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  1. Another boring Sunday.

    Another dull and lifeless Sunday, with your butt planted squarely on the couch, letting your mind rot as you stare at the idiot box for another day off full of bad cartoons and worse reality television. You find yourself wistfully wishing for something exciting to happen, anything to interrupt the monotony of the same old routine of work-sleep-work-sleep-veg out-repeat.


    You leap to your feet and nearly fall over as the thunderous impact rocks your house. It sounded like it came from the back yard! Throwing on a jacket (November gets cold, you know!), you run outside to investigate.

    Standing in your back yard, in a crater nearly four feet deep, you see what looks like a strange alien pod. Matte black, with shining silver accents. You see what looks to be a screen on the front of it and, unable to help yourself, you investigate. As you approach, a blue grid shimmers to life, projected from a small circular lens above the screen.


    You stare in awe as a whole host of screens are suddenly projected in the area surrounding you. Your mind reels at the sheer amount of information that seems to be 'beamed' into your mind. You're now aware of what the pod is: it contains a suit of powered combat armor; specifically a proto-suit, one that has yet to be molded and customized to it's users specifications. The pod informs you that it will reveal it's purpose once you've completed the suit setup. You're unsure of who sent the pods to earth, but you do know two things.

    This pod has chosen you to wear it's suit, and it's going to be freakin' awesome.


    What is your name?

    What were your hobbies as a child? (Choose three.)

    A.) Board Games (You are more adept at strategizing.)

    B.) Sports (You are in peak physical condition.)

    C.) Video Games (You have heightened manual dexterity, as well as the ability to multitask more efficiently.)

    D.) Fighting (Your childhood was just one brawl after another. You're well-versed in street fighting, and are
    willing to fight dirty.)

    E.) Computers (You possess a strong grounding in computer technology, both programming and hardware.)

    F.) Boy Scouts (You gain a host of survival-based skills, including knot-tying, fire-building, and foraging.)

    G.) Hunting (You are skilled in the use of most basic firearms, as well as field-dressing your kills.)

    H.) Socializing (Your time spent making and keeping friends has made you more charming and charismatic.)

    What shaped your life? (Choose one.)

    A.) You are an orphan. Growing up without parents, shuffled from one home to another, you've grown cynical
    and find it difficult to make attachments to people.

    B.) Your parents are conspiracy theorists. Raised wearing a tinfoil hat and a diaper, you are well-versed in every crackpot conspiracy theory known to man... as well as several techniques for avoiding government

    C.) One of your parents, who you look up to immensely, is a soldier. Your mother/father is a career soldier, and a damn fine one. You have always had a fascination with warfare.

    D.) Your best friend as a child was abducted and murdered. You saw her taken, and later found her body. Though you were a suspect at first, evidence quickly cleared your name. You saw the face of the man that took her, but unfortunately the police could never track him down. You were also the one unfortunate enough to find her body in the woods, a year later, scarring you... and stoking the fires of your hate.

    E.) Other. Another enormous event in your past has made you who you are. Clear this with the GM first.


    Choose one.
    • Little more than armor plating over a nanomesh weave, this suit variant provides slight protection while allowing for maximum mobility. It requires no recharge time, as the solar panels on it's back and shoulders provide plenty of power for it's minimal systems. It contains strength- and speed-enhancing servomotors in the limbs, and stands only as tall as it's wearer. Has one hardpoint for weapon mounting..
    • Providing more protection than the mesh variant, the light variant also greatly enhances the user's strength, provides a respectable boost to the user's speed and agility, and stands nearly two meters tall. It requires thirty minutes of recharge time daily. It has two hardpoints for weapons to be mounted upon it.
    • Now comes the heavier suit variants. A medium suit is comprised of thick armor plates layered over a complex array of servomotors meant to assist the wearer in moving. Nearly impervious to mundane firearms, the medium suit is also the first suit that does not have a removable helmet (the mesh and light helmets may be removed at will, while still wearing the rest of the suit). It stands roughly 2.5m tall, with a recharge time of one hour daily, and has two hardpoints.
    • The heavy suit variant looks less like a 'suit' and more like a legitimate battle mecha. Standing at 3.5 meters tall, it towers over the lesser suits. Capable of lifting vehicles with ease, this suit has a terrifying presence on the battlefield... which may also make it a nice, big target. It requires two hours of recharge time daily, and has four hardpoints. Due to it's weight, this suit is also considerably slower than preceding variants.
    • The titan of the suit variants, a superheavy stands a colossal five meters tall and weighs nearly two metric tons. With nigh impenetrable armor plating and a staggering six hardpoints for weaponry, a superheavy can carry enough firepower to annihilate an army of suitless soldiers. Even other 'Suited' tread lightly around a superheavy, for once all of it's armaments are trained on you, you'd best hope you're quick enough to avoid becoming a fine red mist.

    It seems that the pod also has a finite number of 'resources' that you can spend on 'support systems', allowing you to further enhance your suit. You glance over the menu and begin to make your selections...


    • [Tab=ARMOR]
      • (5 points) Your suit's HUD allows you to zoom up to 10x magnification, and you gain basic night vision capabilities.
      • (10 points) Your suit has radar capability, sending microwave signals that bounce off of objects and return to a transceiver mounted in your suit's helmet, providing directional indication on your HUD.
      • (10 points) Your suit's HUD also contains an option for thermal vision, allowing you to track objects based on their heat signature.
      • (5 points) Your suit contains a built in global positioning system, allowing you to accurately pinpoint your location and determine the fastest route to destinations.
      • (15 points) In addition to the default information about your suit and personal status, your HUD now provides visuals on estimated status of enemy suits, target lock information, direction of fire, etc.

      • (20 points) Your suit has been modified to withstand the extreme depths and volumetric pressure of the ocean. It now possesses hydrothrusters capable of propelling you through water at rapid speeds, as well as a rebreather allowing you to remain underwater indefinitely.
      • (20 points) Your suit is now capable of handling the vacuum of deep space. Ion thrusters allow rapid movement, and a solar powered photosynthesis-mimicking life support system provides oxygen for the pilot.
      • (10 points) Hover-based propulsion technology that allows for short-height levitation and "skating" over ground. Difficult terrain no longer affects your movement speed.
      • (15 points) Built-in propulsion system allows the suit to take off, land, hover, and fly. Provides increased maneuverability as well as guaranteed escape from flightless suits.

      • (10 points) Your suit is capable of providing accurate translations of nearly any spoken or written language, including sign language and lip reading.
      • (15 points) You can now transmit and receive a single audio/visual feed to any location on Earth that can receive satellite feeds. Only received by others if signal is accepted.
      • (15 points) Allows multimedia communications and multiple connections over Wireless network. Suit broadcasts it's own network, incapable of being hijacked or hacked by anything less than suit-tech. Grants access to the World Wide Web.

      • (25 points) Basic artificial intelligence helps manage suit functions. No emotion or sentience. Appears as a sprite or hand-held hologram.
      • (35 points) Advanced artificial intelligence capable of learning, developing, and displaying emotions and growth. Personality is heavily influenced by user behavior. Capable of piloting suit autonomously for up to 1 hour per day.

    The suit also has resources allocated towards selecting your weapons. Note that you are limited on the number of weapons you can carry by the number of hardpoints your suit has. The number of weapons you can carry is equal to the number of hardpoints plus one.


    • Class 1 weapons cost 5 Resources and can be equipped by all suits.
      • Anything from tasers to tranquilizers, designed to stun or incapacitate but not kill.
      • Includes extremely sharp and nigh unbreakable saws, blades, or molecular wire.
      • Any handheld assault rifle, shotgun, LMG, etc.
      • Designed for wide-sweeping attacks, this long weapon can attack up to three adjacent targets when swung in an arc.

    • Class 2 weapons cost 10 Resources and can be equipped by all suits.
      • MMGs, powered rifles, etc.
      • Fires time-fuse explosive grenades.
      • A ranged pulse of non-lethal electricity that disables organic targets and basic machinery for ~5 minutes.

    • Class 3 weapons cost 15 Resources and can be equipped on Medium weight suits or above..
      • HMGs, .50cal rifles, and small 20~40mm cannons count in this category.
      • Can be deployed at up to 50 feet. Will await enemy movement before triggering. Can also be set for manual or timed detonation (must be set before firing).
      • Capable of scrambling optics and targeting systems of enemy suits, as well as disabling all nearby communications equipment.
      • Launches missiles that are either blind-fire or guided by lock-on targeting, based on suit enhancements.

    • Class 4 weapons cost 20 Resources and can be equipped on Heavy weight suits or above..
      • 30~40mm autocannons, 80mm barreled and 120mm short barreled cannons, etc.
      • Torch of superheated plasma capable of searing and cutting through nearly any substance. Requires direct contact to be effective.
      • Fires bolts of superheated plasma at a target.
      • High-powered, rail-driven, and recoilless rifle fires extremely accurate kinetic slugs at a target.

    • Experimental weapons cost 25 Resources and can only be equipped by Superheavy class suits.
      • Particles are driven along an acceleration ring inside of the barrel and back before being emitted at hyperkinetic speeds, effectively shattering the atomic makeup and composition of the target upon impact.
      • Ion particles are gathered and condensed into a single projectile in the rear chamber of the weapon before being forcibly erupted, bombarding the target.
      • Launched missiles that require an adequate targeting system in order to fire. Armed with powerful warheads, these missiles obliterate nearly anything caught in their explosive radius. Due to the complexity of the missiles, only one may be fired every three minutes.
      • High-density hardened spike which is driven with a combination of pneumatic, hydraulic, and explosive power as a penetrator into armor before returning to its sheathe almost immediately. Can only be used on adjacent targets.

    Thanks for reading! This is going to be a sort of group CYOA/hybrid roleplaying game with myself serving as the GM. If you're interested in participating, please complete the sections listed above and post your completed character sheet in this thread. Once I've selected a party of 4-5 players, we'll open an in-character thread in the appropriate forum and begin!

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  2. This looks cool!
  3. Thanks! I put quite a bit of work into it. I'm hoping it gains a bit of attention. :D
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  4. If it doesn't, I'll end up bringing my awful-ness to it.
  5. hrmmm...muy interesante oreo-san
  6. Name: Lazlo Maupin

    Video games, Fighting, and Boy scouts

    What shaped your life:
    parents are conspiracy theorists.

    Suit Variant:

    Support Systems:
    • Thermal Vision (10 pts)
    • Thrusters (10 pts)
    • Nerve Carapace (10 pts)
    • Communicator (15 pts)
    • Bladed Melee: Thermal Claws (5 pts)
    • Mounted Grenade Launcher (10 pts)
    • Electropulse Generator (10 pts)
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  7. @dunruffle : Looks good! Just one thing: The Light suit variant only has 2 hardpoints, which means at most you can equip three weapons. Two on the hardpoints, and one carried by the suit itself!
  8. Oh, so the electropulse weapon is a gun? I guess I imagined it as a backpack like device. Also would it be okay if the two melee weapons were one handed? Like the thermal saw is wrist mounted or something
  9. Everything listed under 'weapons' is considered something that requires either a hardpoint or a hand. And if I make allowances for one player, I'd have to make them for all! :) Please select the three weapons you'd like to keep.
  10. alright, just checkin
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  12. Hope there's still room, since this sounds amazing! I got my CS down below, hopefully it's satisfactory ^^

    Name: Mason Allyrus

    Background: A, C, E (Chess, video games, computers)

    Childhood Event: B

    Suit - Heavy
    Support Systems- Self-Repairing Nanites
    -External Status

    Weapons- Railgun
    -Medium Ballistics (Medium Machine Gun)
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  13. @Verin : That looks good! Could you do me a favor and fill it out more completely? :) Rather than putting the letters, put the full name of the option selected? More just a convenience thing for me. Also, for your 'medium ballistics', feel free to describe the weapon in question! Is it an assault rifle? A heavy shotgun? Be creative!
  14. Fair enough. I put the name of the option after the background, also, but do you want me to reset it up?
  15. Actually, I'm good on that. :) Just put in a description of your weapon for me!
  16. Alrighty, that should be it. All better?
  17. And we're good!
  18. Excellent...
  19. question: what hapens to extra resources? can they be added to other [BCOLOR=transparent]features?[/BCOLOR]
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