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  1. Clockwork Thief
    Now... you may have heard of me. You may have heard the whispers. The small ticks and tocks among the little pieces called men in this grand clockwork of a city. They call me Ticking Beggar, the Watch Tumbler, the Broken Gearshark, or perhaps more well known The Clockwork Thief. I see from your expressions you have indeed heard of me. You perhaps thought me a foolish story told by men to scare you. Perhaps you held your little bag of silver gears and copper screws a bit tighter when you heard mention of me. Well I am no story. I am flesh, bone, and perhaps a bit of something else... Oh, you wonder why I have brought you here. Why do you even need to ask. I would chuckle if the reason wasn't as exposed as a clock. This city has grown stale. The winding gears and ticking clocks have grown cumbersome and old. Have you seen the state of the city! Those damn highborn Winders and their noble houses are growing greedy. The minute men are growing complacent. The High Hands of the Tower is pushing down on us. Hell I believe the Watch Duke is just laughing his ass of at our misery.

    But don't you worry. The wheels are turning. Thats why I've brought you here. We are going to give the wheel one hell of a shove. Hopefully towards a direction that doesn't get us killed. Can't have too much chaos or the entire city stops ticking. I have found and sought each of you out for specific reasons. You are the best of the best and for what I'm planning we'll need the best. You are the top bruisers, tinkers, false facers, burglars, gearheads, and who knows what! I've literally scoured this fucking city clean of your kind. Lets get serious. I need a fucking crew. You are the fucking best. Now this job ain't going to be easy. You will probably cock up and get your fucking brains bolted. I don't care. The job needs to be done. And yes, there will be a payoff. A big fucking one. I ain't shitting you. All of you will get heaps of golden cogwheels or I ain't the Clockwork Thief. Now everyone who doesn't want in, fuck off. We got a job to do. Oh and if any of you report to the Windup Sentinels. I'll be the first fucking person wave you off as your your heart stops ticking. Now everyone who wants in. Get behind me. We've got a lot of planning to do.

    RP Summary
    This rp takes place in a large city called Vinceza. The city is shaped in large circle with multiple inner circles dividing into three main districts: Secunzo, Minutcia, Huorezia. Secunzo is the outer rim, filled with the impoverished, the clockmakers, the workers, and the men of ill repute. Minutcia has all the noble Winders, the artificers, and the Windup Sentinels. Huorezia contains the great Tower in the center. A large monument of a structure that towers over the entire city. Three large turning clock hands rise above the city. They move in perfect motion, down to the last second. People say this is how the Watch Duke oversees his people and sends his High Hands, his elite forces of half men and clockwork, to eradicate any error in his perfect system.

    Technology is run by springs, coils, pulleys, gears, and whatever spins, twirls, winds, and turn. Explosives are rare and heavily suppressed. Firearms are usually clockwork crossbows which are preferred by the Windup Sentinels. Most of the fighting is done with more martial flair: swords, daggers, maces, and even strange clockwork contraptions.

    Expect to see violence, oppression, sin, debauchery, and many unsavory elements not fit for a night time story. You know. Things like back alley deals, assassinations, conning the rich, and other likely and equally "virtuous" actions. Likely your characters are the lowest of lows, coming from thieves, beggars, murderers, conmen, or even prostitutes. Be fucking proud of it and we ain't here to talk pretty. We are here to cheat, steal, and lie our way through this city. Perhaps your a Winder whose just tired of this shit and decide to do something about it. Drop down with the rest of us and lets see some blood on your knuckles. Or perhaps you a humble clockmaker or artificer who had their business taken away by some fucking Windup Fucks. Get your blasted revenge with a fucking clockwork gauntlet to their groins. Lets have some fun in Vinceza!

    IC Thread

    The Current Crew:
    Jacque - Clockwork Thief
    Lysel Serge - Golem Bait
    Julia - Deranged Dealer of Deadly Deeds
    Shadow - Pale Messenger
    Justice - Righteous Mummer
    Pietro Aretino - Delicate Sinner

    Character Skelly
    Name: A fine name that is. Hopefully I don't see it on a gravestone any time soon.
    Gender: Got any tits?
    Age: Are you old enough to hold a crosssbow? Gah who cares heres a crossbow.
    Occuptation: What the hell are you? Get the hell out you Sentinel scum.
    Appearance: Do you look like a cow? Perhaps a chicken?
    Personality: Are you a madman or perhaps a silent stabby type?
    Skills: What can you offer to the crew? Wow! I didn't know people can even do that. Do it again.
    Background: Now what kind of sad story brought you to my little hideout?
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  2. Name: I'm known as the Clockwork thief, you can call me Jacque.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Occuptation: Jack of numerous trades, especially the thieving ones.
    Appearance: Black hair, gray eyes, and 5'9". Usually wearing a simple white shirt, black pants, and a long gray overcoat filled with useful little pockets. Will often be seen wearing anything ranging from a beggar's rags to a Winder's noblemen suit, and perhaps the Clockwork masked uniforms of a Windup Sentinel.
    Personality: Lets say I'm quite flexible in my range of emotions. Polite and quiet. Sure. Viscous and bloody. You damn well believe it. Kind and pious. When the jobs demands it. Hell I'm as shifting as clockwork. Name your game and I'm your man.
    Skills: Lets say I've acquired a diverse tool set. Killing. No problem. Stealing. Done it. Charming the fuck out of noblemen. Now thats a damn fine way to spend time. Makes a man's purse quite hefty.
    Background: You know you shouldn't pry. We've all got our secrets. Maybe if you work long enough you'll wring out a few from me. But for now lets say I come from strange places. Lets assume I got dealings with the damn Watch Duke. And lets just fucking acknowledge I'm the greatest you'll ever see and will ever see. So keep your questions locked up tight and just let the clock tick away.
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  3. Character Skelly
    Name: Lysel Serge. "Sir-geh," "Sir-gay," or "Surge," doesn't matter which. All are valid ever since my ancestors went "Fuck it."
    Gender: Sadly, none. Please bear in mind I do however have a vagina and a distinct lack of a penis and balls.
    Age: 23. [She examines the crossbow warily, almost frightened.] Bloody hell, this is fantastic work...
    Occuptation: Courier. If it needs delivering, I'll get it there.
    Appearance: Try a scrawny little brat. Nothing has been too kind to me, as evidenced by your towering a good foot or two above me.
    Personality: Well, don't expect me to shoot you in the back anytime soon. I have the honour to stab a man while he is facing me--little as I'm sure that means to you, and the world at large.
    Skills: I'm small. I'm fast. I'm quiet. I can slink around all those little nooks and crannies all around the place, and no one will ever know I'm there. Discretion and speed is the name of my game.
    Background: Something is after me. After the couriers, after the post office, after the people I deliver packages to! I'm... I'm scared, alright?! I'm fucking terrified! There's this... thing... some sort of mechanical golem and it will not stop until it gets me. I... I think I killed it once, shoved it into a grinder and smashed every last accursed part to dust... but I know that won't stop it.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Character Skelly

    Name: Hi, Hi! My name? Why you care!? Oh sorry te-he, it's Julia.
    Gender: Are my tits decent enough for you!? If not, I can change your opinion real fast.
    Age: Oh! A crossbow for me!? You shouldn't have...literally. Time to go on a spree! Yay! What? You wanted my age? I'll tell you some other time, killing spree is more important!
    Occuptation: I do business! What kind? Well wouldn't you like to know... What kind of candy would you like to take tonight? Got some nice sugar~ Comes with a special called "Blow Out". I'll tell you... You won't see sunrise ever again.
    Appearance: I look like a bird on sugar... Oh, I don't think that was my best description...
    [ Light Brown eyes, 5'8'' , 134 Pounds, strawberry (Orange blonde) Long, sleek hair. ]
    Personality: Sure I am crazy, but I am no madman.... I just have some loose screws, t-that's all. *Twitch*
    Skills: You want to see a magic trick? Where did your b
    uuuuddie go? [Manipulative, Dealer, Killer, Distraction]
    Background: Well ooone day I was chasing a little flying thang and I was dancing around and... What do you mean what flying thang? It was right there honestly! What do you mean you didn't see it...
    I honestly don't remember how I got here besides following it.... But that's ok!
    [Julie is a messed up young gal who ended up raised by an old coot who told fantasy stories. Too bad she didn't remember the coots name. His stories messed up her head when she was younger and on top of that she thinks harmful substances are called candy and juice. -Mentally Ill- ]
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  5. Lets see... A bloody small runt of a girl and a woman whose gears aren't rightly fitted. What a fucking grand lot we got ourselves. I would gladly sit down and have bit of tea with ye, but I dare say this isn't the tea drinking kind of crew. I welcome you in all the same. Who's next?
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  6. Oh yay goodie, when do we start!? I can bring the sugar for the tea! Honestly.... it's sugar~
    I can bring extra bodies to the tea party too Haha! I think they are mute.
  7. We are starting when we got a proper crew gathered. This isn't a half assed tease and grab. We are in it for the long haul. Perhaps... seven or more total. Can't have yellowcoats turn tail during the middle of the job.
  8. Right! How silly of me~
    I'll go stack the bodies!
  9. Thank you. Please tell me I can stay here. Ironic as it sounds, I feel safer in the company of an infamous rapscallion like yourself than in my own home. No offense.
  10. This looks interesting~
  11. Indeed quite interesting. But people can say things are interesting, but will they ever step into it. Now thats the question. Will you be able to step in and see how interesting things can get.
  12. Name: Names are for those with souls, I am but a mere shadow. Ah, there, Shadow will suffice.
    Gender: Barely female. Barely anything at all.
    Age: Why don't you take a gander? I am seemingly ageless, true, but if your tiny brain thinks I am 22, then so be it.
    Occupation: I am the night. I am what steals your money in dark allies and kills your friends when the world is sleeping. I am the hands you refuse to stain and the devil on your shoulder. A hit man if you prefer correct terminology.
    Appearance: The shapeless form of a shadow isn't so shapeless anymore. Short and uneven blonde hair coated in dirt and filth turns dark as blue eyes turn paler as they hide away from sunlight. Though even without sun my body seems to grow as tall as an evening shadow, amounting to 5'9. Rags coat my filthy body. Shredded up black attire hide my pale skin as stiff and worn leather boots chap my callous feet.
    Personality: Not shy but quiet and mysterious. Not friendly but deadly and polite. I am loyal to those who have a contract with me and murderous to anyone else. My temper ostensibly nonexistent, but when all the right gears are in place, my tongue is as sharp as the weapon fired from a crossbow. I am the secret toxic in the air, for I am without a presence though when noticed an eerie aura follows my persona. My emotionless face is unreadable and something about my eyes shouts deceit. I am a killer who finds neither joy or sorrow in killing. Following orders is what I do, though everyone has a secret longing inside of them.
    Skills: As stealthy as a shadow, I kill and I steal. Agility is one of my strong suites - as nimble as can be - my movements are swift and fast, never hesitant. My prey is dead before they can even realize that they are lifeless, but if asked to, I could make their last breaths as painful as possible. Tell me what you want me to do and your wish is granted.
    Background: A change in scenery is all. Shadows are where secrets are kept. Take care when venturing into their depths, you wouldn't want to get hurt, now would you?
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  13. Very nice. Your kind is most welcome, albeit watched carefully... We now have a beginnings of a proper crew, but I feel we are lacking some proper gears and perhaps a screw or two. (Also if you want to change your given pseudonym just tell me and I'll change it. Otherwise I'm just going to put whatever I feel like from reading your skellies.)
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  14. Character Skelly
    Name: N-name? Have I got one of those? I guess some people call me... Justice.
    Gender: Tits? Do you want me to have them? I could if I need them. Good luck figuring out my real gender though. Maybe someday I’ll give you a p-e-e-k.
    Age: Please. I’ve used crossbows. I’ve been able to hold them since I was just a wee-- Ah, but you’re not gonna get any personal information out of me. Good luck guessing my age, but I will say I’ve still got some youth in me. As for the crossbow? Nice, but I prefer lighter weapons that are easier to hide. Like the dagger I've got up my sleeve.
    Occupation: I perform a variety of roles. Just where do you need me to infiltrate? I can get in or out of anywhere undetected. I've a few regular roles in the inner and outer city, in case you were needing connections.
    Appearance: Nobody knows my true appearance. Not even me. I can change my look as much as any corset, mask, or whatever other method I devise allows me. Unfortunately though, I can’t change my taller-than-average height.
    Personality: Like my appearance, I can act any way I need. Get my trust and I might open up a bit. The only constant is my quest for all that is just.
    Skills: Wait here a few minutes.
    What, don't recognize me? Not even my voice? Convinced yet? Thought so. You can use me to gain info or as an assassin, I suppose. I've no qualms killing those that deserve it, provided they do deserve it.
    Background: I'm here because I've been watching you. I'm sure you didn't notice. But I was there. The young woman at the market stall. The guard outside the city gate. Anyway. Your sense of justice is admirable. It agrees with me. That's why I want to join you. That's all.
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  15. Justice... it certainly has a dramatic flair. I dare say you have quite mistaken my intent. It is true that in doing what we do we shall bring a certain kind of justice. But you miss my involvement in the matter. I like gold. It is quite shiny. I believe your motivations may or may not be as dirty as many of ours, but if its justice you seek then I won't stop you. Welcome, Justice, to my merry little gang. I hope we can bring some "justice" to the Duke and perhaps those Winders as well. Just don't get too crazy when our pockets are being filled in the process.
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  16. Name: Pietro Aretino. Or, as far as you know.
    Gender: Tits? How repulsive. This creature is strictly a member of the male gender. However, it has been mistaken for a female more than once.
    Age: Why should this creature wield a crossbow when daggers are easier to conceal from potential prey? And, much more enjoyable...Let's just say this creature is an adult in its mid-twenties.
    Occupation: This humble creature gives back to the community. Sex, drugs, death....
    Appearance: What a danger, for this creature to give such detail on its appearance. But, alas, this creature will tell, just for you. It stands at 5'5", has a lean build, shoulder-length black hair, blue eyes, and pale white skin. It prefers to wear black, to be less noticeable in the dark. It is not uncommon for this creature to walk about with blood splattered across its face, either. Such a beautiful color, blood is...
    Personality: Despite this creature's current rantings, it prefers to keep quiet unless spoken to. It likes to examine and listen, rather than speak. The happy faces and noises from its clients alone fills this creature with content.
    Skills: This creature is talented at wielding small blades, smuggling drugs here and there, and silencing individuals who know too much. When in a good mood, it isn't uncommon for this creature to cannibalize its victims. In addition, this creature is not sexually shy, willing to give its body in exchange for something much more valuable.
    Background: Sad story, you say? This creature is never sad. This life of debauchery is beautiful to it. It is all the creature has ever known. However, when news came around to the creature about dwindling clients, there had to be something done. At the mention of joining a crew of like-minded individuals, this creature was overjoyed!
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  17. You certainly are an odd... one, but hey we have all kinds. I swear I saw you in a brothel once. Perhaps more than once. It matters not. I believe the crew is pretty much settled. At least the part that you know about. I assure you that more faces will appear later on. We do not need to all meet just yet. I'll see you all in Secunzo in the Watchmaker's block by the week's end. The building will be a ruddy little place with a crimson spring jutting out. The time code for the clock door is 3:17 then two clockwise rotations to 3:28. If you can't find it then you really don''t deserve to be there. Now get your asses out. Can't have a Sentinel popping in and being all suspicious of this gathering. (Posting ic thread probably Fri night or sat morn. Feel free to use this as ooc thread.)
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  18. Lysel looks nervous. She grips the crossbow tighter to her tiny frame, then relaxes.

    "Yes, sir."

    She takes one look at the odd lot she's found herself with, and suppresses a shake of the head. Whoever--or whatever--these people(?) were, she was a helluva lot safer with them than with "normal" society. The scrawny girl slinks on out of the niche, disappearing into a space between two haphazardly nailed boards in the wall.
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  19. I made the color for my character's speaking the same color as his title, pink. If anyone wants me to change it because it hurts their eyes or they want the color, I will.
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