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  1. Welcome to my humble thread!

    Hopefully *hopefully* if my title did the trick, I got your attention. Like all the other people on this thread, I'm looking for a roleplaying partner! Everyone always seems to be able to make their posts all funny and enjoyable while I'm just kind of sitting in the corner like, 'I swear I think I'm funny guys.' Anyway, before I loose even more people, I'm going to shut up and move on to requirements along with a little bit of information about meh-self.

    Rules~ Glorious Rules!

    I'll keep it short, I swear.

    - The main thing I ask of you is that please, please, PLEASE, do not disappear from the face of the earth or get bored within the first few posts of a role play. I need a partner that can commit themselves for a while.

    - I can understand boredom, if you get bored, I won't eat you or kill you in the middle of the night (bad joke? sorry XD,) but please let me know. I know we're all guilty of disappearing, me especially, but you don't even need an excuse, just give me a heads up.

    - Also, I prefer to fade to black when it comes to especially intimate scenes, but I'm okay with romance. Just nothing too steamy.

    - This is one of biggest roleplaying pet peeves amongst ten trillion other things, but please have proper grammar. The occasional mistake here and there are understandable, but when there are so many that you can hardly read the post? That's a big fat no no.

    - No one liners either, sorry. A short paragraph is fine, just no one liners. When I put out a couple of paragraphs and my partner only writes a sentence, that just shows that they don't care about the role-play, and honestly? One sentence isn't much to work on. I try my best to match my partner, please also be willing.

    - Please be my friend! Feel free to start an OOC chat, I don't bite, really, I promise!

    A little about myself~

    Hello! I've been roleplaying for quite a while and I'm about right in the middle of Intermediate and Adept, but I am constantly trying to find ways to improve. English, however, is my second language, so forgive me if I say something that's utterly weird or a metaphor that makes no sense.. My first language is Mandarin, and that's also the language that I speak at home, meaning there are a lot of things that I don't actually know the names of, especially things like vegetables and herbs. You American's have waaay to many names for vegetables, it's so confusing XD Chives? Leeks? Green Onion? Scallions?

    Anyway, I do have a bit of a hectic and busy schedule, after school I've either got work or fencing, which means my replies will be especially slow during the winter when it's fencing season at my school. Umm... I'm not really that interesting XD

    Oh yes! Something important: I usually only role-play as male, however, I am comfortable roleplaying as both genders... That is, if you're alright with a female character that isn't sketched out that well. Also, I usually only do MxF, I'm open to trying MxM but no FxF.. It just makes me uncomfortable. My favorite genres to role-play are Slice of Life, anything Medieval, action, or romance based.


    The Afterlife~
    Two characters, A and B, both die before their time, each leaving the world in tragic ways. However, they are given a second chance, caught in-between death and life in a place called the Afterlife. It's a place with mostly teenagers that haven't experienced life to the fullest or have duties to fulfill. Either way, both A and B end up here and meet each other. Over time, they form a mutual friendship and begin to help each other accomplish what they wanted to in real life.

    Old Friends~
    Character A and B start off as childhood friends as the cliche is. As time passes, they go on to High school together before college separates their paths. Over the next few years after college, they loose touch with each other. Character A (I would like to play her) gets married after finding a job. She and her husband live happily for a few years before finding out she's expecting. However, their happy ending is cut short when her husband passes away tragically. Character A moves back in with her parents where she meets Character B again.

    Fandoms, Glorious fandoms!

    Let's start off with anime, shall we?

    ** The more there are, the more I would like to do it.

    Seraph of the End*****
    Sword art Online (though we would need a really good plot idea for this one.)**
    Snow White of the Red Hair
    Guilty Crown*****
    Arslan Senki**
    The Irregular at Magic High**
    Black Butler (You would really have to convince me to do this one.)
    Black Bullet****
    Nagi no Asukara
    Angel Beats*
    Aldnoah no Zero
    Amagi Brilliant Park
    Attack on Titan****
    Hetalia (Again, you would have to convince me)
    Inu x Boku
    Strike the Blood
    Tokyo Ghoul***
    Vampire Knight

    Anyway, I've seen A LOT of anime, so don't be scared to ask me about any anime. Only thing is, I haven't seen a lot of those really mainstream anime like Naruto, Bleack, Kukoro no Basket, One Piece, etc.


    Books.. Now there are definitely way too many to list. If you have a particular fandom in a book, please ask me!


    War Prisoner x Princess
    Arranged Marriage
    Mail to Order Bride
    Childhood friends

    Whenever I try to make a list, my brain always blanks out.. This list will be updated as I think of more pairings.. But for now, please don't be afraid to ask!

    I would like the 'Old Friends' Plot please :P
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  3. Are you a fan of the maze runner series, if so, wanna rp?
  4. I'd love to roleplay with you! :D Though, I did have this particular FxM/MxM medieval/modern fantasy plot in mind.
    It's basically, my character Lennon, is a three-eyed peasant who falls under a curse of a group that's hellbent on ruling the world (reason will be explained in the roleplay if you're interested), and Lennon is kept under the curse using grief and extreme misery. One day, Lennon is captured in the kingdom where our characters meet, and is brought to the castle. He sees the princess (who you'll play as), and falls in love at first sight. Some strings are pulled, and Lennon was able to go free. He then rebels against the group, and stays by the royal familiy's side. They eventually do fall in love though. She does end up dying at the hands of a mercinary who lived in a kingdom that had high tensions between their's and her's. She is reincarnated into any kind of character of your choice, and Lennon soon discovers that. He made a promise to stay by your character's sides, while also trying to find ways of destroying the group.
    I know I left a lot out, but if you're somehow interested, PM me. XP
  5. Of course! I'll shoot you a PM! I love your signature by the way XD
  6. I (I sound so horrible) have watched the movie.. I've only read a little bit of the book, but sure, it was good. Send me a PM?
  7. It sounds interesting! Shoot me a PM?
  8. I have an idea that I could do for the old friends plot. Only real difference from yours is that my character would be a transgender woman who wasn't out around the time their friendship was cut off so when they end up running into one another again it's more of a shock for your character. My character would have also gotten married, has a few adopted kids (teenagers) etc. My character would be around 29-30. I can PM you more if you're interested.

    I also tend to write a lot, usually more than a few paragraphs, especially toward the beginning. Do you think you could manage that??
  9. I'm sorry.. But I'm not really comfortable with having a transgender topic in the roleplay.. I've got a couple of friends that identify as transgender, so this topic makes me really uncomfortable... I'm sorry I have to decline.
  10. The War Prisoner x Princess plot sounds quite interesting, perhaps it could be paired with an arranged marriage, too? As in, the princess is currently entering the courting process, but falls in love with the war prisoner? I'm better at females, I will admit, if that's a problem.
    Shoot me a PM if you're interested at all!
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  11. I have a character I just made, who's pretty heavy with backstory and whatnot.
    She could probably fit into a Childhood Friends type of plot. c:

    I have a vague idea for what could happen, if you have any interest in hearing so!
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  12. Sure! Shoot me a PM?
  13. Sounds good :3 Shoot me a PM?
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