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  1. There will be blood! You have been warned!

    Plot The kingdom of Endaran, ruled by King Enton has a problem on its hands, a very dangerous one that is growing worse as the years pass. There is a feud going on, one that has now caused the bloodshed of innocent citizens. This feud has been going on for over a century, a war between two families of assassins that has now begun to spill over into neutral territory. Fed with the fighting, the king makes a decree; the eldest daughter of one family is to wed the eldest son of the other family. They have a month to be married, and failure to do so will result in banishment of both families, along with the loss of all land and titles. There are several stipulations placed on the marriage, the first being that if any harm comes to either of the two at the hands of a family member, that family will be tossed out of the kingdom without a cent. The second condition; a child must be conceived within the first year to verify that they two are living together as husband and wife. Naturally, the two are rather discouraged by the decree, but reluctantly except their fates.

    I am looking for someone to play the eldest son.

    I want this to be Advanced! I will be checking out posts, or requesting a writing sample. My minimum is four paragraphs, but I tend to write more, and with this plot there will be plenty of times that I write a small book. I am looking for someone who is comfortable with violence, and gore which is an absolute must! Sex will be involved, but it will not be the focus of the plot in any way.

    I intend to play my character's family, along with other key characters that become involved in the plot as it goes along., and I would like it if whoever takes the male role would play the family of his character.

    The world itself is not medieval, nor is it modern. There is electricity, indoor plumbing, ships and trains. However, there are no powder weapons, cars, or any other types of advanced technology.

    My Character (open)
    My Character (open)

    Kassina Montatraeu (open)

    Age: 18
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 122lbs.
    Weapon Specialties: Katana, Daggers, Swords
    Skills: Speaks five different languages, Various dancing styles, hand to hand combat
    Family: Alexister Montatraeu (Father) Isabella Montatraeu (Mother) Enraku Montatraeu (Eldest Brother) Anton Montatraeu (Older Brother) Karina Benseau (Younger Sister) Gilfred Benseau (Brother-in-law) Silicius Montatraeu (Cousin) Edmend Montatraeu (Uncle) Marisette Montatraeu (Aunt)

    History: The only female assassin in her family, Kassina stepped up to take her sister's place within the family business. The young woman was blood thirsty from the start, her childhood filled with violence. At the tender age of six, her uncle and father used her to lure a pedophile to his death, the young girl placed outside the man's room. Once she was taken inside, the man attempted to molest her, scaring the young Kassina out of her wits. Fortunately, her uncle and father were there to intervene before things could get too far. Her uncle, seeing this as the perfect teaching session offered Kassina his dagger, bidding her to use it to hurt the man who had attempted to harm her. The young girl wasted little time in hacking the man's groin to pieces, using the dagger to inflict the most amount of pain. From that moment a killer was born.

    From the age of eight until the dawn of her eighteenth birthday Kassina trained, pushing herself far past her limits to prove to herself and her family that she was as capable as they were in the art of assassination. Trained by her cousin Silicius, the two formed a close relationship, her mentor often taking her along on his missions and allowing her to practice her skills on a living target. She was quick to catch on, learning to move through the shadows when needed, and blend into her environment when necessary. She is a chameleon, able to change into whatever she needs to in order to complete a job. Her appearance has often worked to her advantage, and she is not above seducing a target into luring them into a vulnerable state in order to finish them off. In spite of her skills in seduction, the young woman despises any man not of her family and has no problems at all showing it.

    On the morning of her eighteenth birthday, Kassina was put through her trials, a family test to ensure that the member is prepared for their duties. Kassina passed each test far beyond her family's expectations, and has officially earned her place within the business.

    If you are interested, feel free to post on here or send me a PM. :)
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  4. Man. If we weren't already in a roleplay and this wasn't already filled. I would love to do this RP ><
  5. There's a line for it already. =/ I thought about doing one straight one, and one Libertine one though, but I feel weird using the same characters/plot, even if one is adult and the other is clean.
  6. Meh. I don't have to do this Roleplay, I'm sure you will think of others. Just saying it seems like a cool idea ^^
  7. Alright, I've decided to do a libertine version of the plot as well, because I am actually curious how it would turn out. So, anyone interested send me a CS and I will decide from that. :)