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  1. i lean back in my chair and chair and stare at the lady infront of me. i stay quiet for my own sake so as not to get deeper in the hole i have dug myself. i play with my hands in my lap so i can stare down at them and look away from the other set in the room.
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  2. Name: Leonor Mercier
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    I was finishing the daily attendance reports when my door was abruptly swung open. I looked up over my reading glasses with furrowed brows. Mr. Thall had decided that it was no longer necessary to knock before entering. "Deal with him," he grumbled and shoved a young man into the seat directly across from me.

    "Well then." I took off my glasses, turned my attention the young man and folded my hands on my desk. "You must have done something to upset Mr. Thall enough to be shoved into my office like this. Tell me what happened."

    He was looking down at his lap as he fidgeted in his seat. He was anxious. Upon closer inspection, I noticed a bruise forming on his neck when he looked around the room. "Did you get into a fight?"
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  3. "no" i make the an attempt not to say maam but i do anyway "no maam" i mumbke out in the direction of the floor and the desk bordering me from the lady. "that's quite old.." i explain "nothing to worry about." i bite my lip nervously as anyone would be nervous sitting where i am knowing most likely they will get somekind of paper work. i cross my legs in yhe chair into a mess of leg shoe and pants.
  4. I watch the young man and make note of his body language on a pad beside me. I also make note of the bruise on his neck. He still has yet to answer my initial question. So instead, I ask him, "what is your name?"
  5. "Brian Gates" i answer with a soft and timid tone making it clear that i am quite scared of you and your position. i put my elbows on my knees and rest my head on my hands to make them like a head rest for my weery and tired skull.
  6. I leaned forward, his name flicked a switch. Several teachers had been complaining about his behavior. This was his 3rd in fracture. I was going to have to create a student contract for him. "Sit up straight and look at me, Brian. This is not nap time. Now, tell me what landed you in my office."
  7. "I walk talking back to the teacher and being a smart ass." I do as told and sit up straight. I had told the teacher a very smart-ass answer and keep it up until he threw me out 20 minutes later. I fidget a little nervously and play with my backpack witch has been dropped carelessly on the ground for me to forget about. I only have about 2 books and a folder in the near empty bag
  8. "I see," I make notes of this on my notepad. "I have had several emails regarding your behavior. Let's talk about that." I typically do not ask question, instead, I demand answers. If I am not stern with the students, they will attempt to take advantage of me. I have to keep my guard up.
  9. "I'm growing. That and boys will be boys is what i keep hearing." I say softly getting submissive to you and your authority, something that i very rarely did. "I just like having fun. And it's fun to act up." I pull my knees to my chest and rest my chin on them so i can look at you with my big begging brown eyes.
  10. "That's what boys do is it?" I looked down at this young man and now I saw a helpless young boy as he pulls he legs to his chest. "I thought I told you to sit straight up. Now, lets discuss you behavior. Why do you think that is what boys do for fun? I don't have every boy coming in to my office from misbehaving. Is there something going on at home?"
  11. "No when I'm home everything is alright" i out my legs back and do as the lady says. I sit up straight and decide it would be in my best interest to just go along with it and answer what i can of the flurry of questions all focused on my misbehavere.
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