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  1. Hi! Thank you for clicking on my thread! I am relatively new to the site, but not to roleplaying! I've been roleplaying/writing for around ten years. I'd like to think I'm a pretty advanced writer and so I'm looking for an advanced partner.

    Let's get straight to the nitty gritty shall we?

    I am looking for a partner for a long term MxM roleplay. I am on everyday and will always find time to reply to a post or if you just want to chat OOC (Beware, I am friendly!) I don't want pure smut, as in constant hooking up between characters, so if you're looking for that, sorry I am not the partner for you. I love to have an exciting, in depth plot that focuses more on the story and world around our characters rather than just them banging. But I do want sex so when I find my partner we will be move to the Libertine One X One section so 18+ only please!

    I'm not really too much of a length nazi when it comes to posts. Do I like a good long read? You bet your ass I do. But if our characters start having a quick back and forth conversation then I'm fine with shorter posts that are only a few sentences long. Quality over quantity right?

    Basically, give me something to reply too! That's all I ask :)

    I also need my partner to be an equal contributor to the plot! I don't want a partner that'll do nothing. Throw in some twists and turns that I didn't see coming! I want to build a story and world unique to us and it's hard to do if I'm doing all the work.

    Before I delve into the plot please go to my roleplay resume and read my writing sample provided to see if I'm a partner you want and I do ask for a writing sample of yours in return.

    Go on now, I'll wait ^_^

    *humming Jepordy theme song*

    Are you back? Yes? Awesome!

    I hope you liked what you saw! Actually this plot involves that character Connor Douglas. He is a 24 year old mechanical engineer and a certified genius (though he doesn't like talking about it).

    Here is what he looks like:
    (Credit to the amazing artist Kyoux on deviantart!)

    His tattoo's are more celtic knot based and his eyes are a russet brown, not red :P And he's a goof ball, think of a hyperactive puppy in human form and that's him.

    So the plot!

    Show Spoiler
    Scientist's on Earth have found "close by" planets that are suitable to sustain human life and the UN has organized "The Colonization Initiative". Massive ships containing enough people to maintain a diverse gene pool were sent to these planets to build colony's and lay the ground work for future human migration.

    On the planet Aurae the colony is thriving within it's tall city walls. Outside the colony is surrounded by dense forest of tree's twice the size of the largest tree on Earth, The General Sherman. While beautiful the thick wilderness makes it difficult for four wheeled armored vehicles to travel.

    Connor Douglas longed to leave the walls of the colony and explore the new planet that he called home. So when presented with the task of creating a new vehicle that would be able to travel through the forests with ease, he jumped on it as an opportunity to see the planet for himself.

    And thus the Hornet was created:

    (That's just a reference photo to give you an idea of what it looks like, in the actual rp it'd be a two seater and a little bigger to pack away supplies.)

    Once the vehicle was believed ready for a test drive in the field Connor put in a request to be the pilot for the expedition and it was approved! However he would need the escort of (your character) a soldier (or marine) for safety reasons.

    Things go down hill from there...

    Are you still with me? Yes? Awesome! :D So if you're interested let me know!
  2. I'm interested though I can only do up to five paragraphs Ono
  3. Okay thanks for your interest, can you PM a sample of your writing please?
  4. I will tomorrow. I'm busy with another RP CS. And have 15 minutes until my meds kick in xnx
  5. Alright

    I'm still looking to anyone else that looks in here :)
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