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  1. Why hello there~ glad to see you here! I'm looking for some role-play partners! First off I'm looking for somebody who:

    -Can post at least at least once a week but preferably 2-3 or more if possible.

    -Is 18+ and does not mind dark/gore/ sexual themes

    -Who would consider themselves an intermediate writer or above.

    - Who can write 2+ long (6-10 sentences) paragraphs per post.

    -Who has decent grammer.

    I can reciprocate what you give me. If you give me a long post, that is exactly what I will give you in return. If you give me a short post than I will do my best to work with what you give me!

    Also, I'm not a grammer nazi but I do ask that some thought and time be put into the post! I'm a college student and I work but I should be able to post a few times a week, more if I get some free time!

    I'm also friendly, so I do very much enjoy getting messages and chatting. I love to plot with my partners!

    Preferably I like 3rd person (he/she) and to roleplay MxM but I am also very comfortable with FxM! Generally I play male characters but I'm open to playing female as well. For writing sample feel free to take a look at my information or one of the role plays I'm currently in!

    (The Midnight Circus)

    (The Tale of Two Houses)

    Here is a few plot ideas and other such ideas I'm interested in playing but don't have a plot for. If you see one you like but might want to change some, message me and we can work something out!

    Idea 1:

    1) A man who is a famous Spiritual Medium is happily married. He doesn't charge people to help them connect with their deceased loved ones. But suddenly he looses his wife in an accident and he withdraws, refusing to meet with, acknowledge, or talk to anyone, even the dead. He even resorts to becoming a shut in, not coming out of his comfy apartment.

    A couple years later, a ghost finally manages to get his attention but the medium tries his best to keep ignoring him. Somewhere else, a stranger looses their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife and is desperate to connect with them again.

    With no expendable income to dish out he/she seeks out my character. At first he sends him/her away, refusing to help. Eventually they speak through the door and the ghost turns out to be the ghost of the man/woman who died and also wishes to reconnect with his/her lover. As the medium connects more with the spirit of the man/woman and his still living lover he eventually opens the door and allows him/her inside and agrees to help. But the two start growing feelings for each other and as he falls in love again his new lover will have to once again introduce him to the outside world and force him to confront everything he has been ignoring and hiding from for so long.

    ( MxM or FxM)

    Idea 2:

    Character 1 is a serial killer but he is very good at hiding it. He enjoys it even. When Character 2, a cop matching the typical people he targets for victims enters, Character 1 sees them as their next victim. In the process of luring them in, he begins to experience emotions he never felt before and starts to fall in love with him/her. However one day they walk in on him killing one of his victims. After some convincing, they decided not to report the crime and helps him clean up. The more they fall in love the more Character 2 decides to help him cover up his crimes in the police department and at home. However, will this last forever? Will Character 1 push it too far one day and miss cleaning up some evidence? Will Character 2 continue to cover for their lover and keep him from being arrested and convicted or will they turn him in?

    (MxM or FxM/ Dark themes, Romance, Gore)

    Idea 3: Harry Potter OcxOc (MxM or FxM)

    I don't have a plot for this one but I do have a General Idea for a Character! I'm pretty versed in this universe so I would LOVE to do this! <3

    Idea 4: Supernatural (TV) - OcxOc (MxM or FxM)

    Again, I don't have a completely fleshed out idea for this one but I think it would be fun to have OC's who meet and work cases together that lead to one huge case towards the end. I'd like it to be a romance between the two, gradually falling in love.

    Again, I'm open to changing any of these up, just message me if you are interested! Hope to hear from you soon!
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  2. I'm interested in idea #2
  3. Yeah! Sure! Would you mind sending me a message? You want to play MxM or FxM? Police Officer or Villain? =)
  4. Definitely interested in both the Harry Potter and Supernatural ones. Idea 1 is pretty cool too. I don't mind playing MxM either!
  5. I would love to do idea one, if it is available ^~^
  6. Yeah! For sure! Would you mind shooting me a Message and we can work out the details? =)
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