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  1. This post will probably be long and messy, so be warned! XD

    So basically I am trying to find someone who I can become friends with and we can build a universe together.

    I would like the universe to be kind of set in a medieval type era, with some magic and fantasy stuff too.

    I would like to create an anthro type species that could be the dominate race instead of humans. But not based on any actual animals, I would like that we could discuss what traits we would like them to have. If you are an artist, we can both draw out ideas and compare notes. If not I can try to help draw out the concepts you have for you off of your descriptions.

    I want us to be able to get really, really deep into the universe. I want us to know how it was created, I want us to know the moon(s) sun, and create constellations for it. Figure out the gods, the religions formed about them, discuss how their afterlife works. Work out the countries, make up new plants and animals that exist and where they exist. Create a history for this universe and who is in power where, and how and why. Discuss wars that happened, why they happened, who won and why. Figure out traditions and diseases and just... everything.

    You get the point.

    I am pretty rusty, I was close to someone for going on 15 years and we created and RPed like pretty much exclusively with each other. So now that she is out of the picture, it just feels really weird doing this stuff with other people. I really want to find someone who I can relate to and connect with, that I can see eye to eye with. I want this project to mean something to you as well, you know? I want us to be able to really communicate with one another.

    I would prefer that you be very open to things, like violence and gore because there could be war, or just bad people. Things happen. Also be open to all sexuality and genders so our characters don't have to be confined to specific roles.

    I was also thinking maybe we could even RP multiple plots at once, after we have gotten things going. In different docs of course, to keep it clean. But only if you feel up to it. I care about how you feel. I just know I get really excited about new characters and love using them right away haha.

    I would also like to mention some stuff about myself. I am not a very good writer, I RP because I enjoy it and it makes me happy. But I am not that skilled at it. I can say that I do try my best, and never give one liners. I am not worried about your skill level either, I will be happy with however you post. I just ask that you have patience with me. B'D

    AND sadly, my life is very busy. I wish I had enough energy to RP and talk all day after work but I just don't always have it. My job is tiring, sometimes I come home with energy and I can reply to my RPs and sometimes I just can't do it. (BUT summer is almost heeeeere. I work at a school, so hoping during the summer I can be more active haha! )

    BUT. Even if I can't RP at the time, I will try to get on daily to talk to you at least. :D We can discuss our plot, the characters we end up making. I will do my best to keep contact no matter what. I absolutely LOOOVE talking about characters. I could literally go on forever about it. And I will LOOOVE hearing about yours as well. I want us to be able to chat about these OCs. I want to love them, I want you to love them, I want to draw them doing things. I wantwantwant ;u; Maybe even someday if we get comfy with each other enough we can call each other on skype and voice chat about this stuff even. Maybemaybe B'D Woooo.

    Also I guess I should mention some stuff I like to RP to see if it hits anyone's interest.

    I love all kinds of things. I love taking care of wounded/ill characters. I love characters being caught up in horrible situations. I love big adventures that happen for a good cause (an example, one RP I was in the characters had to travel to a healing stone that was almost impossible to get to to heal one of the characters brother.) I love RPs where the characters develop a deep bond by the end of the adventure. I love having some slower times in the RP so the characters can interact and get to know each other, and have fun. I like having some romantic characters, but I love having characters with strong friendships too. Having characters that become sort of adoptive parent/siblings even.

    So basically, if this hasn't scared you away, then PM me or something :D And we can discuss. I will try not to be too shy XD
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  2. Oh, sorry about that! Thank you so much n_n
  3. I would love to create a roleplay with you! Pm me
  4. PM sent! :D
  5. I am still interested in finding other people as well, to build other worlds with ^^
  6. I'd love to try something with you, if you want!
  7. Woohoo! I Pmed ya :D
  8. This sounds interesting. PM me. XD
  9. If you're still looking for people Im open to creating a world with you
  10. Sure thing n__n Can you PM me? :D
  11. Ok guys I have LOTS of worlds to build now! thanks so much n__n
  12. If you're still looking for people to RP with, then I'm all for it!!
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