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  1. One of your characters is now a boss battle in a video game! Ready. Set. Go!

    What is their boss battle music?
    What line do they say before the fight begins, and what's the line they say once they're defeated?
    Where does the boss battle take place?
    Describe the boss bottle. (Don't describe anything you yourself couldn't beat. Make it cool, not impossible.)

    Challenge Mode: To make this more challenging than rattling off a giant, Bayonetta-tier fight, assume you're limited to late 1990's software earlier. So the Playstation 1 is the latest you can go. Could be side scrolling, 3D, early FPS, beat 'em up, bullet hell, whatever. Additionally, your song cannot have any lyrics in it in order to be as true to the era as possible. Instead of just a line, describe the cutscene that plays when the player defeats/kills your character.
    Completing Challenge Mode earns you a cookie cause I'm a sucker for older titles.

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  2. define 'character'. would you mean me, Razilin, is a boss fight? or do you mean a character I am RPing in a thread?
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  3. A character you are playing in a thread.
  4. In that case, wouldn't this sort of thread fit better in the writing challenges?
  5. I considered putting it there, but it didn't really seem like any sort of challenge. It's just asking what kind of boss battle your character would make and making a bit of a game out of it with the questions.
    But based on everyone's reaction, I suppose I'll just move it there.

  6. "Bet you didn't see this coming! ... Or maybe you did. Anyways eat Excalibur!"
    "Dammit writers! Couldn't you of done me better justice!?"

    SPECTER HQ? If he had total control though, you'd be fighting on an RP post itself with the sentences falling down like Tetris blocks.

    Note: No, this character isn't Deadpool! (But he does borrow from him).
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