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  1. Well, hello there!
    I assume your here because you have a clothing design or character you'd like drawn?

    I can draw full body outfits or specific parts of an outfit(such as shoes, tops gloves etc...) in better detail. Also, I can draw a small portrait of your person beside the outfit design, in anime style. As I draw it I will show you updated versions through pm and post the final version on here. Also, let me know if you want it colored or just a line art. I will do superhero type outfits, but not anything vulgar.
    When I've seen your request, I'll
    thumbs up/like it and if I'm able to accept it, I'll heart/love it.
    I cannot draw male designs yet due to not having a base. Hopefully, this will be solved quickly!

    ~picture example~ (open)

    ~picture example~ (open)
    ~picture example~ (open)
    ~picture example~ (open)
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  2. I have a challenge for you, if you're able.


    This is Deen. Though he normally doesn't wear clothing, I have come up with an outfit (actually worn by his son Peet in an RP) I'd like to see done.

    For a "shirt" I'm looking for a photographer's vest type garment, waist-length, lots of pockets, dark olive green on the outside, chestnut brown on the inside. One important consideration, this vest must allow his shroudruff (that peacock-like fan of feathers attached to the base of his neck and covering his back) freedom... in other words, Deen should be able to "display" his shroudruff, slip on this vest, and comfortably "close" his shroudruff again.

    Pants? Cargo shorts, loose (to accommodate his "anatomy"), again with many (useful) pockets, matched in color with his vest, the chestnut brown down hips and thighs, the dark olive green "down the middle" and around the cuffs. One important consideration! Given his claws and tail and such, it would be very awkward for him to put pants on one leg at a time, not to mention the whole tail thing. So these shorts must "strap on" or otherwise be free to put on and take off while standing (yes, Deen can and does stand on twos).

    And yes, these cargo shorts are belted. Be creative, as you will. If you accept this challenge.

  3. Hello. Are you still taking character art requests? I would love to make one, your outfit art is beautiful. c:
  4. Are you still open? Cause I wanna see you fulfill a request for me. ^_^
  5. I'm going to put my name in the waiting queue. If you are still taking commissions, I'd love a character portrait. Here's the description. It is a full body description, but you do just as much as you are willing.

    Here's his description.

    Cirdan is slightly under average height for an elf, and is also slightly more heavily set. He has shaved off his hair, leaving only a fine brown stubble behind. He is dark skinned for an elf, coming close to the color of an Egyptian or Indian, in our world. Cirdan is primarily defined by two features, both of which relate primarily to his skin. The first is that he is covered in scars, some fine and some very heavy. The second one is that he has been tattooed many times, mostly in different tribal patterns. These are primarily on his arms and torso, although there is one on his face. This tattoo is a tribal circle, about equivalent to a hand in diameter. It starts just above his right brow, and goes up into his hairline. Most of the intricate work on the tattoo is inside the circle, but there is some patterns on the outside of the circle as well. (I don't really have any exact specifications for how the tattoo looks, so long as it is fairly large and looks tribal. If you want to change it, you may).

    His most notable scar is something that looks like three claw-marks that cross over his face from his left temple to the right side of his jaw. These have damaged both of his eyes, leaving them covered in a cloudy white film. For an elf, Cirdan is incredibly heavy set and muscular. He is still lighter on his feet than most human, dwarf, or orc opponents, and most of his muscle is dense rather than bulky, giving him a deceptively thin frame underneath his clothes.

    Cirdan customarily wears a modest combination of light pants and long sleeved shirt, usually in shades of brown. He wears tall, well worn boots suitable for long distance travel, and also often has a floppy-brimmed hat nearby. He is also always seen wearing a sash of various colors that binds around his waist.

    If you want anything more, just let me know.
  6. Hello! It would be really cool to see my character through something other than words. I don't even care if it doesn't look like what I imagine, it would be awesome to see someone else's take on her. Also, I am rather patient and am fine if it takes a long period of time to complete. Also, a more realistic drawing would be cool, though her armor doesn't have to be spot on real because it is fantasy armor.

    Name: Shay

    Age: 25

    Gender: female

    Description: Shay is about 5' 4" with brown almond shaped eyes and brown hair that is layered and reaches a few inches under her shoulders. Her hair parts on the right side and almost covers her right eye. Her skin is fair and rather unmarked. She has a petite body build with subtle feminine curves and narrow shoulders. Her cheekbones stick out slightly. She wears only light mascara for makeup and her lips are medium sized and a soft pink color.

    Her outfit: Shay often wears her armor. Her armor is leather with some metal pieces. Her chest plate is made out of dark red dyed leather and fits to her chest nicely in a feminine way. Her shoulder pieces are layered and triangular. Dark golden colored layered, metal pieces are located on her stomach and the front of her chest like the underbelly of a dragon. On her wrists, the same red leather pieces are strapped onto her. Black dragon claws are attached to the pieces and some are located on her gloves so they sit above each finger and extend passed them. With these pieces, she wears her black leggings and leather hunting boots. On her leggings, she has red leather armor pieces on each thigh, calf, and shin. With this, she wears a simple, red cape that is fastened to her with a golden dragon head clasp.

    Personality(to depict how she would be holding herself in the drawing): Shay is a fierce warrior, but has a rather laid back and casual demeanor. She often offers a half smile. with her mouth closed, like a smirk. She is often standing in more relaxed positions with most of her weight placed on her right leg.

    Other: If you can or want to, you could also draw the war staff she used and carries around. It might be pretty fun to draw. She carries a five foot long silver colored staff with a slightly curved pole base. It it topped with a silver colored dragon head. The dragon has sharp black colored horns that curve backwards and eyes made of rubies. Its mouth is held open and a flame usually sits inside. The staff has a spike on the bottom end for stabbing as well as aiding in climbing.
  7. Are we allowed to submit characters already made? Because I have a character from a short movie I want you to draw.
  8. Yes, but I'm full for now so it'll be a bit till I'm able to draw her/him.
  9. hello can i -smiles trying to be cute- have one?
  10. You can put a request up here and I'll message you when I can do it, however, I've been busy with moving and can't accept requests right now.
  11. Here you go! I hope you like it!

    URL (http://orig03.deviantart.net/04a9/f/2015/062/0/4/art_request___finished__by_midevalgirl-d8hkqne.jpg)[​IMG]
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  12. You still doing these commissions?
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