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    ❁ EVENTS: As dawn peers up over the horizon, cutting through trees and skylines, an unfamiliar sun sheds a welcome, warm light through the windows of the orphanage. A light rain taps on the roof, as though whispering of the long snow that had now subsided. The rain added a small, comforting, drone to the bright morning light. The children are woken by the new day, seeing a sun that hadn't been seen in several weeks. The day promised a respite from the stuffy inside, and a few began wondering if Mr. Powers would take them into the harbor now that the weather was nice...


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  2. [​IMG] Luke Uptin

    Luke didn't care much for the snow, much less the cold and howling winds. Seeing the storm as an opportunity for refining his psychic powers. He grabbed a winter coat and a scarf and did his best to head outside undetected from the adults. He was Successful, and for the time being the yard seemed to be his alone to do as he wanted. So he made his way to a large rock out in the back of the yard and used his telekinesis to lift himself up on top of it and began to meditate. With his Arms and legs folded, and eyes closed, he began to levitate while proceeding with his meditation. (So Much for the snowstorm. . .) He thought to himself, As if the bad weather was supposed to be a challenge to him, the storm wasn't bothering him at all. When the winds picked him he would stand his ground, and when the snow fell down faster he would use a force field like a makeshift umbrella.

    Luke had dealt with weather like this before, and even still he would meditate outside at least three times a day. Once in the morning after breakfast, once in the afternoon after lunch, and one final time in the evening before dinner. Needless to say he was bothered every once in a while, But typically by the smaller children and/or the more immature residents. When said people tried to mess with him he simply puts up a barrier around himself and ignores them completely. Luke knew it would be only a matter of time before other residents of the orphanage tried to sneak out, and he knew there were a few of them more than capable of it. (Maybe one day one of them will have something meaningful to say). He thought to himself once more. As the storm raged on Luke resumed his meditation, enjoying his moments of solitude for as long as it will last for the evening.
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  3. Ann Marie Rayne [​IMG]

    Ann watched the other boy grab a coat and head out the door. Curiously, she looked around the hall then went to the coat closet. She found a scarf then a hat to put on before grabbing a coat, all in white with blue trimming. Boots over the thick socks she wore completed her outfit then she looked around again before sneaking out the door and closing it quietly behind herself. The wind immediately started playing with her hair as soon as she stepped out the door.

    She looked up at the snow, trying to catch a flake on her tongue then going over to a tree and using it to hide behind as she looked around the white yard. No sense letting anyone see her from the building and drag her back in just yet. She saw Luke, doing his floating meditation thing but didn't try to disturb him. She wasn't the sort to want to try, even if she could speak to do so. Not that her power listened to her much. Ann gasped when the snow gave way to rabbits, like the ones from the documentary they had watched last week about snowshoe hares. There were only a couple of them, but they were jumping and running all over, leaving footprints in the snow. Just what she didn't want to happen and tried to avoid, but at least this wasn't scary and wouldn't hurt anyone.
  4. [​IMG]

    A Short, boyish-looking woman about 34 walked out into the lobby of the orphanage from the kitchen, you wouldn't know it by her stern look and gruff attitude, but she really did care.
    "Kids! Time for bed! Lights out by nine!"
    She yelled into the various stairs and hallways and corner rooms. Nurse Linda Enns was the orphanage medical staff, the one and only of her kind. She probably knew more about the condition of the children than anyone else in the world.
    But, her job was here and now, put the children to bed.
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  5. [​IMG] Luke Uptin

    Luke could hear Nurse Enns from the yard (as it's kind of hard NOT to hear a grown woman yell from inside a house that you are sanding a few feet from the outside of), under normal circumstances He would just ignore her. But he was too hungry to cause trouble with the authorities and ceased his meditation, floated off the rock and started to make his way inside. While he was walking he saw Ann outside as well, (When did she get here? Did she, follow me?) He thought to himself. He then saw the number of 'Snow bunnies' hopping around her, this puzzled him at first until he realized they were made of snow. Luke then continued walking to leave Ann to her pets, and went inside. Once inside he put his coat and scarf in the nearest closet and made his way to the kitchen where he met up with Nurse Enns.

    After a few seconds of silence he spoke to her using telepathy. 'You know I detest being referred to as a child, either address me by my name... or not at all', he said to her retaining his usual bored expression. Still hungry, Luke walked over to the dining room, grabbed his portion of food via telepathy and took a seat. The dining room was quiet for now, just the way he liked things. Unfortunately for him this would not last, as Ann would be here shortly assuming she heard Nurse Enns.
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  6. [​IMG]

    ♫ Now Playing: 21. 'Waltz in Orphan Major'
    Eden sat quietly, watching. her grip on the ceiling fan tightened.


    She was suspended, somewhat against the laws of physics, on the ceiling, her long red hair dusting against the slow sweep of the fan blades that passed below her, she narrowed her eyes at the woman. Eden noticed two of the older kids slip out the front doors just as Enns had come around the corner, She clearly hadn't noticed them. Eden intended to change that. The boy, Luke, was always around meditating like a monk or something. What kind of teen wants to meditate? She thought it was strange, anyway.

    "Look! They ran outside!"

    She yelled, quite diagonally across the room. proceeding to stick her tongue out at the poor nurse and hop down from the ceiling, landing with unrealistic weightlessness. She waited until Enns had turned to look at the doors and jumped through a pass-through from the dining room to the kitchen and ran off into the back yard. Hiding in one of her usual spots, a rather tall Oak tree in the middle of the courtyard, she brooded.


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  7. Ann Marie Rayne [​IMG]

    Ann heard Nurse Enns and saw Luke go in through her periphery vision. She though was not able to go in just yet. She was trying to get the rabbits to go away again and having no luck with it. She did manage to get one to come to her before taking a seat in the snow and just petting the bunny as she tried to do as the teachers had said and clear her mind to use her gift.

    She closed her eyes for a while then looked at the rabbit as it fell asleep in her lap. You shouldn't be here, why won't you listen and go away? are so soft and fluffy. She couldn't stop thinking and couldn't calm her mind to try again, so she stayed there, petting the rabbit. It wasn't like she could call out for help, just as she hadn't been able to the day she lost her voice. I made you, you should listen to me, you should go away when I say. Then again, I didn't actually say, did I? I just think at you, but that is all it seems to take to make you. Her eyes closed again and she sighed, resigned to waiting for the bunnies to go away when they would.
  8. Alicia Winters.jpg Alicia Winters

    From the hallway came the small careful steps of Alicia, she was dressed for the inside of course yet the cold was something she wasn't prepared to tolerate. She wore a nice blue turtleneck and a set of warm fluffy gray pajama pants with white bunnies printed all over them. She liked her pajamas despite how childish they really were. The sound of Eden yelling from the ceiling had Alicia stop and stare before watching the girl flee out towards the back yard. Alicia sighs and looks at the nurse with pity in her eyes despite the dark circles under them that indicated the lack of sleep the poor girl had been getting "Nurse Enns. I cant sleep very well as you know, perhaps I can tire myself out helping you chase down the more clever ones? Like the red haired girl who fled towards the back yard... I'm sure there are others who are out and about as well" The girl was no fool and knew she was supposed to fall in line with the other children and sleep according to the rules and while she respected and abided by the rules she also felt a sense of disconnection with the other youth here. They were always so... rebellious and she didn't understand why. Did they not understand the horrors that could await them outside of this place? The very thought of leaving the warm safety of the orphanage and the care of the staff made Alicia tremble, she had to do her best to help the others see that this place was not a prison to be escaped from, but a haven from all the bad people who would do them harm... Then again, Alicia herself had done plenty of harm to this place during her nightmares. She looks at Nurse Enns with pleading and sorrowful eyes, a gaze that longed to right the wrongs she feels she has done to the establishment during the bad nights... a gaze that longed to help the others appreciate this place. It was her mission, the only thing she had left besides an abusive criminal father who would never come to get her back. He had abandoned her long ago, even before the incident that killed her mother and landed her in this place. It was better this way in Alicia's mind, better than the alternative...
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  9. [​IMG]
    A soft melody drifted through the living room, emanating from a small figured curled up on the couch in the living room. Even with the heat on, the orphanage still became rather chilly at times and as such Clary was garbed in warm leggings, a large green sweater, and fuzzy socks. Her long red hair was tucked back behind her ears and her legs were tucked under her. Resting on her elevated legs was her beloved sketchpad and in her hands rested her favorite pencil. As her green orbs stared down at the smooth page, her pencil was raised and tapped against her full lips as she contemplated what else to add to her drawing. She planned on shading it in with color at a later date but right now she wanted to add in all the parts she desired. Hmm. Were the lips full enough and symmetrical? Did the contour of the face match the raindrop? All of these questions flitted through her mind and she checked them off her metal list as her eyes scanned down the page. As her eyes paused on a section, her nose wrinkled delicately and she expertly flipped the pencil around with one hand and erased a small bit of the web on the left cheek, rounding out a line that had been too straight for her tastes.

    The voice of Nurse Enns gave Clary pause and her red-haired head shot up to stare at the doorway. Was it bedtime already? It felt like dinner was but a little bit ago! Alas, Clary always became absorbed in her drawing and thus was oblivious to the passage of time. The young girl sighed and cast a longing look down at her drawing but she knew she needed to follow the rules. She flipped her book closed and slid the pencil into the binding for safe-keeping. She then stood from her place and stretched her arms up towards the ceiling, a few pops sounding out from her vertebra. She sighed once more and with her pad tucked under her arm, exited the room. She passed by Nurse Enns and Alicia, slowing down as she heard Alicia's words. She came to a full stop as her brown furrowed slightly as she glanced at the front door. Were the others causing mischief again? Why did they insist on it? Clary knew first-hand that the orphanage could be a bit dull but it was a safe place and she didn't want to compromise that by disobeying their superiors.

    "I can help as well. Maybe turn into a wolf to help sniff them out?" She offered, tucking a stray hair back behind her ear.
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  10. Ricchon, seventeen year old, and still in envy of the other kids' powers, finds the night comforting.
    He is wearing a high collar long sleeve- black, and black sweat pants. White cotton socks.

    Watching Luke's awesome powers from inside, Ricchon huddles closer to his knees, and keeps staring at him from the window sill. Not owning any insight to his own powers, he disappears into the shadows feeling useless. Camouflaging in the shadows easily, it is evident that Ricchon's shadow manipulation has evolved from when he first came to the orphanage, and often when he's not aware, Ricchon can do many magnificent things.
    Through the years, three to be more exact, Ricchon has become so withdrawn that he can simply become the darkness, and hide in it. As he's been embracing this power however, more is to be learned. He has only just begun.
    His powers are strong during night time of course. Because of this he can't be seen when the nurse, Alicia and Clary stops only a few meters from him, announcing and talking about the time. They are also talking about mischieving students.
    Feeling targeted right away, Ricchon moves into an escape position- ready to teleport, but ends up staring apprehensively at them. Especially Enns. She knows everyhing. Maybe she knows he's there!
    Is he allowed to stay there? He doesn't want to go to bed after all.
    Ricchon's tension creates a dark overcast aura which spreads from the window sill he's currently crouching in, and out to the room, as if trying to hide him further from the light by absorbing it. The minds of those he watches may pick up an alarming feeling of being watched.
    It is funny how Ricchon's attempt at staying further hidden may reveal him. Because he is not aware of the mild manipulation he's doing to the room or to their minds. Should they turn and look in his direction, they'll not only be able to see him, but also his surprised, anxious stare. Nightcrawler has been a nickname for some time, and the look of him will bring that nickname justice.
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  11. [​IMG]

    Nurse Enns gave Alicia as caring a look as her face could muster.
    "Go with Clary, see if you can get the others inside, I've got to check on everyone else."
    She spoke somewhat tenderly, albeit still in her matter-of-fact, almost manly voice.

    ((This is an NPC post, do not look to it for writing thresholds. it is merely for plot advancement.))​
  12. Alicia Winters.jpg Alicia Winters

    The small girl smiles, satisfied with the nurse's answer to her plead to help. She looks to Clary and nods "Alright, let's go find these troublemakers! I think they need a good talking to" She wears a smug expression as if she was really going to lecture people older than her for behaving as most teenagers would in this situation... especially those with extraordinary powers. She wouldn't lie, she was envious of some of them. The powers they possessed and could actually control being much more marvelous than her own... in fact most of the others had never seen Alicia's powers firsthand, there only being rumors that she was the cause of the girl's dorm being closed off for repairs. She truly was the cause of such damage at least once every 2 or 3 days. She was trying very hard to get her nightmares under control but therapy seemed to be rather ineffective. She had opened up a few months ago and still there had been no progress in eliminating the night terrors... She knew her father was still alive and was in prison but she had a fear in the back of her mind that he may one day get out and come to finish what he started. She didn't want to end up like her mother, stabbed to death helplessly by a man who had lost his mind when he lost his career and turned to alcoholism and crime as a lifestyle...

    Alicia frowns as she sees Luke enter and he just... stared at her. Alicia huffed as she realized this was the psychic boy. He must be speaking to her using telepathy... I hope he is minding his manners. He always seems like such a rude boy so I doubt it. Maybe he just needs some friends, I think his name was Luke? Alicia's thoughts were swift and analytical, as they often were. She was very gifted for this reason, she could learn and retain information presented to her at a swift rate or even information that was well above her grade. The petite girl moves a strand of hair back into place towards the side of her face and speaks up to Luke "Hi Luke! It's bed time now, I hope you will head towards the dorms soon. Please?" She sees him simply head for the dining room and shrugs "Well he's inside, that's a plus... Alright now time for the girl who headed for the yard! I know the general area where she took off, perhaps you could look for others hiding outside Clary?" She was about to follow in Eden's footsteps and disturb her brooding outside after unknowingly setting Clary on the path to finding and interacting with Ann, but she noticed something. Her blue eyes turned to the corner and widened as the shadowy aura absorbed the light. Alicia takes a step back and speaks in a shaky voice "W-who's there?! R-Ricchon is that you...?" She takes a calm breath as she reassures herself, of course it was... Alicia didn't know anyone else who could do something like this "U-um... could you maybe not do that. It's a bit frightening even though I know you don't mean to... It's bedtime anyway so you should really head to the dorms" She face wears a haughty expression, her used to telling people what to do in her old life anyway. Though Alicia was just now loosening up enough to try and do so here in her new life
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  13. Relieved that no one else but Alicia and Clary remained to spot him, Ricchon doesn't take the 'order' seriously, and sits back down on the window sill. He looks at them skeptically however. He does have some information about the girls' powers, though he can't be quite sure how they work or if they would even use them against him. It would be rather embarrassing to be lifted up again and thrown into bed by a girl with power much better than his. Eden sometimes made him fall into walls by shifting his gravitation, though it was fun the times he slid down the floor like it was made of ice- whether she meant to or not. Secretly he liked mild surprises as they tested his control, though at the moment he didn't want to risk anything, and stay calm. It wasn't very fun the times it made him release his powers. Glitch was an older nickname, and he tried hard to get rid of it. He didn't want to end up glitching in the air, and finally end up in someone's bed or in one of the staircases. Or even a locked closet- or worse, another student's closet. He did not want to add another nickname to himself. He could easily picture someone laughing boogie man!
    Even though Ricchon suspected he had made to frighten Alicia, he didn't apologize, nor did he move to frighten her even more. In truth, he did not know how to. His powers worked through negative emotions mostly, and he wasn't even sure if he disliked Alicia yet.
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  14. et3d2wav.jpg Alicia Winters

    Alicia wrinkled her little nose at Ricchon's silence and put her hands on her hips as she stared at him in disapproval "im just trying to keep order... you could at least say something... like a yes or a no or maybe help out..." Alicia huffs and throws her hands up in defeat "forget it! You're inside at least... I dont want anyone to get in trouble or get a cold or something... have a good evening Ricchon..." she pouts as she leaves the much older boy alone should he continue to remain silent. Her heading to get her boots, war furry coat, and fluffy scarf on, her of course taking the time to make sure her slippers are placed in the proper place in a neat and orderly fashion. She may be very young but she has a bigger heart than most. She cares about the health and safety of everyone here for the most part. Only a few have earned her ire through their disrespect or by being gross
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  15. Ricchon smiles at the temperamental girl, and amused he watches her leave before looking back at Clary. His dark brown eyes are friendly, though his relaxed body seems to mend into the shadows around him, and the night outside helps him become more transparent.
  16. Ann Marie Rayne [​IMG]

    Ann looked down at her lap then around herself. All but the rabbit in her lap were gone now. She let a small smile touch her lips for a moment then stood, holding the rabbit and dusting the snow off her clothes before looking around the tree at the orphanage. Would they let her keep the bunny until she fell asleep? One way to find out. She headed for the porch, her footsteps marring the fresh snow as she went to the door and headed for the closet to take off her winter gear. If she could, she would sneak to her room and try not to be seen by anyone. If she couldn't, well she was about to be caught with a rabbit in her arms.
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  17. [​IMG]
    As Nurse Enns walked away, Clary turned to look at Alicia to discuss their plan. Suddenly though it felt like chills skittered down her back, the girl whirling around at the feeling of being watched. Her eyes darted around the room before landing on a dark aura that seemed to be absorbing the light around it. She took a small step back out of surprise before she slowly began to recognize Ricchon. A small relieved laugh bubbled up from her throat as she relaxed from her tense position. "Ricchon, don't sneak up on people like that!" She said in a gentle manner accompanied by a smile. She then saw one of the other kids come inside, heading for the dining room. Luke sure was quiet all the time. Clary wondered if maybe he just needed someone to talk to, as anti-social as he was. She was distracted from her thoughts as Alicia said she was going to head to the backyard after Eden and that Clary should look for Ann in the front. Before Clary could get a word in, the little girl was taking off down the hall, leaving her alone with Ricchon. Clary glanced over at him, biting her lip softly at the awkward silence that ensued. She hugged her sketchpad to her chest and rocked back and forth gently on her heels as she scoured her mind for something to say that wouldn't sound condescending or patronizing. "Ummm...I know you may not want to, but maybe going to bed is a good idea. I mean, we probably don't want to make Nurse Enns mad. Besides, I wouldn't imagine crouching on that window all night would be very comfortable not to mention that you might get cold and get sick and that would suck and-"

    Realizing that she was babbling and talking a mile a minute, Clary cut herself off as her cheeks reddened. She glanced down at her shoes, fingers of one hand reaching up to mess with the ring on a chain around her neck, resting above her locket. As she tried to fight down her embarrassment, she glanced up just in time to see Anna pass by her. Well, one down, one to go. "Ann! Nurse Enns said it's bedtime! Good night!" She called after the retreating girl, glancing over to Ricchon and giving him a shy smile. "I' go see if Alicia needs help with Eden. Good night Ricchon." Clary said before scurrying down the hallway. As she passed through the dining room, she saw Luke sitting all alone. She paused briefly before making her way over to him. "Hey Luke? Are you doing okay?" The girl asked, blue eyes soft with concern. She wasn't entirely sure if Luke was even going to answer her but she was hoping for the best.
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  18. [​IMG]Luke Uptin

    Luke didn't turn his head, and focused an eating his dinner. At first it seemed like he was Ignoring Clary, but after a brief moment of silence he spoke to her using his telepathy. "Something I can help you with?" he said in a tone of minor annoyance. He then turned his head over towards Clary and stared at her with his signature "Emotionless" Expression and noticed her sketch book. "No, I will not model for you..." he said telepathically as he got up from his seat and stood up to face her directly. "Or perhaps you came for my assistance? Or something else?" Luke's stare slowly mellowed out for a bit and he let out a yawn. He then look over at the clock on the wall and looked at the time. There was at least a good two hours left before all "Children" had to be in their respective dorms . But Luke still had a bit of energy left to spare, he then looked back over to Clary again and let out a sigh...

    "I think I get it now, you are trying to find all the others and get them into bed" He paused for a moment and cracked his knuckles. Normally he would associate him self with the others, but he knew that if he was to get her to leave him alone for the night he was going to have to help her. "I'll help with Eden... The rest are your problem alone" He then started to walk to the exit nearest to Eden's tree. "Besides... If she's where I think she is... you will need it any way" he said as he folded his arms behind him.
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  19. Alicia Winters.jpg Alicia Winters

    Alicia was just finishing putting her coat on as Ann came to put her winter gear away. Alicia's eyes widen as she sees the creature in Ann's arms. She lets out an excited scream and rushes right next to Ann to look at the adorable bunny "Oh wow! It's so cuuute! I wish I had a bunny... or even a cat or a dog or something!" Alicia reaches out to pet the animal while her blue eyes sparkle with excitement and awe. Alicia had once owned a cat when her family was well off, but the novelty wore off once they were too poor to afford to feed Mr Buttons. Alicia let him go knowing that his life would be better away from the violence and neglect of her home, at least on the streets it could hunt mice or birds and survive as best it can, or perhaps someone would be kind enough to take him in... The memories swirled in Alicia's head making her smile and look up at Ann "We have to keep it a secret! I don't think the staff would let you keep pets inside... maybe I can help you hide it!" Alicia had never before thought of disobeying the rules before but this time was different... the bunny was so cute and Alicia thought it could use a nice warm home and loving owners to care for it. She had already disregarded the search for Eden over this new more exciting task. Besides she knew Clary was on the hunt for any who were lurking outside anyway
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  20. Ann Marie Rayne [​IMG]

    Ann flinched at her name being yelled and glanced to Clary to nod before she was ambushed by Alicia. She smiled at the younger girl's obvious excitement. She understood it, it was part of the reason she made animals when she was alone. Subconsciously she wanted a companion that wouldn't hurt her plus, well they were so soft and fluffy. She glanced up and down the hall then tilted her head, indicating they should go to the dorm rooms. She knew this girl, she had been here since she herself was 5, so she knew most of the others. This girl was one that kept making things undone without meaning to. She couldn't really hurt the rabbit, since it would go away when Ann fell asleep, but until it went away, it would be real. She shook her thoughts away and started walking to the dormitory. She would let Alicia play with and cuddle with the bunny as long as she could before sleep could claim her or it got put outside since animals were not supposed to be inside. She would find a good way to use her power.
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