Close to Perfection

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  1. Close to Perfection

    Finally, after several years of suffering from the cursed fate tied with her family lineage, Miyuki was finally able to broke free and live to a place where no one knows who she really is. The Fujiwara Clan from the East District of Tokyo was one of the most powerful and influential Yakuza Clan for years. Though they didn't really bring inconvenience and trouble, to the eyes of the people, a Yakuza is still a Yakuza.[SIZE=2] Miyuki, being the only daughter of the 10th [SIZE=2]Generation F[SIZE=2]ujiwara Clan Leader[SIZE=2] and the heiress[SIZE=2], the people around her tend to avoid and fear her. Her classmates from sc[SIZE=2]hool, [SIZE=2]the kids from the neighboring h[SIZE=2]ouses, each and everyone of them expresses nothing but fear towards her[SIZE=2]. [SIZE=2]She spent all her years without even a singl[SIZE=2]e friend or just someone to talk to aside from the buff men in black suit who were always tailing her.

    But now, finally, she was finally able to live the life she ever wanted. A normal school life[SIZE=2] that any normal girl could wish [SIZE=2]for. As soon as she stepped in [SIZE=2]high school, she moved from a town far from where she grew up and entered a school [SIZE=2]full of new faces. It was hard convincing her parents to l[SIZE=2]et her live alone but she got their permission in the end. A year has passed since she entered the new school and every[SIZE=2]thing was going smooth[SIZE=2]l[SIZE=2]y. She worked [SIZE=2]hard to gain [SIZE=2]her reputation in the school as a model student, having high grades a[SIZE=2]nd [SIZE=2]being part of the Student Council as the Vice-President[SIZE=2],[/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]s[/SIZE]he co[SIZE=2]uld even be considered as one of thepopular [/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]
    students. The perfect life she wanted ever since, she wouldn't let anyone ruin this.

    The first term of her second year in high school has just started but Miyuki had to stay late in school to do some paper works for the Student Council. It was already dark by the time she finished all her work and she started to fix her things and stepped out of the Student Council Room. Empty hallways, quiet surroundings, it seems like there was no one left inside the school aside from her. When she finally reached the school gates, Miyuki saw a rather familiar black limousine parked just in front of the school. Eyeing the car, a thought popped in her mind causing for a small gasp to escape her mouth. Wait, don't tell me...

    Just then, five men in black suit got off the car and stood unwaveringly in front of her. Though their eyes were covered with heavily tinted shades, from their posture, they seem to emit a rather respectful atmosphere towards the girl. "[SIZE=2]Miyuki-sama, your father has ordered me to deliver this letter to you.[SIZE=2]"[/SIZE] One [SIZE=2]of the [SIZE=2]buff men [SIZE=2]f[SIZE=2]inally talked with a [SIZE=2]rather[/SIZE] low husky voice[SIZE=2] as he handed a white envelope to Miyuki. [SIZE=2]The worried [SIZE=2]student looked around [SIZE=2]before turning back to the suspicious-looking man and [SIZE=2]hastily took the envelope from him. "[SIZE=2]I got it already[SIZE=2]! Now, leave before someone sees you here!" The man [SIZE=2]was still about to say something but bef[SIZE=2]ore words came out from his mouth, Miyuki immediately sent [SIZE=2]sharp stare towards the man. Groaning inwardly from the girl's stare[SIZE=2], the man [SIZE=2]obedient[/SIZE]ly bowed his he[SIZE=2]ad. "I un[SIZE=2]derstand.. Then, we'll be taking our leave." And just like loyal [SIZE=2]dogs following their master's order, the men finally drove away leaving [SIZE=2]Miyuki with the letter they delive[SIZE=2]red.

    Staring on the envelope, Miyuki had a deep sigh. "Seriously, father, you could [SIZE=2]have just called m[SIZE=2]e..." This part of her family being old-fashioned and too traditional is starting to give her troubles and headache. Good thing no one other than her was left in the school... [B]Or so she thought.[/B][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE][/SIZE]

  2. Lance was a protege from America. A "washed-up" protege that had disappointed his parents when he had decided to take another turn in his life. He had decided in his freshman year of high school that instead of being a violinist, he wished to be a sports star. As punishment, his parents had shipped him off to Japan in an effort to reignite the wish to use his talent.

    Lance had taken the shipment....not to please his parents but to run from them. Here, he could make a fresh start and become something that was not automatically expected of him. He could choose a new identity for himself! As long as other students did not recognize his face from some of his performances than he was all set. He was glad he had changed his hair from his usual blonde to a brunette. It would make blending in a little easier.

    He walked through the empty halls of the highschool, past his classroom of 2-A and to the gate. It was late, later at night than he had expected. Lance had his backpack over his shoulder, his new registration packet and information in his hand. He saw a girl surrounded by men in suits with a limousine. For a moment he was concerned that his family's great fortune had been splurged to bring attention to himself. Then they drove off, leaving the girl standing there with an envelope and knew it wasn't so....
  3. Miyuki had another big sigh and decided to just read her father's letter when she got home. She kind of already had an idea what the contents could be. It was her father who was completely against on her leaving the house and he even set a condition that he will only agree if she will visit their house every weekend. Just for the sake of getting her father's permission, she took the deal. Now, it has been almost two weeks since she last visited. The start of the new term was pretty hectic for the Student Council members so she couldn't find time to leave. Her father might have put all his frustration on the letter and tell her to at least visit their house. Just reading the letter might be too stressful so she'll just save it for later.

    Miyuki then opened her shoulder bag and put the letter inside and while she's at it, she also searched for her mobile phone to check for mails. "Eh? Where is it?" She's just usually putting her phone in one of the bag's pockets but it wasn't there. She continued ramming in her bag but still, she couldn't find it. Where could it..... Miyuki's eyebrows suddenly twitched. She might have forgotten it on her table inside the Student Council Room. The school's hallways were quite creepy but she had to get her phone. Turning back to return to the school building, she was quite surprised to see a student and it seems that he had been watching her. And to think that it was one of her classmates, Lance. They weren't really that close and if memory serves her right, they only talked to each other like twice or thrice. But that wasn't Miyuki's main concern as of the moment. He could have not heard the whole thing, right?

    Calm down, she thought to herself. She might just be thinking too much. Miyuki was finally able to force a smile on her lips to hide the momentary shocked expression she just had. "Hey," She greeted and moved a few steps towards the guy. "It's already late. Why are you still here in school?"
  4. Lance stared at her in shock.

    What was her name?

    He silently cursed himself for having such a bad memory, before he remembered. Miyuki, like a note of freedom and spring. That's right! He frowned, realizing he still had to use his background of music to remember such trivial details. Lance looked at her, his green eyes wondering what she was so intent to hide. He shrugged, shaking his head and closing his eyes in thought.

    Everyone has secrets...

    "I was just picking up the last of my registration forms." He said, holding them in the air. "I should stop procrastinating and do's been a week already..." He grinned, stuffing them into his backpack and running a hand through his hair. He thought he had kept on the down low with everything...hiding who he truly was...he needed to go shopping before going home to the empty apartment...
  5. "Oh, is that so?" Miyuki replied shortly. Good. This Lance guy seemed to not have heard anything. But Miyuki wondered if he saw her father's men talking to her. Well, he appeared to be not interested in whatever her saw. Right, this guy immediately became the center of attention by the time he transferred so he could have not care less with whatever issues she has. All these assumptions ran in Miyuki's mind. If Lance is uninterested, then it's good. If he doesn't have any plans of questioning her about what he saw, then perfect. If things are as good as what she thinks, then how relieved she would be. But she couldn't help worrying a little.

    "Well, if you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask me." Miyuki had a casual smile plastered on her face. Should she ask him about it? But if she did ask, wouldn't it look more suspicious? Yeah, it will. Forget it. "I need to go back to the Student Council Room so I'll just see you tomorrow." Miyuki flashed a smile before starting to walk.

    That's right.

    The next time they will meet is tomorrow and what if by that time he started telling to others what he had seen? Just right after she walked past Lance, she abruptly stopped. She had to ask this after all. "Uhh," A hint of hesitation was evident on her voice as she talked. She looked back at Lance with a mixture of worried and nervous expression. She probably looked funny but heck, she needed an assurance to ease her worries. "Have you... not heard.... or maybe seen anything?.... Anything..." Her words were quite inaudible but it should be loud enough for the guy to hear.
  6. Lance watched her expressions and body language closely as she talked on. She was a sweet-enough looking girl, but if him talking to her got him more attention. He groaned....He was tired of all the attention and girls fawning over him. If he had wanted that, he would have stayed in America.

    "Have you... not heard.... or maybe seen anything?.... Anything..."

    That simple question and the way it was asked caught him by surprise. From what he had seen of Miyuki,she was a strong young woman. He looked at her. "All I saw was a girl getting a letter...nothing worth mentioning." Lance winked, trying to reassure her before he turned and walked off in the direction of his apartment and the store for his food.
  7. Before Miyuki could even say a word, Lance started to walk away. He said nothing was worth mentioning... Then, it should be fine, right? She has nothing to worry about. Her secret is still safe. That's good... "That's good.." She was so much relieved, she didn't even notice that her trail of thoughts came out from her mouth. But she has to be careful from now on. She may be lucky today but it will be bad if it happens again and someone sees it. She has to talk with her dad about suddenly sending his men to her school. After having a deep sigh, she went back to the Student Council Room to get her mobile phone and immediately went back to her apartment.

    The next day, just like always, she had set out for school early. As a Student Council member, she has to be always on time and be a model student. It was hard but she never really mind doing it all for the sake of her normal, happy, school life. She then got off of the bus and from there, the school was just within a walking distance. She was taking her time in walking, after all it was still too early and classes won't start any time soon. Which reminded her of her father's letter. Just as she thought, the letter was just about asking why she haven't came to visit their house lately and she should visit this coming weekend, that is tomorrow.

    Since she was already free from Student Council works, she decided to go and visit them tomorrow. "I wonder what should I bring for them..." She muttered to herself and just then she took out her mobile phone on her bag's pocket and searched over the net for some ideas. She was too busy with her mobile phone that she was slowly forgetting to pay attention to where she was walking.

    [[ I hope you don't mind the time skip ^^; ]]
  8. Lance stopped by the market on his way to the apartment. Once at his home, he set his bag down with a large thump. Heading towards the kitchen he cooked something up, walking past his violin case and sitting on the couch to eat. He sighed, glad to be away from the nagging of his parents but also wishing he was not alone.

    Lance woke, realizing he was late and rushed to get dressed. He did not even remember falling asleep on his couch the night before. Running fingers through hair that had become shaggy he pulled on his school uniform and grabbed his backpack, running out the door. He jogged all the way to the school, running past Miyuki with huffing breaths.
  9. A sudden unnatural wind brushed through Miyuki's face and slightly heard a heavy panting as someone ran past her. She stopped walking and looked up from her phone to see who might be this person who was really enthusiastic so early in the morning. To her surprise, she saw Lance running and from his looks, it seemed like he was in a hurry too. "Ah, hey!" Her voice wasn't really that loud so the rushing student might not be able to hear her called out. She slightly lifted her left arm to check the time on her wrist watch as she continued walking with her own pace. Yep, there was still 20 minutes before the class will start.... So, why? She slightly tilted her head as she directed back her gaze to Lance's back. Maybe he has some urgent things to do...
  10. Lance stopped, hearing someone call out from behind him. He turned around, a peanut butter sandwich in hand and bent over, huffing and puffing. "What?" He asked in annoyance, reaching up to brush the hair from his eyes. He saw who it was and straightened. "Sorry..."

    He took a bite of his sandwhich, pulling a bottled water out of his bag. "Sorry, no good without my breakfast."
  11. Oh, he heard me. Miyuki wasn't really expecting Lance to stop running so she was quite surprised. Anyway, she slightly ran towards the huffing brunette, minimizing the distance between them. "No, it's okay.." To eat while rushing for school, he must have been really in a hurry. She just hope she was not delaying him on something. She watched Lance eat his sandwich. For some reasons, that sight amused her and she didn't start to talk until he finished his food. "What's up? You seem to be in a hurry. There's still a lot of time before the classes start." She looked on her watch again just to double-check before returning her line of sight towards him. "Do you have something to do?"
  12. Lance shook his head. "What? I thought I was going to be late." He said after finishing his sandwich and taking a large swig of his water. He patted his pockets, looking for his watch.

    He gave up, throwing his hands in the air. "Nevermind...I'm still not used to the different times and such..."

    Not used to not having music practice....not used to being on my own...not used to being free in the mornings...not used to being free in the evenings...

    If he told the truth, that would be what he would say but no...he was trying to make a new life for himself.
  13. Miyuki chuckled a bit. Just as she thought, Lance got the time wrong. "That's true. You just moved here after all." She didn't have any idea what was running in Lance's mind or what things he was referring as 'such' but she didn't want to mind the small details. "You want to go to school together?" Miyuki had this habit of being too friendly to anyone while she was trying to gain friends in her new school. Sticking too much with Lance might get too much attention from everyone in the school given that the guy was really popular and she herself has few eyes set on her as well but that really didn't matter to her as of the moment.

    Come to think of it, this was the first time they talked to each other like this. Since the incident yesterday, Miyuki felt that Lance might be a good person and it wouldn't hurt to be friends with him. She likes having new friends, after all. Besides, he is a transfer student and might still having a hard time adjusting... Just like what happened today. "And you might want to fix that messy hair of yours before going to school. You should always look presentable since you're popular and all." She chuckled and pointed on Lance's ruffled brunette hair. It was such a waste that such beautiful hair will be left in a mess, but she won't dare saying such stuff to him.
  14. Lance smiled at her. "Sure, we can walk together." He readjusted his backpack, wincing as he heard a sharp twang come from inside. He frowned at her comment of his hair and crossed his eyes, the green orbs attempting to seek out the strands of mess she saw. "I don't think anything's wrong with my hair." He looked down at the ground as he continued to walk.

    "Besides, I didn't ask to be popular. I came here to just get away for awhile."
  15. 'Get away'? Miyuki repeated in her mind as she wondered. Get away from what? But other than that, she seemed to have said a rather reckless remark. "Is.. Is that so..?" She really wanted to ask what was it that he wanted to get away from but with the current mood and atmosphere between them, she figured that it would not be wise to ask about it. More than that, she has to change this awkward atmosphere.

    Miyuki let out a dry laugh as she desperately tried to at least brighten up the mood. "Well, you're a transfer student who came from a different country so I guess they were just thrilled. Maybe they will settle down in due time." She paused for a while. Should she wait for a response...? Maybe not. "Which reminds me," Miyuki decided to just change the topic and continued to talk. "How's your stay here so far? Are you enjoying?"
  16. Lance put a hand to his hair, attempting to straighten out the bed-head he knew he was wearing. He clomped along in his uniform, taking a swig of water. "Yeah, hopefully they all will. I've never dealt with popularity well..." He shrugged.

    He listened with amusement to her talking, realizing she was nervous. "Look," He said, stopping and turning to face her, "if you're worried about yesterday and that's why you're being all friendly...don't worry about it. Everyone has a secret they want to keep." He shook his head, turning on his heel to walk back on to the school. He put his water bottle in his backpack, frowning as he realized he had brought his violin out of habit. With a growl he zipped up the backpack and slung it back over his shoulders, sticking hands in his pockets.
  17. Miyuki's thought was blank. For a moment there, she didn't know what to say and just watched Lance as he walked away. His words struck her. Was she really being friendly to keep an eye for Lance's action and she was just unconscious about it? No... Not at all. She was sure it was not like that at all. The incident yesterday didn't cross her mind even once while she was talking to him. She was just blankly watching Lance as their distance between them grew longer, and unconsciously, words came out of her mouth in a form of a mumble. "It's not... at all..."

    She then suddenly snapped.

    "It's not like that at all!" Miyuki exclaimed grabbing the sling of her bag at the same time and threw it with ample amount of strength directed to Lance. The quite heavy bag containing two books, a notebook and some other stuffs flew towards the guy, aiming for his head as the target. If it ever hit his head, it would sure hurt but not as much since the force used wasn't really that strong. "If you got offended or you felt bad by what I said about you being popular then I'm sorry, okay?! But I'm seriously being friendly with you, no ill intentions or whatsoever! Saying it like that... It.. it just...." Reminds her of her past, Miyuki wasn't able to make those last few words come out from her mouth. She just growled in frustration and stomped off, walking past Lance. She had to get away from him fast before she say any more unnecessary stuffs. This bad temper, probably what she got from her father, she already had this a long time ago but through the years, she mastered the trick to make a facade to conceal it. It had been a very long time since she snapped like that.

    As soon as she reached the school building, she immediately rubbed off the unpleasant expression she was wearing. Students greeted her along the way and she returned each of their greetings with a warm smile. Entered the classroom, same warm feeling greeted her. Being surrounded by people is the best feeling after all. Miyuki talked to a few of her friends in her class for a while before finally made her way to her seat and sat down. "Ah.." And just by that time did she only realize something. "My bag."
  18. Lance grunted as her bag hit his back, a twang-twang snap being heard. His face paled and he froze. He feared moving and was so shocked by her actions and words that he could not form words of his own. As soon as she walked past him, he came back to life. Slinging his bag off his shoulder, he crouched there on the sidewalk, digging out his violin case.

    He opened it, mouth dry and full of fear. He sighed in relief as he realized it was only a string that had been broken.

    Wait...why am I so concerned...? I know my Uncle gave it to me, but I told myself I hated playing now!

    He packed it back up, standing and slinging his bag over his shoulder with a sigh. That's when he noticed it....the offending bag that had been thrown at him. Lance picked it up, carrying it with him as well. After a few minutes, he reached the school yard, ignoring the girl that fawned over him. He marched straight into the classroom and to Miyuki's desk. Dropping the bag onto the desk he huffed, "Sorry..." before walking to his own desk and sitting down with a bored expression.
  19. "Hey, Miyuki, where are your stuffs?" One of her classmates approached her and asked. Miyuki slightly jerked at the question and was caught by surprise. "Ah.. Uhh.. I was spacing out this morning and I seem to forgot it in my place." A nervous laugh followed her not-so-convincing excuse but her classmate seemed to buy it for some reasons and laughed. That's good... But there is something else bothering her.

    Miyuki was worried for a moment and reflected on her own actions. Maybe she went too far on releasing her temper like that. But... Isn't it too late to ponder about it now? Lance might hate her now and threw off her bag somewhere. A sigh then escaped her lips. She was too preoccupied with her own thoughts that she didn't notice Lance enter the classroom. A soft thud was heard as her bag was dropped on her desk making her snap out of her thoughts. She looked up only to see Lance and heard him apologize. Her mouth opened as if she wanted to say something but nothing came out. Her eyes were glued to him until he went to his own desk. Maybe she'll try to talk to him on lunch break and apologize too.

    "I thought you left your bag in your house?" Miyuki had a muffled gasp as a curious classmate asked and hastily turned to him. "Uhh.. No.. It's...." Not good, her brain isn't processing well and can't think of any excuse. Why did she even said that she left her bag in her place?! Before she knew it, everyone's attention was directed to her and Lance. Suspicious looks, some have sneering stares, they are frightening... This kind of gazes... Again... Directed to her... "No... This is just..." Just before she can finish what she was about to say, the teacher entered the classroom and that put an end to the ruckus.

    The class proceeded as if nothing happened. Miyuki was panicking at that moment. If the teacher hadn't come, what could she have done? Wasn't able to concentrate all throughout the class, before she knew it, it's already lunch break.
  20. Lance ignored the looks and cluster of students around Miyuki that were staring at him. He had heard the questions and smirked as it brought him amusement. He turned and looked at the window, attempting to hide the little grin on his face. The teacher came in, going through the lecture and boring him half to death. He still acted as a good student and pulled out his textbooks, highlighting important facts and making notes in his notebooks.

    He breathed a sigh of relief when lunch break happened and he grabbed his lunch, escaping the group of other students as he made his escape. He left the classroom, popping in his ear buds and turning on his music. He sighed in happiness, looking for an isolated corner. Lance found a corner no one else was using by a window and he propped himself up on the sill, opening his lunch of rice and salmon. He had attempted to cook it himself, trying to provide something other than a peanut butter sandwich.
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