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  1. "Guardian... gaurdian! Eyes up gaurdian" i say to the body i have just revived. "Youve been dead for a long long time so your gunna see a lot of things you don't quite understand, but i am a ghost well your ghost."
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  2. My eyes snap open, a cough escaping from my throat as I managed to sit up, attempting to orientate myself in a place that looks quite unfamiliar to me. "What... Where the hell am I?"
  3. "You are innnnn" i drag out the word in as i a light blue array of lasers scan the ground "old Russia, ship factory INNSA" i float around your head.
  4. "Old... Russia?" I repeat back to the floating object that is moving around my head, shining an array of light blue lights around on the ground around me. "What- what are you? A 'Ghost'? My Ghost?"
  5. I get eye level with you "i don't have time to explain. The speaker will tell you all about it but for now we need to get a ship and get out of here before the fallen find us."
  6. "Alright, alright." I say as I begin to get up, trying not to stumble right back down as I do so. "Can ya at least tell me what a 'Fallen' is?"
  7. I float up and project a image of creature (picture below) infrount of you those. They don't like us and they want to kill us. Now pleads guardian we need to go. Hold on." I disappear into thin air "don't worry I'm still here" i say from no where.
  8. "Well that looks friendly, doesn't it..." I can't help but mutter, looking away from the projected image and instead at my surroundings. "Right... Any ideas on how to get outta here?"
  9. "The the factory there should be something to get us out of here. I'll mark it for you" a small glowing light seems to pop up from no where in your vision
  10. "Alright..." I begin to head towards where the small glowing light is leading me. "Thanks." I add, albeit mumbling it.
  11. In the room there is a old ship suspended in the air by cables. I pop up and float over to the ship starting to scan it "this won't break orbit but it should get us to the city."
  12. "Orbit...?" I ask, stopping and looking up at the ship held up in the air by cables.
  13. "I'll explain later." I disapear into the ship. y voice seems to radiate from nowhere "I'm fazing you in." I say and seconds later your in the ship.
  14. "Alrigh- woah!" Surprised by the sudden change from one place to another, I quickly steady myself on my feet.
  15. The ship zipper off. It's about the size of a apartment with a kitchen living room and everything. I float around the command room.
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