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  1. Hello there! It's Remorse once again, and I am searching for more RP partners! If you are intimidated by long posts, don't you dare turn tail on me yet, my friend! It is just simple stuff for those who need/want it, you can skip it and look at the bold/underlined/colored stuff for the important bits. I'll throw out a few ideas that we can maybe work on together, but first I shall list some of my preferences and what I am like.

    I need...
    • Someone with creativity.
    • Someone who is willing to throw in their own ideas as well.
      • I like to listen as much as I like to talk.
    • Someone capable of pushing me to excel as a writer as well as improve themselves.
      • Getting better is extremely important to me.
    • Someone who knows themselves.
      • I will bombard you with questions, and answers to them are preferred. They aren't required though.

    I am the type of partner who...
    • Tries to write an equal amount of significant content or more.
      • In attempts to excel, I try to write as much as you do or more. So I do enjoy people who write long paragraphs with extreme detail. If you don't though, that's perfectly fine! Maybe we can help each other excel that way!
    • Responds as often as my time schedule allows (which is quite often).
      • Usually multiple times a day.
    • Is willing to play either gender role.
    • Is willing to try new genres and things.
      • You want something different? Tell me!
    • Requires a plot to stay somewhat on track.
      • It doesn't have to be all planned out, but an end goal is appreciated.
    • Will play multiple characters if needed.
    • Is patient with responses and criticism.
      • Honestly, I prefer if you hit me with some criticism once in a while. I want to get better, and I want to help you get better as well, and we can't do that if we tip toe around each other, so if need be slap me and tell me to rewrite it.
    Genre Preferences
    Romance (slow build)
    For these RPs, romance is not at all required!
    Friendships & rivalries are always an option instead!​
    & More!​
    Italics are the time era preferred (not restricted to such time settings. AKA let me hear YOUR ideas/preferences).
    Not all endings are happy, and sometimes heartbreak is guaranteed to ensue in some pairings.
    For the sake of being somewhat realistic, some pairing just won't work out.​

    Werewolf X Werewolf Modern/Present
    Mates are not predestined things despite the myth. It take long weeks of bonding before one can even consider such a thing, or so we have been told. All teachings are thrown to the wind as two wolves meet and are instantly drawn to each other. It is unnatural and unheard of, this forced pairing dragging the two unwilling participants -which clash in personality and origins- together in a relationship where they hate to love each other and love to hate.
    Vampire/Demon Lord x Hunter/Human Medieval Times
    The Lord couldn't quite understand why he/she allowed the blood sacrifice to live. Something compelled him/her to send of the child until they were older. They held a strikingly similar resemblance to that of the hunters and the same stoic eyes, but the child was indeed human, or so he/she believed. Maybe the years of living without a challenge had him/her bored. Maybe he/she was longing for an end. Either way, letting the emotionless child live would change both lives forever.
    Elf x Human Medieval Times
    The elves of the woods are proud creatures who can live forever. Known to take mates for the rest of their lives, the most common death is usually of heartbreak. For this reason, most elves avoid humans altogether in fear of getting enraptured by the mortal and dying early due grief of their mate/friend's short life span. That and the usual mishaps that happen due to cultural differences. Yet when one human gets lost in the forest and happens upon an elven establishment, things are bound to get sticky. Curiosity killed the cat, and some believe that it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.
    Ex Slave x Person Medieval Times
    Just by coincidence, a daily do good-er happens upon an ex/escaped slave. For whatever reason, most likely they are just reasonably kind people, he/she takes the slave and hides him/her from their impending recapture. Thus starts the long journey of friendship( they can be frenemies) between the two odd balls who found each other by pure coincidence. An adventure of the lifetime to finally gain freedom from the chains of the past and avoid those of the future.
    Demon x Angel (Most Likely Ends Badly) Medieval Times/Victorian Era
    Breaking the rules is always fun, but at the cost of a friend or your heart? When a demon gets all to interested in a angel, or vice versa stuff is bound to hit the fans. Two creatures bound to hate and destroy each other should usually avoid each other like hell. Unfortunately, life isn't that easy and coincidences happen. People always say that there is a thin line between love and hate.
    Demon x Demon Anytime!/Modern/Present
    It's so hard to tell the difference between love and lust, especially for a being that has never experienced the first. So how exactly is it supposed to work out when you put two creatures unable to relate -other than the fact they are both rejected from heaven- together? Greed is also a large factor in demons, will they be able to share nicely or will it all literally go to hell?
    Fallen Angel x Angel (One-Sided/Romance maybe) Modern/Present
    More often than not, we desire things we cannot have. Things we have lost. People enjoy romanticizing the past, imagining it better than it truly was. So when a fallen angel sees everything he/she can no longer grasp in the hands of another, it is not surprising that jealousy is invoked. When jealousy turns into seeking penance for the sake of returning to good graces, and through that penance you get stuck with the being that led you to repent, what can one do? Well, it's even worse when you start falling for the person who had shown you all the wrongs you committed.
    Fallen Angel x Human Medieval Times
    It's only natural for a fallen angel to hate a human. One of the most common reason an angel falls is because God favors them over his angels. So in the process of going to hell, an angel often takes as many humans down with it. But when one particular fallen finds exactly why God is so enraptured with the beings he has adopted as His children, what is a angel to do?

    Enchanter/Mage x Human Medieval Times
    Magic is a dangerous thing that drives human apart. It is feared more than it is loved, and with fear comes repressed anger. Eventually that anger manifests into something more, a deep unending hate with long lines of bloodshed. When everyone in the world decides to turn their back on someone, and one measly person decides to take the minorities side despite the odds, they might somehow change the world. If one person can be convinced, why not others? The journey of two companions, aiming to make a difference and help the world for the better.

    Hit me up here or in a PM if you are interested.
    We've got some planning to do!
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  2. Hello! I'd like to believe that I fit the criteria! Also, I have read the whole post and I think I would love to roleplay with you.
  3. I also think I fit the criteria and would like to Roleplay with you.
  4. I think I fit into what you're looking for. ;A; but all of your ideas sound so good, I don't even remotely know which one to touch on more or choose ;~;
  5. Plenty of neat plots and not afraid to let things get messy while keeping consistent with the plot and pairing?

    Yes please~!

    Fire me a PM, there are a few of your plot ideas I'd love to know more about or flesh out with you!
  6. Oh, I feel like a tragedy tonight, so either a plot involving Fallen AngelxAngel or DemonxAngel would be lovely!
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