Clockwork Pirates (A Victorian Steampunk RP) RE-MADE

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  1. Once upon a time I decided to do a Pirate roleplay and amazing RPers with equally fantastic characters came in from all sides and the OOC thread was an explosion of activity. My alert box didn't stand a chance xD Unfortunately the sky faring vessel never got a chance to set sail seeing as crew members kept jumping ship left and right. Just as I was about to announce the start of the venture too (talk about bad luck -.-;)

    BUT here I am again!


    The only difference this time is that I'm looking for DEDICATED ROLEPLAYERS and just the fact that I spelled the RP word out shows I mean business ;)

    Here are some of the traits of the said RPers:
    • Patience - At the moment this is still a work in progress RP. You might be wondering "Why?? I mean if you already made this before than SURELY you would have had the time to fill in all the setting ideas and what not" and you, my dear reader, are absolutely wrong. This little gem had started out just being a simple 'make a character, get accepted, and then we'll just make up things as we go' roleplay. Seeing as that didn't work out that well I want to flesh this out more than I had and actually turn this into a bit of a quest...thingy (awesome wordplay by yours truly). And before we actually start flying above the clouds getting high on some fantastical adventures there's going to be a bit of setting talks that will take place.
    • Writer - All RPers see themselves as writers because that's essentially what RPing is all about. But can you procure a barrage of well structured, perfectly coordinated, sparkling wall of text??? No?! Well that's alright because I don't expect you to :D The type of writer that I'm looking for is someone who can simply make an effort. A few grammar mistakes here and there are completely accepted and perfection is definitely not something I'm going to be looking for. As long as I can see that you at least tried is all that matters. But the first person who drops a one liner will be personally murdered by me ^^ I'm serious =_=
    • Dedication - This comes as a no brainer. I desperately need people who are able to handle long going RP's. I NEED them so very badly. And I love them so much it hurts.
    • Contribution - No, I don't expect anything crazy like coming up with the entire RP plot and or a surprise ending that will completely blow the shit out of everyone's brains (pardon my french). Just the occasional "Hey, wouldn't it be awesome if..." or "You know what would be so cool?? -explains an idea-" Because you never know if I add you're little piece of fantasticalness into the actual story.
    • Activity - For the most part I'm actually pretty lax with this since I too am prone to having a life but don't expect everything to be nice and peachy if you disappear for a week without so much as an announcement.

    ALL RIGHT now if you'd successfully survived my tirade down below you can see the amount of spots that are going to be available and a brief job description of each (more spots may open and new positions may arise during the RP or when I get the OC thread up and running):


    Quartermaster ~ @YuriLucien
    The always reliable right hand man of the captain. This job requires authority, responsibility, and above all loyalty. Being second in command isn't all fun and games since you're going to be the first person that the crew will turn to if the captain is absent. You'll be making a few hard calls and tough decisions in your time and all the repercussions will be on you. Is anyone up for the challenge?

    Head Thief ~ @UnboundDestiny
    A pirates gotta make a living somehow right and it's often through thievery. This is where you come in as the chief of all that is stealth and stealing. An essential skill among many others is the ability of being able to tell between a fake and the real deal. More often than not you'll be the one sneaking past enemy lines and pillaging all the valuables in sight while the rest are essentially causing enough distractions to take the attention off of you. But just in case things go a bit south you're going to need to know how to defend yourself seeing as you're going to be all alone in enemy territory.

    Cook ~ @Donk
    The heart and soul of the ship. Without your hard work and dedication to fill the always rumbling bellies of the Clockwork Pirates there would have already been a mutiny a loooooong time ago. From the finest cuisine made for a king's tongue to an unknown mixture of brown sludge, you can cook it all!

    Navigator ~ @ILovePandas
    Sure the captain makes the decision of where the ships go but it's your job to get us there in one piece. Which means being closely acquainted with maps, atlas', and of course the constellations. Since this journey will mostly be spent sailing through the clouds the latter will be incredibly essential.

    Engineer (2/2) ~ @KamrenReed @Imbroglio
    If the cook is the heart and soul of the ship then you are it's ever important body parts. Whatever is broken, out of place, and needs tweaking will be entirely up to you. It wouldn't have kept afloat this long without you're brilliant mechanical skills and since this is the age of Invention you are a pretty big deal to have around.

    Swordsmen (5/5) ~ @Shayla @Majem @UnboundDestiny @CasketCase @Amai Kyuti
    Now just because you're called a swordsmen does NOT mean you specifically deal with only swords. This is the steampunk era and as far as I'm concerned it's a good enough reason to start working with lasers xD Of course this is still going to be very old school and said lasers aren't going to be star wars quality since this isn't a full blown futuristic RP. But just know that potential lightsaber-y swords with thin holographic blades may be something to look forward to ;P As for the 'need-to-know-how' subject you guys will be the up and frontal fighters. Slicing and dicing the enemy as well as kicking a few asses while you're at it.

    Doctor ~ @Rax Rosetta
    No matter how sturdy, tough, and unrelenting a crew is, they'll never stand a chance with deteriorating health and a poor immune system. And considering their job descriptions they'll need someone capable of patching up their wounds more often than naught. Everyone will be coming to you for help with any sort of ailment and injury that have which basically makes you the 'Engineer' of the entire crew. Oh and remember since this is Steampunk based you'll need to be knowledgeable of certain prosthetics such as clockwork limbs and artificial organs.

    Master Gunner ~ @Excesmyr
    Just because you're flying a couple thousand feet above the waters does not mean canon fights are non-existent. They're in fact very, very, VERY common when you're one of the most wanted fugitives alive. So a master gunner who is capable of anything that shoots, fires, and implodes is an essential asset to any sea faring crew.

    Cabin Boy ~ @DoomyCakez
    An often under-appreciated member of lot and is often handed the more undesirable chores such as cleaning out the heads (toilets, the lu, etc.). You're also going to be everyone's personal lackey until you've successfully finished your apprenticemenship with your desired occupation. That's just a fancy way of saying that you at least get to pick what official job you'll be taking up and the person in charge of said job will be tutoring you. So if you wanted to be a Doctor then the current doctor will be training you up and they'll decide when you're ready for the real deal. But for multiple group member positions like the engineers, swordsman, and gunners either the Quartermaster or the Captain will decide when you're up to par. So before you achieve your dream job on the ship do a lot of kissing up or at least please your superior since they'll be the one putting you up there.

    Weapons Master ~ @Victor Markov
    You are essentially the engineer equivalent for anything involving weaponry. You're the the know-it-all to every make and model of existing weapons as well as an overabundance of knowledge when it comes to their inner workings. This is very important since a short circuiting blade can mean life and death on the high seas or er...skies.

    Gunners (4/5) ~ @darkflames13 @Beak @Azula @Cephalo
    If you've ever wanted to shoot beams (or balls) of concentrated energy then this, ladies and gentleman, is a position made just for you! Of course you're going to have to be an exceptional marksman and have amazing eyesight for you to be able to bag this job. Actually scratch the 'amazing eyesight' part since you could be blind but as long as you can accurately hit the right target then you're hired.

    Phew that took a while -.-; Now if you made through that garble and have picked your desired revenue it's time to discuss plot! Yaaaaaaaay :D
    That right there was the original slogan of the Clockwork Pirates RP. Beautiful isn't it? Now here's the actual setting of it:
    As you can probably see it's pretty damn vague. Now if you've ever watched the movie Treasure Planet then we'll already be on the same page for ideas :D If you haven't I completely recommend in doing so or at least reading up on the shortened wiki side of it because most of the mechanics like 'Solar Sails' and 'Solar Surfers' are going to becoming straight out of the movie with a Steampunk twist to it (not that it already doesn't look steampunky). Unfortunately we'll be sticking to planet Earth only since I don't want to go through the process of trying to justify breaking the laws of physics with this one. But I am considering adding races other than humans (no, not aliens) but supernatural species such as fairies, ghosts, and other humonid beings. I'm still on the fence about this since it'll add a whole nother level of complexity that I'm going to need to incorporate into the RP. But if you guys are all for it and ideas start coming in I'll definitely be implementing it.

    All I really need is some help to flesh out the universe a bit more and you can leave most of the complicated plot stuff to me (and hopefully my future GMs). Which reminds me..

    GMs NEEDED!!!
    In order to become eligible in being one I only ask for a simple RP example that's at the very least a paragraph long. I'm only looking for 2-3 GM's at the moment to help me with plot stuff and all that fun surprising shit. If anyone is interested don't be shy, I don't bite. Much ;D


    Respect these people or DIE =_= But seriously, please respect these guys. Since if and when I'm unavailable they'll be the ones dealing with your butt.

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    • Nice execution! Nice execution! x 2

    I'm a dedicated Rper, managing daily posts if possible, and I really like this idea.

    I usually manage 6+ paragraphs for every post and would love to be the ship lackey.
    ; w ;)
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  3. Holy wow, this is a lot to read. The title sure sounds interesting. When I'm done with reading the whole lot you'll have my result. c;
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  4. Aaaaaand interested. :3
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  5. Very interesting.

    May I reserve the spot of weapons master and/or master thief?
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  6. Woo hoo!! It's nice to meet an awesome person :D I shall pen you down good sir/miss.

    Thank you for dropping a interest! I'll be making sure to tag you when the OC is open :)

    Sure! Spots are open for reservation right now but is there a specific one you'd like to RP more? (since I can only reserve one spot ^^;)
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  7. Yayyyy!~~~

    I'll be the best Cabinboy/Girl ever.

    Can I make the CABINBOY a girl posing as a boy, BTW?
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  8. Yes :D All genders//species are welcome aboard my ship.
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  9. Ah oh my god I forgot to make an advertisment banner -.-;

    Other than that fun fact I'm going to be adding a few ideas to the setting on here for now and I'd appreciate some feedback if possible ^^
  10. What do you guys think about Avatar-ish floating islands?


    Maybe even a whole area that's just floating rocks and alcoves with an entire kingdom found in the center. With little bridges connecting to other floating islands which represents it's districts. Top being the monarchy and bottom areas being the slums.

    I haven't thought up of any names yet but I have scoured google images for a concept pic of it :D

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  11. I might be mistaken, but did I app Harvester as the Head Thief and right-hand "man" of the captain? XD Or am I thinking of a different rp? If not, I still got her/his bio ready to rock and roll! =D

    Ohh! Edit! I think she was Quater Master with some... thief skills, but, if we already got a thief, that's all cool. ;3
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  12. The Head Thief to be exact and one of the previous Underwater explorers (but since we're not going to be exactly near water anymore, they've been taken out ^^;) and glad to see you around Yuri :D I'd be happy to reserve the spot for you once I get a response from @Circe
  13. That's right! I tried to get in touch with his brother, but... fail. -_- If Circe's up for it. Harvester can be the Quarter Master. She had been both, but can do just one now. ;3

    And yes! Glad to see you too! ^w^ Let's rock this rp!
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  14. A good chef is one who isn't afraid to bust a few rowdy patrons' skulls. He must also be Swedish.

    Mind if I think up a Cook?
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  15. Well, I saw this little gem and couldn't possibly pass it up. Allow me to place my interest right here, and I would be most interested in rolling up a good Doctor, well, good being a term of talent. Maybe not so much good in morality. Who knows, eh?
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. Yay! ^o^ Welcome, pirates!!!!
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  18. [​IMG]

    Please, I am completely and totally innocent of any claims of stalking! Twas merely a good sense of timing on all parties involved, I assure you!
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  19. I'm sure. Tell it to the Captain!
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