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Clockwork Hearts

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Whoever you were before, that no longer matters. For the Clockwork Creator has plucked you from your original universe, plane, or dimension and has brought you to this unknown land. They explain that you and others will undergo a special surgery to replace your heart with one of another. Gaining the powers, knowledge, and weaknesses that the Hearted had. Then they introduce you to the place of refuge; Horologium Gardens. This is a sanctuary and training place for the tasks ahead. Yes, tasks that challenge each person in ways they would never expect. Each challenge requires you to understand the Clockwork Hearts given to you and utilize them as you are sent to different worlds for each challenge. The ultimate goal can be different for everyone. Who knows how you will feel after completing all the challenges? Perhaps you wont want to go back to your former life. The genre is Fantasy with Steampunk and Dark elements. The challenges can be difficult and your characters may die. If you would like to be apart of this roleplay, let me know!