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    Standing at the large front entrance, Vince gazed around the large university, completely taken aback. It was large, nearly fifteen stories high, not including the lowest floor. The front lawn itself seemed large enough to be converted into a football field if given the appropriate time and reason.

    But what surprised him the most, were the inhabitants of the school. Almost everywhere he looked, there were anthropomorphics of almost every species. Foxes, wolves, cats, dogs, racoons....all of them either pouring into or out of the doors, or occupying the large court yard going about their own business. Once again, he felt lost and alone.
    It wasn't that he hadn't been in a similar school before. Both middle and high school were teeming with anthropomorphics, so it wasn't new to him. What worried him most, was being segregated amongst his peers. In high school, he had been bullied for being one of the only humans in the school. His parents wouldn't care enough to support him, and neither would the teachers. Eventually, after his eighteenth birthday, he dropped out of high school and decided he would shoot for college. After searching online for nearly three days, he finally found a college that would accept him: Clockmoore University.

    With a nervous sigh, he picked up his guitar case and adjusted the strap on his backpack. Silently hoping for a new start, he walked quickly, but nervously through the gates and toward the front enrtance of the building, careful not to make any eye contact with any of the students who passed by him...
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  2. Wally's ginger fur blew in the wing gracefully as he ran as fast as he could. He was the highest ranked track runner in the Tri-city area, so no problem running. Him being a fox helped, since he loved pranking also,and joking.

    Wally arrived at the gates in time and adjusted his bright yellow hoodie and steampunk goggles on his forehead. His yellow vneck and red pants , vibrant as ever, his yellow scuffed up converse patting the pavement."Well this year should be the same as ever."
  3. River approached the school, her cat ears twitching slightly as her music blasted loudly enough for bystanders to catch some lyrics. She was mixed, her mother being a cat anthropomorphicn while her father was a human. Thus making River, a neko. She had long soft blonde hair with ears poking out the top and cat tail swaying behind her. She never had a problem in schools with her human featured and cat parts. What gave her problems were the devices attatched to her ears.

    River was born with very poor hearing, and it took her parents till high school to get her not one but two cochlear implants for both ears so she could hear. By that time she was already secluded and quiet, prefering to blast her music at full volume over a conversation any day. So that left her socially awkward. Though it didn't bother her, she had grown use to it. Besides, despite her lack of hearing she excelled in playing almost any instrument she picked up.

    So now, here she was. A college student studying music. Something her parents were proud of. She loved it too, of course. But she didn't show much emotion so it never showed on her face unless she happened to be playing music. Walking towards the doors, she looked around the campus. It was big. And pleanty of space for her to find a quiet corner. Her fingers gripped the violin case while her other hand adjusted the cello case on her shoulders. She played more instruments of course but she brought the two that she could carry easily to and from class.
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  4. With a nervous sigh, Vince opened the front doors and, after politely holding them open for a girl carrying a violine case. At first glance, he though she was another human, but noticing her cat-like ears proved otherwise. Even though she wasn't entirely human, it made him seem less alone, especially seeing that she too was a musician. Walking nervously a few feet behind her, he tightened his grip on his guitar case, wondering if it would be the appropriate moment to strike up a conversation.
  5. River glanced to the human curiously. She hadn't seen a human on the school ground till now. then again, she did just arrive. Her ear flicked towards him as she walked past and nodded her thanks. Walking in a few steps, River took her headphones off her ear and looked around. The school was huge. She wouldn't be surprised if she got lost today. River set her violin case beside her, adjusting the straps on her shoulder for her cello case and paused her music. Finally. She could hear just how loud it was in the building. Ever flinched at the sounds of dozens of voices shouting and laughing, her hand moving to the circular device on the side of her head. It was the outer part of her cochlear implant, attatched to the inside implant by a magnetic device. She had half a mind to take the outer device off so she wouldnt have to hear all these people. Glancing over, she spotted the human still near her. He looked nervous. River twitched her tail, then gave a small and pathetic attempt at a reassuring smile.
  6. Vince blinked as she smiled at him, nearly causing him to blush. Of course, he blushed when anyone acknowledged him, one of the main reasons he kept to himself most of the time. It was only when the girl adjusted the devices on her ears when he first noticed them, and seeing her flinch when the shouting and noises of the hall reached her bugged him a bit. Was she deaf? He wondered. Of course, she must be using some kind of hearing aid.
    Quickly making his decision, he casually approached her, swallowing as much of his anti-social nature as he could. Who knows, this place might not be as welcoming as it looked, and it might not be a bad idea to try and make a few friends.

    Summoning up as much courage as possible, he smiled nervously. "Um...hi...Are you new here also?"
  7. She pauses at the sound of a closer voice. It took a little bit for her to register that the boy next to her spoke. Sure, she could hear all through high school she just wasn't use to being spoken to. She turns to the boy more, picking up the violin case. "Um, yeah. I am." Her speech sounded a little funny, yet it could still be easily understood. The perks of speech therapy. River rubs her arm and glances to the loud crowd of people and back at him. She studied him for a moment, looking down at his guitar case. "Are you studying music too?"
  8. Wally had seen two new kids and thought they seemed chill. "Uh hey there, names, Wally West!" He said rather quickly for this was a speech impediment. He saw the males eyes , and was taken aback by their adorableness and the girls eyes were even brighter as they looked at eachother."So yall new?"
  9. Vince glanced down at his guitar case as the female spoke.

    "Oh...yeah, I play a little. It helps ease the stress a little...oh!" He stopped when he noticed the fox that had just introduced himself. "Hi. Yeah, we're new. I'm Vince..." He said, pausing awkwardly for a moment, before holding his hand out. He was a bit surprised at how friendly the fox seemed toward him. Usually, any anthropomorphic that saw him either insulted him or just ganged up on him.
  10. Wally shook his hand and smiled."Nice to meet ya!" He said as he quickly looked behind him, "hey i will catch you two later, gotta go sign up for a particular class!" He said before running off in a blur.
  11. Vince blinked as the fox suddenly ran off, his eyes barely able to keep up with him. He seemed a bit...odd...but otherwise quite friendly. He looked over at the girl with a nervous smile. He felt a little bad that the fox had sped off before she had a chance to properly introduce herself.
  12. Jojo climbed the steps to the entrance of the college. She rehearsed her mantra for the day in her head. "This year will be good. I will stay out of trouble and keep my whiskers out of other people's business!" Raccoon hybrids are anthropomorphics are known for their mischief making skills. She had a bit of a reputation back in high school, but she really wanted to leave all that behind her now. She swished her tail with confidence. "This year will be good," she said aloud this time.
    She swung the door open and walked whiskers first into someone.
  13. River had backed up slightly when the fox-boy showed up. All the people were a little too much for her. The sounds and the attention. While the boy named Vince was busy introducing himself River quickly snatched the magnetic devices off the sides of her head. She heard nothing now. It calmed her down a little. But before she knew it the fox-boy ran off and Vince was facing her again. She blinked in surprises and quickly put the devices back on her head so she could hear again. "U-Uh, Vince, right? I'm River." She said in a slight rush, shoving her free hand out in front of her to shake hands with him.
  14. He was surprised when he noticed she had snatched the devices from her ears, yet he didn't notice until she put them back on. That was strange, he wondered if the devices bothered her in some way. He was snapped out of his thoughts when she introduced herself and held out her hand. Still a bit awkwardly, he shook her hand.

    "Nice to meet you, River--oh!" He stopped as he was inturrupted once again with someone running into him. He turned to see a raccoon morph behind him. If not for the fact that she looked almost as nervous as him, he would've immediatley jumped to the defensive side. Instead, he smiled again, still a bit surprised. ", sorry. I didn't mean to get in your way..."
  15. River took another step back. Her ears twitched in discomfort. There was too many people around. Her eyes turned away to look out the window, keeping focus on some tree to distract her. Her tail wrapped around hee waist to keep it out of other peoples way as she turned to look at the raccoon girl. Her ear flicked to the girl before they laid flat against her head, her ears blending into her hair rather well as she kept quiet.
  16. "Oh buscuits!" exclaimed Jojo. "I'm so sorry!" She turned stepped back to see who she'd t-boned. It was a friendly looking ... wait... she sniffed him quickly... a human. Well, well. "It was my mistake," she said quickly in return to him. She then noticed a reluctant, yet pretty girl... sniff... cat anthro.
    "I'm Jojo- didn't mean to mow you down and interrupt your conversation!" She smiled widely revealing her mischievous grin. "I was just on my way to admissions to-" she quickly saw the discomfort on the cat-girls face. "I'll just be on my way..."
  17. What jojo hadn't noticed is that she dropped her keys out of her satchel when she bumped into the human boy. Oblivious she walked off towards the admissions office twiddling her long black braid over her shoulder. Her bushy black and white tail flicked nonchalantly as she trailed away.
  18. River turned and dug around in her bag, pulling out a black beanie hat. She shoved the hat on her head, which made her appear more human. She fiddled with the handle on her violin case. "I should, uh, find the music hall. I kinda wanna get a feel of the area." She mumbled a little, which made what she said difficult to understand. Mumbling mixed with her funny voice made for an awkward speech. But River didn't exactly wait to repeat what she said and quickly turned and walked down a hallway with less people. Once she was away, she reached under her hat and pulled off the magnetic devices again and shoved them in her pockets for good. She wanted silence. She wasn't use to all the notice. This school was a lot bigger and noisier than her high school. She expectd to slip by the school year without drawing attention to herself again but she was already having to talk. It was nice, of course. But she was self conscious of her voice, and her social skills were awkward and shy. Not something she was use to.
  19. "Okay, well...see ya..." He tried to say, but River had already sped off. It was strange, she reminded him of himself, awkward and shy. He somewhat chuckled to himself, turning to head down the other hall when his foot kicked something. Bending down to pick it up, he found them to be a bundle of keys. Huh, it seemed that Jojo must have been in too much of a hurry to notice she dropped them. Standing to his feet, he headed in the direction the raccoon off to, which he hoped was also admissions.

    "Hey, Jojo! Wait, I think you dropped something!" He called, even though she was nowhere in sight. He nearly lost his balance as a wolf bumped into his shoulder, but he ignored him, continuing on his way without so much as a muttered. "Sorry..."
  20. She overheard someone calling her name. She turned around to see the human boy coming towards her. She stopped in her tracks and turned to face him.
    "Hey, sorry I ran off, but it seemed your friend was a bit uncomfortable around me, I know raccoons have a reputation for being bad news, but honestly I'm turning over a new leaf, anyway I thought it best i just skedaddle on out of there and alleviate the pressure haha I know some people don't mean to be rude but-"
    Jojo forgot that when she isn't paying attention she can yak a person to death simply by trying to be friendly....