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  1. Good morning/afternoon/night or just day, lovely people here from Iwaku! I am Ethan, and I really fucking like roleplaying. I have been here for… Almost two years I think? I took a break half way through 2015, because well… stuff.

    I only play (as you might have guessed) gay characters. This means either gay ladies or gay boys, I don’t care about this, as long as they’re gay. Why I hear you ask? I have no idea, I just don’t like straight roleplays. leggo
    Things I like in partners:
    • Communication, please talk with me about what you think, like, don’t like even when the roleplay is already being written. There is always room for change and I’d rather have you tell me if you don’t like something then you disappearing.
    • Flexibility, I won’t always give 3 to 4 paras and this is because I just can’t always do that. If you want me to give you long ass replies you need to understand that this means you give me enough to write with. If you give me 3 paragraphs which 2 of are you describing a room I am not gonna give you 4 in return, but rather 2 if not 1. This doesn’t mean I don’t like descriptive partners, I do, I just hope you see my point.
    • Replies more than once a week. I understand if life gets the better of you sometimes, but let me know or I will get worried sick about you okay.
    Things you can expect from me:
    • Replies once (if not more) a day.
    • 1 till 3/4 paragraphs, probably more if you give me more to write with. I know this isn’t much at all, I never said this list was all positive ;C
    • Random stuff I will send you about my character (like unexpected playlists or collages about their wardrobe??? I think about my babies a lot okay)
    • Kinky shit. (no actual shit, tho)
    • I live in the shitty time zone, so that is something. This has nothing to do with expectations.
    Alright, now that was a long intro. Let’s talk about actual roleplay stuff. My characters can be submissive, dominant and switched, altho I always prefer playing submissive. I don’t have a lot of experience with f/f, so most of the time they’re not the leading role in bed but this is only because I am inexperienced. If you really want me to try doing it, I will, but it might be shitty.

    Most of the time I play characters around the age of 18-22, but the age of your character doesn’t matter to me. They could be 35 and dating my 18 year old, it only makes it more interesting.
    I am also fine with playing the same plot with different people, this is no issue.

    Genres I like:
    • Modern angst
    • Modern fluff
    • Medieval times (both Europe and Asia is cool)
    • Fantasy
    • Futuristic (not much experience)
    • Mafia/gang/cartel stuff (last century or modern day)
    • Golden Age
    Pairings I would like to do (all these are for both f/f and m/m):
    • King/Queen x Prostitute
    • Gang leader x small town drugs dealer
    • Jock/cheerleader x Jock/cheerleader
    • Business man/lady x Employee
    • Sugar Daddy x Sugar Baby
    • Famous band member x Fan
    • Knight x Knight (enemies)
    • Soldier x Soldier (same as the above, different time period)
    • Forest creature x City human
    Plots (new ones will be added all the time):
    We Must C1 is the second child of a wealthy king and queen, a wealthy king and queen of a not so happy kingdom. The noble families are selfish and corrupt, they only take from their citizens and rarely ever return. Several centuries ago this caused problems, so they made a plan, a plan that made the people feel like they were actually important. A peasant child would marry into the family every hundred years and they made it big. The people eat till their bellies are full, they drink till they pass out and all on the cost on the royal family. For them it was a good investment, the people would shut up afterwards. They would shut up about the high taxes, they would shut up about all their food being taken away, how could they, when the king and queen took such good care of them.
    C2 is the chosen one, the future betrothed of the second child of the royal family. C2 is also the same sex as C1, this is because then the noble blood stays pure, making sure there could never be a peasant child running the country.
    C2 has to go through a whole process, learning the royal ways. History, etiquette, reading and writing, proper dress, they’re thaught it in a few weeks.
    I would enjoy playing C1, but if you rather have this role then that’s cool
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  2. Sugar Daddy x Sugar Baby would be awesome to try, though recently I've been looking to play the sub (since I'm a bit played out with playing doms). No worries if you're not interested :)
  3. That's okay! I don't mind playing doms, so I'm fine with that! As long as can I be a bit of an asshole
  4. Lol sure! The interactions between characters could be interesting. Should I send you a message?
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  5. Yes, I will come to you in a bit
  6. I'm willing to try and do your plot with you.
  7. Pm me :D
  8. How smut heavy do you want the rp to be?
  9. It could be 10% smut and 90% plot i don't mind, or the other way around! Its up to you really
  10. Cool! We live in the same time zone and I'm pretty active, so if you're still looking ^^,
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  11. Send me a pm :D I'm a bit busy with some charactersheets I still have to do but I'm sure I'll have time ^^
  12. I'm interested in a roleplay with you please
  13. Pm me with your ideas and preferences :D
  14. Hey there, would you be interested in a dark psychological thriller crime, M/M/M?

    Yes, three M's. I have two characters that I'm dying to play--one of which would be in a romantic relationship with your character and the other, a platonic one.

  15. I don't think I've ever done anything like that, but I would love to try :3
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