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  1. NOTE: I'll be playing a male. I'm...just not great at maining a female. I'll do casts, but not necessarily doubles or triples. I like to focus on one relationship as the main focus.

    Hi there. I'm Oppen, a 25 year old male in the US Central timezone who's looking to get some roleplays going. You may have noticed that I'm looking for furry roleplayers or, at the very least, those who don't mind playing against a furry character. You can be a human or anything else, I won't be too picky. Even if it's a fandom where there aren't typically human characters, then we can work something out. If you're against furry characters, they disgust you, or you're a troll when it comes to the furry fandom then we don't have to talk. I'd rather not have a lot of needless silliness in my life; there's enough as it stands.

    I'd like my partners to be able to write a couple decent paragraphs. Good grammar and punctuation aren't needed, but at least make it so I don't have to struggle to understand your posts. I can manage first or third person perspective. It can be your preference on that. Let me know when we're chatting which you prefer.

    Ideally I'd like a focus on the story with sexual things coming secondary and helping the story and character relationships along. That being said, I'm not against roleplaying smut for the sake of roleplaying smut. I don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as both parties know that that's what's happening beforehand. If you just want smut, let me know. Don't brainstorm some awesome world with me, get our characters in bed, and then jet on me. Geez~

    The more exclamations (!) the more I'd like to do it!

    !!!!! Starfox (FalcoxFox, BillxFox, WolfxFox, KrystalxWhomever. Any other combinations thereof, basically. Mix and match furry space heroes. I want to make a backstory unrelated to any games for this, too. So there's that.)
    !! Animal Crossing (OC AnimalxOC Animal, OC AnimalxOC Villager.)
    !! Pokefur/Trainer (Original 151 and Kanto, please. I'm not up to snuff on my Pokemon, honestly.)

    !!! Modern
    !! Future (Space Opera, Alien Sci-fi, Planet Colonization, etc.)
    !!!!! Past (Victorian or Medieval Europe, Mediterranean, Asia, Pacific, Native America/Colonization, Africa. Wherever, basically.)
    !!!!! Dark Fantasy Settings (Modern/Past)
    !! Steampunk
    !!! Post Apocalyptic (Zombie, Last of Us/Cordyceps outbreak, Fallout-esque, Mad Max, etc.)

    ALWAYS LOOKING! [furry][mxm/mxf][fandoms][original][m inside]

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  2. I'd like to do a furry MxF with you, perhaps one that is medieval fantasy?
  3. I've got several characters you might like for a MxM
    Including Evelyn "Bane" Holder, An Enklar Nacht (think sci-fi werewolf);
    And Quinn, Who's a Medic and moonlights as a Musician;
    Quinn Cathal base 2.jpg

    Also have Nicholas Ny (Vampire/Medieval Lord/Knight) and Gilla Cross(Lord/moonlighting thief/spy) who sadly don't have pictures.
  4. I would love to RP with you! A modern or a past setting. <3
  5. I would love to do a past fxm Victorian role play with you.
  6. @Stormo

    I've already got five conversation replies to the thread, guys. I can't take on any more, I don't think. D:
    Really sorry! I'll keep you all in mind for the future, though!
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