Closing Announcement for Pirate Month

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  1. Arrr..The month of August has sadly come to an end, as well Pirate Month.
    First off, I'd like to thank the following people..

    Without these folks we would not have had an awesome month of pirates.
    I know there were many more members who contributed, and I thank you greatly for that, you played a part in this month. Every bit of pirate counts.

    If you were on the shores the entire month..And are clueless about what happened.
    Let's recap!

    First we opened up with a pirate flag contest, which Staci won with this awesome design.
    Revi wrote a workshop on
    different pirate genres. Some really interesting types!
    Celest and her pirate parts, and no not THOSE parts.
    Then SpaciousSpace provided us with an intro video to Pirate Month, it turned out REALLY awesome.

    Mitten wrote a lot of topics on the different pirates of history in the General section. If you're a history person, you should check em out.
    Iliana and Kitti also brought up some great discussions about Pirates as well such as, your pirate name, who's the better pirate?, etc.
    But also with that came some unique
    Pirate Challenges!

    Diana and Ozzie hosted Chat RPS which gathered a lot of people and everyone had a blast at!
    Revi and Kitti made a Treasure hunt in which Ozzie won! Congrats!

    We've had some great RPS over the month as well!
    From Elyd's and Cotillion's
    jump in'
    Tetsuri with High Seas
    Rokku with Death to History

    Some awesome RPS, highly suggest you guys take a look and join!

    And that was pretty much the entire month of August.
    I again would like to thank EVERYONE who contributed and helped make this month amazing.
    Celest and I had so much fun planning this month for everyone.
    It was really cool to be the festival head for August as well.
    Can't wait for our next festival in October!

  2. Until October might I suggest something for September as around where I live this whole month is that festival.

    Renaissance Festival month eh? Just an idea worth throwing out there.
  3. We only do festivals every other month. Gives people a time to plan.
  4. Q ^Q fun month. <3 Thank you for being awesome pirates. You all are super awesome.

    I mean.