[CLOSED] Sailing in the Stars: The Beginning [Sci-Fi]

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  1. Sailing in the Stars is a Sci-Fi exploration roleplay that aims to explore the cosmos. The setting takes place over six hundred years into the future where the players are the employees of Belarus Enterprises, a galactic-level business run by Maya Onasi (The captain of the ship that the players fly on).

    We are looking for people with a creative mind and a desire to set out to do something great in this expanded universe. Have your own race that you want to play? Write it up! Many of our players are playing as races that they, themselves, have created. Have ideas where the story could go? Discuss them in our group! Our story isn't driven by just one person, but as a whole, and as such we take pride in making this story fun and engrossing for all.

    So, tell me, do you want to come and go...

    Sailing in the Stars?
  2. Still looking for more cadets! Belarus Enterprises always has room for new employees!
  3. *raises hand* I might be interested and could be tempted to play.
  4. Wonderful! Take a gander over in our OOC thread and see if it takes your fancy~
  5. We are now CLOSED! If you are still interested in the game and wish to be informed when a spot opens up, please stop on by on our OOC thread and make your voice known!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.