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  1. Alex took his coffee and looked around. The coffee shop was busy, but he managed to spy an empty table near the window. Careful not to spill any coffee on anyone, he navigated his way to the table and sank down into it. he dumped his backpack on the floor and almost instinctively checked that his pills were still in it. He didn't quite need them yet, but he would before long. He didn't look too bad, having gotten a decent amount of sleep the night before. He was finished lectures for the day, and was glad for that. He'd gotten 87% in an assignment, which he was proud of. His lecturer had took him aside after the lecture and had given him the contact details for a record company that were looking for promising students to work at weekends. So things were going okay for Alex.

    But he couldn't stay out too long. He had to get back to his apartment and take his medication. Otherwise he'd start to panic and the narcotics wouldn't work as well. But until then, he was going to have his coffee. Then he was going to walk home with his keys in his hand and take the long route home so he'd be on open roads all the time. And then he would be safe and could take his meds. He took a deep breath and let it out, taking a sip of his coffee. Even if today had been a good day in terms of things happening to him, it was a bad day in terms of control. He'd had to leave halfway through a lecture that morning because he could feel a panic attack coming on. He'd had to get the assignment off one of his friends because the panic attack had finished five minutes after the lecture. He'd barely made it to his next one, just in time for his anxiety medication to kick in.

    He took another deep breath and released it, taking a mouthful of his coffee.
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  2. A sunny day. Finally for once the weather was in her favour today.
    Aolin had a pretty rough night yesterday, even if her singing got better in the past two months, she couldn't afford now to buy new clothes.

    The apartment was beyond messy, but she didn't seem to care at all. Taking her phone, keys and a bar of twix, Aolin headed on the streets. She had a meeting with one of her old friends, as a few days ago her friend call Olin to meet up at a local coffee shop.

    However, after almost half of hour of walking and nearly sweating by now, Aolin reach the coffee shop. She look at her reflection in the clean window, of course her hair was a mess tied up in a bun and wearing a rather loose, grey sweater which hanged on her left shoulder. Her legs covered in some ripped off jeans and a pair of so old baskets, that not even my grandma wouldn't wear them.

    Aolin entered the coffee shop, trying to smile even though her face was beyond tired, small wrinkles already shown at her forehead and some black mark from last nights eyeliner.

    Lucky for her, a lady just left her table and she rushed over there taking a sit on the hard, Woden chair. Her hand reach in her back pocket to take out her phone, checking the call record.
    Nothing yet.

    Just great. Aolin hoped that Maya didn't stood her up, as to make the matters worse she couldn't even afford to pay for her coffee.
    The manager hasn't paid her in almost two weeks now, meaning Aolin last meal probably was two-three days ago, consisting in a tuna sandwhich which she had to steal from a junior high boy.

    Her deep green eyes scanned the coffee, sighing deeply by looking like a crazy woman at her phone.

    " This is crazy.. I swear if she doesn't come, I'll beat her with a sack of oranges.."

    Mumbling to herself, Aolin tapped the table with her fingernails, tiny noises filling the air for the others to maybe notice.

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  3. A tapping on a nearby table caused Alex to look up. A girl, looking pretty much like he felt, was sitting, staring at her phone. He stared at his coffee, before looking back up at her. She looked a bit desperate. He looked back at his coffee and took a mouthful. She looked almost lonely. On a whim, he stood up, picking up his bag. Almost as soon as he had his coffee off the table, a young couple, the wife with a swollen stomach, took his seat. He carried his coffee over and smiled apologetically. "Sorry, do you mind if I sit down? A couple was looking for a table and there was no empty seats so I moved for them." He explained. His accent was as strong as ever, and he's learned from experience that it wasn't worth trying to hide it.
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  4. Aolin look once again at her dying phone, to check for messages. Her battery will probably last her around one hour more if she's lucky.
    As then, a rather tall boy sat down at her table, excusing himself. Not that it matter the reason.

    Aolin give him the best smile she could, even if most certainly, she did look like crap in that moment.
    People would always be judgmental no matter what you do in society.
    She brushed her fingers over her bracelets, before pulling down the sleeves to cover her skin better. For some reason , Aolin didn't want this boy to see her sins.

    " I don't mind.. Uhm.. I'm just waiting for a friend."

    Her voice was on a lower tone than usual, almost like whispering. Mostly the cause was that from last night's show, her throat become sore as hell.

    Her green eyes gaze upon the boy, having this strange feeling growing inside her, as the beats of her heart increased for a moment. Aolin decided to ignore it and turn her look towards the counter where the coffee was.

    In that moment, her stomach growled loud enough even for the boy to be able to hear. Quickly, she covered her stomach with her left hand in embarrassment.

    Stupid time. Very bad timing indeed.

  5. "Thanks." He smiled back at her as she smiled at him. Even if she didn't look that well, she seemed to be a nice person. And she was pretty as well, even beneath the smudged makeup and dark circles. He couldn't talk much- the only reason he'd slept as well as he had was because he had taken both sets of meds and had fallen asleep on the couch and he hadn't woken up until his alarm went off.

    He took a sip of his coffee. Her stomach rumbled loudly and he looked at her. "Your friend probably wouldn't mind if you got something to eat, you know." He said quietly, wearing a friendly smile. He could feel his body starting to hunger for the narcotics. He was going to be fine. He still had another half an hour before it got really bad. And he'd make it back. He could finish his coffee and get back and take his pills and be able to just forget how this all felt for a while. His friends had been talking about bringing him out tonight, and he was wondering if he would be able to go. It depended on how well his narcotics worked. He could be passed out too long- and he wasn't sure if that would be a bad thing or not.
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  6. Aolin nodded her head at his remark about food, the last thing she wanted was to embarrass herself. She barely could afford to make it home by walking, not the matter of having food. She had to suck it up for now.

    After a few minutes , her phone vibrate receiving an text message. Aolin clench her teeth and then bite hard from her phone, the nerves cracking up with her. Just now her forehead hit the edge of the table, looking down at her ripped of shoes.

    " I will be fine.. My friend isn't coming. She had a thing going on with her fiancée.. Uhh! "

    Aolin took a deep breath, before lifting her now red forehead to look at the blond boy. Her eyes seem tired, in fact her entire body felt heavy as a rock and she was starving as well.

    " I am sorry.. I talk to much. My name is Aolin. I like the colour of your hair by the way.. Not in a creepy way. I mean, uhmm.. Is cool."

    Aolin stumbling in her own words, gulping hard being actually scared of his reaction.
    What the hell she was thinking?
    Sure this was weird.

    Her hand brushed some of the hair behind her ear, before smiling again at him.
    He seem nice.
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  7. He jumped as she banged her head on the table. She seemed to be fine, though. He laughed a little as she rambled, but not in a cruel way. He ran a hand through his rumpled hair, smiling. "Thank you! I'm Alex. Here, tell you what- I'll buy you something to eat. I've had a good day today, and you're evidently not having such a good one. I'll do you a favour." He stood up and left before she could object. He bought her a chicken sandwich and brought it down. He sat back down and smiled at her as he handed it to her. He took another mouthful of his coffee. "So, are you at university here? Or are you working?" He asked, his foot sliding his bag in under the table. He needed to know it was there. He needed to know that he could take his pills if he needed them.
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  8. Aolin wanted to protest. Oh, very bad at his offer to buy her food. Before she could say anything, he already came back with a chicken sandwich.
    Her eyes widen, gulping harder than before, inhaling the smell of that delicious sandwich. Slowly and with care, her hand reach to take it as her eyes lifted to look at the boy.

    " Nice to meet you, Alex. Uh.. I-I work I guess. Yeah. Deliver pizza and sometimes ermm.. Sing at the guitar occasionally.."

    Aolin gave the sandwich one more look, as if worshiping it with her eyes and soul, before her lips parted to take a huge bite. Then another bite, eating with a hunger hard to imagine. In just two minutes it was gone, munching the pieces in her full mouth.

    She wiped her hands first with a tissue, swallowing the rest with her cheeks now red from shame.
    How could she repay him for this.?
    He was nice enough to buy her food, he seem rather nice.

    Deep down, Aolin knew she can't Ever say her darkest secret to a person like him. It was like anyways, they won't ever meet again, right?

    She give him a big smile, trembling a little before her hand touched his in a friendly shake. Her body standing up now and bowing her head in respect.

    " Thank you so much! Alex.. I'll never forget this..! I'll repay you one day."

    Aolin took her phone to check the time, a sigh escaped her lips in frustration. She had to get back home to get rest for tonight's performance.
    Aolin nodded her head at the boy, before she dashed from the coffee shop outside, running as fast as she could towards her home.
    Shit. I'll be late at this rate.. Crap! I need to move quicker.. Uhh! Alex I'm sorry I had to rush out.. I'll make it up to you one day!

  9. He couldn't help but smile as she wolfed down the sandwich. But at the same time, he was wondering why she couldn't have bought herself something anyway. Surely her friend wouldn't mind that much. He nodded as she talked, but didn't try to make any more conversation as she finished. Almost as soon as she did, she stood up, holding out her hand for him to shake. He did so, still smiling all the whole. She told him that she'd repay him one day, and with that, she left. He drained the remains of his coffee and stood up.

    It took him twenty minutes to walk home, and by the time he swiped his key card, his hands were shaking. He stumbled to the bathroom cabinet and almost yanked it off his hinges. Once he had the two pills in his hand, he went back out to the kitchen and got himself a glass of water. He swallowed the pills and drained the water, going back into his bedroom. The drugs rushed through his system, relaxing his body entirely. For a few blissful moments, he felt nothing but a pleasant warmth coursing through his veins, the same he always did when he got his fix. His eyes closed and he succumbed to the medicated slumber that his body seemed to crave so much.

    He awoke four hours later, feeling much better. He checked his phone and saw that his friends were planning to go out in fifteen minutes to some bar, and that they were fully intending on bringing him along. He texted them back to say that he'd go voluntarily, and headed in for a shower. When his friends pounded on his door, he was showered, anxiety meds taken, and dressed in a black leather jacket, white t-shirt, and black skinny jeans. "Dude, you can see exactly how skinny you are in that." One of his friends remarked. Alex rolled his eyes. "I'm not exactly conscious about my appearance. I honestly couldn't care less."

    They arrived at the bar a few minutes later. A dancer was on stage, and one of his friends wolf-whistled. They got a table near enough the stage, and one of them appeared back with drinks. "Here's to staying in college for the rest of the semester!" One of them declared, and Alex cheered with them, toasting and taking a swig. He laughed. It felt good when he was freshly medicated. Sometimes he thought about getting clean, but he'd only gotten to a day before having a panic attack so severe he'd almost passed out, and had then had to take the sleeping tablets to help him pass out. He felt too bad without them. He needed them to function. He just had to keep it hidden from everyone else, and he'd be fine. He could laugh and joke with the others, and watch the pretty girl on stage without constantly worrying about getting home or being attacked or the bar blowing up or anything else. The only time he really felt normal was when he was freshly medicated.
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  10. image.jpg

    Aolin just finished adding more eyeliner and mascara, making her eyes to be darker than usual.
    At least she got in time for her work, so the manager won't yell at her to much.

    Tonight she was wearing long black, leather boots with short pants fitting perfect at her curves and a tank top. Aolin took a final deep breath before waiting for the microphone to work.

    Just minutes afterwards, Aolin came from the back of the stage and let the music fill the air while the pub seemed crowded already.

    Her long hair covered half of her back, swinging slowly along with her gestures when finally her voice broke the silence.

    Of course she wouldn't notice if someone was there in the pub, that might actually recognise her. It's not like she knew someone in particular.

    However, singing along on the stage, some men kept whistling at her. In the rhythm with the music, Aolin's body started to move more sensually and at first she did took her top off. Now only in the shorts and her lace bra, making visible her feminine curves, while dollars flew towards her direction.

    " Hunt me in my dreams, if You please..
    You're breath is with me now and always
    It's like a breeze
    So should You never doubt me
    If it's help that you need
    Then you Should never Doubt me.."

    Aolin's voice echoing now along with the background sounds from behind the band, as her eyes were closed now while singing her soul out.

    Obviously she didn't notice that Alex was inside the pub.
    Silly girl..

  11. Alex laughed again and took a mouthful of his drink. The singer was vaguely familiar. She was stunning, and Alex wolf-whistled as she took off her top. Some of the guys threw money onstage, and he laughed again. She had a great voice. The record label that he's been recommended to specialised in alternative genres, which was a shame. He couldn't drop her name. But still, he wondered.

    They watched her show, cheering. They threw a bit more money onstage. When she finished, they applauded loudly. All of his friends stood up, grinning. "C'mon, let's go find her! We'll hook you two up! Producer and musician, what's the worst that could happen?" He tried resisting, but ended up laughing as they spotted her by the bar. "We'll be just over here." They told him as they spotted a group of seemingly unattended girls their own age. He rolled his eyes and approached her. "Hey, that was a great show tonight." As he neared her, she seemed a little more familiar. But at the same time, he couldn't remember ever seeing her before. He leaned on the counter. "Can I buy you a drink?"
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  12. Aolin gather all the money from the stage as the people cheered for her. She give them a huge smile, still trying to hide her fears inside.
    Her heart continued to go rapidly, nearly wanting to pop out of her chest.

    Soon, her body leaned over by the bar, Aolin brushed her hair lightly before pulling it into a bun. Her thought got interrupted by this boy approaching her and offering her a drink.

    " Thanks.. But I'm not that great just yet. Besides the men in here want to see more of what's underneath..
    Oh, yes I'll take a jack Daniel's."

    Aolin give him a smile, at a closer look she had this feeling she'd seen him before somewhere.
    It was like a déjà vu kind of feeling, rather strong.

    After a while, she got her drink, taking the glass letting the brown liquid to fill her throat,in seconds. Placing the empty glass on the bar, Aolin winked at the bartender and she had another shot, but free this time.
    Her green eyes gaze at the boy, wanting to ask him something.

    " So.. Do you live around the town? You're accent is a bit different I must say, as your jacket gives you away. If you get what I mean.."

    Aolin wanting to make some conversation,this new boy having a weird attraction towards to.
    Something inexplicable.
    Odd feelings..

  13. He took a mouthful of his own drink and grinned at her. He was getting an almost overwhelming sense of déjà vu. Not of this situation, but of the girl. She asked him if he lived around the town and commented on his jacket. He laughed a little. "Yeah, I'm at university here. I grew up in England though, only moved here when I was twelve. And what, don't American boys wear leather jackets? Guess it just adds to the whole British bad boy thing." He winked at her and took another mouthful of his drink. His uncle had given him the jacket last time he'd visited. It was almost like he'd known that not everything was okay with Alex. He'd reminded Alex that if he ever needed help with anything, he could talk to him. Alex had nodded and thanked him, but knew he couldn't say anything. Those few days had been hell, as he'd had to function as well as possible with as few pills as possible. It was fine when he was living by himself, he could pass out whenever he needed to. But when he'd been with his family, he couldn't simply shut himself in his room and not emerge for a few hours while he got his fix.

    There was something about her. He knew her from somewhere, he knew it. And there was just something about her. He was inexplicably drawn to her. It was hard for him to take his eyes off of her. But he didn't want to look like he was staring, so he looked around the bar, checking on his friends.

    Who weren't there.

    Alex tried to stay calm as he searched the faces, but he could feel himself starting to panic. Had they left him? Had something happened to him? How was he going to get home? It was dark out and he couldn't walk home, he knew he wouldn't make it two hundred metres before having a panic attack. And the panic attack would just get worse because he knew he was vulnerable but the worse he got, the more vulnerable he was and it was a vicious circle that wasn't going to end well.
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  14. Aolin had two more shots of whiskey, smiling briefly at the man beside her. Her eyes gazing at him for a moment while he continued to speak.
    There was something about him, that couldn't be explained in words.

    Aolin patted his back friendly, before turning her look inside the pub, supporting her back by the bar.

    " British huh? That's is pretty amazing. Oh and they so wear something similar.. You got your own style boy'.. Anyways I have a break for about one hour.
    Do you want to come outside with me? I want to smoke .."

    Her voice all gentle towards him, when her body begun to move towards the back door, stretching her arms into the air. From her back pocket she took out one cigarette and a lighter.
    Aolin stopped at the door frame, opening it just as her head turn behind to are if he fallowed.

    " Are you coming? I swear I don't bite.. Unless you don't like a bit of danger. Your badass jacket gives it away you know.."

    At her lips a tiny grin formed, fallowed by a light giggle and trying to be as cool as possible.
    Simply just after a few drinks, Aolin could talk easier to strangers, making her to completely forget her problems.
    Not that she didn't had way to many already.

    She knew that after tonight's show, the manager would give her some white powder, because he didn't had the money just yet.
    It was a caution so Aolin wouldn't leave the stage for a long time.
    Drugs keep you hooked up.

  15. Alex swallowed as she asked him if he wanted to go outside with her. He wasn't sure if it was just him or not, but it felt a little hard to breathe. At the same time, he didn't want to go out. But he wouldn't be alone at least. He grinned at her comment about liking danger, and followed her out. "It's not danger that I like, but rather the people that come with it." He told her, grinning seductively. It was a little easier to breathe outside- or was it the fact that it was only the two of them?

    He stood beside her and laughed a little. "Normally, when my friends deposit me with a girl and go do their own thing, I'm painfully uncomfortable as she's not usually my type at all." He looked over at her and grinned. "Looks like they're learning." On impulse, he took a step closer to her, looking down into her eyes. He didn't know what he was doing, but he wasn't exactly going to fight it. It could have been the alcohol in his system, but he didn't really care. All he could think about was how beautiful she was and the feeling of familiarity... The feeling that he knew her. And the fact that he didn't feel that panicky anymore.
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  16. Closing the door behind them, Aolin lit up her cigarette and inhaled deeply the intoxicating taste. Small clouds form into the air, with his words continuing to flow smoothly.

    Aolin smiled briefly at him, somehow strange sensations taking over her body in his presence. Maybe they did met somewhere, but didn't quite remembered.

    " Oh, I see.. Do I make you feel uncomfortable then?"
    Aolin asked him, turning her face at him this time, the cigar between her lips, letting the smoke to spread across their bodies.
    For a moment, she went silent thinking if maybe she could ditch the manager tonight and just go home. The problem was that Aolin needed his money like Air.

    Her left hand touched her other wrist, causing the bracelets to make noise as she played with them. Deep inside she desired to tell him everything about her, all her life.
    The feeling of déjà vu not dispersing at all. The more time they spend together, the more she'd have the odd sensation.

    " Hey, it may sound stupid.. But I get this feeling that I know you from somewhere..
    I can't remember though.."

    And with those words, Aolin threw the cigar on the cold ground, letting her back to be supported by the wall. Her green eyes gazing at his this time, the heart of hers, skipped a few beats.

    Some odd sensations begun to take place.

  17. She threw away the cigarette, and he smiled. "I know exactly what you mean. I feel the same way." As he stared into her eyes, he took another step forward so her back would be against the wall. And before he fully knew what he was doing, he pressed his lips to hers. One hand went to the wall behind them, and he put the other on her waist.

    He'd only just met her, but this felt so right. For once, he wasn't scared about being practically alone in the dark. Because he wasn't alone, and even if she wasn't exactly protecting him, he felt safe. Warmth spread through his body. He did know her from somewhere. It wasn't in his head. But he didn't care. Because he knew her like this, and that was good enough.

    His phone vibrated in his pocket, and he pulled away, laughing. "Probably my friends looking for me." He pulled it out and felt his stomach drop through the ground. "you clearly got in there, bro. we'll see you tomorrow"

    They'd left. Oh my god, he was alone. He'd gotten a lift with them, and they were gone. How was he going to get home? He'd have to call a taxi. Oh god. His chest was starting to close up, and he could feel the panic attack coming on. He pulled away from the wall altogether. "I'm so sorry- I have to go- I'm so sorry- My name's Alex Hale, by the way- I'll find you again, I swear-" He rushed back into the bar and called the number of his trusted taxi firm.

    He managed to make it in the door of his apartment before he collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath and trying to calm himself down. Tears streamed down his face as the voices screamed about how he'd messed things up with the only girl he was probably only going to get. He couldn't breathe- couldn't think except for the voices- no, his own voice- screaming at him. He dragged himself up, gasping for breath, and went to the bathroom. He emptied the contents of the cabinet and grabbed the bottle of sleeping pills. He didn't know how many he shook into his hand-

    He didn't care-

    He just swallowed them. He barely made it to the couch before he passed out, thankful for the peace they brought.
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  18. The cold breeze. Fresh air.
    Everything just froze into place, as if time had stopped.

    Aolin got caught up by surprise, his gesture caused her to even stop breathing for a moment.
    His lips on hers. It felt divine.

    In a way of wanting more, yet way to scared to do something more. The only word ringing in her head, filled her mind with his name.

    However, didn't had enough time to protest, as he excused himself and rushed inside the pub. He had left her, in the dark wondering if they'll see each other again.

    After few moments, calming herself, Aolin went inside the bar to continue her routine.
    Of course after such a night, she would have trouble sleeping. Definitely.

    It was around 3AM when the doorknob turn opening, while she drag her tired body inside her messy apartment.
    Ailing locked the door, take her shoes off and jacket.

    " It was a crazy night indeed.. Uhh. For some reason, I can't take him off my mind.."

    Talking in the dark, because the rent hasn't been paid,no electricity since yesterday. Well, at least she had some white powder to help with the sleep.

    Aolin spread the 'sugar' on the table, soon inhaling it and suddenly warmth filled her body, giving the sensation of floating around. She closed her eyes, letting to get into her system by laying on the sofa. Soon, drifting to sleep, as her mind flew at the Boy's name and his soft lips.

  19. He felt like death warmed up when he awoke. He knew straight away that he'd taken a few pills too many last night. Not enough to kill him, but enough to make him feel like shit. His chest still felt tight when he awoke; and he went to the bathroom and found his anxiety pills. As he swallowed them, it eased a little. As he started making his breakfast, he suddenly remembered the events of the night before. His lips against the singer's. Suddenly he wasn't hungry any more. Oh god, he'd seriously messed up.

    He stood up. He was going out to find her. It was Saturday, he didn't have any lectures to attend. So he just had to search the city. And he was going to find her. He went into his bedroom and put on a clean t-shirt and jeans that weren't so creased. He looked in the mirror and sighed. His hair was it's usual untidy self, and he wasn't going to be able to do a damn thing about it. He had dark circles under his eyes, and wasn't going to be able to do a thing about them either. He ran a hand through his hair and pulled on his leather jacket. He looked so different to last night, he needed something to make him more recognisable.

    He put a box of his meds in his pocket and left the house, heading for the bar where he'd met her last night. He'd start there.
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  20. The sun creep through her curtains. A loud groan broke the silence, a moving body crawling from the sofa towards the mirror.
    Aolin stretched her arms, before wipping the dirty mirror and looked at her reflection.

    " It could be worse.. Uhh. Damn headache."

    Her hand took a tissue to blow her nose, then spitting in the sink. Water cleaned her face and all the make up which she obviously forgot to wash off.

    Aolin took a look around the messy apartment and how awful it smelled. Nothing has changed except that, Alex's imagine came up in her mind.
    Moving to the shower, she let the cold water to ran down her body. She had to go at the pub today early, the manager explained he would pay her I she'd come today daytime and help around the bar.

    After minutes of contemplating, Aolin got dressed with a red sweater, loose on her and some thorn pair of shorts.
    One more look in the mirror, fixing her hair under a boyish, sports hat. The bag hanged around her right shoulder, with the keys, phone and a half eaten twix she left the apartment building.

    It almost took her 40minutes before reaching closer to the pub, walking as if she was a zombie. Her body felt like a car crossed over her, with he most terrible headache. Aolin pulled the hat lower on the forehead, so this way the people won't see her zombiefied face.

    The cold air of the day cause her body to jerk few times, goosebumps rising down her bare legs still walking down the street.

    I wonder If I'll see him again.. Why I can't take him outta of my head? This is frustrating.. Uhh. God. I am so hungry..

    Aolin stopped for a moment when she saw a homeless man at the corner, reaching down her bag she have him the half twix with a smile.
    Her legs take her just around the corner in 5th avenue, with her hands inside the pockets. From under the hat, her eyes spotted across the street the Pub.

    If that jerk doesn't pay me today.. I don't know what I'll have to do.. I will end up homeless sooner than I thought..
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