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  1. Art by Atlas Child

    Title says it all. I can do most things, including portraits, character sketches, landscapes and other paintings. There are some things, however, I will not do such as manga, furries or MLP stuff. I have a link to my gallery in my signature, check it out to see if you like my style.

    It's important to note, that since I'm rather busy with school I may get to your requests late.

    That being said, certain things take longer then others. A request for a fully fleshed out character is going to take longer then a few character sketches with basic line work and coloring (which could be done rather quickly).

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    Request Form

    Subject: Ie, landscape, character drawing etc.

    Rendered: How you want it rendered. Basic linework, linework with some base color, fully rendered... etc.

    Background: Basic background or complex. Basic will probably be a few shades of a color or a solid background whilst a complex would be an actual scene.

    Additional Info: Any information you feel is important to your request, such as a description of the character, of the land etc.. this is basically where you should fine tune what you want me to draw for you. Reference photographs help a ton.

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  2. HI! I'm intrested and I have a bunch of landscape ideas I would like for a few of my current roleplays. If you prefer I can give them to you one or two at a time so you dont feel bogged down. And I'm not exactly in a huge hurry to get anything in particular but having them done within a reasonable amount of time would be awsome. I can have the first request for you in a few hours.
  3. I'm currently working on a request I've received VIA pm, and have another request right behind that one as well. When i finish those requests, and if you still want the landscapes done, i will certainly do them for you.
  4. Cool thanks. I've been procrastinating anyway I'll put up my request soon though so you'll have it
  5. I have a request for landscapes. 5 to be exact. I'm in no rush, so take as much time as you like. I would like detail, but color is optional. I will post the descriptions both on this thread and through PM. And in advance, thank you!! :)

    City Descriptions (open)

    Amesir is a fairly large city, home to the Eldenns and the other elven races. Amesir was built at the base of the Amesir mountains, which are said to be the origin of all Thegoria's magic. When the Eldenn's ancestors saw this, they thought they could harness and make use of its incredible and seemingly endless power. So at its base, they built a massive castle to house the royal family and began to build their massive city.

    When the royal bloodline died out, the elder's council took control figuring that multiple, wise heads were better than two. At this point the castle was turned into what is now the Arcane University. The Arcane University was established to accommodate those who wished to learn more about Amesir's mysterious power, and in order to keep their townsfolk busy and curious, they also built a large library containing every book published in Thegoria. To this day, Amesir has been known as Thegoria's City of Magic.

    Emyrr is a fairly big city, much like Amesir. It is home to the Ildests; Thegoria's finest warriors. The unique thing about Emyrr is that it was built on seemingly precarious yet incredibly sturdy cliffs. Emyrr started out as a small military camp. The reason for doing so was because its height made it extremely difficult for the enemy to launch an attack without having to climb the cliffs. The camp also had a great view of the land, so nothing could pass unnoticed.

    After the war was over, the soldiers found that they could not part with their "sanctuary", so instead of leaving it behind, they built their city and made it their home. Legends had been floating around about the small military camp and it's warriors and how they were protected by the large cliffs that they sat on. These legends brought more and more curious and able-bodied travelers to Emyrr's doorstep. War leaders brought their troops to train, while proud, tired veterans came to seek a safe haven. To this day, Emyrr is known as the City of Sanctuary.

    Belmosa is a small town that was built by some of Thegoria's finest architects. It is home to the Etherians. It is said that travelers would stop to see it's beautiful waterfalls and astonishing green shrubbery. For days they would stay to capture its beauty in there art and they would always be reluctant to leave. After their realization of how frequently they came to visit, they decided to build a town. When the architects began to plan it out, they found it impossible to build a town that wasn't as beautiful as the land surrounding it. So they spent precious time perfecting every last detail until the town was finally finished.

    For years, the town gathered musicians, actors, and artists alike, hence giving the town its title: The City of The Arts.

    Seribon was built years before the Lynari took shelter there. It was built by ancient religious architects who were seeking a place of worship. When they decided to build a cathedral, they saw to it that it had enough detail and tender loving care to please the gods. The gods were indeed happy, but soon these ancient people died off and the sacred cathedral was left abandoned.

    Years later, the Lynari found it. While the rest of the city surrounding the cathedral was in ruins, the cathedral itself was miraculously still intact, almost as if the gods had been preserving it until the day that the Lynari would come and restore its glory. The Lynari decided that the preservation of the cathedral could only be the work of higher beings and therefore immediately rebuilt the city. The Lynari continued to praise the gods, and in turn the gods gifted them with powers of healing and faith. To this day, Seribon has been known as The City of the Gods.

    Nantun is a strange city in and of itself. It was built into the trunks of massive trees by the draconkin to shelter their dying race. As their bodies went through the separation, they found themselves vulnerable to an attack or a traveler's criticism, so they built the city to hide them from judgement. The ground was cold and wet and too small to house the draconkin and the other anima races, so they had to build into the trees themselves.

    As the years passed draconkin found that the rate of their extinction had been slowing down and they wondered if maybe the trees' shelter was giving them the nudge they needed to survive. This gave the draconkin hope that their species would soon grow and prosper.

    Nantun doesn't get many visitors, as it was built to be inconspicuous, but those who stumble upon it manage to stay for longer than they had planned. Nantun does tend to attract outcasts; those wanting to seek the shelter of a place that would accept them. To this day, the beautiful city of Nantun is known as The City of Nature.
  6. I could do that.

    It's important for everyone PMing me or posting requests that you acknowledge your requests will be done at my convenience. I'm pretty busy with school work and life in general, so i'll only be able to work on requests when I set aside some time to do so, which is the main reason these are free requests.
  7. How many requests do you have at the moment?
  8. I understand. :) thank you.