EXERCISE Close To Lightspeed

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  1. Many science-fiction universes have a method of faster-than-light travel that makes travelling between stars and planets quite easy and enables large interstellar empires to develop, however, this exercise deals with those that would like to obey the currently known laws of physics as closely as they can. While travelling quicker than the speed of light usually requires the creator to exercise their imagination, there are many factors that one must consider when something approaches the speed of light.

    Your task is to tackle the problems of travelling close to the speed of light. The following questions will help you to consider the aspects of this problem. Should you want to, you can also write independetly of them.

    What is the method of propulsion used to achieve these speeds?
    How can this propulsion device be refueled without stopping it?
    How are supplies, such as fuel and parts stored on a ship that is using this method of propulsion?
    What kind of structure is necessary for a ship to survive the acceleration and deceleration process?

    What kind of protective measures are used to defend ships from the consequences of collisions with interstellar objects, including nebulae?
    How is course correction done, if it is possible at all?

    What kind of special navigation process is used on ships employing this method, if there is one at all?

    How are the effects of time dilation handled, or its consequences accounted for? (For example, a ship could travel for as long as a thousand years according to the time of the universe while the people on board only experience the passing of few hours.)

    How does one communicate with a ship of this speed?

    Can people be present on a ship that uses this method? If so, how are the problems of life support and human weaknesses solved?
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