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  1. Within the steampunk-esque world of 'Clockwork' lies a hidden city, only accessed by the newly deceased, this secret metropolis is named Calces. As an airy soul you will arrive in the Clock Tower, the starting point of the visual novel role-play's main quest line. There upon arrival you will meet the Clock-Maker, a transgender named 'Judeth', thus you will begin making decisions to affect the story line. Your goal is to find out why you are in Calces and how you got there.

    That is the main plot line of this visual novel, although this story verse can be expanded on if great interest is placed in it. I will be creating all artwork for the visual novel that is a result of this role-play. As well, I will be creating it with Tyrano Builder Visual Novel Studio, and working in Sketchbook Pro 7 and Adobe Photoshop CC mainly. When filling out the character sheet, please describe in detail and/or give me a picture for your character's appearance so I can accurately transcribe it to the visual novel!

    Next there will be additional perks incorporated into the game for the player's benefit. Once all characters have been made and approved, I will create the IC Thread for us to begin the first quest! If you have any questions feel free to PM me!

    I don't have very many rules for you guys, basically:

    001. No God-modding; your characters can't block every hit or control other people's characters.

    002. Be Respectful to everyone in the game.

    003. No Mary Sue's please

    004. Stick to the Steampunk theme, please.

    005. Minimum one paragraph post for substance please!

    006. Have fun!

    The character sheet below is the basic skeleton we will use for all starting players. As your characters go through the quest line, they will "evolve" their character sheet with the various information the GM gives them as a they role-play. This includes, but is not limited to; skill cogs, money cogs, class, rank, species, and so on.

    Character Full Name:
    What is your last memory before you came here?:


    If you have any questions feel free to PM WhisperingWillows or voice them in the OOC thread.

    Judeth Harbourne | Character Profile
    Everard Meriwether | Character Profile
    Kanzaki Shiro | Character Profile
    Darren Mors | Character Profile
    Ida Rosenthal | Character Profile
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  2. Hullo! Okay so, I was thinking we have a basic character sheet that is updated after each player meets the Clock-Maker and gets their species/heart, class, and skill points. Maybe it can be continuously updated based on quests and such.. :3
  3. Evolving sheet works, especially if you have plans for growth and expansion of the characters that need tracking! But yeah, I feel we should all start with a frame of who or what we are, before meeting the Clock-Maker and... well, evolving, as it were!
  4. I was thinking these would be all we really need:
    Character Full Name:
    What is your last memory before you came here?:

    What do you think?
  5. Oooh, Last Memory. I really like that.

    I'm not sure what else to add to something like that, to leave things so vague as to "begin a new life," or something. HMMMMM...
  6. I think what we have is good for now, and when we role-play each aspect of the main quest line than we can add/evolve our character sheets.
  7. Sounds good to me!
  8. I updated the cast list, so it has that now. On to creating a character!
  9. Character Full Name: Kanzaki Shiro
    Pronunciation: Ka-n-za-ki Shi-ro. Kinda hard to mispronounce Japanese, it's exactly as written :D
    Personality: Shiro is quite cynical and loves to criticise people, so she often ends up playing the role of the tsukkomi. She uses a lot of sarcasm too, but has an energetic and stupid side as well. She has an obsession with cute things.
    What is your last memory before you came here?: Walking down a street deciding whether to visit the store on the way home.

    Side note: What do people look like before they've been given a body?
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  10. Since we're all dead, I imagine we're wispy little puffs of dead-soul-cloud-thing, unless we're some kind of translucent, ethereal image of our previous self? :D
  11. So probably, we'll look like air.
  12. Air? We should probably look like mist at least then so characters can kind of tell where others actually are.
  13. I imagine we look like these little shits:

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  14. Just a voice for Judeth will do. I imagine since there's no solid idea associated with human souls in Clockwork, they have no proper form.
  15. Hah those are cute. I think we should go with little wispy things then.
  16. Why would we need to tell where each other are? We're getting bodies anyways, and a semi-godly being that has the power to drag disembodied souls into clockwork shells probably has some sort of sixth sense.

    Unless Judeth just uses a vacuum cleaner to suck up souls in the air before pumping them into shells.
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  17. You don't want to, like... mix... in the air... and share the same space... do you?

    That's so... so... uncouth.
  18. FTFY
  19. Dunno why you'd want to tell where people are, but I suppose it depends on how long it's going to take before they get the bodies.
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