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    Map of the Kingdom of Sythus
    Credit to original artist for map. Link:Cartographers Guild

    "Gather round, gather round!" An old man sits at a wooden table, a similar age to himself, as young children, teenagers and even adults well past the age of storytelling gather round him to hear his story. "Let me tell you a tale of wonder and creation, a most interesting tale to tell! Are you sitting comfortably?"

    "Many, many millennia ago, aeons in fact, the mortal realm as we know it today was filled with an empty void that held no life. To the Gods outside this realm, it was seen as a toy, something they could play with and use to test their powers. And use it, they did. The Immortal Nine came to the borders of our realm and theirs, and they stared through the void, discussing with each other the different things they would grant to our world. The first Immortal, Ona, gifted us with Light, and it was with her gift that the darkness of the void was banished to the edges of the realm. The second Immortal, Polas, filled the realm with Form, heralded as the greatest gift from the Gods! For it was Form that allowed the realm to create the planets and the stars around us, and it was Form that allowed the life of our realm to truly begin.

    The third Immortal, Trula, whistled to our world a most magnificent tune, and with her musical tones came the Elements. Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Each passed through her blessed lips and mixed ever so carefully in the already changing world of our realm, finding their places in the stars and rocks that would one day become the world as we know it. The fourth Immortal, Unis, gave to us the wonders of Force. Mixed with the gift of Form, Force allowed the floating pieces of rock that Polas had created to come together and merge into solid masses, capturing mixtures of the Elements as they did so. The gifts of Polas and Unis were to create the first planets.

    The fifth Immortal, Lwandu, looked upon the universe as it stood and let out a deep sigh, his tones reaching to the furthest corner of the realm and breathing Life into everything it touched. With his gift, the light of stars grew brighter, the rocky ground of planets became greener and littered with sprouting buds, deep gaps between landforms became filled with torrents of water which shifted against the borders as if Lwandu himself were living there, letting out his sigh that first brought Life to the world. The sixth Immortal, Habnu, borrowed the remnants of Lwandu's sigh and channelled the remaining energy into Nature. And with this gift, the world began to shift. The planets began to shudder, their landmasses colliding to form mountain ranges, or pulling apart to create channels of water between them. The planets shuddered some more, great quakes ripping through the land and forging devastating constructions. Lava filled mountains stretched as high as the eye could see, and bottomless pits opened up both on land and under the seas. Some of the Immortals were upset with Habnu for doing this, as they had not wanted such harmful things in their world, but as they had been able to experiment freely, they allowed him his gift.

    The seventh Immortal, Inugis, looked down at the universe her brethren had created, and she cried. Her tears falling into the world and, leaching from the gifts of Lwandu and Habnu, formed the first Creatures. Her tears were divided equally between land and water, and a diverse range of living things formed upon each. These beings evolved overtime, some remaining the same, some changing ever so slightly, to give the species we know and love today. The eighth Immortal, Yngvar, decided these Creatures should not be alone, and so he created Humanity. He plucked the twig of a tree formed by Nature and lay it on the ground, watching as it changed its form and wove itself into Man and Woman. Yngvar smiled down at his creation as they mingled peacefully with the world's inhabitants.

    The ninth Immortal, Qualin, shook her head at Yngvar, chastising him for his lack of diversity. And so Qualin gave Race to this world. When the Men and Women of the universe began to breed, their children evolved into something different. Soon, Humans were joined by other complete races, Elves, Dwarves, Orcs and all the other races you see today. And that is how our world as we see it today was created.

    But! There was one more Immortal. One more that did not agree with what his brethren had done. His name, was Erthantis. Erthantis looked over the mortal realm and was infuriated to see what his brethren had created. He considered it a waste creating a world like this and littering it with life, knowing the humans and other races would surely destroy the beauty their efforts had formed. Fuming with hatred, he swore to punish his brethren, and he flung himself into the mortal realm. But in doing so, he was stripped of his immortality, for passing through the realms requires a sacrifice of one's immortal gift. And so Erthantis fell to our realm as a mortal, but he was far from powerless. It was by chance that he should land here, in Sythus, our humble region. Back then, it was teeming with life, a prosperous, promising nation. But he would not let it remain that way.

    Still fuming at his brethren, he lay a curse on the land, a dark curse that spread to the borders of Sythus itself. Everything the Immortals had worked for, perished. The trees and plants died off, the constructs civilisation had made crumbled, and as for the inhabitants themselves...they suffered a fate worse than death. Erthantis showed no mercy towards the living creatures of Sythus, but he saw a use for them. And so he ripped out their souls and forced them into slavery, turning them into his very own army of darkness. But the Immortals were on our side, and they saw what Erthantis had planned for the rest of the living world. And so they acted quickly and used their powers to force his curse back from the edges of Sythus, but they weren't powerful enough to rid the land of him completely. They managed to push him past the Lonely Peaks, the mountain range just north of here, where they cursed him to stay for eternity, to live out the rest of his mortal life.

    Defeated though it may seem, Erthantis was cunning, and outsmarted his brethren who were slowly rebuilding the land he destroyed. Trapped as he may be, he made one more sacrifice in a final bid to destroy what the Immortals had created. He brought forth five of his Soulless and infused each of them with some of his power, plunging the creatures further into the darkness. He called these creatures the Shadowlords...and they were pure evil. Erthantis, pleased with his creation, was now powerless. He had used all of his magical energy creating his protégées, who looked down at him now and laughed, before they all raised their swords, and killed their former master. Rumour has it, these Shadowlords are still out there, waiting for the defences of the Immortals to break, so that they may ride though the universe and fulfil their master's wishes and destroy the mortal realm. But of course, that's just a story."
    THE PLOT That is the Story of Creation. An age old story still told today, once a year, every year. That same old man is usually the one to tell it during the after-party of the Empresses' Birthday Parade. On her birthday, the Empress of Sythus joins an elaborate parade of carnival floats to greet her citizens with open arms, and rejoice in yet another year of life with them all. But this year, something evil is afoot.

    While telling his usual story, the old man, along with his audience, were blissfully unaware of the events unfolding at the Palace of Kathar. A group of skilled assassins, working for forces unknown, slipped into the Empresses' chamber as she slept, and slit her throat. The Palace guards sensed something was wrong, but were too late to save her. They tried valiantly to kill off the assassins, and many lost their life in doing so, but they were unfortunate enough to fail. The assassins managed to leave the palace unharmed, taking with them the Jewel of Kathar, an ancient necklace worn by the Empress and her royal ancestors. It is said to hold great power, equalling that of the Immortal Nine, but nobody has ever found these rumours to be true.

    The assassins returned to their mysterious employer, who turns out to be the Empresses' right hand man, High Priest Fingar. Fingar swiftly takes the Empresses' place on the throne as a stand in until an heir to the Royal Bloodline can be located, though none suspect his involvement in her death nor his ulterior motives. None, but a few.

    Before her death, the Empress secretly sent out several letters detailing her fears of soon departing this world, along with a task given to the receiving adventurers. Her letter asks them to keep peace within the land, and begs them to keep back the Shadowlords from ever entering the mortal realm.

    But her letter is not the only letter sent out. Fingar himself is recruiting members for his own cause, and sent word to many Followers of Erthantis to come before him in the Palace, where he explained to him his plan to unleash the Darkness that has remained locked up far too long.

    This is where you come in. You can choose to play as either an Adventurer carrying out the Empresses' last wish, or as a Follower of Erthantis under the rule of the High Priest Fingar. Whichever side you choose, you can be sure to face trials and terrors fit to test your skills and strength. Do you have what it takes to succeed? or will you fail your cause and let the other side win? Sign Up below! The roleplay begins on the eve of the Empresses' death as your characters are gathering to meet the respective 'leaders' of the two groups.



    A Note to Readers: Please don't be put off by these. Yes, there seems to be a lot, but I'm sure most of you are familiar with the majority of them already. I'm not a complete control freak, and although I mention breaking rules will result in a warning (See Tab 8.1), it has to be a serious rule break or something major to gain a warning. I'm a flexible guy. So don't worry, I'll go easy on you. Promise!

    1. Player Level
    • 1.1 Roleplay Level
      1.2 Age Warning (sorta)
      1.3 Player Abilities
    • This is a Casual to Advanced level Roleplay, so I will be expecting a good posting length with acceptable use of grammar and little to no spelling errors. If, at any point, you have any questions, do not hesitate to PM me.
    • This roleplay is designed for people of the age of fifteen or above. I am looking for mature players who know what they're doing and don't need handholding through everything that's going on. There will be blood and guts and gore and maybe even scenes of a romantic nature (though nothing explicit or smutty), accompanied with swearing, death, the oddinnuendo and perhaps a darker sense of humour than you may be used to. Who knows. That's why it is imperative you be mature enough to handle any situation thrown your way. However, that's not to say if you're younger than fifteen you can't join, just be sure you can handle it first.
    • Finally, and if you took in anything from the first tab I should hope this be obvious, I am looking for players that are dedicated to and creative with their character, who are able to write decently sized posts that include excellent grammar (or a sign that you're truly trying) and have a decent amount of common sense. This is a roleplay about relationships being tested under sometimes straining circumstances, and while there is an overall plot to follow, I am giving you a lot of freedom with your characters for you to do your own thing. So be prepared to sometimes not have a plot to follow, and have the ability to be spontaneous should the need arise.

    2. Activity
    • 2.1 Activity Level
      2.2 Consequences of Lack of Activity
      2.3 Creation Probation
      2.4 Informing of Absences
      2.5 Notifying of Activity Status
    • Please be ACTIVE. Post at least once every three days if it is required of you, more if you're involved with a group who are relying on your post, or maybe less if you are by yourself and not affecting too many people. Once every three days is a good target, and certainly not an unreasonable request.
    • If you have been inactive for two weeks while in an exchange with an ACTIVE player, without first notifying Ethir or a co-GM, you can expect to find your character killed off in a most brutal manner in your absence. It is unfair on other players if you lock them up in conversation and flee. It's rather selfish, and it's just manners to notify people of your absence.
    • I'm looking for dedication in my players, and I mean real dedication. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's people that spawn a million characters and do nothing with them. If you create a character here, you're in it for the long run. I intend this to be a long term roleplay and so I am putting a probation on all new players. When you create a character, I will be observing your activity in the IC and, if after two weeks from your first post I feel you have stuck to the rules and are a fitting member to our community, I will grant you permission to create a new character. However, I will be expecting a PM detailing why this second character is wanted. Also, I am setting a limit of a maximum of three characters per player.
    • As stated earlier, please be as active as you can. However, I understand that sometimes life weighs you down and you can't cope with everything at once, and that's fine. If there's something in your life that's keeping you from posting regularly, just keep me informed. A helpful PM letting me know about a posting delay or a period of absence is greatly appreciated, and helpful both to me and your fellow players. If you are in the middle of an exchange with another character (or a group of characters) please be sure to PM them too and let them know. Not everybody is always willing to hang about for you to get back, and would rather use that time productively interacting with other characters to develop their relationships or plot line. This isn't a personal attack at you, nor anything to get upset about. You can always return to interacting with the same character(s) or another character when you return, so there's nothing to worry about. Just make sure you inform both me and your RP partner(s) of your absence.
    • If you do intend on going into a hiatus, please inform me via PM when you want me to put you in a Semi-Active or Inactive status. Don't tell me some time down the line, make sure you tell me on the day you start as my memory isn't that reliable, and by doing that I can do it straight away to inform everyone involved. The same goes for when you return, inform me on the day you get back and wish to start posting again. Don't assume that because you post without informing me I'm going to return you to an Active status, as some people post in the middle of a hiatus and then continue their absence. So please, send me a PM about your comeback. Thank you.

    3. Characters and Character Sheets
    • 3.1 Character Sheet Perspective
      3.2 Banner Information
      3.3 Neatness of Character Sheets
      3.4 Character Originality
      3.5 Updating Character Sheets
      3.6 Character Sheet Originality
      3.7 Informing of a Completed Sheet
      3.8 Creation Period
      3.9 Formatting
      3.10 More Formatting
      3.11 Saving Your Work
    • Character Sheets should be written in third person.
    • A banner is necessary for your character, and this is required to be at the top of every post you make in the IC, as well as at the top of your Character Sheet. It helps players distinguish between characters, and helps the game flow better without the player having to scroll back through Sign Ups and find your character to read back through it every time they want to post. The banner can be made by you or you can ask somebody else to make it for you (please don't ask me though, I'm not arty enough for that!), I don't care who makes it so long as you have one. While making your banner, remember it needs to match with your character's appearance description, and needs to include the characters full name at least (First AND Last), any other information is optional and down to you. Style is free and originality makes you 100% cooler. It doesn't have to be competition worthy, just something players can use to recognise your character! But please keep it on the smallish side, as well as ensuring it's neat, we don't want the banner overpowering the text too much. You may place larger pictures underneath your Character Sheet for players to view if you have more images for your character. The maximum height and width of the banner should be 250 x 500 pixels respectively. That means 250 pixels high and 500 pixels wide. No more, however it can be more compact if you want it to be. It's entirely up to you! You may use any media you like, but please credit the artist of any work you use. It's just polite.
    • Character Sheets must be neat. I like lengthier Sheets as it shows you have put some effort into it, however having a long Character Sheet does not instantly make it good. Quality over quantity. Please don't be put off if you see a lengthy Character Sheet and don't think you could write one that long. Just so long as you include enough information in yours, I'm not that fussed about length. Just so long as it contains everything people would want to know.
    • Try to be original when you're creating your character, and make one that pleases you and not isn't just made to tick all my boxes. I want long term characters in this RP, so make sure you like and are comfortable with the character you create. The main aim of this roleplay is to have fun! Please try to refrain from making a character too similar to one already made, so it would be helpful if you skimmed the other Character Sheets before committing to starting your own. Also, try not to use names that are the same as or similar to ones already in use, to avoid confusion amongst the players. Before making your character, please ensure your read through the 'News and Announcements' section of this thread to ensure I haven't put limits on certain powers/abilities or the like. This will happen if I get too many of one type of character, so a read through is advised to avoid disappointment.
    • Your Character Sheet should be like a CV, it's always changing. You are free to add, modify and edit your Character Sheet even after being accepted. I would very much like for you to do this, and keep your Sheet updated as the RP progresses. This ensures that both existing and new players reading your sheet will be aware of anything that has gone on in the IC and has an effect on your character. Also, banner changes midway through the RP are fine, but make sure you update the one above your CS to avoid confusion. I strongly encourage you to update your relationships section as the game goes on.
    • When creating your CS, make it as original as you like. Do with that what you will.
    • When your Character Sheet is ready to be reviewed, post it on the Sign Ups thread and PM me to inform me it is completed so I can read through it. If you get accepted, great! You can start posting as soon as the IC is up or you're ready. But if I ask you to fix something, I expect you to fix it. Unless you have a legitimate reason for it to stay that way. I will usually explain why I want certain parts changed and I'll try to be thorough about it so you can understand my thought processes. But this is not a democracy and my word is law, so please listen.
    • If the character is not completed within 30 days of its bare bones being posted, it will be deleted. If you do not want to finish the character, delete it. If you don't, then I will get it deleted. I'm going for a tidy OOC.
    • Avoid changing the text of your Character Sheet (and future posts) to black and white. Why? Because of Iwaku's layout system, everyone is able to change and switch between layouts as they please. Mainly, their backgrounds are black and white, so try and avoid coding your text to those colours so they don't blend in. The default for black backgrounds is white, the default for white, black. We want our Character Sheets to be read and enjoyed by all. Sure, there are other coloured backgrounds but I can't ask you all to not code your Sheets with colour completely, it would make for a boring set of Character Sheets. I'm just asking you to be careful with your colour coding. If you make a mistake and decide you don't want a certain piece of text coloured after all, don't just switch it back to the colour set to your default. Make sure you click 'None' when you're changing colours. This will set the colour back to the default for all backgrounds.
    • Character Sheets need to be readable, so avoid using a font size of 1 for the whole Sheet and so forth. Also, try to avoid hard to read fonts on large portions of the Sheet. Anyone seen to be using Comic Sans will lose their head. Other than that, anything goes with fonts and such.
    • Save your Character Sheet(s) somewhere safe in case something happens to them. I wouldn't want all your hard work to be for nothing. Always take countermeasures to protect your work, just to be safe. It's happened to me once, and it's devastating.

    4. Character Creation, Disposal and Renewal Policy.
    • 4.1 Shadowlords Policy
      4.2 Character Limit
      4.3 Character Disposal
      4.4 Character Lifetime
      4.5 Character Renewal
      4.6 Freezing Characters
    • I'm going to be a killjoy right now and say...nobody plays the Shadowlords. Nobody. At least, not to begin with anyway. The RP is based around the heroic adventurers and badass villains, the Shadowlords are there for the plot, and could make an appearance later on. But to begin with, nobody can play them. If by chance they are needed earlier than anticipated, I will play them as an NPC. End of.
    • Character Limit.

      You may not have more than three characters, due to me wanting to limit overpopulation and the freezing out of other characters due to you only being able to focus on one. This is a higher level RP and I want to keep the game flowing without a constant overflow of new characters popping up whenever you fancy making a new one. Keep things professional and keep up with your character(s), create wisely and cautiously and within some manner of reason. If you have a good side plot idea for your character, send me a detailed PM and I will see what I think of it.
    • Character Disposal.

      Losing inspiration for your character is perfectly fine, it happens to all of us at some point or another. Kill them off if you so wish but take note, it is unacceptable to kill them off and think you can just create another to take its place. Especially if you put very little effort into your first character, or have a poor background or history in this RP. This is a plot based RP and will sometimes be a relationship based RP and I will do my best to include everyone in the storyline, but if you then just explode yourself, then that's a good portion of the plot gone too. So be aware of this when making decisions during character creation.

      Options: Make your character available as an NPC, or Delete it.
    • Character Lifetime.

      Each character has a 'lifetime' of sorts, and this is put in place to control 'acceptable' excuses for character disposal. Every character has a 'lifetime' of six months before it can be 'legally' destroyed. This gives you enough time to really get to know your character and score credibility with me, as well as allow plenty of time to get rid of the character without damaging the plot too much. Bearing this in mind, please try to plan a Disposal a month BEFORE the lifetime ends to allow exchanging players to tie up loose ends and the like. The lifetime starts 30 days after your Character Sheet's timestamp of creation.
    • Character Renewal.

      I completely understand if you if you are going away and are unsure how long you'll be gone for. Being flexible is not a problem, so if in the past you disposed of a character or few out of fear of not being around, worry not! If you killed off your character, there are fewer options available for bringing your character back, but we can work something out. If you return from your hiatus and wish to renew a character you previously disposed of, send me a PM and I'll work something out with you. However, if you left in a fit of rage and quit the RP, then I'm afraid the position left open by you may have been snatched up by another player and so, you'd be out of luck. So please, plan your hiatuses carefully, and ensure you leave with a valid excuse, which is equalled by a valid excuse of return.
    • Freezing Characters.

      Another option available to all you holiday-goers out there, is freezing your character. If for some reason you are being forced to go somewhere without access to the internet, you can choose to freeze your character. This is perfect for those who are unsure how long something (such as punishment, vacation, family issues etc.) is going to last. In choosing to freeze your character, you basically cut them out of all story ties and relationships. In asking me to freeze your character(s) you give me permission to lock them out of the story and delete them in a three month period if I have heard no word from you. After three months, I'll assume you are dead and return the favour to your Character. So please try and get word to me if you know the end of your three months is coming up. Give me a reason and I'll renew the freeze frame. If you miss the deadline then please refer to the renewal policy. This option may be used at any time by anyone. Also, if you leave last minute with a request to freeze your character, you hand over all rights for me or exchanging players to godmod your character and wrap up the exchange.

    5. Postings
    • 5.1 Post Perspective
      5.2 Banner Placement
      5.3 Character Location
      5.4 WIP Posts
      5.5 Post Quality
      5.6 Interactions
      5.7 Formatting
      5.8 More Formatting
    • Posts should be written in third person.
    • Your character banner needs to be at the top of EVERY post. I understand you may be in a situation (such as on a mobile device) which makes such tasks a tricky thing to do, and so one or two posts here and there without it are acceptable. Just don't make a habit of it.
    • You are required to write the location of your character underneath your banner every time you post, to avoid confusion in the RP. For example, [Kathar - Markets] or [Pilgrim's Forest]. Something as simple as that. Also, if your character starts at one location and finishes at another, then please show that in the Location under the banner. Example; [Kathar - Markets >> Pilgrim's Forest]. If you're unsure of your surroundings, check the map or PM me and we'll sort something out.
    • No, and I mean NO Work In Progress posts. It is acceptable to have a WIP Character Sheet, but not a WIP IC post. If you are going to post, you do it in one sitting or not at all. A long post cannot take more than an hour of your time, a shorter one maybe ten minutes or so. If you cannot post wholly, start typing your post into a word document and save it until such a time as you can finish it. Then copy it over and format it as you please. That way the RP will flow a lot smoother.
    • I expect posts to be neat and at least two paragraphs long. I understand sometimes you can only muster a short post, and that's fine. Just don't make a habit of it. Like the Character Sheets, I like longer posts as it shows the effort you went to, but once again, quality over quantity.
    • It's perfectly acceptable to play with a few NPC's from time to time (bar the Shadowlords) but roleplaying is a multiplayer game, so go out and interact with other players! If you'd rather just write and play your character with NPC's, go home and write a book.
    • Posts need to be readable. Same rules as the Character Sheet. Avoid font size 1 and definitely no Comic Sans.
    • And once again, I repeat what I said about colour coding. Avoid black and white if you can. It'll make things a lot easier on other players, and will save you having to go back and change it.

    6. Profanity & Sexual Themes
    • 6.1 Cursing Policy
      6.2 Romance Policy
    • Cursing is allowed but please, don't go overboard.
    • Romance is allowed, and certainly encouraged, but please don't take it to the Fifty Shades of Grey level. Definitely don't go into too much detail. This is not classed as a mature RP and there may be younger viewers reading this. We don't want to be scarring them before they discover the rest of the internet now, do we? Any explicit content can be carried out over PMs. Since this is a mixed age RP, please take note of Iwaku's rules on the matter.

    7. Godmodding & Powerplaying
    • 7.1 Godmodding Policy (Nothing I'm sure you don't know already)
    • I'm sure this is obvious but...Absolutely NO godmodding or powerplaying. I will not tolerate it and you will be given a warning, followed by an instant dismissal of your character if you reoffend. That is of course, unless the player has given their express permission for you to godmod their character. Super awesome powers and magical abilities pave the way for godmodding and powerplay, but have some common sense and don't abuse such power.

    8. Other Notable Stuff of Importance
    • 8.1 Warning System
      8.2 Killing Another Character
      8.3 Know Your Character
      8.4 OOC Policy
      8.5 Character Sheet Removal (Post Death)
      8.6 Rule Policy
      8.7 Iwaku Rules
      8.8 A Final Note
    • Due to the probable inevitability of some foolish player godmodding or breaking some other rule, I will be taking up a consequence system. For any rule you break, you will receive a warning. Receive three warnings and your character(s) go bye bye. So if you're playing three characters and you get three warnings on one, all three go. If you get one warning for each of your three characters, all of them go. The warnings go to the user, not the character. The only exception to the three warning rule is godmodding. You get one warning. Do it again and you're out. If you are somehow not annoyed with me after perhaps having all your characters ripped away from you and still wish to continue in this RP, there will be a one month cool off period in place. This means you'll have to wait one month before posting a Character Sheet in the OOC. Your character(s) will also be available for renewal if you wish, but this should be discussed with me in a PM first.
    • Killing off another character is forbidden unless previously discussed with said character's player. Also, important NPC deaths must be run through me via PM before I allow them, it may be I have future plans for them in the plot, though that is unlikely.
    • Know your stuff. Please. If your character has a weakness to fire, and someone throws a fireball at you, don't walk around like nothing happened. Play it out like it should be. Know your character. Know their strengths and their weaknesses. Keep up to date with this. It may be that your character contracts a disease during your time in the RP which leaves you with a weakness to something you come across quite often or something like that. So make sure you keep up to date with the effects placed on your character, and perhaps update your Character Sheet to inform everyone else.
    • Keep the OOC posting to a minimum. I would prefer this OOC be used ONLY for the posting of Character Sheets. I have generated a Chat OOC for you to use for chatting and question asking, the link to which can be found underneath the map at the top of this thread. If you have a question you want to pose directly to me, PM me. However, if you do choose to use this OOC to post something other than a Character Sheet, please clean up after yourself. That is, after the issue is resolved, delete the post and keep the thread free for Sheets only. Thank you.
    • If you kill off a character, please remove the Character Sheet from the Sign Up. I like my threads to remain neat and tidy.
    • These rules are subject to change at any time. I can add to, remove or change the existing content, as well as write more rules as I see fit. Sometimes I leave things out if I feel they're too obvious, but lead me to feel as if they need to be pointed out, and I'll point them out. Bluntly.
    • This should be obvious but just in case, yes, all Iwaku rules apply to this RP. These rules can be found here
    • Respect the rules. And have fun! That's all I ask of my players.

    Shoutout to Erranruin and Wicked for the tabs idea and text content.

    And now to the good bit!


    • Before filling out your character sheet, use this guide to know how to fill it in. Some areas will be obvious but others may require you to read through some information below. So make sure you are aware of everything you need to know before committing to your creation
    • Pretty obvious. Simply state your character's name.
    • Again, an obvious one. State your character's age.
    • You may use an image or write a detailed description of your character here.
    • Please state your character's race. Further information on Races is detailed below. Be sure to read through all of it before choosing. You may create your own race if you wish, but please PM me a description beforehand for approval. You will also be required to have this description in your Character Sheet, but please place it under a spoiler to avoid clutter.
    • Whose side are you on? Do you support the Immortal Nine, or are you a Follower of Erthantis?
    • What class do you want your character to belong to? There are three basic classes available to choose from, information on each can be found below. If you would like to choose a class not mentioned here, please PM me with a description of your class, and I will let you know if I'm happy for you to use it. You will also have to write the description of your class in the Character Sheet for other players to read, but place it under a spoiler to avoid clutter.
    • Detail what profession your character has. Please be realistic and consider the age of your character when choosing a profession. Remember, your class does not have to reflect your profession. For example, you could have a character in the Assassin class with the profession of an Assassin, or the profession of say...a blacksmith. It is entirely up to you. Your class does not affect what profession you can have.
    • List the traits your character has. But don't simply write them in a list, state and describe these traits. It doesn't have to be a huge description, just something simple that includes as much information as possible. You may choose to reveal all your traits in one hit, or choose to include some and show others as the RP progresses. You will, however, be expected to update your Character Sheet with these extra traits if you choose the latter.
    • Who is your character? Where do they come from? How did they get here? What kind of life have they led so far? All of these questions, and maybe even more, should be answered in this section. Your biography can be as long as you want (a minimum of 10 structured sentences), and you should include enough background information for your character for us to all understand. Please note. All players will start in Kathar, no matter what side they play for. Every citizen comes to Kathar for the Birthday Parade, so you will have to mention coming to Kathar in your biography. Again, that doesn't have to be anything too big.
    • This is where you detail your primary weapon. You may include details of secondary weapons you carry/use, but the focus should be on the weapon you use all the time. Meaning if you decide to be an Archer, you would state "Bow and Arrow" or "Crossbow" as your primary weapon (or some other long ranged weapon of your choice). NO personal firearms. Gunpowder is available in this RP, but only used in the canons that protect cities and the like. Guns and firearms have not yet been invented. You are free to detail your primary choice as much as you like, but if you choose to use pictures, place them in a spoiler so as to not litter your Character Sheet with too many images.
    • This section is used to detail the powers and abilities your character may have. Please don't go overboard here, and try to balance your powers out. That is, have some kind of consequence for using powers too much, that way it will restrict you from overpowering your character. If you choose to be a Mage, you don't need to detail every spell you use, just give us a rough idea. For example, perhaps you prefer Elemental Magic. If so, simply detail what your idea of Elemental Magic is so other players can understand. I'm giving you freedom with this section, you can do whatever you like, and even differ from other players even if they have the same ability as you. But if you abuse your freedom too much, I will restrict you on what you can do. So please be considerate.
    • You should detail any relationships you have in the RP world. To begin with, I understand this section may be limited to NPC's like family members, but I expect you to update this section as the game unfolds and you meet other characters. It's helpful to both new and existing players to read as they skim through the Character Sheets.
    • This section should be used to cover anything that doesn't fit anywhere else on the Sheet.
    • If I've never played with you before, I would appreciate an example of your roleplaying. It can be something you came up with on the spot or it can be from an existing RP. It doesn't have to be long, about two paragraphs will be sufficient. it's just for me to know what to expect if your character is accepted. If you are including this, please put it in a spoiler to keep your Character Sheet neat and tidy.


    Skeleton (open)
    *Insert Banner Here*










    Weapon of Choice:

    Powers & Abilities:



    RP Example:



    • This section contains basic information on the races available. I have only listed the basic races, and you are free to create your own race if you so wish, or play around with those already available. However, before creating this race, please PM me with a description which must also be included in your Character Sheet, under a spoiler to avoid clutter.
    • Humans are the most dominant race of Sythus. They were the first race to appear in the living world and since then have expanded to no end. They are one of the most destructive races around, often seeking to conquer unknown lands or destroy natural habitats to pave the way for more of their construction. Battle wise, they are among the most competent, often heading into battle, but strategy and logic is not always their strong point. Humans consider themselves to be the 'highest' of all races in Sythus, and so are usually considered arrogant by the other races. Humans are adept at using magic, but not all humans have the ability to use magic, and some must use an artifact to channel their magical energy through.
    • There are a diverse range of Elves in Sythus, some native to the land and others having migrated here from elsewhere. However, they all share similar physical traits. Elves are of a much slighter build than humans, and outlive them by a few hundred years. 600 years is the typical lifespan of an Elf, and they mature less quickly than humans. Usually 70 - 100 years is when an Elf reaches adulthood. Elves have a natural skill with weaponry, most usually favouring a bow or other long ranged weapon, but it is not unheard of for them to use a sword or other melee weapon. Elves are skilled in the art of healing, and have a natural affinity for magic.
    • Dwarves are among the shortest and most masculine race in Sythus. They are usually considered to be hard working individuals that prefer to spend their time underground, though some break the stereotype and live an overworld lifestyle. When it comes to battle, they are regarded as one of the best allies to have, as their fierce temperaments make them perfect for a raging onslaught of enemy lines. Dwarves are skilled in the art of mining and smelting ores. They are the least skilled in the magical arts, and it is rare to see one performing any kind of magic, but not unheard of.
    • Orcs are considered to be the most blood thirsty of all the races. They are often found in camps of their own kind, and rarely mingle with other races. However, although a rare occurrence, they are sometimes seen travelling with others. Orcs do not like to be alone, and so when travelling prefer to do so in the company of other Orcs, or other races if they feel like it. They are skilled in the art of smithing, and are known for their abilities to create strong armour and weaponry. Orcs are unable to perform magic of any kind.



    • In this section, you'll find basic information on each of the classes you may play as. You are free to play around with these so long as you keep the basic elements in place. Please note, the age of your Character will reflect the abilities of your class. The younger you are, the less skilled you will be. Classes not listed here may be used if a description is sent via PM to me for approval. You will be required to put a description of your race in your Character Sheet, under a spoiler to avoid clutter.
    • The Warrior is the most suited class to melee combat. They have the ability to use magic (dependent on race) but their skills are limited, and the magic they perform is usually just simple spells used to boost their strength for a limited time. Warriors are able to use any kind of weapon, though they are better suited to weapons that may be used to get up close and personal rather than those with a longer range. However, Warriors usually wear heavier armour than most, and because of this their speed and agility is somewhat decreased. You may have a fast reaction time, but due to the armour you wear you may be unable to react as quickly as you may have done were you not wearing your armour.
    • Assassins are the most agile of the classes. They are generally fast and quiet, able to sneak their way through most obstacles without incident. However, to keep their agility they are limited to wearing lighter armour, and leave themselves open to taking more damage than most were they to be attacked. They have a weakness to magic, and as such are usually very wary of Mages. In battle, coupled with a Warrior the pair can make an excellent team, the agility of the Assassin complimenting the strength of the Warrior. Assassins are able to use magic, but they rarely do, unless they consider it to be helpful to their cause at the time.
    • Mages are the most adept class at using magic, but are extremely weak when it comes to battling with a weapon other than their channelling artifact. A skilled Mage is capable of casting much higher level spells that can be used to either cause extreme damage or heal/repair people or inanimate objects. A Mage's power is reduced considerably when wearing heavy armour, and reduced only a little when wearing light armour. A Mage is best suited to lighter clothing such as robes or a similar outfit to produce magic at the level they are capable of. Using magic constantly will weaken a Mage and leave them powerless for a set length of time, which is based upon the level they're working at. The higher the skill of the Mage the less time they have to wait for their energy to recharge.
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    In this post, you will find the list of Accepted Characters, along with their Character Status. It is also where you will find the Players that have been given warnings, as well as the Characters that have been killed off during the game.



    1. Chotha Thundershield
    2. Daegon Allistair

    1. Nerom DeGrasse

    1. Dra'otha Ahldawvyr


    Ruin Grey

    Alfirineth Tanethas
    2. Lujurio Athe Blumen

    Marcella Bychan
    2. DE U298 / Monique



    AuRon the Grey

    Last seen in the meeting of the Supporters of the Nine, he mysteriously left without a word and headed off into the distance. It is unknown whether the dragon still lives.

    *Player Name Here*

    *Player Name Here*

    *Player Name Here*

    *Player Name Here*

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    This post will be used to keep you up to date with the latest News and Announcements, including developments in the RP and any limits I may put on Character types. You are advised to check back here frequently!
    • This section will be filled with important things you may wish to know for the RP.
    • This is set in a fantasy era, similar to medieval times...just with magic. This means no firearms and definitely no technology of any kind. If I consider something your Character is using to be technology, I will be asking for an explanation. This isn't Skyrim. We won't be having great metal giants roaming around. The citizens of Sythus are still in the time before technology, so please respect this.
    • I have only labelled but a few things on the map. Obviously, there are more towns and cities dotted around, I have only labelled the capital and a few other places that may be used in the plot later on. Players are free to use the map as they like, but please respect the ideas of others.
    • Kathar is the capital city of Sythus. It is roughly twice the size of London and capable of holding all citizens of Sythus once a year at the Empresses' Birthday Parade. All citizens are required to attend. Fail to turn up and you will be charged with treason, the penalty of which is death. Players are given freedom when it comes to the city layout. However, you are expected to respect the ideas of others and respond to their layouts accordingly.
    • The Shadowlands are warded with the most powerful magic. This means you cannot simply wander in as and when you feel like it. Therefore, no character can originate from the Shadowlands. It requires a tremendous amount of magical energy to rip even the smallest hole in the wards surrounding them, and so it would be impossible for anybody to break out. Furthermore, the Immortals took measures to stop people getting anywhere near the border of The Shadowlands. At the edge of the Lonely Peaks, one would feel a faint feeling of madness creeping into their mind. The closer one travels to the border, the stronger this feeling gets. Nothing alive would make it to that border without first going insane and forgetting why they ventured there in the first place.
    • The Freezing Isle is among the harshest place to live in Sythus. The weather is bitterly cold all year round, despite the mainland having a decently warm summer. Resources are scarce, and most residents have a poor diet containing too much fish, given that is just about the only food they can gather. Because of this, children are often underdeveloped, never quite getting the nutrients they need to grow to their potential. However, sometimes the Gods favour The Freezing Isle, and a decent summer breaks through every so often, allowing the harvest of crops to take place, rewarding the citizens with a nutritious compliment to their normally oily fishy dishes. It is possible to maintain a steady life here, but most residents choose migrate to the mainland when possible.
    • Ronin is the major port town North East of the capital, and is responsible for all imports and exports of Sythus. Many citizens travel to Ronin in a bid to make an honest life for themselves, many signing up with the Navy or as a pirate on a rogue ship. Often, the town has a very large military presence due to the Naval ships coming in to dock and as such Ronin has the lowest crime record in all of Sythus.
    • Lakeland is amongst the smallest towns in Sythus, with a population of less than one thousand. Residents of Lakeland rarely stay, due to the presence of Highwaymen or Bandits travelling through on their way to Highwayman's Hold, the forest that is filled with such plunderers separated from the town by a large lake, hence the name. It has one of the highest crime rates, but only because the guards are usually paid off with money or women to turn a blind eye. The Assassin's Guild has a large presence here, their hideout below the town their second largest base of operations, the first being in Kathar.
    • Highwayman's Hold is the forest that borders the lake and stretches out to the cliffs facing the sea. It is riddled with hideouts of Highwaymen and Bandits alike, and rarely travelled through. People unlucky enough to venture in rarely come in, some being murdered on the spot while others join the ranks of the criminals the forest harbours.
    • Pilgrim's Forest is the most travelled through woodland in the land. The forest holds shrines to each of the Immortal Nine and as such is a popular place for the religious folk to travel. The forest itself is quite peaceful, littered with wild flowers and docile animals that often approach travelling citizens for company or a fuss. Along the path to the nine shrines are several wooden shacks, built for the purpose of resting during a Pilgrims' travels.
    • The Whispering Woods are aptly named, as many who travel through claim to have heard voices of long lost relatives or other unfortunate souls. Legend has it the woodland contains the souls of all who suffered at the hands of Erhtantis' curse, and others believe the Immortals were unsuccessful in lifting the curse entirely, dooming all souls to remain in the woods forever, even millennia after his downfall. It is known to be a source of great magical power and as such is often studied by all walks of magical life, from Healers to Necromancers. It is currently home to a group of Druids, a secretive group who remain hidden from prying eyes.
    • It takes time to travel from place to place, so please reflect this in your posts. Don't one minute be in Kathar, and the next post have your character walking around Ronin. Look at the map, these towns aren't next to each other. Unless you're trying to hurry the main plot along, you should try and post at least once in between your departure and arrival. I'm not going to set travelling times from city to city, I just expect you to be sensible about it.



    • Across Sythus, travellers will come across many forms of livestock, including Sheep, Cows, Pigs and Chickens. Domesticated versions of these animals are only found in farms, while wild livestock roam the lands freely, sometimes aggressive to any who step too close.
    • Walking into any forest of Sythus is heaven for any hunting enthusiast. The woodlands hold beautiful creatures ranging from Deer to wild Goats, carcasses and body parts of all being sold for a high price in all markets in the land. Occasionally, a traveller may come across a Stag, though this is a rare occurrence. Hunters are chastised for hunting Stags as they are rare and beautiful creatures, and considered to hold remnants of magical powers used by the Immortal Nine.
    • Travelling across the Plains of Sythus is no easy task, and budding adventurers are warned of the impending dangers they face from the inhabiting creatures. Often, you will be bothered by nothing less than a fox, though it is not uncommon to be attacked by bears, wolves and if you're extremely unlucky, giants. Giants are certainly not a force to be reckoned with, their height and muscular frames mirroring the brute force of the punches and kicks they may throw your way. They are, however, generally gentle beings, only ever attacking if attacked first, or protecting their young or territories. It is wise to give giants a wide berth if possible.

      However, there are worse creatures out there. Trolls, for example, are merciless beings that will stop at nothing to tear you limb from limb and gorge on your still kicking body. Many an adventurer has fallen ill to their trickery of camouflaging themselves to blend in with surroundings, not realising the trap they have fallen into until it is too late. A note to all travellers, keep a wary eye on the rocks, they are not always what they appear to be.
    • Any skilled traveller with the knowledge to climb a mountain will have no hard time fighting back the wild beasts that inhabit the mountains. Wolves and Cave bears are usually your only problem, and due to the darkness of the caves they live in, lighting a torch will usually have them feeing for their lives, scared of the light you have conjured. But there are creatures in the mountains that are not scared by such trivial things, for they themselves wield the powers of fire. Yes, I'm talking about Dragons. Great winged beasts with giant claws and a ferocious bite, these creatures are amongst the oldest and most powerful an adventurer will ever face. Legend has it they were around before the dawn of time, some rumours suggesting they were pets of the Gods before they rebelled and travelled to the mortal realm. Whatever their source may be, there is no denying the power Dragons behold, and anybody who's anybody knows not to get on their bad side, and to flee to a well hidden hiding spot if one is seen flying overhead. Gone are the days of friendly dragons that would willingly help the races of Sythus, now replaced with almost mindless beasts that will certainly burn anything that dares step foot in their territories.
    • Sythus has a vast network of dungeons running underground, most probably dug out by the first civilisations, though now they are inhabited by much darker creatures. Adventurers should have no bother killing off the smaller spiders that inhabit the caves closes the dungeon entrance, though if the thought of anything bigger frightens you, stepping in any further is ill advised. The spiders only get bigger the further from the light you venture, but that's not all the dwell in the underground passageways. Necromancers often travel down to practice their darker arts, and as a result the dungeons and caves are crawling with the undead. That skeleton you passed back there? Keep an eye out, it might just wake up at any moment and stab you in the back. Dwarves are a most useful companion to have when adventuring down into dungeons, for their lives lived underground have heightened their senses, making them a valuable asset to listen out for noises of any creatures hiding in the darkness.
    • There are only two inhabitants of the Shadowlands, the Soulless, and the five Shadowlords themselves. Little is known about either, though some believe that they have ventured to the Shadowlands in their dreams and seen these creatures for what they really are.

      The Soulless. These were once the first people to roam the lands, their lives ripped away from them by the hand of Erthantis. According to the dreamers who believe they have travelled and seen these creatures, they look the same as they would have done were they not without soul, but their eyes are coloured a pale ghostly white that mirrors the lack of soul within their body.

      Artist's Impressions (open)

      Almost nothing is known of the Soulless' masters, the Shadowlords. They are mentioned only in the Story of Creation, and due to the Immortal Nine's efforts, they have never been seen to document in a history book of any kind. Hence, citizens of Sythus find it incredibly hard to believe they could possibly exist.



    • This section will be filled with News, Announcements and any Updates I wish to inform you all of. It is requested of you that you check this section frequently as it will expand as the RP progresses.
    • We now have a thread designed specifically for plot discussions and general chatter! The link can be found just below the map at the top of this thread. Happy Chatting!
    • A compendium of creatures you may face in the lands of Sythus has now been added to this post. Please read through carefully to ensure you are up to date with everything. Remember, you are free to add to this list as you see fit, but please inform me of anything extra you may want to include.
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  4. [​IMG]


    Nerom DeGrasse


    (Has the appearance of a 37 year old Human)

    Credit to:CG-Warrior on DeviantArt


    Dark Elf


    Supporter of the Immortal Nine






    Nerom's line of work requires him to show no mercy to his enemies and such, have no morals, meaning he'll have no qualms about slitting somebody's throat should the need arise. Therefore, he's certainly not one you want as an enemy.

    Nerom has never been one for getting involved in huge debates. He prefers to sit back and let others squabble, observing their actions and thoughts and deciding his input accordingly. When meeting someone new, he may come over as cold and unloving, but this is due to him observing your character and checking you're the right kind of person he wants to get to know.

    Nerom is not dim, though there may be times he comes across as such. However, you'd be wrong to assume that, and he'll waste no time in pointing that out to you. When it comes to strategy, Nerom can sometimes be a useful ally to have.

    Due to his profession, Nerom has a need to be secretive and withhold a lot of information from people, even his friends and family. He doesn't claim to be the best at hiding things from other people, but he is skilled at it. His facial expression is terribly hard to read a lot of the time, giving away nothing of his true thoughts.


    Nerom was born deep in the city of Kathar, his birth taking place in the hidden hideout of the Assassin's Guild. His mother sadly passed away during childbirth, and his father was unknown to all the members of the Guild. They suspected she had perhaps started a romantic affair with one of her targets, but in the end had to fulfil her contract and kill him, but not before they had conceived a child. Given his situation, the Guild members took it upon themselves to raise Nerom, and treat him like one of their own.

    As he grew up, Nerom was placed under the care of Ghalin, a wisened old man that would, in time, teach the young elf everything he would need to know about becoming an assassin. His training began as soon as he was old enough to start, and Ghalin wasted no time in teaching him all he could. Nerom spent the next few years learning the arts of sneaking, pickpocketing, lockpicking...and murder. It appeared as if he had a natural talent in each of these arts, and Ghalin theorised these gifts were passed from his mother, and perhaps even his father, given that nobody knew who he was or what he did.

    As time went on, Nerom continued his training, one day reaching the level that Ghalin himself used to work out back in his day. But alas, time got the better of the elf's master, and death took him as his own. Nerom felt alone in the world, despite having many friends within the Guild. In the time they had together, Ghalin had become the closest thing Nerom had to a father, and the devastation of his loss ripped through him like a lion ripping into its prey. For days after his death, Nerom moped around the Guild like a lost child, unsure what to do now his master had passed on. But unfortunately for him, the Guild's work was never finished, and he was forced out of his grief and back to work in no time.

    More and more time passed, and Nerom, being an elf and outliving the human friends he made, watched as the Guild grew both in reputation and in size as word of their network got out. He saw old members pass away and new members join several times over, often paying his respects from the dead and heeding warnings of morbidity to the younger newcomers. He never once stopped training though, continuing the work of Ghalin with other Guild members, often being commended on the work he carried out after returning from a contract.

    Nerom's work continued to get better, and soon he worked his way into the ranks of the more highly respected Assassins of the Guild. On the day of the Empresses' Parade, a group of them were contracted by the City Guard to keep an eye on the proceedings when the Empress paraded through the city. Nerom was among the few asked to go, and he was honoured to be given the task. Protecting the Empress, that had to be one of the most honourable jobs to have. How could he refuse?

    It was agreed the Assassin's would work in shifts, starting from when the Empress began her Parade to when she finished, then they would be dismissed and the City Guard would take over from them for the night. Nerom was asked to work in the morning, the time at which she was most vulnerable, as the crowd was at its largest. His shift was relatively quiet. He hopped from rooftop to rooftop, keeping a watchful eye on both the Empress and the crowds, but nothing of interest came to pass, and he was soon relieved from his duty. In the afternoon, he joined in the celebrations of the parade but soon got bored and headed to The Rat's Tail, the most popular Inn in the city. There, he drank away the rest of the afternoon and well into the evening, where he found his curiosity piqued by an old man sitting at a table with an ever increasing crowd gathering around him. And so, Nerom stood up from his place at the bar and sauntered over, taking a seat amongst the crowd, and listening to his story.

    Weapon of Choice:

    Nerom favours his dagger (pictured), and uses it in almost every aspect of his profession. He prefers the up-close-and-personal feeling it gives him when he tends to his targets, often taking delight in watching their eyes betray them and their inner thoughts.

    Occasionally, he may be seen using a crossbow to take down enemies from afar, and on even rare occasions be seen with a sword in his hand, but it is his dagger that is his true combat companion.

    Powers & Abilities:

    ~Pickpocket & Lockpicking Extraordinaire~
    If ever you were to need a lockpicking, or an item retrieved from somebody who keeps it on their person at all times, Nerom's your man..or rather, elf, for the job. He is well known for his light fingers and ability to bypass almost any lock he comes across.

    Being an Elf, Nerom has an affinity for magic, and sometimes uses it to aid him during his contracts. Often, he will use it to make his footsteps quieter, or perhaps blur the senses of guards surrounding a building he needs to get into, making it easier to sneak by. He rarely uses it to wound people, and will sometimes use it to heal himself or others if the situation calls for it. He is unable to use magic for long periods of time however, and is often fatigued if he uses it for longer than he should.


    Rwantu DeGrasse - Mother

    Ghalin - Former Master

    Assassin's Guild Members

    Nothing at this time.
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  5. [​IMG]

    Alfirineth Tanethas
    Alfirineth, otherwise called Rin has chosen to take on a random
    last name to hide her origins. She has become fond of giving out the name Rin
    to others in slight annoyance for the length of her given name.

    Has the appearance of a 25 year old human at the youngest.

    Normal appearance

    While completing tasks/jobs.(Skin colour same as first picture)

    Rin has light grey, nearing purple skin (see first picture) along with light blonde hair that reaches
    her collar bone, cut short to avoid being a hindrance to her. Two identical stripe/ tear like markings make their way down her face along with a pair of red irises to complete prominent features. She stands at 5'11 with a lean build from both nature and her constant work and travels.

    On occasions such as work (Second image) she adorns and dark white garb and black garb that is made from light material to avoid weighing her down in case of escape. Fastened to the outfit is a cloak/cape like design with a hood that avoids her face being seen. This outfit has few pieces of light armor around the shoulders and chest so her heart is shielded. In this she adorns silk black gloves instead of her usual gauntlets.

    On normal days (First image) when either avoiding doing anything or simply being lazy, Rin's face is visible as she adorns separate cloak with the hood down most of the time. She adorns a armor breast place like piece along with armor around the waist and lower arms. Other than this she wears a flowing black material connected to the armor that reaches down to the black boots that would be tied up to her knees. The cloak itself is rimmed with feathers, mainly due to
    the woman's love of them.

    Dark Elf
    Follower of Erthantis


    Bounty hunter

    Rin is incredibly social, mostly enjoying any time she can possibly spend with those who have gained her trust and who trust her. Mostly since she refuses to trust someone unless it is mutual. She appears carefree and lax, which is true with the addition of her occasional caution filled moments. Her profession and past cause this although many who know her simple state that she is 'shy'.

    In the face of unknown, Rin is increasingly different as she manipulated her own emotions to create a elaborate facade. To avoid people observing how she really feels, Rin is able to construct a image of herself that is cold and unforgiving. She knows that emotions can manipulate someone and so she avoids it. However this leaves her vulnerable to people who actually can read her.

    Despite the fact she appears confident, Rin has her fair share of fears that occasionally disrupt her life. However there is two that seem to never pass her lips, remaining unknown to all. One being her irrational fear of no sight. The reason to why she has this phobia is unknown but it remains present in her till this day and will continue to be. The fear that does effect her majorly is her fear of restriction, one that causes her to remain a supporting character in battle teams as she relies on long range combat to avoid capture.

    Rin is incredibly loyal to those who gain her trust and especially if they in return show trust in her. By no means is she the type to lead, instead the type to give advice or support another as it is found easier in her personality to do so. Her decisions and choices are decided by her unspoken morals which often decide what missions/jobs she takes as well. In terms of anger, is incredibly hard to force her into such a state but her anger tends to lead to sulking or isolation.

    One hundred and fifty nine years ago, Alfirineth was born to couple of dark elves, the female assassin Hycis and the male bounty hunter Drannor. Both of which were being hunted due to the crimes they committed. So months before her birth the pair fled to the Freezing isles to hide and have a chance of raising their child normally. The couple took residence upon the harsh lands and began to live their life of solitude.

    During the early years of her life, Rin was a child full of curiousity and intrigue for the land she was brought up in. The young dark elf was often found towards the edges of the isles, intent on watching the gap between herself and the main land. Like any child, her imagination ran wild and led her into lots of mischief and trouble with the few other residences of the isles.

    Years continued to pass and she grew up with dreams of travelling, have listened to the many tales told by both of her parents about the rest of the lands. Her eyes were firmly set from that time on travelling once she was mature enough to do so, to make comrades and family all over the mainland. So Rin fell into study, learning about the land and its people, culture and rules and all this was a topic she adored and loved.

    However, despite her parents telling her tales of the mainland they left out the details of their previous professions and information on the people that hunted them like animals for their lives. Naive and ignorant she was kept in the dark about the truth, a reason to why when a hunter appeared she was shocked. Her immaturity made her unable to comprehend what had happened when the small family was attacked.

    It was in the forty ninth year of her life when she found out about the truth as a hunter attacked the small home in the freezing isle and wounded her father, Dannor. The hunter was taken out by her mother but the girl had already saw the battle that took place and so the truth was told to her. She was being hunted, her parents were being hunted and their professions.

    Of course, Rin took this negatively as fear began to control her. She wanted to be free and travel the lands, not concern herself with fear for her life. Eventually she asked her parents to train her and she began the rigorous training from both professions. Much to her dislike the first couple of years was focused purely upon physical training on her endurance and strength. If one asked her, she would clearly state that she would never repeat those years.

    With her lack of ignorance on her position, Rin was taught about the followers of the nine, another topic that quickly gained her interest much to her parents concern. After all she was brought up as a follower of Erthantis. It was later on confirmed that she was intrigued by it when she made friends with a follower of the nine, although their relationship would better to be called a rivalry.

    Her and the human, Enrico, found solace in the opposing presence of one another. Possibly due to the different in opinions that the two could get along in such a friendly manner. The pair were often inseparable, often competing with each other in terms of battle strength. For years they challenged each other to every aspect of her life be it small tasks such as chores to hunting.

    It shocked her when Enrico left to go to Kathar with his parents, although the reasons why were understandable. Few chose to stay long on the isle and his family was no different. This of course left the girl slightly upset but it only renewed her desire to travel herself. Her training continued till her father told her to choose a main weapon to focus on and her choice was that of the Vigoorian Flail.

    When she was ninety three and still appearing young in the eyes of humans due to the difference in aging she left the island with a promise to hide her parents from the world by unofficially changing her families name to Tanethas. So with skills deemed ready by both Drannor and Hycis she traveled by ship to the mainland before spending the next sixty six years she traveled between the different towns and forests, studying and taking on her fathers chosen profession.

    During those years she found a clue to where her friend was. She heard that Enrico himself had grown old with family, now a grandfather. Not surprised but glad, she traveled to Ronin to meet the human in the final years of his life. Of course, it took her elderly mortal friend a while to explain why he had such a friendship with a follower of Erthantis, specially when Enrico's family followed the nine dutifully.

    When the family finally understood the situation she was accepted fully despite her frequent coming and going to the large families home. However she grew fond of the grandchildren strangely enough. From her travels she always brought them gifts no matter how small or large. This was all until the death of Enrico who in his final moments asked the dark elf woman to keep his family safe. Without them knowing of course.

    Agreeing to the task she continued her frequent visits to the smaller family but a lot less than when Enrico lived. Her comrades around the land all told her it was due to mourning that she avoided them and eventually she finally agreed to that statement and tried to accept the loss of her best friend. She always remained vigilant in visiting the mans grave yearly.

    With information about the Birthday Celebration Rin has decided to change her current travel route to head towards Kathar. The trip took her a while as she stopped in a few towns but she has finally appeared within Kathar and while waiting she is spending a lot of her time in bars or shopping for new items.

    Weapon of choice:
    Rin uses Vigoorian Flail's for her weapon, this being her main choice in
    weaponry due to the chain allowing her to use it from a larger distance.
    This is due to her preference in taking out her enemies quickly and quietly
    and the large distance removes evidence of her presence as she doesn't
    necessarily have to get to close. However the two blade parts at either side of the
    can be used in close combat but this rarely occurs due to her higher proficiency in longer
    and her weaker skills in close combat.

    Rin also has throwing knives set in different places upon her just in case she
    is separated from her beloved Vigoorian Flail. The metal is light which makes it
    easier for Rin herself to manipulate, it also means that she has to be careful
    to avoid excessive force being placed on the weaker metal blades.

    Powers and Abilities:
    In terms of abilities, Rin is a master of controlling her own emotions. Be it happy, sad, angry or anything else she will use them to create 'masks' as to avoid people being able to read what she feels deep down. In addition to that she is able to use that to gain information or infiltrate groups and places, something that she has done a few times but successful in all times.

    Rin is gifted with the ability to use illusions. A type of magic she uses frequently in her job and daily life to assist her. In her jobs she will use it to shield her presence and remain hidden to her targets or enemies so that when she attacks she has the choice to surprise them. In addition to that she will use them in times of anger or need to case dark and cruel illusions that effect a persons mental state. Of course this takes a larger toll on her and used a lot less.

    Mother - Hycis

    Father - Drannor

    Her 'Comrades' from travels.

    Ruin Grey - One of her closest friends.

    Marcella Bychan - A comrade.

    Cherim - Grandaughter to Enzo

    Marcem - Grandson to Enzo

    -Has a horse named Lyre.
    -Her weapon has unofficially been named Ire, often called 'My Beloved Ire'
    -Rin is often seen asleep above anything else.
    -Dislikes intense heat due to her upbringing on the freezing Isle.
    -She enjoys singing, a passion that is a secret of hers.
    -All information she gathers on purpose or by accident is recorded in
    a red leather book she hides.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Character Theme

    You Can't Take Me, I'm Free
    //Why did it all go wrong?
    I wanna know what's going on
    And what's this holding me?
    I'm not where I'm supposed to be
    I gotta fight another fight
    I gotta fight with all my might
    I'm getting out, so check it out
    you're in my way
    Yeah, you better watch out//

    Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore
    //The danger is I'm dangerous
    And I might just tear you apart
    I'm gonna get you
    I wanna taste the way that you bleed
    You're my kill of the night//


    Name - Ruin Grey

    Age - 76

    Race - Half Dragon, Human

    The humanoid children of dragons are rare and few in the world. For a start dragons do not often so involve themselves with the other sentient species and so there is little chance of them even trying. However in the few times that one of the more ancient dragons, capable of humanoid transformation, has taken one of the races for a lover it is then very unlikely that a child will come of it at all. Elves have been known to be more successful in the baring of a dragon child, human and dwarvish and orcish dragon children being even more rare than that.

    But for those who do succeed, the children of dragons and the other races have very varied characteristics and abilities. Some might just have diminuative fang or speckles of scaling, some might be almost completely dragon except for their size and upright nature, it is all random chance in the end. The children of dragons also have widely varying lifespans from the normal age of its humanoid parent to anywhere up to three thousand years.

    Allegiance - Technically Erthantis

    Class - Warrior

    Profession - Scouting Ranger, Hunter



    Ruin's whole build is lean and wirey, somewhat tall by most standards. Her skin is covered in tiny bronze scales that shimmer a blood red in light and can cast quite a dazzling display. Her horns are small along with her fangs but they both make her appearance suitably alien and frightening to look upon for most men. Her wings are thin with a parchment-like texture and the bones are brittle and light. Her tail is thin but very long and prehensile with a powerful grip. Her spine has small spikes running from the base of her neck to the small of her back. Her feet are raised somewhat like a dog's but larger, wider and with more strength behind them. Her eyes are an odd shimmering grey colour mostly, but they actually change depending upon the weather and her temperment.



    Legendary Temper// Bloodthirsty//Violent
    Ruin likes to fight, she likes to hurt people and she really isnt ashamed of it. Its not really sadism, she just enjoys violence as a way to let off steam and let a person know what she thinks of them. Her fighting is dirty and brutal, she bites and claws and tears and she does it without much concern for her own safety. Its a terrifying sight really, when your blood is dripping down her mouth and her eyes are swirling red in eagerness to hurt you and bring you down like some prey animal, most run.

    When you first meet Ruin, she wont like you, thats just the way of things. You will be an existence she mildly tolerates and nothing more. She likes drinking but only with friends and she does laugh but very few people alive would probably know that. Ruin assumes you are going to betray her and if you eventually persuade her you arent out to get her then, well, you're in! If Ruin ever feels she can trust a person then thats that, but she just doesnt trust people. She wont show much of what she's thinking, its not like she will piss off everyone she meets as soon as she meets them, but any kind or good or nice word she gives you will be a flat lie or a test or a way for her to by time.
    Ruin doesnt do backing down or giving up. She deals with the problem at hand and while she may grumble and mutter about the situation she'll do it while taking out the problem with a heavy kick to its face or one precise dagger throw to its nether regions. She'll endure anything you can think of and more. Beat her, shoot her, throw her off a cliff, but you'll never break her. She probably holds the record for longest resistance against torture without dying or giving up and she plans to beat it if she's ever stupid enough to get captured a second time.

    If Ruin gives you her trust and friendship then you can expect her to deliver. The problem is knowing when she has because its often hard to tell with her. She might be patting your back and suggesting names for your children one minute, then throwing into a dungeon and collecting your ransom fee the next. The best way to know she's got your back is if you have hers. Still, even like this, it doesnt mean she'll treat you tenderly or gently. Say someone had you at knife point and was screaming something about slicing your throat if she doesnt put her weapons down. She'd most likely stab you herself somewhere mildly non-lethal, use the surprise factor to savage your captor and then slap on some healing poultice and drag you back to base. To be honest it takes alot to be Ruin's friend, but at least you know you wont die.

    Ruin doesnt care about your children, your wife, your husband, your parents. Arcturia has no qualms with harming innocent people if there is no way around it. This doesnt mean she wont try and find another way, she isnt cruel or excessively callous and its in her best interests to leave a place with more friends and allies than when she came. But if she has an agenda she intends to fulfill it in the best way for her at the end of the day. She's not a renegade, she's not a Paragon, she is just the essence of practicality.

    Unwilling Leader//Strategic//Inspiring
    Ruin wouldnt like to admit it but she's good at being a captain. She's done it before and she's probably going to have to do it again but that doesnt mean she'll like it. As a Leader she cant help but take all her soldiers under her wing (literally) and think of them as entirely her responsibility. She might be ok with sacrificing some buildings, civilians or unknown military but she finds it very hard to sacrifice a man put under her command. If she does that, it means she did something wrong, she was in control and she screwed up and it would be her fault if any of them didnt come back to their families afterwards. She deals with this heavy guilt fine, but that doesnt mean she likes it and it doesnt mean she'll seek it out. Still, her dedication to the men and women beneath her means ironically that she can quite easily make soldiers ready to die for her, ready to charge into battle guns blazing and ready to follow any order she gives even if it probably means death for them.


    Ruin's mother was a Ranger from the tribe in the north, named Leeta, a fine hunter and a survivor, niece to the head of the House. Ruin’s father was the ancient, vibrant red dragon, Methuzar, who could transform himself into a human for periods of time. He possessed an oddly gentle and inquisitive temperament for a dragon and he enjoyed posing as a travelling minstrel in order to study these humans whom had invaded his lands. Still, he was noble and grand and old by any human or even dragon standards. The pair met whilst Ruin's mother was on one of her scouting trips, a far more dangerous activity than most would think. He spent some time with her out in the wild and Ruin’s mother swiftly discovered he was a dragon. This caused a temporary lack of trust between them but gradually they worked past it and eventually they fell in love and had two children at first, Ruin and her elder brother Ruukan, then eventually some many years later a third child, Legara. Their relation was not much of a secret, having a dragon as your lover was a fine deterrent to violence. In fact her family seemed bemusedly pleased with the union, especially when it produced children.

    It was a surprise even for the Leeta and Methuzar, they hadnt even considered children a possibility. But Ruukan arrived and then Ruin followed soon after and they found happiness in parenthood together with Legara's arrival many years later. They raised their children as best they could, Leeta training them in survival and Methuzar in the art of War. However Methuzar would often leave them to go about his wanderings, not being a static being and needing change and travel. Also he worried for the mountains in the north, his instincts told him he should keep a watch over that area and ensure nothing awful got out, Dragons being one of few who can somewhat resist the aura of madness that cloaks the mountains to the north. Leeta didnt seem to mind his absences and neither did their children, finding joy when their father was around and peace when he wasnt. They grew up strong and wild under the protection of their father until first Ruukan and then Ruin found their wanderlust and could no longer remain in one place. Ruin and her brother went separate ways, being of different dispositions. Ruukan chose to travel around the world with his father while Ruin stayed with her mother, learning to survive in the wild and gaining knowledge of healing from her amongst many other things. Legara was still young at that time and so stayed close to her Sister and Mother. However they all still met often and Ruukan has always been very protective of his sisters.

    But Ruin's life changed dramatically very suddenly. Whilst being children they had been surprisingly inconspicuous, The Tribe in the north did not make a point of telling all and sundry that one of their ladies had the bastard children of a dragon. But now, as adults, there was no keeping their existence a secret. For a while just their heritage made them too frightening to confront and they were left alone by the Empresses's men. However gradually as they became more and more renowned their existence began to interest a Darkling Elf publically know as the Ironclaw, a Leader of the evil Erthantis followers of that time. He had much sway with the country laws of that time and they were officially declared outlaws and a substantial bounty placed upon their heads for crimes they had not committed. Ruin, Legara and her mother lost contact with their family and were forced to flee across the sea to the Freezing Isles. They spent some months there in solitude, covertly ignored by their relatives there as they rebuilt a home for themselves. But finally they were discovered by Ironclaw Hunter. Leeta was killed as soon as she was found, brutall and callously. Legara and Ruin were dragged screaming away back to the capitol in solid chains. Ruin was taken to the Dungeons of Ironclaw and spent long torturous months there, beaten, bloodied and broken in his cruel underworld. She truly learned to hate in those dungeons, where once she was a hearty and joyful person full of hope, now she was all pain and anger and hopelessness. But she still survived and they did not break her.

    Ruin would have rotted in those dungeons or died there if not for her highly skilled tracking abilities, war acumen and terrifying combat skills. Ironclaw reluctantly saw how useful she would be in his dark plans and cunningly imprisoned Legara in the most fortified and secreted cage imaginable, right under the Capitol Kathar. Ruin was warned that, if she were to disobey the Ironclaw, or her father were to do anything that might harmfully affect his power, Legara would be tortured and eventually brutally killed in the most painful way imaginable. And Ruin certainly understood what that could mean. She was told that she could move about as she liked so long as no one told her otherwise, Ironclaw taking some perverse pleasure in owning such a rare and impressive trophy and he liking to show her off to his people. At that time Ruin had wanted to bite and lacerate and fight back like a wild animal but she had self control and she understood what this was. She was loyal most to her family and nothing came above them, she had already lost her mother, so she acquiesced.

    For a long while her body moved seemingly without her mind's presence and she fought and killed for her dark masters as though brain dead. However her mind was not one of placid weakness, she was a dragon, she rebelled against containment and confinement. So she began testing her chains, failing some characteristic of a mission for risk of punishment, sometimes bringing back some other head to prove her kill rather than the target she had been assigned. After some forty five years The Ironclaw disappeared and her chain was handed to one High Priest Fingar, a much less cunning man though still a force to be reckoned with. He was not as tenacious in her captivity either, thinking her just a beaten and broken servant and so overlooking more and more of her minor and small transgressions. She even at one point managed to see her sister again, though that was a short lived and heartbreaking meeting. Legara was a dragon too, captivity was tearing at her soul, imprisoned since the age of sixteen. And so Ruin continues carrying out the awful tasks given to her with a grim determination to survive and to find a way to free her little Sister from her hell.


    Weapon of Choice

    She has a pair of tough serrated blades. They are forged in her father's dragon fire so they are abnormally durable and can slice through magical barriers and other magical forces.

    Her entire body is littered with knives of differing shapes and sizes.


    Powers & Abilities
    The Wind's Daughter
    Ruin can hear the words of the wind, from wherever it blows she can be told of what it passes and can decipher the lay of the land and any danger that she might encounter upon the way.

    Dragon Senses
    Her dragon hearing is exceptional, powerful as well as exact. He can pick out a single voice in a crowd and identify a person by the sound of their heartbeat. However her human mind can often not cope with the intensity of this level of hearing and it can be a curse as loud noises often distract her and at worst cause her to become paralyzed for a few moments. Her eyes are like eagles, picking out a solitary figure on a distant horizon. She can also tell if someone is lying unless they are particularly skilled at it, noting tiny changes in their facial expressions and calculating telling ticks in their body language.

    Dragon Body
    Her reflexes are astounding, unparalleled, able to react to something before it even fully occurs in an almost premonition-like manner. She is also fast and strong with her strikes, using continuous, unrelenting circles and spirals of her two small swords to batter her enemies into submission, or lightning fast strikes to vital areas to give a clean kill.Her dragon legs give her great sprinting speed and good jumping ability. Although she cannot fly, beating her wings allows her to fall down any high drops without hurting herself and she can glide a bit.

    Herbalist in Training
    Other than her combative powers she is also an adept healer, being knowledgeable of almost every medicinal or poisonous plant or creature in an area unless she has never been there, and there are very few places she has never been. She can also often detect what is wrong with a person just by using her delicate hearing and detailed sight.

    Mind of Steel
    Lastly her dragon blood also grants her immunity to illusionary magics of the mind. She can see through all deceptions created by magic and cannot be hypnotized or incapacitated in any way using mental magic. Physical magic is also slightly less effective against her.



    Mother Leeta - Deceased

    Father Methuzar - Whereabouts Unknown

    Elder Brother Ruukan - Whereabouts Unknown

    Younger Sister Legara - Imprisoned


    RP Example:

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  7. General information Marcella Bychan
    21 (twenty-one) years old
    July 9


    (Lower) Court councillor
    Follower of Erthantis

    “This is my conviction!”
    Pouring rain, coming down.
    Greed and sorrow, all been sown.
    Courage of heroes, all ignored.
    Cast aside just like the ...

    Just like ... (c) 2013
    Standing on 5’4 Marcella is considered to be of average height for a human of the female sex. Slender is her build, possessing long limbs that carry her around in grace, however her cleavage is unfortunately not that richly endowed. A shame, for round figures are certainly considered within the selection of marriage. Framing her face are her long locks of hair, light brown with streaks of gold waved through them, reaching for mid-back. A slight wave in her hair makes it appear fuller than it is, but unlike her eyelashes her hair doesn’t grow out from her scalp as rich. Perhaps she is in luck with that, as her hair doesn’t weigh quite as heavy as it does with these who are endowed with thick hair. As for her sight she possesses almond shaped eyes, circled with long and thick eyelashes, making them appear bigger than they actually are. Chestnut brown they are, looking forward gently as the white surrounding it signs of a good health. So does her skin, fair and pale, just like it is in fashion with the ladies of noble bloods and a dash of colour to accentuate her cheekbones. She looks like a porcelain doll, another trait in fashion with the aristocrats. Frail looking and in need of protection, though that is often a mistake for Marcella is perfectly capable of carrying herself and keeping herself out of trouble.

    As for her clothes, as a noble and as a female member of the council at the court, there are expectations chained at her. So can’t she afford herself to be shown around in ‘old’ fashion or in a careless appearance. Though it would make her live easier. Fortunately she doesn’t have to worry quite as much about what she wears, letting herself be advised by the best tailors of the land and just having to pick out a pattern and fabric she likes. Carefully dressed from head to toe by the help of the chambermaids and make up applied to accentuate her strong points in her face, it is rare of Marcella to go out unprepared, knowing that she has a name to prove.

    “We’ve a voice to negotiate, not to declare war.”
    It is not uncommon for young souls to wish for peace, after all the innocent of a child always wishes for the best of the world and believes that there is such thing as 'worldly' peace. That wars are just silly conflicts they encounter on the playgrounds. Pointing the fingers at each other and declaring that it was the other the liar.-'No I'm not, you're!'- It sort of is, war is the cause of a silly dispute between the differences of opinion between beings. That is the believe that Marcella has always hold herself up to and up till now it has always proven itself to be true. War caused by the religion, war over land, war over healthy and clear water for irrigation and survival, Marcella is a faithful follower that everyone could be solved by speech. If people were just willing to speak and talk to each other properly then swords and soldiers were unneeded. However she is aware that there are souls unable to do so, unable to speak up and rather see blood flow, a painful realization, but that is the reason why she believes that she has to work hard to earn her place. If she could show the example of how it is supposed to be done, if she could prove others that a good conversation could avoid a war and settle a good relationship, then perhaps others will follow that lead. Ambitious and perhaps almost unattainable, but she is willing to work herself to death as long as she can resolve herself never to agree to war or a fight. As anyone can see a youthful soul who still believes in her childhood dreams of peace. Dreaming of a world were no one has to fight as they can speak, talk and resolve, for war is unneeded as long as one has a voice in any form or way to express themselves.

    “Answer a fool with their own folly…”
    A thinker she is, it is rare for Marcella to act at all on emotions, it is a trait that has been considered to be very valuable inside of the line of Bychan, for emotions cloud ones judgement. Though she hadn't always been someone who would think her actions and decisions through and through with an objective mind. At a young age she had always been biased towards the 'kinder' souls. These who had treated her well would earn her grace, but she soon learned that this provoked anger with others, slowly learning from her mistakes as she learnt through the scandal of her aunt that she can't say whatever she wants either. When in anger she can't yell out her frustrations, for words formed by emotions are always thoughtlessly cast out and if wrongly said will return as a boomerang. Her teachers had lectured her upon it, but as with al experiences one has to face it themselves before they learn the meaning of a valuable life lesson. And that came specially with the death of her dearest fiancé. Upon the news of the ambush and later on the realization that he had been ripped apart from her forever she had to bite on her tongue, feeling for the first time in her life challenged in her resolve as a pacifist. She could have send out the family guards to chase after the assassins, but as she had been spoken strictly by her mother, then she would have betrayed herself and her love. Then she would have turned her back at her fairest trait and that she couldn't have. She had to be rational and have the soldiers do their job, accept that her fiancé was another one of the troops despite his high rank and still prone to attacks. That he was merely mortal and perhaps that experience had been the greatest lesson as to how she was to shut out her emotions into objective observations and to a rational mind unclouded by prejudices and opinionated feelings.

    “I can’t dully wait for the answers to come.”
    To watch and to follow, to observe and to decide. The young female has naturally been born with a keen eye for detail and thus learning how to observe wasn't hard. It had already been part of her before she had realized it and that was a great trait considered within the walls of her family. That she was willing to patiently watch and listen, that she was capable of picking out the details she needed to know what was happening around her. It was of importance that Marcella knew what she had to watch in order to blend in with the rest, to know who was a friend and who an opponent, cause even though Marcella is a pacifist unwilling to engage in any kind of conflict the Bychan family has made its enemies in their previous generations as well as by her own act. After all not everyone is to accept her believes and the decisions she makes out of it. A very good talent to be born with, but at times it could also be an disadvantage as she may be too stubborn or oversee the complete picture by all of the details she has gathered, unable to work towards the core of the subject because she is so busy observing and taking in all details.

    “I’m comfortable with the way things are now.”
    She has no reason to disagree with the way the country has been ruled now. No reason to wish for change in her current position unless it would bring her higher. Being born inside of an old fashion family with believes carried on from their ancestors Marcella isn't one to vote for change. In fact, the female has a slight dislike for change as she fears that change may lead to a future problem, a knit that she won't be able to untangle, or perhaps be a catalyst to a future conflict. Change means that she has to lose something in order to gain something and Marcella isn't all too sure whether she is able to accept that loss. Truth is; the female is afraid of change and therefore unable to accept change. She knows that as she grows she is changing, from a child to a teen and then to an adult, maturing in character, but these are minor changes she can take. The change in her position, the change in taxes and perhaps even in the decisions of the council and their believes, that is what makes her fear the most cause it could mean that everything she believed to have could crumble away in a second by the slightest change within the court.

    "The greatest impression is given by speech.”
    Well articulated and clear, well sought words and polite. These are the words to describe her manner of speech. Though Marcella may be well known to be soft in tune and nimble in voice she is well respected when she speaks, catching the attention of these around her and earning a well deserved silence to give her the time to speak. She isn't slow, but calm in her pace, taking her time to explain without being rushed as there is no need to hasten time. A well explained opinion is much more valued than words spoken without any thought for they carry more power and conviction and invites the other to discuss within the content instead of placidly staying within the surface and heating up with disagreements created by chains of annoyed answers. It can be deduced that Marcella doesn't speak all too much, rather listening and taking her time to let others finish before she will give her input when a silence falls. It may be slow paced for the more impatient, but certainly worthwhile in the opinion of Marcella.

    "Some could also describe it as stubborn."
    She isn't one to back off when told, or to give up when feeling dejected. Rather, the more negative response she receives in her believes the more determined she feels to prove herself and tell the other wrong. Of course she wouldn't respond in words in such cases, as they will hold ground, but she shall show them how wrong they are, that her believe is right and that she can be successful in her ways. Stubbornness some would call it as she is unable to face that she is wrong, but stubborn they may call her as Marcella would feel more dejected were she to betray her beliefs and follow the crowd's opinion what isn't hers. However, she isn't hard headed, a trait that is often confused with stubbornness. No, she will give up once she has been proven wrong, but unless otherwise has been proven she shall fight to prove her point, making sure that she won't leave the stage beforehand and not lowering her head unless she knows that she has been defeated, so that she can say that she at least had tried everything she had in power. At least she had tried to fight for her beliefs until the bitter end where she can hold her head up high and congratulate the other on their win. Because that is the kind of person she is, convinced of her own until the other had managed to completely convince her.
    A line of…
    The line of the Bychan family is long and infamous. Powerful figures had carried their blood and a fair share of scandalous names as well. Once the name had started out as merchants, gaining their bread by exotic looking fabrics, goods and other wants. By expanding their business they quickly climbed up the stairs, rising up in their social status and eventually gaining the title of a noble. Though, ‘new blood’ as how nobles were called who had gained their titles by the use of money and not by the passing of rights through birth, were often looked down upon by the ‘original’ nobles. Scum who had worked their ass off on the streets and collected enough gold to buy themselves a name. However that what streamed through their veins was what mattered, though when cut all bled a liquid of red theirs was considered to be ‘filthy’. Not that it had mattered, for the Bychan were passionate, determined to prove them all that them the filthy blooded were as much worth, if not more as these who were born with the title of an aristocrat.

    From such a line Marcella was born, the fourth generation after they had gained their title and by now everyone had grown to respect them. Commoners and nobles alike. Her great-grandparents had been the merchants who opened their path to nobility, her grandfather the first man to set foot in the court quarters, gaining himself a place at the table of the councillors. To that her father had taken over once he held the age, proving himself to have inherited the blood and talents from his predecessors. Now the third in line was to take their seat at the table, Marcella, born and raised between all these councillors who judged for the good of the country.

    Carefully Marcella had been grown, taught the classes that a lady needed to fill her head with and given the lessons of etiquette as of how a lady was ought to behave. She was taught how to drink tea, while studying several languages, walked with books on her head for a good posture, while she had to recite poems and discuss literature, she had to interest herself in geography, economy and history. Besides from that also dance and music. Everything that she was ought to learn as a lady to be perceived as ‘cultivated’ and everything which was needed to steam her up for her ‘future’ as a Bychan. Everything had a reason and Marcella knew no better than to follow. She knew the weight she carried on her shoulders.

    At fourteen Marcella was introduced to the public, open for marriage requests and ready to prove herself worthy of her family. Of course she had been out before, but never so officially. Never with the organization running behind it that worried how she would be received. Before she was perceived as a ‘child’, she still was a child, but now she couldn’t run around anymore, or curse under her breath. All by all she was ‘ready’ for society, to carry on the legacy of her family and expected to carry it on with grace and if possible bring more fame to them. If not she should at the very least avoid a scandal for the consequences were great.

    Marcella had been fifteen when she first entered the court. Not because she had committed a crime, but because of the involvement of her aunt and thus also her family. A good time to teach Marcella exactly what would happen if she were to disgrace the name of Bychan. As she sat there on the wooden bench and listened to the list of crimes that the older woman supposedly had committed Marcella felt herself tense up as the name of Bychan passed by a several times. Never too positive as she understood that this was to leave a slash on their name, a taint that they couldn’t wash away easily and made to forget. Found in bed with a man she had not wed, a child out of wedlock, all small crimes that could have been covered with the wealth of her family. However as they continued the biggest crime of all had been revealed: Being involved in a cult that held ill intentions towards Sythus. Ridiculous as her aunt was a heartfelt patriarch, proud of their bloodline and of the country they lived in. However, though her father knew the truth, though he had known about the scheme that had caused her aunt to stand there about to be convicted the man had done nothing at all to save her. Having proceeded to wash of the shame of their name by declaring that it had been all her doing. By giving out a declaration that rendered her aunt and her family alone on the accusations that rambled from all sides, but to which a scapegoat was needed to be branded.

    After that Marcella had never seen or heard a mention of her aunt again. Paintings that were made of her, records that ever had her connected to the family, all of them were destroyed. A cruel sign of goodbye to someone who was already gone from the world. Branded away and pretended as to never have existed at all. A most disgraceful manner as to render out the scandals from their names and Marcella had learned to fear her name for the first time ever.

    Unaware of...
    At the age of sixteen Marcella set foot inside of what would be her future. To serve the empress as one of the councillors of the country, like her grandfather and father had done before her and as to carry on with that honour. For the first time she was formally introduced to the empress, the leader of their country. Marcella had remembered their first encounter well, having admired the woman and respected her as she should. She had been entirely impressed by the woman in front of her when she bowed down, feeling in awe as she wondered in what way she should serve her as to prove her worth. She as well was of female gender, however had to face many discriminations because of her sex. Something that had bothered her, but with the knowledge that the Empress she had met was the same as she was; a woman gave her the confidence she needed.

    This was one year after the scandal of her aunt, but it wasn’t forgotten in the small time that had lapsed as they were giving Marcella a hard time to cope around inside of court. She had to earn her place, however being a woman and unmarried gave her twice the pressure and the hardships she had to face then when everything had been different. Gossips flew around, trying to break the young female. However just like her father had done a year ago she as well had banned her aunt from her mind. Her fear to suffer the same fate being bigger than the wish to protect the innocent blood that had spilled.

    It was three years after, when she was nineteen that she finally had gained enough respect to gain a seat at the table. Though she was to sit at the back of the table and had to practically lean over the table to hear the discussion she had been awarded a place in the debates of the council, receiving a voice to speak for the people, for herself and she was proud. Though her grandparents had warned her that she should keep up her work and strive farther if she wished to stay, for competition was fierce and she remained an unmarried woman.

    In her twentieth year of her life she finally had a betrothed, a noble man who served as one of the generals of the army. Though he was a brash man with muscles and Marcella being of the kind who refused to fight they had somehow connected to each other. Getting along as both came from nobility that had pressured them into the position they were now. She had truly loved him, had given her heart for the first time in her life to a man and suddenly he had been ripped away from her side.

    Though the country may be in peace the army was still needed and so were generals. When his troops were send out on a patrol mission around the borders her fiancé had come to say his goodbyes, promising to return soon. “And soon after…” he had said while kissing her hand, leaving a promise that he was never to fulfil as he got attacked by a group of assassins, having jumped in front of their sword as to protect a few travellers on the road. Or so the story of his death had been told to her. Devastating and Marcella had mourned with silent tears that never seemed to end. However after a month she had picked herself up, straightened her back and threw herself into her work, fully immersing herself in her role as a councillor, thinking that all would be right. However she never returned to her old self.

    She would have longed greatly to see him again, her lover, however she knew it was quite impossible to meet again with the death. Of course she could have tried to revive him with necromancy, but she knew that it wasn't appreciated by him or by her family. They wanted her to move on, but she felt unable to do so. Somehow, something inside of her had convinced her that perhaps he was still out patrolling, taking a detour to make sure that surrounding places all were safe after having encountered something suspicious. She was only fooling herself, but the lie was so much easier to swallow than having to accept the truth. After all it had been in his character to selflessly to give himself extra work and keep himself longer away from home, because he was just that much of a hero, just as much as he was loyal to his country and to her and she to him.
    Weapon of Choice:
    None, unless one would count in her gems in for weapons. No, she doesn’t throw them, but she channels her magic through it, letting it flow through the core of her stones and gems as to draw out their hidden power. For example; an Agate is used for defensive use of magic while an Aquamarine helps Marcella to perform water based spells. She has all kind of them in possession, all with different meanings and uses. They do most of the job when one encounters Marcella in battle, which is rarely.
    Powers & Abilities:

    A human mage of considerable level. Marcella had been trained since young until her fifteenth year by her mentor who had chosen her for 'certain' qualities. Though she had never quite known her mentor and only interacted with them inside of their lessons Marcella has been trusted upon their form of magic and trained on her own after they had left. Experimenting and regulating her powers and slowly rising up as a respected mage and member of the council. Though Marcella has taught to use spells her greatest speciality and that what makes her unique as a mage is the fact that she draws most of her powers out of stones and gems. So will she use the jade stones for honesty and will jet be used to ease the pain and or to cast a barrier against evil thoughts. Or a lepidolite that should wash away the negative emotions such as anger and hatred, perfect for someone as pacific as Marcella as she dislikes to fight. Of course she also has stones and gems in possession that could be used in an attack, but Marcella rather channels her energy into avoiding combat and only resolves herself forward when she is pushed and forced to.​

    Light on the feet and easy to move, Marcella has no problem in sneaking around as she is quick on the feet and light to carry around, snooping around silently. However, she often enough doesn't use it for the purpose of sneaking around at the court. Finding it impolite to eavesdrop on others. It is an useful trait though, for she has no problem escaping a situation she rather not be found inside of. Or if she wishes to sneak up to others and give them a scare, like she often would do when she was young. Anyway, she had much fun with this ability when she was still a child, but nowadays it is just naturally part of her, finding that grace comes along with a silence that announces a lady's entrance inside of the room from which only her the silent whispers of her skirt are supposed to give her away along with the small taps of her heels.

    Lean and agile, much like her figure so are her hands and so is her mind. Easy to adapt and very capable of creating an idea, a plan or crafting something. All that Marcella needs is to observe for a while before she picks up on the details and tries her own hand to it. She always has been a quick leaner, specially if she gets to do it herself in the fields, the more she trains the better her skill becomes in a rapid way. Because Marcella is just the kind of person who puts her mind into everything she does, but is always unwilling to hurt or to fight, which might be her greatest barrier as of why she never developed any other skill but artistic.​
    History - As mentioned before it all started with her great-grandfather Bychan who bought them the title of nobles. Merchants they had been before, travelling with exotic goods to sell, carrying stories with them from unknown tales and cultures yet to discover. Some of them were myths, some of them mere nonsense told when one had drank too much liquid. However it had been hard work, expanding grounds and money that had brought them to were they were today. Later on her grandfather followed in these footsteps, expanding over the water as to stimulate the economics and not soon later interesting himself with politics as well. One ought to be concerned with the welfare of the country when standing on top. Wondering what changes would be made this time that could possible affect them or be played to their hand as an advantage. To gain more weight inside of the system they thus decided to throw themselves into the council, every step taken was thought out on a greater board, hoping to have fate bend over to their will. However no one possessed the will of fate, but such was the arrogance of Bychan after generations of success.

    Alive - Alive and well. His appearance is fierce, large and tall, undeniable when he enters a room. Confidence he doesn't miss and neither does he lack the brains. A very stoic man who rather follows the rules on the foot and strict upon manners and specially reputation. As the head of the family the man is very aware what exactly is at stake when a scandal comes up and often enough he has a very clear answer towards these who dare to threaten the name of Bychan. Obstacles are faded away, whether it is by brute force or a calculative plot to bring them down. Merciless in a way, for he was the one who erased the name of his own sister, Marcella's aunty from their tree, abandoning her to the crowd when she was to be judged. Though that is often a display to the outside and when he is inside of his role of a council member. Strong and merciless, without a cringe of empathy. However, to Marcella her father is a leader, a wise man who is only fighting for the Bychan to survive, his way to survive in this world filled with prejudices.

    Alive - She came from a family of scholars, a lover of books and stories. However instead of dreaming away her time Marcella's mother was and still is a very serious and uptight person. Rarely has Marcella seen her mother make one other expression but the placid emotion that seems to be glued on her for entirety. Just like many women of her age she has been concerned with her appearance as well and specially on her youthfulness. As she ages the woman smiles and frowns less, afraid of wrinkling her aging face. It makes her look distant and reserved from the rest, but Marcella knows better than to judge her mother as superficial and cold, knowing that she is a loving woman who just like her father vowed to protect the name of Bychan.
    Unknown - Of course she had to learn from somewhere her magic. Her parents and neither her grandparents did that, just like many other classes she was taught by a mentor carefully selected from the outside. However this mage that had been chosen to be her mentor had been a special case. Whereas most of her teachers had been chosen by her family this one had chosen their students itself. What their identity was had to be kept a secret, Marcella only met the figure in the nights and covered with a big cloak to hide themselves. At first her parents had been against it, a lady was to rest at night and not meet up with some mysterious figure who claimed to teach magic. However the person had been persistent, somehow managing to convince them and the rest of her family into teaching her. It was from there on that she was taught how to draw out the powers from within stones and gems, that she was taught to understand the meaning and uses of the solid minerals pushed into hands, what they were composed of and how to reach for their core. The mentor had been a capable teacher, powerful and knowledgeable, passing down their wisdom and legacy onto the young girl. One day the mentor suddenly said that she had learnt enough, that she had grown to their liking and that there was nothing more to teach but experience. She had been fifteen then, a year before she was introduced to the court. It was odd as they never said their goodbyes. Somehow Marcella thought that her mentor would forever stick to her side, never leaving, believing that somewhere in the corners they were still watching them. She never got to know who they exactly were, never got to see a glimpse of their face or any bare skin at all. Even their hands had been covered by silk, the only clue she had was their voice. However she was aware that it could have been forged.

    Deceased - They had met through their families, when they both were introduced to the court, having reached the respectable age to be treated as an 'adult'. He came from a long line of generals and officials, trained in combat and broad in the shoulders. She had been the opposite, never having felt much towards having to resort herself to physical ways. However they got along, were able to speak to each other wasn't it for the same pressure that they received from family. To perform they both were, to prove themselves and to prove themselves worthy of their names. It had brought them closer to each other as they tried to encourage and court the other down the path that was set out for them. They had nothing to lose than pride and despite their differences they seemed to liken each other. However they never realized how precious they were to each other until they finally set off on their paths. At sixteen they had met, at eighteen they parted, him being sent out for his first patrolling mission that would take on a longer while. They had missed each other, but dismissed it as not being used to be without each other's presence. They did promise to exchange letters every now and then, when he reached a camp, telling Marcella about his experiences with the troops and what his next destination was predicted to be. She would send the letter forward to the camps he mentioned, hoping that it would reach him in time or at all and before they knew it they were nineteen. The age that Marcella was elevated to the seats of the council and she became busy. Both of them were busy until he had finally completed his training and became a general, just like his family wished him to be, like they had been before and Marcella just starting out on her road. As they met with each other after the years apart relief washed over them. Having finally realized that they did think of each other as more than precious. However it wasn't meant to be it seems as he died by the hands of the assassins out patrolling. Heroic he had always been, having jumped in front of the assassins who had seemingly came out of nowhere to attack and he tried to protect the innocent lives about to be harmed. Unfortunate and heartbreaking for Marcella as she had looked forward for him to fulfil the promise he had made before leaving. He was the first person she had learnt to love and supposedly also the last person. It is by the cause of his death that Marcella has thrown herself so much into her job as she does now, rarely taking a break for every passing moment she isn't moving around she will think of him.

    Ruin Grey
    Alive - They aren't friends, just comrades with clashing personalities. Marcella can't stand Ruin's bloodthirsty and violent antics, wondering how screwed a soul must be to turn so dark and malicious. However the female is unaware of Ruin's true situation, if she had she would have never allowed it to happen. Instead her pacifistic side turns her face away from the older woman, disgusted to see that violent temper.

    [Always open to discuss]
    Nimble voice
    One wouldn't hear her scream, nor would they hear her very well in a large crowd. Her voice is soft, gentle, but hard to hear when not giving her all of the attention. She has no reason to raise her voice, doesn't mind it for being so nimble, after all it is only good manners to turn your whole attention when someone speaks. Though some may mistake her for being shy because of it volume, she is definitely not. Others may take her for being tired, which might be true mentally. However there is no reason as of why she speaks in a soft tune, just that it is part of her being.​

    Marital status
    Unmarried and no betrothed, currently Marcella is considered to be 'single', young and free to take. However ever since the death of her fiancé a year ago the female has completely immersed herself with work. Following a routine of sleeping, eating, working and so on. Of course she had been proposed by other men after she was available again, but she always refused. Still in pain about her former love and still unable to open up. She believes that she is unable to any more, after having her former lover taken away from her so cruelly. Her family does try to encourage her into meeting potential partners, but know that what they actually should do was leave her to mourn. However there is a name she has to uphold and thus work is in the way, trying to mend her heart away from the sadness she actually feels.

    RP Example:

    In all honesty August had just tried to be cross with his parents. Hoping that if he kept on rebelling and struggling that he would soon enough be send back to his grandparents. Back to the spices of the kitchen that made his mouth water, back to the garden with the exotic plants and fruits that he wasn’t going to pluck and eat and back to his grandfather with the smelly water pipe. However, instead of that the boy had been pushed two cups to hand, damp steaming up as it was coffee for the movers who were helping them. Break time and this was where the male was supposed to step in and help out his mother with the instant coffee and tea, bringing it around to the men with their muscular arms bigger than his head.

    They were standing in the hallway when the young boy brought them the cups with liquid. Talking and some standing under the roof of the entrance smoking. The cigarettes of the UK certainly smelled worse than the pipe his grandfather smoked, steaming up as the stick glowed up ever so lightly. It was also shorter and grew only shorter the longer the men held it in their hands, drawing another breath from it. The smell that came from it was unpleasant and as the smoke that crawled up into his nostrils was prickling his senses to sneeze. August however bit on his tongue to avoid it from happening as tears formed into his eyes because of the supressed urge, sniffing his nose a little in the hope there was that he could ‘air’ it away. Alas, when he finally handed the coffee to the men and another cold wind blew past him a sneeze was released, his head cocking forward because of the sudden release. Laughter erupted from the movers, him apparently being funny as they blessed him. Odd custom August thought as he rubbed his nose, wondering if the difference in weather had already caught up to him. He hoped that it had and that he would catch a heavy cold with a high fever as to convince his parents that this place was truly bad for him and his health. The only unfortunate about it was that the boy knew that by being cold no one fell ill. Nonetheless he still hoped for the summer flu to be around and to be caught as it could be very well his only chance to convince his parents to go back to Turkey.

    It was then that a movement in the corner of his eyes caught his attention that August was distracted for a moment. A group of three, two adults and a kid about his age to which the boy couldn’t help but to note how pale they all looked. Pale, skinny and tall. Not that August was fat or chubby, it was just his cheeks that made his face so round whereas the boy approaching his house had much sharper features. The same counted for the woman and the man under the umbrella that accompanied him. They as well had sharper features than both his parents had and were pale of complexion unlike his tanned skin. He supposed that it had to do with the place that they came from and their ethnicity. His mother did mention it once that people of the east never aged, referring to their youthful looks and round faces. Illuminating green eyes checked the small family out as they came to the entrance of the house, the smell of fresh baked goods coming closer as the boy concluded that they were neighbours. Sad life, since he had actually hoped that no one was to welcome them so that his mother could complain about their ‘lack of manners’. Which could be another reason for them to move away again. However, they had neared the entrance, the faces of the two adults practically beaming with the thought of getting to meet new people and August had since long noticed them as well as he must have been noticed himself.

    At first the boy had stuck out his lower lip a little, a slight pout forming as he wanted them to turn around and go to the front door of the people next to them. Unfortunately they were here for them and the boy composed himself, at the very least showing a bit of manners. “… Hi.” He greeted, simple as the boy wasn’t too profound in the English language, seeing how he had just immigrated from an entirely other place there was no reason for him to be fluent yet as he knew his basics. He would learn the language soon enough, or so his mother had stated who had by now appeared behind him with the rest of the cups in hands. “Oh, hello.” She greeted cheerfully, mildly surprised to see people so soon in their entrance. As she quickly handed out the cups the Greek walked up to the family, quickly moving aside a few boxes to make room as she made a sign to invite them inside of the house. “Please, do come in, I apologize for the mess, but we’re in the middle of unpacking.” She laughed, her English slightly tinted with her foreign accent as she patted August on his head, levelling herself with him. “Canim, Babani ara, lütfen.” she spoke, speaking the mother tongue that August grew up with. It went automatic, speaking Turkish in the presence of each other, as they had been doing so for years as they had lived with his grandparents. “Iyi, anne.” The boy replied, understanding that there was no reason for him to refuse to give the guests entrance to the place. In the meanwhile Delia, his mother was leading the guests towards the backroom of the kitchen, the only place with seats and tables and thus the only place proper enough to have guests for now. If they had been a few hours later then perhaps they were in a better state, but knowing his mother she would never turn them to the door.

    From the PRP exchange between Ko and I.
    KID!August from Hogwarts;New generation hosted by Wicked.
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  8. Basic Info Name: Dra'otha (Dray - Ohth - Ah) Ahldawvyr
    Alias: Dray

    Age: 29 YRS
    Race: Druid (See Bottom for Details)
    Gender: Female

    Height: 5' 6" | 168 cm
    Weight: 137 lb | 62 kg

    Allegiance: Supporter of the Immortal Nine
    Class: Mage
    Profession: Druid High Priestess (See Bottom for Details)

    "Child of Fate"
    With the Fiery Truth
    Burn away the Evils of the World
    With the Fiery Truth
    Light the Darkness of the World

    Liberi Fatali - Theme Song



    Much like in the picture provided, this beautiful, strangely humanistic woman differs only by the markings and the silver pieces adorning her near-flawless skin. Unlike in the picture, Dray is only pierced in her ears. Her well-curved body stands at the perfect height of 5'6", weighing just over 135 pounds. Her long hair, dyed along her bangs with a beautiful blue, stretches to her waist, and holding the top tirade of hair back from her face is a large, silver blade, pointed up so that it gleams. Because of what she is (again, a Skinwalker), she prefers little to no clothing (due to the fact that in order to change from "human" to animal, she requires the skin of that animal (or, for like a bird, the feathers) to cover her). In animal form, she loses all that is on her body (save the pelt), including the piercings, clothing, and whatever's in her hair and on her arms), except the blade in her hair, which rests between the animal's shoulder blades, embedded in the skin. Upon once more taking that "human" form, she must once again put all things back into place. In her true form, the only real thing to show that she is Druid are her strange, faded blue lips, lightweight hair (seriously, what human can have hair that long and NOT have headaches?!), and beautiful peridot eyes (with flecks of emerald and a silver starburst around the pupils). The dragon on her stomach, an anomaly that has been there since before she was found, marks her as something that is not truly Druid, but more...but what that is, the Druid cannot say. The serpents on her arm, a mark given by the Druid to mark her as the High Priestess in training (taking twenty-four grueling hours and three different Druid Markers to do), is the only other thing that would mark her as one of her people.

    Around her waist is a silky, flowing skirt that falls to the middle of her thighs, dark, earthy brown in color. Wrapped around the skirt, holding it to her, is a hand-made belt with a satchel on the side. For the most part, her chest is bare, her breasts covered only by the long, flowing cloak that shows in the picture. Her legs and feet are bare at all times.


    Primitive | Ignorant

    Raised in a clan that knows little of the world outside of the forest, Dray knows almost nothing of the outside world. She doesn't know or understand politics, nor will she ever have a care for them. This could mean anything from common tongue to the ways of travel that don't include walking. However, one thing she does know is that the Immortal Nine are a force of good, and they are the side she should be on.

    Intelligent | Understanding | Impressionable
    The intelligent mind of Dray is always apparent, even in her most primitive of moments. She has an uncanny talent to learn, but her ways of understanding the world are even more unimaginable. She has the capacity to speak to almost any living creature, and if she hasn't already learned the language, she can learn it in a matter of weeks. But with her intelligence comes her ways of impressions. She knows nothing of the world she has entered, and as such, almost anyone can tell her something of the world, and she'll believe it, so long as she is not told otherwise by her companion.

    Untrusting | Disagreeable
    Dray does not know anyone, and therefore will be more trusting of a wild beast than any humanoid outside her home. She is often disagreeable, arguing her point fiercely, even if she is the only one to see it that way. But though she might be a frustrating person to be around, once she has deemed you a friend, she will be a friend for life.

    Loyal | Faithful | Determined
    Upon becoming friends with Dray, anyone can find themselves with a woman that will stick with them even if she doesn't always agree. She puts her faithful heart on that person, and sets her mind to any task they give them, never stopping until she has completed that task. However, don't think her a servant, as she won't always be mundane enough to go pick up firewood. And if you ask her to wash your clothes, you're in for a mighty surprise.

    Talkative | Observant | Introverted
    Oftentimes, those around Dray will find her muttering to herself in a tongue that is not necessarily recognized. She enjoys sitting on the sidelines, talking to herself constantly or to her companion, who is never very far from her, her eyes darting back and forth constantly as she watches and learns.

    Spiritual Leader | Compassionate | Moral
    Being the last Druid HIgh Priestess, training in the High Priestess position her entire life, Dray knows and understands the basic concept of right and wrong, and she always does her best to do right by the world. She is spiritually blessed, and her ways of being a leader in one's soul and the soul of the world can be inspiring. Her compassion for every living thing is apparent, to the point that every time she kills, she cries. All life means a great deal to Dray and her people, and her compassion of that life can oftentimes lead others into feeling the same.

    Wake up from your sleep, my children
    Your childhood years are gone
    Wake from your sleep, Fated Children
    Your slumber is over

    The origins of the babe wailing on the outside of the Whispering Wood in which the great Druid People reside is still, to this day, unknown. Wrapped in the black pelt of a wolf that shimmered with a strange green hue and held together with a strange, knife-like pin, the babe appeared Druid in all forms, with blue lips and bright peridot eyes. Lying across her was a beautiful sword, and tucked against her chest was a slip of paper that had the name, "Dra'otha," written on it. The Druid Elder that had found her whisked her and her belongings back into the heart of the Whispering Wood, where he would try hard to decipher her origins. But the harder he tried, the harder it became to distinguish her as something other than Druid.
    All that she seemed was Druid but for the mark of a dragon, wings outstretched, on her stomach. So, after weeks of watching the strange babe, the Elder finally decided to mark her as simply another Druid - one without a home. And so he gave her the last name, Ahldawvyr, meaning "Born of Nature," and she would become the Child of Nature and the Child of the People, deemed to become the next High Priestess.
    Her youth was wild and free, and oftentimes she would escape into the woods to be with the animals that resided around her home. Her mind was intelligent, and by the age of two, she could speak with wolves, wild cats, and even birds. In fact, the child seemed to commune with the animals more than her people. The only time she was within the borders of the nomadic tribe was when she was training to become High Priestess. Her spirit only held her tighter to the spot, as the High Priestess is to be one with the World, able to commune with it like no other can.
    Her body would grow at an alarming rate, to the point that by the time she was five, Dray appeared to be almost twelve, and where her body grew, so did her mind. She began to hear the whispers of the wind, earth, and even fire. She could feel the gazes of the stars upon her, and she could taste the souls of those lost within the water. And the older she became, the more she could commune and connect with even the very essences of the world.
    But the most alarming and intruiging part of Dray was her ability to change her shape. Upon turning two years, Dray had found the pelt that she was found in, and as the Druid People watched in awe, the child put the pelt around her shoulders and screamed. The change to wolf was by no means pleasant, and when she became the animal, she lost all parts of her that seemed Druid, even her mind being lost to the wild instincts of the wolf.
    They trapped with wolf pup within the clan for two months before she ran straight into a spear, piercing the pelt and the small body beneath at the shoulder. Instantly, the pelt fell from the flesh of the changing body as it backed away from the pointed spear, and within moments, the child was back again. The People would then pray to know how to control the Skinwalker, as they called her, and over time they would learn ways to bring the Druid back from the wild beast. Using the little blade that had been found with her to pin up her hair, the People placed it to where every time she changed into a large beast, the actual blade would stick between the shoulder blades, on the verge of piercing the body as well as the skin.
    They would keep all pelts away from Dray, making her clothes of special, silky materials made by worms. As she grew older, however, Dray began to feel more and more inclined to wear as little as possible. She kept the wolf pelt in a sack on her waist, wearing nothing but a skirt and a cloak at all times. Her High Priestess training would grow even more harsh around the age of fifteen when she officially became a woman. Of course, by this time, Dray appeared around the age of twenty, her body taking on the full shapes of womanhood early on.
    She would continue this harsh training until 23 years when the previous High Priestess finally lost herself and returned to the World. On the night that the High Priestess died, Dray was marked with the triple serpent by three Druid Elders, also known as the Markers. The needle made her skin bleed and numb, and for the first few hours, she would scream at the pain of it. But after so long, the numbness would take over everything, and she would lose herself to the World as it spoke to her. The next day would be spent in Self Reflection, where she was given the great Dragon's Blade - the blade that had been found with her all those years ago - and the note with her name on it written in a beautiful script.
    But even then, Dray would not understand where she came from. And after her day of Self Reflection, she became High Priestess, and she would be the one to establish contact with the world outside the Whispering Wood. Herbs would be sent from her clan out into the world, and they would be deemed the wilderness healers. In return the Empress on the outside would grant the People freedom to remain in the Whispering Wood or travel to any forest in her Empire.
    And so the clan broke into smaller clans. And they would travel and spread and enjoy the life of the World. Though Dray could not understand the common language as well as she'd hoped, her basic contact would establish years of peace for her People. She would rule happily and speak to her people of what the World would tell her. And what the World said would be done by the People. Water would remain pure, Life would flourish, Fire would be considered a living, breathing factor. The stars would twinkle in the night sky, as if to tell the People they were happy, and the people would learn of the Immortal Nine, establishing them as the benefactors to the World, the one ruler of them for all eternity.
    And when the letters were sent out, Dray would receive one via bird, and she would decipher the common tongue and translate it to the need of Good to go against Evil. She would sit in her circle of runes alone for a night and discuss this with the World in hopes of getting an answer that would make everyone happy. But the World had other things in mind, and it demanded she, herself, go outside of the Whispering Wood to fight this rising Evil. The Elders would rule in her place, and a new High Priestess would be sought while she was away.

    And so, Dray makes her way out into the world, finding the path to the leader of which she must now follow on the roads of the great city, Kathar. The world is a strange, frightening place for her...but perhaps this is what she needs to do in order to find out where she came from and, perhaps, what she is...

    Weapon of Choice
    • Ezuhyth - the Dragon's Blade - This mythical blade has been said to hold the power of Ancient creatures no longer seeming to exist in Sythus, mouth opening for the shimmering blade to extend, the hilt of wings and tail. Along the gleaming metal of the blade are strange runes that not even the Druid can understand.
    • Leith - the Dragon's Tooth - A shiny silver blade tucked into her hair to point up and out at the top of her head. Upon the blade are small carvings of dancing serpents, mouths opened in a roar, and when used, the blade seems to light with a strange, blue fire.
    Powers & Abilities
    • Skinwalker - Being a natural-born Skinwalker, Dray is able to take the shape of any animal living and breathing within the world, requiring only the pelt, feathers, or notable feature of said animal to touch her skin.
    • Druid's Touch - Like all Druids, Dray has an uncanny ability to heal using almost any natural-growing, non-poisonous plant without the notable use of magic.
    • Nature Speak - Because she was born and raised in a Druid clan with a natural Spiritual Connection to the World, Dray is able to communicate with many forest animals and attempt to speak with others outside the forest (though with a much lesser chance of getting through to them)...she can even get intuitive feelings by listening to the air, water, and earth around her. Nature seems to always beckon her, and while this can oftentimes send her mind wandering and even flailing, it can also be very, very useful.
    • Self Defense - The wild isn't always the best place to live, and of course there are often attacks on the nomadic Druids. Due to this, Dray was raised in many combat techniques (mostly those that include hand-to-hand, knife, and use of her trusty sword) that can always help in her ability to defend herself and sometimes others around her. She is an adept fighter, though not nearly the greatest, and she can adapt quickly and easily.
    • Limited Magic - Though it is a small amount, Dray somehow has a strong affinity for magic in all its forms, able to call upon the guaidence of the powers she pulls from the world for a short time per day. What makes this power even more strange is that no other Druid has the capacity to use magic but for healing.

    Druid People - Dray has no mother or father, nor brother or sister. She is the Child of the People, raised by all and none, wild and true of that title. Her relationship is to her people, her Elders, and the World as a whole.

    Rysear, Guardian and Soul

    A strange, incorporeal creature no larger than a cat is constantly following Dray around. Even when she was found as a babe, that little creature was there, watching, speaking in a language no one understood. Now, he speaks in any tongue she does, and he can even tap into magic better than she can, allowing for her body, soul, and mind to work together longer, though at a cost of energy to her.

    Nature's Breath - Once per day, Rysear can wash away the barrier that blocks some minds from the voice of Dray, allowing her the ability to speak to any living organism, plant or animal, for a moment in time.

    The Dragon's Defense - Should a time arise where Dray cannot protect herself, Rysear can "breath life" through Dray into Ezuhyth so that, where Dray may have faltered in battle, she can succeed and win, somehow finding the knowledge through her ancestry to fight better, though again for only a brief moment per day.

    The Druid

    This strange, spiritual humanoid race is spread throughout the many forests to tame the wild beasties, learn the ways of Nature's Spirituality, become various healers using the natural herbs within the taint, and become One with the World. Their only obligation is to the world, as a whole, and many tribes and peoples within the forest will seek the aid of the Druid in hopes of a new cure or even protection from wild creatures bombarding villages. They are a nomadic people, taking in wanderers near Death, no matter if they are unlike them, feeling it a sign from the World that these souls were meant to become one of them. Not all make it...and only ten at a time can rank high enough to be marked with the Triple Dragon, a mark of prestige and wisdom among the clan, much less the Serpents of the World, that which marks the High Priestess. They eat from the land, drink from the rain bestowed upon them by the World, shelter themselves using fallen branches and pelts of wild animals. Money is only earned by helping the people within the forest, and it is only spent on things wanted, not needed. It is spent, more than anything, to keep peace.

    This race is divided into various small clans that spread far and wide throughout the Green Realm in hopes of helping the World quicker. Each clan is built of up to 75 people with ten Elders (those that vote for the People based on their wisdom), a single High Priestess (the final say based on her communications with the World), and the young woman destined to become the next High Priestess. Those who have wandered to the clan, near death, are taken in and cared for...they learn the ways of the Druid if they survive longer than a night (few ever do), and they become a part of the clan. Rarely are these new members fertile, for the Druid almost always give them a special, poisoning herb, that lowers fertility as to not dilute the bloodline. All are treated equally, the Elders and High Priestess with a great deal of respect.

    Once every generation, a single clan might be gifted a Skinwalker (always female) by the Great Forest Spirit (said by the Druid to be a giant White Wolf with tree-like antlers and a green aura used to guide them to their next destination in the forest) to help them better communicate with the World. With each Skinwalker, a pelt is also given with strange, mystical powers...but with every Skinwalker comes a great price to the clan. Always is that young woman born with a feral mind, and rarely does the mother survive. The woman has many physical limitations, particularly when changing shape, and the change is always painful and slow. For some, the animal side locks itself in place and must be killed in order for the human to once more take over. But they are more intuitive...more instinctual. And they always make High Priestess.

    Role Play Example
    Excerpt from Changelings

    Is it really that hard to see the storm brewing?

    The cool air of February brings a chill to even the warmest of homes on this night. The darkness seems to dance with shadows that weren't there before, and the trees even seem to silence themselves, as if readying for the storm that now dances on the horizon. From the East, the Full Moon glows brightly, breaking through the clouds enough to even see some stars still trying to sparkle through the silver light that batters the thick brush of the trees. A soft hoo is heard from a wild owl, and even the Whippoorwill calls loudly in the night.

    But I can hear more than those lowly calls. I can hear the howls of the wolves in the south. I can hear the cries of my clan as one of their own lies dying, grasping at the shadows that dance over his spirit. I can hear the wings of a messenger calling my name. And even as the bird flutters to a landing just behind me, her form taking that of a beautiful young woman by the name of Uria, I can feel the storm coming from both the north and the south. I know this storm...and I know that it will either be our end...or our salvation.

    "Dragon," Uria speaks softly behind me, her hand touching my bare shoulder gently, "I come with grave news. The Vatican have finally roused...and the spies we sent to South America have come back with news of the human Illuminati group that has risen, hoping to take over the world, starting with our territories."

    My body seems to glow with the silver of the moon, laid bare to the skies and the spirits of nature in hopes of cleansing myself of the darkness that has fallen upon me. I turn to her, seeing that she is also bare, having no time to redress after shifting back from bird to human. I have yet to allow my beast to once more have control. Tonight, I rule, only allowing for her cries to echo in my head in sorrow for the newest fallen.

    "Then it is the Vatican that has been killing my clan members these past nights?" My voice is hollow as I speak this question, for somehow I know it is them.

    "Honestly, I cannot say. We are stumped as to what is killing Changelings...we aren't sure it is either side. But whatever they are, they are much like the Undead in that they are stronger and faster...so fast that we cannot see them. And it is not just Tigers, Dragon...Bears, Wolves, Cats, even the prey...rabbits, mice, swans...many of us are dying, and we cannot explain it." Her shimmering green eyes are solemn, her face young and innocent. The girl can't be more than 23 years old; she hasn't even completed the Change yet. It is hard for her to keep from crying.

    I place a hand on her shoulder, patting her cheek with the other as I give her a strong smile. "Well, Uria, here is what I want you to do. Go back to the Great Bird Clans of the North-East and send messengers everywhere. I know they will all hear my call before then, but I don't want anyone to have an excuse to get out of this meeting. Everyone must meet back at the Foraoise an Chroí before the New Moon. This does not mean just Alphas and Betas - all clans...all members of all clans...It is time we stand up for our homeland."

    Uria seems startled by this, but she bows her head and calms herself. "I will do as asked, Chroí Chang. We are all beneath your command."

    My heart softens, and I suddenly find it hard not to cry. It is times like these that I realize what faith the Changelings have in me...have had for nearly 100 years now. I never thought I'd live to see such...fealty. I never wanted it. Lips curving into a frown, golden green eyes glowering, I shake my head. "You bow to no one, child. I ask this of you not as the Chroí Chang, but as a concerned leader...a woman that wants to protect her people. Please, Uria. Fly fast not for me...but for your family...and for your people. Because by the time the New Moon comes, we shall be at war."

    Swiftly, Uria nods, her form melting with a shimmering blue into that of a Mocking Bird - the only one with the ability to mimic exactly whatever has been heard. She will be very useful for what will need to happen. Taking off with another flutter, she disappears into the shadows of the night. And once again, where I cannot see, I can hear...and the cries of my people have become overwhelming.

    The beast wants out now more than ever...and it is against all that I have lived to make her suffer any longer. With a sigh and a tear, I allow her to take over my body, mind, and soul...her half is in lead with the simple melt of lightning and golden light. And as she shakes out her fur, I see through her eyes.

    Her ears twitch as she hears the cries of the others. A male was brutally murdered this night...and his Beast Mate refuses to let another touch him. It is time for her to intervene. With a leap into the shadows, she takes off with a great bound, lightning spewing from her paws in little waves with each touch to the ground. In mere seconds, she arrives to the scene of the death.

    The body of the male has long since taken his human form...but the fur and blood of the beast still remains spilled on the ground. The mate is in her beast form, her blue fur seemingly soaked as she expresses her sorrows with the use of her ability over Water. She looks over the creature, sorrow in her throat. With a yowl of grief, she pads forward, comforting the female that has suffered the loss. Her Aura branches out to the female, expressing her concern. Instantly soothed, the blue nuzzles her Chang.

    The twins arrive swiftly to the sorrowful cry of their Chang, their snowy white fur glistening silver in the moonlight. She looks to them, as if to say, "I'll take care of her if you take care of him..." It is hard in the world, and all know this. But still, she cannot express her grief enough. The solemn eyes of her two most trusted Betas give their answer. And with a brief lick to the female, she slowly ushers her off to the Healers.

    All are crying their sorrow now.

    But tonight - and only tonight - will be a night of grieving. Because tomorrow, the call for War will begin.
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  9. [​IMG]
    AuRon the Grey


    AuRon, from feet to the top of his spine, is about 5' 5", and from nose to tailtip, about 19 feet long, with a lean and muscled build. Mostly, just look at the picture. He weighs around 350 pounds. From collar bone to snout, he is about 5 feet long, and his tail is about 8 feet long.


    The Immortal Nine

    Not Applicable; not a humanoid creature
    The closest would be a Warrior type

    Not Applicable; not a 'civilized' creature

    Thoughtful, considerate, quick to anger, and yet quick to cool, grudge-holder and a gentleman-ly creature in general.

    AuRon grew up in a cave near one of the larger Dwarven settlements, with a Green Dragonelle for a mother, and a Red Dragon for a father. Even before he broke out of his egg, his mother, Irelia, taught him with mind-pictures, memories, and stories of the world. Because dragons can speak to each other with their minds, AuRon was already intelligent before he was even out of his own egg.

    When he found the irresistible urge to shove his snout upward, he found that he had a small 'egg-horn' on his nose, and began to break out of his egg. Upon finally collapsing out of the dark, damp world that he felt he had lived in his entire life, AuRon took his first breath of musty, oxygenated cave-air. For him, it would be the richest thing he would even take a breath of for years to come.

    Almost immediately, he found himself in a fight for his life. Under his mother's watchful eye, AuRon, who had yet to be named at the time, him, the other Copper hatchling, and the other Red hatchling were fighting. The Copper and the Red were maiming each other when the grey AuRon had come out of the egg, so he already had an advantage. By the time he had reached the fight, the Red was nearly dead; an upward thrust with his egghorn gutted the Red, and finished him off.

    The injured Copper wasn't much of a match for the newly hatched grey, and after a short pushing-skirmish, the Copper was pushed off of the small ledge that Irelia and the eggs were at, and the Copper plummeted down. WIth the fight over, and the Copper injured and gone, his 2 Green sisters emerged from their eggs, and the trio 'feasted' on the remains of the Red. Hours later, the Copper came back in search of a meal, and AuRon finished him off, having had strength from the blood and meal.

    Since then, he's been hunting slugs, bats, and rats in the cave, slowly growing from his father's, AuRelle, occasional large meals: horse, sheep, goat, bear, and occasionally a human.

    When he turned a year old, and he breathed his own fire, AuRon and his two sisters escaped the cave. On their way out, they were rushed by a group of Dwarves, and a single Human warrior, though they did not notice the hatchlings. They later learned that this war party had killed both their mother and their father in the close confines of the cave.

    Since, AuRon, or rather Auron, since he had yet to break out his wings, had been traveling the land, and as a scaleless grey, did not need precious metals for strong, thick scale. He traveled and traveled, having only the occasional scrape with the dragon-killing war party, and escaping each time. He found himself the friend of wolves, by way of killing most of a pack of wolves, and then allying with the last wolf to keep the pack going, without another needless waste of life. He went by 'Fire-heart Long-tail,' or Fire-tail, among the wolves, and is occasionally howl-sang about in a wolve's howls, when they meet him again.

    More years passed, where he found himself in the company of an old elf that enjoyed the presence of an intelligent, talking beast, even though it was large and smelled like garlic, like most dragons. After leaving the old elf, he traveled a far, far length to reach another dragon's mountains, and met with an ancient, giant black dragon named NooMoahk. Here, AuRon finally grew out his wings, and learned how to fly, and here, NooMoahk finally passed away, leaving AuRon to 'rule' over a group of primitive Dwarves as a Dragon Lord of sorts. Here, he received a message from a person he had met once, on a royal caravan that he had stumbled into [and nearly was killed at] as he was looking for directions to the mountains.

    And so he flew to support the Immortal Nine, after the Empress's message.

    Weapon of Choice:
    Fire, tooth, claw, and tail.

    Powers & Abilities:
    Breathes fire, though his firebladder is most certainly not unlimited. Can speak to other dragons telepathically, and if another creature is willing and is touching his skin with their own, he can also speak to them telepathically. Drinking his blood is similar to getting various drugs and medicines; they will be stronger, faster, etc., though he will not give up his blood easily.

    Magically, as a creature that was a Guardian of the Land, he can perform magical feats that would originally be unmatched by any other creature in the world, as the spirits of the land, sea, sky, and fire work through him. This is very rare, and he must truly feel the need to do something that would require such power for the Spirits to ever work through him in such a way.

    For he is his worldly mentor

    Tealeaf the Elf
    For he is his friend

    Irelia and AuRelle
    For they are his parents

    Jizara and Wistala
    For they are his sisters
    =Unknown locations=

    The Empress,
    for she saved his life

    Do tell if I must change anything.
    Annnd I suck at banners

    RP Example:
    Oooh, I like this post:
    Show Spoiler

    A tall, heavily muscled humanoid reptile walked through the streets of a strange, foreign place, filled with some kind of squishy alien things. He didn't care to do anything with them; all they did was look at him and let out piercing audio attacks on his sensitive ears, and then ran away. Some of them rode in weird, unarmed, unarmored personnel carriers, and one even tried to run him over. The vehicle was so small, however, that he beat down the front of the odd vehicle with his fist, crumpling the top metal piece, and hearing something snap and catch fire inside. It had strange, flashing lights on the top, and they annoyed him, so he just tore them off and tossed it into a nearby glass panel, though it broke and it disappeared into a room behind.
    Then he smelled something familiar. He smelled... water.. fish. Yes, fish, he knew the smell of fish. He grew up on a swamp world, and fish was what they ate, oily and slick. He also smelled a bit of smoke, and heard some cracking and crashing noise, again from where the fish smell came from.

    And so he strode down the giant, odd, black-paved pathway towards the smell, hungry.
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  10. [​IMG]
    “If there was no such thing as money, we would all be rich. But that is not the case, is it?”


    Lujurio Athe Blumen



    Follower of Erthantis



    Lujurio has a mane of beige-blond hair, falling to around his shoulders, the closest he's ever willing to cut, due to worries of stabbing himself in the head. He needs to brush hair out of his eyes often, lest he crash into a scary Highwayman. While that has never happened, Lujurio had once tried to stop a fight. He ended up with half his face cut up. Battle scars, he'd say. His hair constantly falls over his eyes, which serves to be a problem when he's trying work. His eyes are charcoal gray, and usually seem quite serious, and guarded. He has always been quite good at hiding his thoughts from others. It's quite difficult to tell what's he's thinking. Lujurio doesn't smile often, but he has a soft smile, just a moment from being wiped away. Lujurio believes that he is an average height, as he doesn't usually need to look down on or look up to people.

    Lujurio generally wears dark clothing. It's simply a matter of preference. One particular piece of clothing he has is a dark cloak. It was his father's, he just took it before he left. He is always wearing a pendant necklace, hidden beneath his clothing. Besides that, he doesn't usually care what he wears, as long as it's not a dress.



    Growing up with a father who is an innkeeper, it only makes sense for Lujurio to become one as well. However, as his father clearly wasn't ready to give up his inn for Lujurio, and Lujurio had spent long enough working for his father, he worked extremely hard to have and maintain his own inn. It was difficult work, but he also enjoyed it quite a bit.

    A Thief
    Habits are difficult to break. Despite Lujurio's perfectly respectable and well-paying job of an innkeeper, there are just moments when people just have too much. Why, they don't even notice when they lose a little. These people are generally close enough to nobility that they manage to get by without paying, anyway. That takes a blow on Lujurio's income, most of which ends up going to the tax collector. He really needs every bit of money he gets. So if one ever leaves his inn a bit lighter… just think of it as a small tip.


    A Creative Mind

    There are times that, rather than a finely tuned lie, what works best is an crazy, out of control excuse that, while wouldn't make a person believe you, may just entertain them enough that they leave you alone. Lujurio is fairly good at that. As a single child, when there were times when he was bedridden, it was all he could really do. Lujurio can spend hours simply making stories, about bandits and assassins and princesses and deities and people who just happen pass him by. If he finds the right person, these stories work well.

    Analytical Thinker
    Lujurio enjoys learning about the world. Even when he was a child, he would often be observing things, from scenery to people. He would also ask people things, if he absolutely needed to ask. He often gets distracted by one thing, and will abandon what he was doing before. As such, people tend to find him flighty and distracted, but he simply tries his best to do things in order of importance. Some things, such as insuring he is also neat and orderly can sometimes be neglected. He has an extremely low concentration rate, but he tries his best to concentrate on things, and so prefers to have a lot of time to himself to do just that. He often doesn't have time to himself, though.

    Horrible Communicator
    It's not a matter of picking the right words. No, Lujurio can be good at that at times. What he needs help on is his amazing ability to express his opinion or feelings about things. It's because he had never had a reason to say what he thought. And he doesn't expect that he needs to now either. If you were to ask him about how he was feeling over something(which is unlikely), he'd probably say he was fine, he was happy, and everything was great. He'd just prefer you don't ask his opinion and let him do whatever he wants.

    It can be difficult to understand Lujurio. He is a kind enough person who may send you a smile from time to time, but can be quite harsh. He makes rules and he generally follows them, but there is, he says, a time and place for rules, and a time and place to ignore them. It all depends on whether the rules restrained you or not. He is a person who rarely speaks, and would prefer to be completely silent rather than saying pointless things. But many things that are important can also seem rude.

    Lujurio takes an interest in nearly any subject. He loves to learn, but simply being told what to do bores him. There are some things that he just doesn't find interesting, such as reading and writing. They are quite boring. But most things, he enjoys learning most things. He prefers to try observing and learning by himself, rather than getting someone to help him, though.

    Lujurio often has troubles with doing certain things. For example, reading and writing. As he is not an extremely strong person, he may have troubles carrying things at times. He occasionally needs help understanding problems. But the amount of things he actually takes to ask for help is extremely, extremely low. He usually feels embarrassed to ask for help, and so he tries to do everything himself, though there are some people he will, at least, reluctantly ask for assistance. Besides that, his pride often keeps him from doing as others say. He dislikes it when people try to control him, though he has enough sense to not outright object to someone of a higher standing than him.


    Lakeland, and the Inn

    His parents had been planning to leave for quite some time. To leave Lakeland and it's residents behind, to find some place that was a bit safer. But as Lujurio's mother had been pregnant with him at the time, they decided to wait for a little. When he was born, they waited a little while longer. When they were about to leave again, Lujurio had gotten sick, and so they stayed. They only ever left for those mandatory trips to Kathar, and the rest of the time was spent in Lakeland.

    Growing up, Lujurio was a child more content by himself than with anyone else. Just as well, as people rarely stayed in Lakeland. Any friends he might have made would have left eventually, since no one would want their child to be in such a dangerous place. Lujurio spent most of his time in the inn his father owned, simply observing people when he was too young to work, maybe speaking to them if they spoke first. He was an intelligent child, or at least intelligent enough to hold a conversation with those who passed through the inn. When he was older, Lujurio's father taught him how to count money, and how to water down the rum a bit so they needn't spend much money on it. Then he would be the one collecting money for the food and the bed the people needed. Lujurio met quite a lot of interesting personalities, just by sitting there all day. But none of them really stayed too long.

    Well, except for one man. He seemed normal enough, but normal people don't travel down to Lakeland and stay at the inn for so long. Lujurio had asked him why he was there, but the answer was always the same. “I just needed a place to be,” he said. It sparked Lujurio's curiosity, but never getting closer to the true answer frustrated him. On the day the man left, Lujurio snatched a hunting knife he had and took it for himself, an action out of spite. It wasn't the first time Lujurio had stolen something, but it had been the first time he had stolen something and kept it for himself. It was also probably the first time that Lujurio was positively sure the person saw him, but didn't confront him about it. Lujurio kept the knife.

    The Whispering Woods, and Ronin
    Lujurio was always striving to know more. But he knew he didn't know much. Why, the most he knew of other places, besides Kathar, was their names. He knew nothing of them. So at the age of 18, he decided to set out with all his belongings, from his small portion of money that was earned at his father's inn, to the knife he had taken, which was tucked by his side. But a small taste of home was still needed---his fathers cloak, perhaps. And as he was not one for good-byes, he had set out without a word, once the inn was dark and everyone was asleep. He had spent too much time worrying about reactions---whether or not his parents would care, both choices seemed quite horrible to him. So it was just easier to not find out their reactions at all, though undoubtedly they would be enraged, as he had seemingly run away.

    He walked for quite a long time, and to not use all his money on the trip, he would try walking through the night, though he usually ended up falling asleep under the stars, using his father's cloak as a blanket. He had taken a slight detour into the ever-busy Kathar, and snatched some food from the marketplace, which made his trip just a bit easier. He planned to go to Ronin. Unlike most people who went to that port town, Lujurio wasn't looking to be on the water. Rather, he was looking for a place where people often came and went, so he could work in an inn, as that was the only trade he knew of. He knew that going from his bandit-ridden home of Lakeland to the structured town of Ronin would be a bit of a hassle,but he wanted to. Kathar was busy for Lujurio, and who would willingly go to the Freezing Isles?

    But to get to Ronin, Lujurio needed to get through the Whispering Woods, a thing that thoroughly terrified him. Having heard stories of the woods, which was said to house spirits, Lujurio was rather reluctant to go through it. But the boy had wanted to know, so he decided to brave the woods. Perhaps it was his paranoia due to the stories, but Lujurio really thought he had heard voices… Surely, though, those stories were just jokes? People's souls couldn't really be trapped in the forest.

    Once he had reached Ronin, the job of having an inn wasn't quite as easy as Lujurio had hoped. But things never came out perfectly, and Lujurio was sure that it would pay off if he just worked hard.

    And it did pay off. It was but a year or so when Lujurio had his own inn. It was a small inn, with only him and a man named Rhith who Lujurio had offered the job to. Rhith was extremely entertaining company, as he knew quite a lot. Lujurio never knew what Rhith had actually planned to become, as he certainly knew more than enough to become something greater. Nonetheless, Lujurio appreciated the help. While Lujurio would be collecting money, cleaning rooms, and serving (people and any horses they may have arrived on), Rhith would cook the food, fix things, and write things, as Lujurio didn't know how to. Neither were much for speaking, but they would listen to what travellers had to say. Perhaps that was how they had so many patrons. It certainly had nothing to do with their abundance of female workers.

    The two, while very much the same, had a few differences. For instance, Rhith was a strong supporter of the Immortal Nine… But Lujurio never told him of his opinions. Conflict was quite pointless, but it could only be avoided if Lujurio simply didn't talk about his opinion. He was perfectly fine with not telling people every detail of his life.

    The Letter, and Kathar
    Letters rarely came to Lujurio's inn. He had never seen his parents after leaving, though he knew there was always a single day when they were, at least, when they were all in the same city. And Rhith had never received letters, which Lujurio assumed was because he had no one to receive letters from either.

    So when there came a day when a letter arrived addressed to Lujurio, he wasn't quite sure of what to do. He wasn't particularly adept at reading, and it would certainly take quite a while to read through the letter. But Lujurio was sure that a letter would not come to him if it was not important, and so he decided not to get Rhith to read the letter for him, though he would have done so for any other piece of writing.

    That was quite a good idea, he realised after a long while of reading the letter by the flickering flame of a candle. For surely, this letter would have angered the man, a strong supporter of the Immortal Nine as he was. For the letter was addressed to those who followed Erthantis from the High Priest Fingar himself, ordering them to go to the Royal Palace.

    It could very well have been a trick. Did they find enjoyment in tricking thieves to their demise nowadays? Nonetheless, the letter had sparked his interest, and Lujurio decided to go find out what it was all about. He had gone with Rhith to Kathar---it was nearing the time for the Empress' Birthday Parade, and he didn't need to make an excuse to leave.

    Kathar, the ever-busy capital of Sythus. Lujurio had reached it in a few days times, in time for the parade, and for heading to the palace like the letter had told him to do. In the busy streets of Kathar, it was easy enough to separate himself from his companion. He was headed towards the Palace soon enough. It was now time to see what the letter was about…


    Weapon of Choice
    Hunting Knife

    Show Spoiler

    Ever since he was young and collected money at his father's inn in Lakeland, Lujurio has had this knife. He picked it up when the owner wasn't looking---though he was fairly sure that the owner had, in fact, seen him. Though the knife is never used for more than cutting open the bottom of people's coin bags, he always has it when he goes out, hidden safely beneath his cloak. He tries his best so people are not suspicious of him for whatever reason---knives don't help with that.

    Pendant Knife
    Show Spoiler

    Though Lujurio often takes things, he really had bought this, with his own money. Perhaps some of the money was taken unfairly, but it was his money nonetheless. It's a necklace, bearing an intricate dragon pendant. The wings act as a sheath, while the head of the dragon is the handle. It's always hidden beneath his clothing, though not for the same reasons he hides his knife. The pendant does appear rather expensive, and Lujurio would prefer it not be stolen.

    Powers & Abilities
    A Fine Liar

    With guarded eyes that hardly show you a thing, still hands, and a calm voice that betrays nothing of what's really on his mind, it's always difficult to tell what Lujurio is truly thinking about, whether or not he's lying. This is an extremely important thing for him, as there are many times when Lujurio needs to lie in order to stay out of trouble. Of course, there is a sign of his lying---when lying, Lujurio will be calm, even if most people would be a nervous wreck in his situation.

    Lujurio is able to move around quickly and easily, always light on his feet. His agility is used as a means to run away, as he can easily disappear into a crowd. His light-footedness is also used as a means to listen, and learn---most people don't notice him until he speaks. And---though he'll probably never admit to this---he finds it entertaining to scare people when they suddenly realize he had been standing behind them the whole time.

    Having practised the art of stealing for the majority of his life, Lujurio finds no problem in taking things. It's nearly a game to him, one where he attempts to see how long it would take before he is caught. Still, he usually doesn't take more than he needs. That would go against everything that he is, and he'd get caught too quickly if he just took without reason.


    Mother || Father || Status Unknown

    Lujurio had not seen his parents in over four years. He is unsure of whether of not they are alive. They are probably two people that Lujurio had paid the least attention to, as when you have known someone since the day you were born, you sometimes forget that there are things about them that you don't know yet. But his mother was a kind enough mother, she made his clothing and Lujurio often watched that. She also cleaned the rooms and tended to patrons. She was a angular woman, her sharp features making her seem more strict than she is, but she had golden eyes, that danced in the light.
    His father was a businessman, most definitely, and was often focused on work. Everything he taught Lujurio had to do with work. Tall and lean, he was, and he often needed to look down at people. He had a friendly, easy going smile, though, and charcoal eyes like Lujurio, though his were a tad smaller from age. His inn seemed to contradict Lakeland's shady reputation, as there were never fights there, in fact everyone suddenly seemed to become happier upon entering…

    Rhith || Alive
    Rhith works in Lujurio's inn, and sleeps in the room across from him, which is orderly and almost empty of personal possessions. He is an intelligent person, able to read and write and patch roofs. Lujurio enjoys making conversation with him, which is odd if you consider how little they both talk. Lujurio knows very little about Rhith, not because he had never tried to learn about him, but because Rhith never talked about himself. He is a hard worker, and quite good at listening. He, like Lujurio, finds listening to stories interesting. He has dark hair, rather messy, as he's usually very busy, and he's not going to spend extra time in the morning making himself look nice, and dark eyes, not like Lujurio's, but eyes of dark blue and purple, that stared into your very soul. He doesn't show much of his thoughts, and emotions he displays seems quite minimized. It would probably be frustrating for anyone besides Lujurio to work with him.


    Reading and Writing

    Though his father tried to teach him everything he needed to know, Lujurio just couldn't pick up on some things. It's simply because he had his own idea of what he needed to learn. He easily learned to count money, and to be quick, and to lie, but reading and writing has always stumped him. He can now read, slightly, though he prefers to not have to, and it's possible that he'd be able to write if he tried, but he doesn't try. Though, his reading doesn't technically count as reading. Rather, he convinced Rhith to show him what certain words he found important looked, and he just looked for those words when reading and tried to connect what he was reading with those words. Then he may ask Rhith for some more help, if he still doesn't understand. He's not too proud for that.

    Lujurio doesn't exactly show when he's nervous, or embarrassed. A calm face, and calm eyes, it's difficult to know when he's feeling those emotions. But there is always a sign. Always. Lujurio's sign is the way he tends to reach up and touch the scar on his cheek. He's rather self-concious of it, after all. So when he's nervous or embarrassed, particularly if people are watching him, he tends to do that, like he were trying to hide it. Though, at his inn it doesn't matter as much. After all, many people there have scars, though it's generally from starting a fight, not trying to stop one like him.

    Sunrise, Sunset
    Lujurio's favourite sights in a typical day are sunrises, and sunsets. Though, as people often start looking for a place to stay as it starts to get dark, Lujurio often misses sunsets. But he never misses a sunrise. He sleeps late at night, but wakes early in the morning to watch the sun quickly rise above the houses. In those moments, it almost seemed like you could reach it. Just run out towards the sun and touch it.

    The amount of trust Lujurio puts in people is odd. Once he's gotten to know someone, he could trust them with his life. But, he'll always have doubts about whether or not they'll laugh at anything he may need help with. Imagine, trusting someone to protect your soul but not trusting them to keep a straight face when listening to you about your inability to read(though, that is his fault and he shouldn't complain)!

    As a child, Lujurio was sick often. Even now, he is often sick. But he never particularly cared, it doesn't make him weak or anything. He is quite good at just acting like he is all healthy and well, so he is fine. Perhaps it's not the most healthy way, to act like he's fine when he's sick, but it doesn't matter to him.

    Lujurio has a mild disliking of nobility. They have a lot, while people below them don't. It's not very fair. That's all he thinks on the subject though, any nobles can redeem themselves by being kind, probably.


    RP Example
    Well, if I really need one, please tell me.

    I need a better banner. I haven't an idea who the artist of the picture is, but I made the banner. The first part of that quote of his is actually from my Anthem shirt, almost word for word. If I need to fix anything, please tell me.
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  11. [​IMG]

    DE U298 / Monique​

    Known As:
    The Witch Doctor


    Regardless of where she is, Monique is almost always wearing her witchdoctor headdress. It is not only a symbol of her status and profession, but it helps with her anonymity as well. Her face is tattooed from when she was branded as a slave, and though she has tried different types of magic to remove the tattoos and change her face, they will not go away. And anyone who has seen her markings is immediately made a target by Monique. The chances of the slave organization still existing and her being brought back into slavery are very slim, but Monique knows better to not take any chances. So despite her anti-aging potion to keep her youthful looks and body young, Monique keeps herself hidden behind the terror of The Witch Doctor.

    Dark Elf

    Follower of Erthantis​



    The few people who know bits and parts of Monique’s life, or better yet, DE U298, would gladly attempt to justify her personality from her childhood. But to say that her past heavily influenced the person Monique is today would be false. And yet, to turn around and say her upbringing has nothing to do with her personality is also incorrect.

    Her centuries of hardships, hunger and endless torment did not create such a malignant hatred inside of Monique, but rather was the catalyst to what it had grown into. Even as a young elf, Monique harbored dark and inappropriate emotions well before her abuse, and even if she was raised normally, her descent to darkness would likely have been inevitable. At least, that’s what Monique believes.

    And nothing would convince her otherwise, especially when she was finally able to harness and use her magical abilities. She not only killed, but she indulged. And when she indulged, she became something greater than what she could ever imagine; A free being. The dark thoughts that plagued her mind were finally accepted by Monique and she has lived out her suppressed cruelty to the current day and age.

    But, how deep are the aphotic, perilous waters of Monique’s soul? It’s easier to find out oneself.


    The names of U298’s parents are unknown. But it can be assumed of two things. One or both of them were mages, and they are both dead. U298 was given a name by her orphanage, but she was too young to remember it, and never cared to learn it through any spell. The only name she can remember is DE U298, or simply U298. It was the identifying category and number given to her when she became a slave under human traders.

    When her orphanage was raided around the age of 50, U298 was sold into child slavery, working many years in the mines of Kathar with other captured and abandoned children. When she was around 70 years old, U298’s weak body was no longer able to sustain the work of the mines. A lot of her limbs were sprained and her small body could not keep up with the demands of the physical labor. After minimal medical treatment, U298 was moved from the dangerous caves to the nightmarish brothel, and became a sex slave for quite awhile.

    The torture she endured by her clients was far worse than breaking a mere bone in the mines, and she wished for her life of slavery and torment to end. But her body was never physically adept, and even in her prime of 200 years, U298 could hardly injure an average man. Suicide was pressing heavy on her mind but the day before her fifth attempt at ending her life, something wonderfully horrible happened.

    One of her male clients accidentally cut himself with the knife he was using to toy with her. For the first time, she felt something stirring in her as the blood dropped on her breasts. At that time, she didn’t know what the feeling was, but she was tempted to experiment. With a forceful strain of the first use of her magic, the blood droplets flew from her skin and into her client’s eyes. And when his eye sockets streamed blood, U298 sent it into his mouth to clot up, causing him to asphyxiate.

    From then on, the whole brothel became a blood bath. U298 flexed and surged with decades upon decades of untapped power and unleashed all of her concealed hatred upon any ill-fortunate being that crossed her path. When she tired out and ran out of targets, she fled into the nearby woods close to the brothel. With her legs incredibly weak from being chained to a bed for the majority of her ‘career’ as a sex slave, she only got a few feet before she collapsed.

    And for the second time in her life, U298 was blessed. She wasn’t found by more slave traders, or even guards. No, she was found by a traveling witch doctor. His name was Emil, and like herself, he was once a slave. Feeling pity on the woman and at the same time noticing the hidden potential in her, Emil named the dark elf Monique, after his deceased wife, and took the woman under his wing. He started to teach her everything he knew, from potions and spells, to curses and hexes. Nothing was kept a secret from Monique, and all of the knowledge she could have ever desired in the profession of a witchdoctor, was eagerly given to her by Emil.

    He not only slaked her thirst for knowledge, but also her desire for violence and chaos. He monitored her as she brought a village to ruin with a single spell on a local farm, and tended to her wounds whenever she failed a client (or rather, was caught by one.). Emil loved Monique, and though he understood that she would never obtain the emotional capacity to return his feelings, he was satisfied with just her company.

    And when Monique grew powerful enough and tired of his presence, she betrayed and killed Emil, who welcomed his death with open arms. As an experienced necromancer, Emil’s spirit inhabited one of the skulls on his staff, which Monique took, along with his old mask. From there he was able to watch over his beloved predecessor, who only found out about his presence decades later. Annoyed but not disheartened, Monique allowed his skull to stay on her staff and accepted the occasional advice he offered.

    As a budding witchdoctor, Monique accepted any and every client she could get, as long as they could pay the price. Either blood, body parts or money (and depending on how rich the person was, one was always easier to get than the other). Monique’s strange payment options did not deter others from seeking her services, especially as her reputation exploded into the country-wide title that it currently is.

    Monique never branched out from her profession, since she never found reason to. She was pleased with the torment she spread across the region and didn’t mind at all when the terrors of The Witchdoctor instilled fear and caution into many over the centuries. What she didn’t like was when, her clientele decreased because of the stories told of her misguided and evil magic, but she was given a chance to redeem her name.

    Monique was invited to many wars for her supportive magic and endless supply on the battlefield, and though she never received a medal of honor, mostly due to her killing her own comrades for their blood, her title of Witchdoctor was less demonized and held more respect.

    Currently, only the desperate and bold seek Monique’s services. and the price is always heavy. And now she is using all of her resources to aid in the impending doom she feels is nearing, and nothing would put a more wicked smile on Monique’s face than seeing the world drown in it’s own blood. So for the death of all, Monique will fight at full force.

    Weapon of Choice:
    Monique was never a physical fighter and could not rely on direct attacks in any point of her life, mostly due to her sustained injuries in her childhood. She uses her staff to aid in her magic, but apart from the hidden blade at the end of it, it serves no purpose as a weapon, especially to someone as fragile as Monique.

    Powers & Abilities:

    Blood Magic:
    The only thing Monique has gotten from her parents was their genetics. She has a natural affinity for blood magic, and because of the nature of the power, it and necromancy are the ONLY types of magic Monique can, or rather, will use. The possibilities of what Monique can do with blood is endless, but the strength of the magic is heavily reliant on a few factors.

    The Being: Depending on the owner of the blood, the power of the magic and flexibility of what can be done with it varies. It it were a regular human, Monique can only use the blood for basic things, such as standard strength potions and healing. If it were a lowly beast, such as a pig, Monique could only use it for remedial things, like temporarily alternating someone’s appearance. But, if the blood were from a powerful creature, ideally a mighty warrior or even a dragon, Monique could do just about anything she liked with the blood, from increasing the longevity of a life (most likely her own) to creating majestic blood wings to enable flight for an hour.

    The Amount: A gallon of a human’s blood can do about the same amount of work as an ounce of a dragon’s blood. Not that Monique has really used either of those proportions, but if she had to think of a comparison, that would be the one. In some cases, quantity does best quality, and it depends on Monique’s client and their request. But as for personal preference and for better spells, Monique always desires quality.

    The Death: The most overlooked and yet the most important part of Monique’s blood magic. Depending on how the blood was extracted from the victim can greatly boost it’s potency. If one found a dead orc and scraped up some blood in a vial to be used by Monique, the effects would not hold a candle to a husband strangling his wife and later letting the blood drip from her decapitated head. For Monique’s blood magic relies on the dark truth of it’s source; cruelty and suffering. And Monique can not only tell the method of death through the blood, but her spirit is empowered by it and apropos, her magic.

    Tl; dr: The darker the death, the darker the magic, the more powerful Monique’s magic can become.

    On a much more boring note, Monique found during her random dabbling and strutting of magical prowess, that she can reanimate the dead! ...Somewhat. Well only a little bit.

    Ok. Not at all.

    Monique is at an intermediate mage level when it comes to necromancy. She can speak to and raise spirits, but reanimating the dead is a feat Monique may not see in her lifetime. But instead of using skeletons to do her bidding, Monique uses her necromancy to help her with her quality of living. Monique won’t leave her bedding area until she has put on at least one coat of graveyard dirt on her skin, which helps her utilize her magical energy more efficiently and helps prevent aging. Monique also uses the counsel of spirits older and wiser than her, through the mediums of the skulls on her staff, to guide her into making more potent spells.

    Her necromancy is used primarily as a buffer to her spells, but the extent of Monique’s control over this type of magic is negligible.


    All and none: The Witch Doctor knows plenty of people through her profession alone, but very loosely. She only remembers clients by their faces, and the few who she can recall their names were likely long-term clients or had a particularly interesting payment. Regardless, if she ever meets up with an old face, it would be the other person recognizing her, and not the other way around.

    Emil and the gang: A term for the skull Monique affectionately gave her motley crew. The four skulls on her staff are inhabited by spirits which watch over and guide Monique through almost every aspect of her life. Only Emil keeps watch over Monique 24/7, but when she actively seeks their advice, all of the spirits offer their voice.

    • For added clarification, Monique is incapable of battling one on one. If she partners in any battle or war, it was always be as a support. One that sits far, far away from the front lines.
    • Monique has the physical looks of an elf that is ~250, but her spirit is still the age that she truly she is. She tires easily and cannot perform most day to day feats (such as walking up stairs) on her own without the help of her blood magic. Her days are numbered and she knows this.
    RP Example:
    Show Spoiler

    “Why can’t you let me pay you with money? Others have given you money.” The blonde man paced back and forth inside of the dark tent. The only light in the cramped space was a strange lantern hanging from the rod that held the tent up. It’s light was an eerie green and the fire never flickered or diminished in vitality. And though it was cold outside in the forest, Matej found himself sweating lightly. He mentally blamed the lantern’s fire, whose light bore down on his face with harsh scrutiny. But the witch doctor before him didn’t seemed to be bothered by the heat, and remained idle in a dark corner as she watched his form behind her large mask.

    The tent was quiet for a few minutes, and the only sound that could be heard was Matej’s steady footsteps. Finally, he stopped pacing and focused his brown eyes on the seated witch doctor. “Couldn’t I give you something else?” Though this was Matej’s first actual request of the witch doctor, he seemed to have already knew her answer before he asked the question.

    “Matej...Sweet child...What is the purpose of seeking another woman if you already have a wife? Surely you do not love your spouse. So it shouldn’t be much of a bother to bring me her head. I will never tell anyone you committed the crime, and after I make the potion, I’ll be out of town before anyone can come ask me questions.” Monique smiled, and though Matej could not see her face, he could feel her wickedness upon him. He didn’t trust her. And not because she might not uphold her end of the bargain, here was no doubt she could help him with his endeavors. No...he didn’t trust her because she was too happy to see him come to her tent last week, and her request of payment almost automatic. It was as if she knew he would be coming to her. She knew what he wanted before he even spoke the words for the first time.

    “Why would you need that? I can give you money. I can even get you more of her blood, if you’d like, but why her head? What will you use it for?” Matej challenged as his heart beat started to pick up. He suddenly did not want to hear her answer. He didn’t love his wife, but at the same time he didn’t want to kill her. They were betrothed when they were too young to remember but they were never interested in each other. He figured if he could win the favor of Alba, he could divorce his wife and they could go their separate ways. But to kill her? Did Yasmin deserve that?

    “You worry too much about the most trivial of things. What does it matter what I do with it, if Yasmin is already dead? You either have the courage to go through with it or you do not. But I will accept nothing else. If you are done with your interrogation, you may find your way out.” Monique’s low voice bellowed on the last half of her ending sentence. She was getting tired of the weak-willed Matej, and if he lacked the conviction for a simple murder, he had no business approaching her the first time.

    “How did you-” Matej bit his tongue before he finished his question. He wanted to know how the witch doctor knew his wife’s name, but did not want the woman to lash out at him for asking more questions. When he realized that he would not be able to persuade the witch for another form of payment, he sighed loudly and turned to leave.

    “Remember her raven hair, Matej. Remember how soft it feels in your hands when you kill her. And I assure you it will be worth it.” Matej did not need names to know who the witch doctor was speaking of, and left the tent in silence.

    “Doesn’t love conquer all?” Monique mused out loud as she looked down at her crystal ball that was in the center of her low table. She watched Matej through the glass as he made his way back to his home through the woods as the smile on her face widened to a malicious grin. She had been monitoring him when she felt his overbearing lust the moment she first came into the village outskirts a few weeks ago and had been preying on his weak spirit ever since. “Do it Matej. Take control of your pitiful life and get the woman of your dreams.”

    “I remember when you used to ask for their heart.” Emil mused quietly in the corner on the top of his old staff. Monique turned the skull so it could face the cloth of the tent, but the bare head turned back around to watch Monique.

    “Do not embarrass me. I was an amateur back then.”
  12. [Reserved Entry: Coming soon]
  13. (Accidentally posted so this is a reserved spot.)

    Name: Chotha Thundershield

    Age: 23

    (Chotha posing for a painting. Artist was her father)
    Race: Hobgoblin.

    Hobgoblins are an extremely strict and fierce race. They are well rounded just like humans but with subtle differences. First of all, they live for a bit longer and tend to produce more martial-orientated fighters like warriors and rogues than wizards due to their fear of arcane magic. However, that also means a wizard among their kind is well respected and feared. Secondly, their society has a hierarchy that anyone could rise through. A human slave could be the next chief. Lastly, like other goblinoids such as bugbears and goblins, they are lazy. Wizards tend to wield defensive magic and are called beguilers among other hobgoblins.

    Allegiance: Technically, the Immortal Nine.

    Class: Warblade (Highly agile warrior)

    Profession: Former Chieftess of the Earthblood clan.

    Personality: Proud, independent, and in charge. Chotha was born for the mantle of chieftess. She worked day and night in order to get to her position and it shows in her personality... At least that's what Chotha would like someone to think. She is scared of any competition at all and is a incompetent leader in the eyes of hobgoblins. Despite this, she tries to her best to be a fair ruler, which is what makes her weak in the first place. When it comes to giving things away, she has no sense of too much or too little. When it comes to romance, Chotha's highly inexperienced and has never kissed anyone before.

    Her childhood was littered with fitting in problems. The nearby orcs were often shoo'd away by the clan soldiers despite Chotha desperately wanting to see them. Often times, she would paint her face green and sneak over to the orc camp so she could indulge herself in the culture.

    However, her visits had to stop when she was sold into slavery by her parents at the age of five so they could get a big jump in their ranking on the hobgoblin hierarchy. Some of these masters she had were nice and friendly and others... Well they were not the best of people...

    Despite this, Chotha was used to this as hobgoblin society is mostly ran by the slaves. Although it is hard for a slave to rise within the ranks of the hierarchy once they are a slave, there is nothing that says that is not possible.

    What got Chotha out of slavery is avenging a dirty, abusive master at the age of fifteen and this caught the attention of the clan's military as they saw even though she lost a lot of things to her and yet she loyally fought to near death to protect her.

    Being a soldier meant a lot to Chotha but she did not get her big break until the day a giant rampaged the clan barracks and half the training camp. Despite being in training, Chotha gutted it with an axe, which is considered to be a training weapon. This show of excellent axemanship caught the attention of the chief at that time, who then challenged Chotha to a duel.

    After yet another near-death fight, Chotha become victorious. Her father painted her chief picture to be placed among the other tribe chief. Chotha was chieftess for a while until her position was overtaken by a human wizard who destroyed half the clan's army (which is also the clan itself). After she was demoted to vice chief, she decided to leave the clan and go out adventuring.

    When she reached the first town she came across, all she could ever hear about were the Shadowlands that were not previously mentioned by anyone ever in her clan. After a bit of investigating from her part, she decided that this menace will be stopped by her.

    Dreaming about fame, fortune and women (also some men), she polished her waraxe and bought herself the finest breastplate the small village had and set off to find her fortune amidst the chaos of the war.

    Weapon of Choice: She uses a fairly large axe that, while not masterwork, were certainly dwarven made. Chotha seems to wield it one-handed with mastery, despite it's obvious use for two-hands. She calls it a "one-and-a-half-handed weapon," which is probably true since it is not as big as a great axe. It is made from a zinc-aluminum alloy to make it much lighter than it looks while keeping most of the cutting power from it. It looks very worn and old.

    Powers & Abilities: None, just mastery in the use of an axe.

    Relationships: None so far.


    RP Example:
    The bugbear felt rather shy, already being included among these new strange outcasts like her. Feeding her was a sign that she should probably help out some other way than being the sneaky brute. "W-well... Thanks for your somehow already gained respect. My name is Sashral Quietfeather. Not a name my family gave me, but one my old owner gave me when I was a slave."

    Despite the hard life slaves usually get, the bugbear did not seem phased by the very idea of slavery. She did not twitch or flinch at the name nor did she show any anger or rage against the idea. It was simple, carefree "I was a slave" that came from her bright yellow lips, which contrasted with her skin, which was the color of camel's fur coat.

    With a sigh, she slowly sat on the chair, having it creak under the large amount of weight which was visibly present from the brutish gal. What seems to be three sharp peeked out from behind her dress. No doubt, hidden behind her dress, was a relatively-small pitchfork. She probably broken off most of the handle to make it one handed.

    (Recent but not my best work.)
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  14. DaegonAllistair.jpg
    Daegon Allistair




    The Immortal Nine

    Warrior/Dragon Slayer

    Knight of Lakeland


    Extensive training among other knights opened Daegon's mind into what it meant to have a "fair fight." While dirty fighting does come as one of his tactics, he rarely uses it on one who'd show him the same kindness in battle. His code of honor leaves a soft spot in his heart for the weak and frail. It's a strong taste he has for justice that drives him to uphold them and possibly give his life.

    His days fighting dragons have brought up a new found sense of charisma. Enduring the savagery of a dragon's wrath constantly reminds him of the chances he takes, and how if he should fall he should fall fighting. Daegon has adapted to having a "quick trigger" for dangerous situations which leads him into going for the first strike when time, and should he be foiled he refuses to go down. There have been days his courage has brought him to the brink of death, only to survive by the aid of his enchantments and allies.

    There's no better training than experience, and Daegon has had enough to be a veteran at the age of twenty-two. Through near death experiences on a daily basis of his work, Daegon's senses have become sharper than most assassins. He can determine a liar or a thief from their behavior, sense danger when it cloaks itself among the people, and carries his sword like his right hand. When his wits are challenged he looks for ways to keep his chances even; using words or actions.

    Daegon was born into a small family of four on a farm, consisting of him, his older brother, Hayder, and his parents, on the edge of Lakeland. They lived a spiritually wealthy life with his mother being an elemental mage and his father a knight; they gave proper guidance of God, and how magic fit into their beliefs fairly. When he was younger, the home was raided and destroyed by a legion of dragons from all colors of the world.

    Daegon and his brother, Hayden, ran for cover as a wrathful firestorm came over their home and swallowed it whole. The first thing that caught Daegon's senses was the wails of cattle being devoured or burned alive, the scent of searing flesh and frying bones washed over his nostrils in a thick wave of calamity. The stench of death quickly became unbearable to he and Hayder, as they raised from where they hid and sought out to find their parents from this reign of Hell.

    As they searched for their kin-makers, dodging streams of flame and dagger-like talons alike, Daegon and Hayder arrived to the scene of their deepest fear. A dragon harboring their father's bloody corpse in it's jaws, and their mother burned over half of her body. Grief came over Hayder while fear stole his soul, as he fled for cover; yet Daegon stood strong and glared at the beast. He was enraged at the view of his dragon snacking upon his kin. With a brief look up he saw his father's hidden hand within it's jaw drop his old sword. His emotions took him by the throat and he rushed for the blade.

    The fight lasted long for how long it would take for a dragon to kill a pre-teen. Daegon began to tire and Hayder screamed as the dragon quickly took Daegon off guard and swallowed him whole. Eaten, things fell dark, warm, and wet Yet he could still feel his heart beating, stronger in fact. As he felt his body fight to move and struggle, he felt his right hand squeeze the grip of his father's sword, and push into the darkness. A loud roar erupted as he saw a light and kept cutting until he lopped the head of the dragon clean off. All of his emotions, his faith, his courage came out of him in a loud shout to the heavens. With an act that no man could fathom, a legend would rise and be spoken of by the lips of the people forever. As time passed, rumor began to spread about him. How a young child slew a massive dragon as it swallowed him whole; a born dragon slayer. Eventually they were picked up by guardsmen of Lakeland who took them in and gave them all they knew, yet most of the attention went to Daegon it seemed.

    When he reached the age of fifteen, his brother Hayder the age of twenty-one and accepted into the Lakeland Guard, Daegon had honed his skills as a swordsman for it was all he had left of his father. And what was left of his mother was an amulet called "Meera's Tear", whcih she used for prayer and to ward of evil spirits, and their magic as best as it could. Hayder eventually worked up enough coin for he and Daegon to settle into a small homestead by the lake, with almost little to nothing of a smithy, and two bedrooms, a small kitchen, and a basement full of old meats and breads. Living was hard for them as years came, but they eventually rose above it when Daegon reached old enough to enlist in the guards. While Hayder and Daegon were fair guardsmen, Daegon was always better with a blade then his older brother and executed their jobs perfectly compared to Hayder. One day the guard captain even told the difference between he and Daegon: "You fight for glory and riches, but your brother would rather have the people." That same day, Hayder was stripped of his rank and uniform.. He was a guard no longer, and as much as Daegon wished to pursue him, Hayder had to make his own choices and therefore he let him go.

    Years had gone by since he saw his brother and the filth of Lakeland grew stronger under the reign of a powerful swordsman named "The Titan". Those who saw him described him as a walking tree, carrying a large claymore, with the strength of thirty men, wearing armor as black as night, and a mask that hid all of his being. By this time, Daegon was twenty-seven and ruling the streets as their guardian angel and new Captain of the Guard. As he grew, so did his skill. Mages in the guard taught him how to string magic into combat, how to ward off evil, and read. The poor thought of him as a vanguard, and his enemies saw him as a man who carried more than he could. And just moving into the winter came a clamor of murders and rapes. Scenes were left brutally marked with blood and guts with "The Ttitan" painted where the world would never forget to see it. Eventually the Lord of Lakeland was threatened by the Titan as he pledged death upon the land and it's people, and Daegon refused to stand by and watch those he swore to protect die. The town spoke of the Titan bringing a small army of thugs and mercenary to take Lakeland.

    He gathered his best of men and some from the town if they volunteered to be apart of the battle. And surprisingly it was just the right amount to face an invasion; men and women alike stood to face the bane of Lakeland. And Daegon had nothing to say except to swear them an oath.
    "You all had nothing when I arrived here..
    but you gained as I grew.
    I gave to you what I could, and as you can see
    it was not enough
    I cannot grant you all will return..
    I cannot grant the safety you so deserve.
    But I can grant you the Titan..
    I can grant you his head!

    Later that night the battle began, and the still water rippled with blood as men of all sides were slaughtered. Many held their own, and many fell, but Daegon knew it would all end with the Titan. He carved path after path through the city streets as he hacked off their limbs with his father sword, and crushed their skulls with his shield. His eyes then met the menace who started the war across the bloody streets and fought his way to his side and clashed in an instant. As they exchange blows he realized the familiarity in the Titan's form with a blade, and allowed himself to be distracted for a moment. Just then the titan used a strange magic to stun Daegon, then removed his helmet to show him his face. It was his brother, Hayder, and he laughed at the sight of his little brother.

    Hayder did not explain himself to Daegon, nor speak at all as he prepared to finish him off. His heart raced against time as his soul began to grow rigid and dim at the thought his own brother would cause such madness. Helpless and in the face of danger, it reminded him of being swallowed by the dragon again. How he fought to move, to fight, and in that memory he was restored as he gripped their father's sword and drove it through his brother's heart. Before he drew his dying breath, Daegon asked of him to tell him why he committed these atrocities. Hayder smiled and died, laughing in his arms.

    It was after that day that Daegon realized the cold realities of duty and battle. It was that day that he was known as 'Kinslayer' and Oath-keeper of Lakeland. As a reward the Lord of Lakeland knighted him and awarded him an armor made of high elven valkyrie-steel, as well as a shield. It was with these components that he'd guard Lakeland for a time. But soon a new destiny beckoned for him, and it would challenge all of his being.

    Weapon of Choice
    Father's Sword: Father's Promise
    Shield: Lion's Bane

    Powers & Abilities:

    Daegon's practice of minor magic with his mother and friendly mages has left him knowing how to counter act magic, or resist it. He chants a hidden phrase in an ancient tongue that wards of mana in the area, making it a double edged sword for he and his allies.

    Daegon's amulet was blessed by his mother to ward of dark spirits should her magic bring them through any danger. He cannot be possessed, influenced, or harmed by evil spirits should he be wearing his amulet. Black magic however, or blood magic, can still do him harm, but his amulet halves the damage as best it can.


    *V'Laire: Lover/ Guard companion*
    V'Laire came to the guard generally around the same time Daegon did. They quickly found similarities with one another and became good friends. When she told him she was a magic wielder, it strengthened the relationship between them due to Daegon's mother being a mage. As the years progressed they became closer training with one another, fighting with one another, and sometimes almost dying for one another. This eventually led them to falling in love, and with his promotion to Knighthood, she was granted the
    opportunity to be his steward.

    *Kain: Previous Guard Captain*
    Kain raised Daegon and Hayder as his own when he found them. Daegon considers him the closest thing to family than anything else. He assisted in honing Daegon's swordsman ship far after it was already perfected. He taught him all he knew about being a knight and what it meant to have honor. Long after retirement, he took up a normal life as a citizen.

    Other: N/A

    RP Example:

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  15. Name: Anostia Kwa'ame (AN Nos Tea Ay Kwa Am)

    Age: 20

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Race: Orc

    Allegiance: follower of Erthantis

    Class: warrior

    Profession: hunter/ tracker

    Personality: prefers solitude as opposed to groups, enjoys the company of wolves; easy to anger but is able to hide it behind a fascade of calm and calculated otherwise it isn't a fascade.


    Weapon of Choice: scimitar, scythe, bow and arrow

    Powers & Abilities: pyrokinesis- fire manipulation
    stone- turns his hand to stone able to block or destroy most in its path
    ghost- renders him invisible and intangible
    banshee- a high pitched shout that bends metal and shatters glass
    brother wolf- conjures a wolf to aid him in battle
    (ripping this one out of dishonored) Blink- grants him the ability to jump higher or move faster for short distances

    Relationships: none other than the company of an occasional wolf pack and the other followers of Erthantis


    RP Example: Anostia recieved his letter while he was sitting in a tavern drinking the last bit of coin away from what he earned earlier that day, he just scowled down towards it, crumpled it, finished his drink, and threw it into the fire pit as he walked past. "a letter of honor in service to the light, hah" he thought to himself "what i do doesn't fall under the term 'legal' for these worthless pit-scum" he spat on the ground upon finishing the thought, the drink barely having any effect on him(being weaker than what orcs normally drink) he noticed he was being followed and deftly(For his size of 6'3"; 220Lbs.; and pure muscle) stepped into a side alley and cast his ghost spell........
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