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  1. Commander on the Bridge!

    So, I'm just looking for like one parter at this time. I don't have a lot of roleplaying in me right now because I just lost my dad, but I'm really craving some angsty Kylo Ren romance/drama.

    I've never done a Star Wars roleplay before.

    I'm kind of looking for someone to play Kylo Ren for me.
    BUT I mostly just want to play Kylo for someone else instead. I like playing men, and he seems like an interesting character to play with.

    I have a couple of half-baked plot idea's if you'd like to chat.

    I'm probably going to want to hear about your character before I decide wether or not to take you on as a partner.

    I just don't want any Mary Sue types. "Oh she's one of the last jedi, super strong, only one that can handle Kylo" none of that fanciful nonsense. I'm looking for real characters. They can be strong women. I love strong women. She can also be scared out of her mind, that works too! But no unicorn bullshit, please.

    So if you've read this long and are still interested, message me and we can talk! Ignore any comments, as long as it doesn't say "closed" in the title, I'm still looking for the right partner.
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Thread Status:
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