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  1. I am looking for some people to start a casual sci-fi or fantasy rp with. I have no desired plot line, I just want to get back in the feel of RP forums. It would not go any where far, so it doesn't require a long commitment.

    Post here if you are interested. Any skill welcome.
  2. Hello, Digi-Guy, I believe I'm in the same boat as you. I wouldn't mind a casual fantasy or steampunk RP, just to get back into the swing of things. :)
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  3. EXCELLENT! Why don't we do a casual steampunk one. I figure we could start in an arena type setting. Like a gladiatorial or something. There could also be a "lounge area" where people can chill. Like a bar or something. Nothing fancy. Just something low key to help present characters.

    What are your thoughts?
  4. While perusing Goodreads, I stumbled across a book called The Paper Magician. I've never read it, but I like the system of magic (at least, the bits I gleaned from the synopsis). Would you be interested in incorporating this sort of magic to the steampunk environment of this RP?

    Perhaps the arena you mentioned is an exhibition field where magicians face off to out-do their opponents. So, no death, but there would definitely be a winner and a loser. Have you ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender or The Legend of Korra? I'm thinking about Earth Rumble VI or Pro-Bending as the main inspiration for the arena and competition.

    Earth Rumble VI (open)

    Pro-Bending (open)

    I also came up with a brief set of rules and magician types to help color the world a bit:

    Alternate Edwardian England, Europe, America, c. 1900

    Rules of Magic
    1. A magician may only bespell one material. This will be the only material he will ever manipulate.
    2. Bespelling man or beast is illegal.
    3. Only the most adept magicians can conquer non-solid elements: air, fire, and water.
    3. No magician may practice their craft until they have been certified by the House of Magicians <-- (working title, maybe this is what the arena is called, or maybe defeating X number of opponents grants certification)??

    Magician Classes
    The Paper Magician
    The Glass Magician
    The Iron Magician / The Copper Magician
    The Stone Magician
    The Silk Magician / The Cotton Magician
    The Cedar Magician

    Does this at all appeal to you? If not, I'll just stow this idea for later, and we can stick to the more traditional gadgets and clockwork steampunk world for now. Please let me know what your ideas are. I'd love to hear what you had in mind for the arena/lounge.
  5. I am definitely not opposed. What if we threw in both. There could be magic users and gadget users. The object would not be death but to outdo the opponents, like you said. I love pro bending in Korrah. So what if we threw in gadget/martial artists (similar to the Equalists).

    Tell me what you think. If your not for it just tell me
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  6. I love that idea! Just like the Benders and Equalists, we can have magicians and... gadgeteers? What would you call these non-magic gadget techies? The martial arts/physicality of pro-bending made it fun to watch; I'd love to incorporate that into the style of competition.

    Onward with characters? Or more world building?

    And do you want a group roleplay, or are you cool with just us two? I'd be happy with either, so I'll follow your lead.
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  7. Hahaha! I laughed at how goofy gadgeteers sounded! But it may be our best option. Maybe Combat Technicians? Or Battle Mechanics? I Think Sierra is joining us. I am going to send her a link.

    I think we need just a little bit more world building.

    I think the game should be based off hits. Three hits and you are out. There are no boundaries so a little bit of close quarters combat can happen.

    As far as elements go. let's keep it Basic. Rock throwing, Air blasting, fire balls (just no burning faces lol) , and water blasts. Let's also say that there is a magic shield that can be used to block, how ever they are limited. Like the shields strength can only last for a few hits but its a t bubble shield that will block from all angles. Also when they put up the shield they can't use attack spells, one spell at a time. But they go between attack and defense with ease.

    As for the gadgeteers they can use a rock disk slinger. Like a one handed device that they swing and the arm thingy helps propel it. I can try and draw up a sketch if you need help visualizing it. They could have a air cannon (Like a gun that shoots out a blast of air), Maybe a fireball gun (similar to the heater from Bioshock), and I was thinking maybe some cryo-gernades. Also maybe they could use smoke and flash grenades. The mechanics would also have a small collapsible shield they can deploy to block. Even though their block is not limited ny number of uses, it's not a 360 degree force field and if a blast is powerful enough they can still get knocked down leaving them prone.

    There could also be slams, tackles and holds. (But don't count as hits)

    We could do teams of two or four that can be have a mix of gadget users (who can only use one main gadget) and magic users.

    The lounger area could be a place where people can watch the game, eat, or wait till there turn to get in the game. It is also where bets go down.

    How does that sound?

    Is there a way to upload images from my cpu or do I have to do it via web address?
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  8. I think this all a splendid idea. I agree with everything. I think if you have already battled then you should be able to get drinks from a bar in the lounge area to celebrate or drown sorrow of losing.
  9. Right! The lounge/bar can also be where characters can have discussions. Like about politics or weather! You know....typical small talk.
  10. This all sounds amazing. Digi-guy, I totally understand what you're getting at with the steampunk weapons, but I'd love to see sketches if you're willing to provide some! I'm not a computer expert, but so far I've only been able to upload images from a web address.

    I like how official Battle Technicians sounds, but I also like the word "Mechanic" - it complements the steampunk world a tad more. Maybe Battle Technician is the official term, Mechanics is what BTs call themselves, and Gadgeteers is what magicians call them? Do we have other names suggestions for magicians?

    Also, would we consider the competition an Olympic-sized event? Or is it smaller, like a national event? I assume this is a spectacle that much of the public comes out to watch.

    The Lounge/viewing gallery idea sounds great. And comical!
  11. It looks good, though I think that some magicians would object to the 'one element' thing - I know if I was in that universe I would. Possible for some magicians to have more than one element secretly? Might make some interesting development later on if we make it a bigger thing.

    Also, thanks for the invite Digi.
  12. I'm not opposed to allowing magicians control of multiple elements if no one else is!

    However, we should then consider battle logistics. Do we have...
    - one-on-one matches where each opponent has free use of all four elements?
    - team battles (à la Pro-bending) where each opponent may use only one element?
    - one-on-one battles set in phases (earth, air, fire, water) where the magician and battle technician are limited to just that element during that round?
    - team battles set in phases (see above)?

    What do you all prefer?
  13. Well the magicians can have the ability to cast as many as they want outside the games. How ever for game sake let's limit it to two at most. That way it requires more team work. I really like the idea of squad vs. squad. So imagine one guy blasts water on the ground while the other guy fires his fire gun at it, giving a cloud of steam to cover Their movements OOOOORRRR a battle tech throws impact cryo grenades at a another techs shield to weigh it down so he cant block a magician who threw a rock at him. Savy? The more we limit each player the more creative they have to get! So my preference is one but I'd concede to two if popular opinion demanded it. :)

    And the arena would not be a flat terrain. There places to take cover, different elevations to provide advantages, plenty of space to parkour :) And allow for some stealthier momvments. How ever keep the arena small, for fast paced games. Also we can say the places to take cover can only take so m

    For this lets keep it a city event. This event can be a qualifier for a national event. If we win we get to go the nationals. It can be a tournament. As for the magicians lets call them.......well I'll just spew out some ideas. Brawl Mage, (insert element name) Caster, Combat Mage, Spell Fighter.

    Also we got four people in right now, that makes a squad of four. So we should consider capping the roster. Multiple characters may be played. I will be playing a combatant and probably a barista or something goofy in the lounge to chat it up with others.

    Ill post up some of my poorly drawn doodles. lol.

    http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah136/Digi-guy/Mobile Uploads/CAM00431_zpsccf9923c.jpg

    http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah136/Digi-guy/Mobile Uploads/CAM00427_zpsbb3ccb03.jpg

    http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah136/Digi-guy/Mobile Uploads/CAM00430_zpscbed0907.jpg

    I am no artist, and my handwriting is wretched.

    ALSO, you are welcome Belakor!
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  14. Yes! This sounds fun. I like this idea, a lot. And if we're a team of four (everyone okay with that?), then I assume each of our characters will command a different element during battle. At least, it may be more interesting with the variety. So, before we flesh out our characters, does anyone have element preferences? I'd like earth or air.

    And because there are four of us, would our team be evenly split between mages and techies. Would this be an official rule of the games, do you all think? Or could we have any combination of players on our team?
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  15. Interesting is a good word for all of this. I willing to play multiple characters. I don't really have anything I prefer.
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  16. I'd personally prefer more than one, but its your baby Digi.
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  17. I'll admit Belakor I am still conflicted on multiple elements per person. But let's stick with one for now and see how things unfold. I would really like to see how creative we can get by working together :)

    The teams can have as many Combat Casters or Battle Technicians as they choose. As long as the total does not surpass 4. I'd also say they are not limited by number of elements. Meaning if there is a team of four Earth Mechanics, its okay. How ever that will not be a typical squad. Most are quite diverse.

    So you may choose what ever element you prefer as Mage or Mechanic. I will be playing Mechanic. I will choose my element after everyone else, because I have no preference on element. My character will be the teams tactician. My character can hold his own as a combatant but his main role is to coordinate the team. So he will spend more time calling plays then he will engaging the opposing team. Though rest assured he will get into the fray!

    If I am I understood mine and Mikas conversation via messaging correctly, I believe we will be taking turns controlling the opposing team. So it will be a different controller per match. It will be single round elimination.

    I will also be playing a quirky barista in the lounge, should some one care to have some non combat style RPing.

    Also we will stick with Combat Caster and Battle Technician as class names. You can throw an element name infront of it should you so desire :)

    I will post the character forms here momentarily...

    As promised! Also ages will b 18 and up. If you want younger you can make a case for it and I probably will let it happen :)







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  18. Name- Oliver Reese

    Gender- Male

    Age- 22

    Class- Cryo Battle Technician

    Personality- Strong leader type. He is task oriented by nature. Which often makes him
    appear bossy and uncaring. In truth those closest to him mean the world to him and defends
    them ferociously. He doesn't like to talk about his feelings to anybody. With the exception of his closest friends. While he may not be a great conversationalist you wouldn't anyone else watching your back. He is a forgiving and patient, he has to be in order to raise his sister. Oliver is also very good at reading people. He is very perceptive when it comes to people.

    Appearance- 5'8 & 180lbs. Caucasian. Short black hair neatly trimmed. Smokey grey eyes.
    His face has sharp features giving a razor edge look. He wears a light grey collard shirt with a black vest over top. He
    wears black cargo breaches. He wears black combat boots. He also has a pocket watch. He also
    keeps a bottle cap in his pocket which he frequently holds in his hand. Because reasons. He wears tinted goggles as well, but outside the arena he wears them around his neck.

    Bio- Olivers parents died four years ago. He now raises his 8 year old sister by himself. He loves
    her dearly. He plays the games to earn money to put her through school. His only friends are his
    team and his child hood friend Drey Koop.
    Name- Drey Koop

    Gender- Male

    Age- 23

    Class- Barista

    Personality- Dray is quirky. He is some what of an odd duck but has never had trouble making
    making friends. He is very compassionate and but doesn't read people well. He is often ignorant. But he is a quick thinker and can talk himself out of any situation.

    Appearance- 5'11 170 lbs. Mulatto. Buzzed hair cut. Round facial features give him a cheery
    look. He wears a white collard shirt with a black coat over top. Black breaches and black shoes.
    He wears a bowler hat. He also carries a side satchel when he is out and about. (Totally not a
    man purse)

    Bio- Drey has lived an easy life. Loving parents and a life with out tragedy or hardship. He
    works in the arena lounge as a barista. He loves coffee and is quite good at making it. His
    best friend is Oliver.
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  19. Is it fine if I play as mainly a 1V1 caster? Prefer that to team combat - so if anyone wants a duel, that'd be my place.
  20. Since the competition is a national event, are we agreed that it takes place in the United States? And that it's set in the Victorian (as opposed to Edwardian) era?
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