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I'm looking for some you or mxm

What I want:
  • I want realistic relationships in a fantasy setting.
  • I want a partner who will play more than one character. I would prefer options as to who ends up where. We can of course have something in mind to start.
  • The plot candy I'm looking for with this is rivals. Our characters are/or become rivals.
What I don't want:

  • RAPE. Don't do it. Powerplay is fine, as is agression, but in order for me to like your character for this story neither of us can actually rape or be raped. If you have questions ask me.
  • Low fantasy, vampire, high school.
  • "My whole village/family/country/world was destroyed!" Backstory
  • "Loner characters" as the main
  • Too much self-hate

Settings: I'm interested in many. If you send me an idea Ill let you know if I'll do it. Most likly, if you are able to a least fit some of my wants, I'll do anything.

Some ideas on setting:
  • Fantasy twist on ancient Rome
  • Typical medieval/ d and d quest
  • ancient Egypt
Pairing ideas:
  • Knight X Knight (medieval)
  • Prince/king X Knight (medieval)
  • Philosopher X student (Rome)
  • Philosopher X athlete (Rome)
  • Pharaoh X priest

Further notes:
  • Despite wanting a long running story, I'd like sex sometime early in the story.
  • I would prefer to rp in threads, but I will do PM. I will not rp off-site.
  • While strife can be important to the story, stick to your setting. DO NOT tell me that you want to do the rome plot, but want our characters to have to "come out" and hate themselves for being gay.
  • Post length is subjective. Write what works for you. Just put some effort and thought into each post. that being said I'd like three paragraphs or 9 sentences per post. Intermediate at the lowest is requested.
  • On dominance: If you require we think that way, I can. I am able to play either effectively.
  • On very feminine characters: Not looking for them for the rival plot. You may play someone who does not conform to gender stereotypes, but if I wanted a girl I'd play with a female character.
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hmm I like the whole ancient egypt setting with Pharaoh x Priest
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