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  1. Hello all,

    Here's a interest check from yours truly and @Ashlio . We're looking for one more partner for a FxFxF in a futuristic setting. Think Minority Report if you're familiar.

    I'm keeping this short, for we'd like to share the idea with the person who decides to take us up on this. I'm borrowing Ashlio's set of rules to post here.

    • Rules and Expectations (open)

      • I'm from Norway, so I make a few silly typos now and then, since English isn't my first language. If that will bother you, you should probably just stop reading now.
      • And I only roleplay with adults, preferably people who are 20+. It's not because I don't think people under twenty can write (I know you can), it just feels a little weird writing with someone that much younger than me. Especially since most of my roleplays have some romance in them.

      • I usually reply at least once every day, but I don't expect other people to do the same. Take you time, just please tell me if you suddenly get busy or something. I live in Europe, so our time difference may make replying slower.

      • If you’re getting bored with the rp, just tell me. I won’t bite. Then we can try fixing it, or at least I know you won’t be responding anymore. If you are one of those persons who just disappear, please don’t contact me. I’m so tired of people just disappearing after a few posts. Be sure that you have time for another roleplay before you start one.

      • We can roleplay in a thread or via PM, it’s the same for me. But I want a separate PM were we can talk OC. It’s fun to laugh about the silly things the character does, comment on all the drama that is going down, or plot what the next thing we are going to bother our characters with will be. We can also talk about other things if you want, I’m always up for a chat about anything.
    If we still have your attention, feel free to reply here or PM either of us. Hope to find someone :)!
  2. I am quite interested. ^^
  3. I'm interested.
  4. I'll go ahead and PM you!

    Thanks for the interest! If this opens back up, I'll reach out.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.