubal

    Home State: Unknown

    Personality / Bio: Isa is humble, kind. She believes in the Trubal cause. She believes that the Pride are terrorists and wanting to overthrow the Trubal's control, as she lived in a Trubal outpost before it was destroyed, prompting Isa to join the Trubal. She's a hardened person, having killed several of the Pride in action. She's looked down by others which makes Isa feels lonely. She's sensitive and is very offended to critisium. She was told that The Pride killed her sister, Arya, so that gives Isa a reason to fight. She can be rash, and lacks some social skills but is chatty anyway. She's good at fighting hand to hand combat, and can swordfight.

    Rank or Job: Scout
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  8. Appearance: in mech, still prototype near completion. image.jpg Appearance: as foot soldier image.jpg WOULD LOVE TO JOIN:)

    Name: Aron Sparx nickname: Bolts
    Age: 19
    Height: 6 foot 2
    Weight: 198 lbs
    Alignment: Trubal
    Home state: the researching ally city of Trubal, Nixtom
    Personality/Bio:An intelligent warfighter; tends to overthink things. Is the inventor of most of Trubal's weapons even the nearly completed steam war mech. On the battlefield he can control his mech prototype or be a foot soldier very skilled rifleman and mech pilot. Give him a task or a weapon or vehicle to learn and he probably mastered it in 6-12 hours.
    Rank or job: rank a private class III. Aron's special job though is testing prototypes in battle and creating weaponry.
  9. Want to do a pride. Will try to post a CS later.
  10. Name: Est Redburn
    Age: 18
    187cm (Google says it's 6.13517 feet)
    Weight: 71kg (... And this is 156.528 pounds)
    Alignment: The Pride
    Home State: He claims Nue, but has never shown inclination to offer up any memory of it whatsoever
    Personality / Bio: Bright and cheerful, Est can usually be found wandering around and talking to anyone he meets. He enjoys telling stories, and spins great big tales that no one is sure are quite true. Being the rather scarily adaptive sort, Est reacts quickly to any situation he finds himself in, and is good at thinking on his feet. He easily accepts changes and surprises, and rather expects everyone else to do the same. That said, if anyone were in the most danger of quickly flipping sides, it'll probably be Est. He's peppy and good-natured, but hides behind a mask, never letting anyone in. Est will lie and lie and keep every secret hidden so deep that no one suspects a thing, and tends to -consciously or not- adjust himself in accordance to what he judges that the other person wants or expects. His past is as much of a mystery as he is himself, and Est never tells anyone where he's come from and what he's been through -in fact, sometimes, it's hard to tell if he even knows himself. He simply appeared one day, smiled, and asked to join.
    Rank or Job: Est just does whatever no one else wants to, because he can't be bothered to settle down properly on one single thing
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  11. This looks interesting- are you still accepting?