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    Heya, I'm Indabayou! 20, F, college student who finally has some free time!
    I just got on winter break, so I’m looking to do some 1x1s. I have mostly fandom ideas, and I'm fine with doubling for pairings. I will add on stuff if needed. Feel free to respond here or PM if interested.

    rules (open)
    I'm not too picky with requirements. I don't usually have more than a paragraph or two for replies, so I don't expect you to write a novel or anything either (unless you want to, I guess). Try to keep the spelling and grammar in check, but I understand that you can't catch every mistake, especially if typing out a quick post on the phone, and that for some people English is not their first language.

    I prefer 18+ rp partners since I am in my 20s now, but that doesn't mean things have to get sexual/libertine. I can do PM or forum thread, though if we do decide to do something libertine I’d prefer it to be in PM.

    I try to be on at least once every day, and post at least a once every few days if I am stuck. I will not straight up ditch you, if I start to lose motivation for the rp, I will notify you or we can talk it out.

    This is a sample of the longer posts I’ve done. Usually I only do about 1-2 paragraphs unless I’m on a roll, and I like to spruce my posts up with colors and pictures when I can.
    writing sample (open)
    Hajar was nodding off into her coffee by the time all of her classes were over. If only the glare into her styrofoam cup could make the caffeine in her system bind more quickly in her synapses or... however it goes, something about adenosine receptors? Ugh, she just wanted a good nap. But that would have to wait, because even shuffling down the halls, her to-do list was growing. There was that paper due soon, history to study for, groceries to buy across town, and she hadn't prayed once today, Baba would have a fit-

    The styrofoam cup squeaked under Hajar's tightening fingers, threatening the loss of lid or still steaming liquid. Hot as the coffee may have been, Hajar's blood was boiling hotter. Baba. Baba. How dare he, he threw away everything they lived for, everything! With every step she shrunk further into herself, pace quickening alongside her stuttering breaths.

    That shameful-!

    No good-!

    Fucking bastar-

    Something collided with her, sending her to the floor with a dull thud and splash. Oh, she was not in the mood for this damn it, fucking hell! She didn't care who it was (ow, was that a bruise forming?), someone just won an ass kicking today. Ready to spring, Hajar turned her glare to the hand offered in her peripheral.

    "I'm very sorry. I was lost in thought and didn't see you. Are you okay?"

    Of course. Of-fucking-course it had to be him. The only halfway decent person in this place. No way was she going at Mr. Hattori like that. She'd like to, but it wasn't worth it. She bit down on her anger (and her tongue, ow!), but at this point it only barely softened her into a grimace.

    "I'm fine," she bit out tensely, eyes trained firmly to the space next to her professor's feet. "And I don't need any help, so kindly get your hand out of my face...thanks.". Okay, not doing so well on the temper check, but she hadn't punched him. Mostly because she couldn't reach him from the ground, but it was the end result that mattered anyway.

    She stood, trying to take a calming breath as she tossed her trashed cup into the nearest can. No use; fingers and teeth still refused to unclench. As tall as she tried to stand, her shoulders just rose to meet her, arms crossing(holding) like she was a wave pulling herself back in. Anger, upset, it was like her body couldn't decide what kind of fit it wanted to throw.
    "Why are you still standing there? What!"

    RP ideas! Finally!
    Bold is the character I would like to be (none means either is fine) and a star means I especially want/like a certain idea. Some of my ideas are more developed than others and will have some info attached. I am fine with doubling up if you want a certain pairing.

    Plot Devices/Add-ons/Original ideas- aka if you mix one with a fandom thing, I will be ecstatic, but they can work on their own as well

    Soul mates (*tattoos, timers, or whatever method we agree on)
    Coffee shop au (come on, everyone needs a good coffee shop au)
    Tattoo shop au
    Alpha/Beta/Omega dynamics
    Arranged marriage
    Youtube/Internet celebrities

    -Loki and OC (not a romance pairing. A young follower of Loki's prays to him for rescue, and in return pledges her service to him. Loki didn't know how much he just needed to be believed in. Can take place in any time period around the Thor or Avengers movies.

    - Any combination of John/Karkat/Dave. I’m only good at playing John and Dave myself, so if you want karkat in an rp, that’ll have to be you.
    - I can also do any pairings as Jade, Rose, or any of the female trolls.
    - OC/OC or OC/Canon; can be humans or trolls

    [BCOLOR=#ed1fa8]Steven Universe[/BCOLOR]
    -Ruby/Sapphire (pre-fusing, or human au)

    **[BCOLOR=#d17308]Teen Titans[/BCOLOR] (the original, not TTgo)
    -*Robin/Starfire . Almost any canon-ish plot where they are currently on the Titans team, just teamed up, or one where Starfire has just arrived to Earth in all her alien-y glory*** (language barriers and culture shock, etc), but au stuff is fine with me as well.
    - Beast Boy/ Raven
    - Starfire/Raven – I could be either in this pairing, I don’t mind.

    Other fandoms you can persuade me to do, but it's been a while: FMA, Star Trek, ATLA/LOK
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  2. Hello my dear! i would love to do a Original Teen Titans role play with you if you wouldnt mind! :)
  3. Due to my age I'm really only comfortable doing romance 1x1s with 18+ members. If you're okay doing a group rp for Titans I could try setting up a interest check though?
  4. my 18th birthday is in like two weeks, does that change anything?
  5. I'd definitely wait til then to consider anything, sorry. Don't wanna get in trouble here.
  6. sorry then. i dont really feel like waiting. but thanks anyways
  7. No problem, it's alright
  8. Tiny update on the homestuck ships
  9. I would like to do a Soulmate AU with Star Trek if you would be interested in that. Also, if you check my information before responding, the clip for my writing is a bit long. I promise not all of my responses are like that...(very few are unless I'm seriously into the rp. Just throwing that out there. :] )
  10. Sounds like fun! What pairing are you thinking of?
  11. Honestly, I was thinking of using OC's that we could possibly pair up with main characters. If that's something you're not into, however, I'm sure we could figure out a pairing to do. I'm very flexible when it comes to that. But if you would like to use OC's I can double up as well...honestly I prefer doubling up. It makes the rp feel more balanced to me. But again, it's your choice. :o Also! The little emoji's are strictly used in OOC convo's with me...I've had people worry about that before so I've gotten used to just throwing that out there.
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  12. If you can be Chekov for my OC I will be whatever canon character you want for yours (possibly with limited success, but I will try). And don't worry about the smilies, I understand.

    I'll PM you in a sec to hash out further details.
  13. Awesome! I'd love to play Chekov for you. :] When you PM me I'll let you know the character you can play for my OC. I'm gonna pull up her info really quick though. :]
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