Closing Words for the Science Fiction Festival

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  1. So, today, we draw to a close a month of amazing science fiction fun. We’ve had challenges, topics, wonderful art, a ball, polls, a workshop, blogs, and of course some amazing roleplays getting started. As we leave the month of April, let’s not forget about science fiction. Keep up with your RPs, enjoy the genre, and support it. Find a local used bookstore and pick up one of the classics or a new release by a favorite author.

    For those who missed the big announcement during the twenty-four hour live drive, we WILL be doing more festivals. Keep an eye out for a group that is going to allow YOU to help with their planning, creation, and timing. All of Iwaku made the sci-fi festival a force to be reckoned with, and it is hoped that spirit, that love and drive for the written word, continues in coming festivals!

    As we fade into the star splashed depths of space, searching ever onward for inspiration and cybernetically enhanced plot bunnies, let us always remember: Have fun! May the plot be with you.
  2. Nooo~ I liked the sci-fi kick. I hope it stays. ^^

    I have to say, I'm super sad because all the names are changing, and a) I loved the sci-fi names and b) I have no idea who anyone is anymore. =P
  3. It was a lot of fun! I'll miss the Sci-Fi-ness.
  4. I really enjoyed it! 8D It was a huge challenge trying to think up a wide range of science fiction topics and roleplay plots without doing "the expected" stuff!
  5. Loved it! It was the ultimate show of Iwaku and Community spirit! I had a blast!