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  1. They say time is linear.
    That’s what I used to believe as well,
    But they are wrong.

    Time is an ever shifting loop, sometimes twisting back on its self, sometimes leaping forward by thousands of years, but one thing is certain. What is, has already happened, and is destined to happen again.

    So was I. Let’s see if this will help.

    Once there was a young man who was about to jump off a bridge and end his life. Along came an old man who talked him down. Told him all the wonderful things he could do with his life, reminded him of all the people who cared for him. The young man moved on. He became a famous doctor who saved thousands of lives and, in time, forgot all about the old man who saved his.

    Eventually the young man became very old himself. One day while sitting in a park a strange man came to him. “You must come with me.” He said, “There is someone I need your help to save.” The stranger lead him to a strange vehicle and then drove him to a bridge. There on the bridge was a young man preparing to jump into the roaring waters below. “If you don’t save him,” the stranger pleaded, “thousands who need his help will die.” So the old man got out of the vehicle, went over, and talked the young man out of jumping.

    Do you get it yet?
    The old man and the young man are one and the same. The old man saved his younger self. There was no choice in the matter, he was going to do it, because he already had done it.

    Who was the stranger?
    They call him the Servant of Time. He exists solely to make sure that what has happened will happen.

    And now you ask me why you should care.
    I didn't either, until I understood. You see the Servant of Time has appeared again. It seems he needs us. He says that something has gone wrong, from our point of view anyway. Some sort of “time terrorist is running a muck. We are supposed to stop them. He says the world needs us. We’re supposed to save it. No, there’s not really any choices here. We have to save it. We will save it, because technically we already have.

    Note: Ryex is the Co-GM

    Time Traveler Characters (sign ups closed)

    Spot 1 - Me
    Spot 2 – Ryex
    Spot 3 – SilverJae
    Spot 4 – Towerofpimps
    Spot 5 – Quiet One

    Character Sheet (open)

    Character Sheet

    Title: (i.e The scholar, The engineer etc Should reflect the job)
    Nationality:(Country your character is from).
    Job: (age and Era appropriate).
    Time Period originally from: (i.e. 1998, 3324, 1760 Any you like as long as it can be tied to the story)
    Skill Set: (Speed? A genius? Excellent marksman? Typing 70 words per minute without making a spelling mistake? What can they do? No magic allowed in this one, sorry. Also be era and age appropriate.)
    Height / Weight:
    Appearance: (Text description required, picture optional)
    Other Distinguishing Features: (scars, a limp etc.)
    How your character’s life has been influenced by the villain: (former next door neighbor, Old classmates, etc)
    Weaknesses: (What is your Character absolutely awful at?)
    Personality: (What are they like? Rude, aggressive? Bad habits? What impression will they give their teammates? Whatever you think needs to be here.)
    (your characters history, their family, how they lived etc. Please remember the era you have given your character, what would they have not been allowed to do during this time? i.e. most artists in the Renaissance period would have needed to serve a patron and could not have afforded to live freelance)

    Note: I reserve the right to ask for changes, clarification, and/or expansion on characters.

    Rules (open)

    Standard Iwaku rules apply, no godmodding etc.

    Game rules
    1. Players may play one (1) time traveler. Any other characters need to belong to the era in which the RP is currently set.
    2. You may play multiple characters, but you must be able to play them well, by this I mean give your secondary characters just as much attention and thought as the primaries.
    3. If you need to leave the RP please let me know so a way can be found to write out your character without spoiling the game for everyone else.
    Post rules
    1. Please Post at least one paragraph.
    2. Please spell and grammar check all posts – typos do happen, but they should not be a constant thing.
    3. DO NOT use different colored text for dialogue – I find this very difficult to read. You WILL be asked to change this if I find you doing it.

    Remember that not everyone can be on everyday, this means no rapid-fire postings which leave the others behind. Try to give everyone a chance to keep up.

    Note: This RP was inspired by Ryex's signature, and Diana'a Plot Challenge.
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  3. Name: Dr. Hillary Daestram

    Age: 27

    Title: The Scholar

    Gender: Female

    Nationality:The Southern American Republic

    Job: Professor of History at the Rockwood University of New Dallas

    Time Period originally from: 2489

    Skills Set: Speed reading, She also has a knack for pulling the most obscure facts off the top of her head, and she can somehow managed to blend in no matter where she is.

    Height / Weight: 5' 4", 130lbs

    Appearance: Average height with somewhat pale skin, she has curly, dark brown hair and hazel eyes. She is somewhat pretty. Hillary often wears a serious frown when she is thinking.

    She is fond of wearing dark brown, short healed, calf high, lace-up boots; boot-cut jeans (which are still made even though they have long been out of style); and jewel toned, QMilch tank-tops. She also wears a dark brown syth-leather jacket and has a rather large scarf collection. Her students often comment that she looks like one of the people in their text books.

    Note: modern fashion now includes a variation of racing suit in addition to variation of what see see now, though in more "modern" fabrics.

    Other Distinguishing Features: Wears glasses when reading, simply being to lazy to get her eyes surgically corrected.

    How your character’s life has been influenced by the villain: Though older the villain was a friend of Hillary's father. He visited her family often when she was a child, and often made her presents of literature written by various authors through out history.


    • Math - oh she can do equations, but if it's not something she needs for everyday life (such as buying groceries) she just doesn't see the point.
    • Kids - it's not that she doesn't like them, she just doesn't want to be responsible for them. She'll take an argumentative college student over a stick fingered five year old any day.
    • Spiders - no, just no.
    • Generally a warm hearted and caring individual Hillary make friends easily, though she only has a few she's really close to. the world in general sees her a a genial if single minded sort of individual.
    • Hillary has a difficult time separating her loves of teaching and history from the rest of her life, so it's not uncommon for her to diverge into rabbit trails of useless historical facts no one really cared about.
    • If she is distracted or deep in thought she can sometimes come across as cold or uncaring.
    • Working with college students as left Hillary with a great deal of self control and a large amount of patience.
    • Normally even tempered her rare flare ups of anger usually are displayed in cold harsh words calculated to deliver the most emotional or mental damage. She very rarely yells. However she is usually willing to offer a second chance if the other person really seems desirous of wanting one.
    Biography: Born the only child of a moderately well off average middle class family in the Texan province of the Southern American republic, Hillary's childhood was for the most part unremarkable. She grew up in a happy home and her great uncle Henry (really just a family friend on her father's side) made many presents to her of various history books and classic literature.

    Her grades in school were average was well with the notable exceptions of history and literature. In those she excelled. Hillary did however do remarkably well in college where she earned honors along with her bachelors and then masters in history while minoring in earth literature. While applying for her doctorate she wrote her dissertation on the second great American revolution of 2121. Her thesis stated that had late twenty first century U.S.A. politics not been what they were the country might not have split into what is now the Southern American Republic and the Great Northern State of America.

    She won international recognition for her work, was awarded her doctorate shortly before her twenty-sixth birthday, and soon after was offered a job among the history staff of Rockwood university which she accepted. Dr. Hillary Daestram has been teaching there ever since.
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  4. [MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION] there are some changes I'd like you to make.
    changes (open)
    I am fine with your character being from 1098 or a techie but not both. Someone from 1098 would have no idea what cars or hard-drives were.

    Also, While she may have dressed up as a man in order to join the crusades, she would not, when known as a woman, been allowed to fight. The church didn't even like the idea of soldiers wives accompanying them (though some went anyway) if she was known to be a woman her job would have been something like a washerwoman, cook, or camp follower. If you want her to be in the fighting keep in mind that at age 16 she would have been ranked as a squire or possibly a regular soldier but not yet allowed to lead.

    I realize that my character sheet may have caused some confusion and I will make some clarification changes.

    For everyone:
    Your job and title should reflect each other. They should also be era and age appropriate.
    Because this is a time travel RP that takes place on earth I'm going to be a stickler for historical accuracy, or at least probability (and yes, that means I will be researching everything.)

    On another note, Our characters will be starting off on their own and I will have the Servant of Time pick them each up individually.
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  5. Name: Xanthia Sight. Goes by Xan.
    Age: 16
    Title: The Engineer?
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: Caucasian
    Job: Student in Architecture
    Time Period originally from:2016?
    Skill Set: 'Super speed' in anything techie. Got a broken lock on your car? Two minutes and it's fixed. Blow your hard drive? Five minutes max.
    Height / Weight: 115 lb, 5'6''
    Appearance: Long Jet-black hair, icy blue eyes. She has high, angular cheekbones and she is striking in appearance.
    Show Spoiler
    [​IMG] Just remove the wings. Her eyes: But the right eye has the black scar.

    Other Distinguishing Features: Her right eye has a scar from the inner edge of her eyebrow down to the upper edge of her cheekbone. It even follows through her eye in a black slash. This gives her a blind spot directly in front of her right eye.

    How was your character's life influenced by the villain: Worked together in school as friends

    Weaknesses:Singing, public speaking, and trusting.

    Personality: She doesn't trust others easily and will originally seem to be rude, disrespectful, mean, and uncaring. Once you get to know her well, you'll see that's her way of showing she really cares. She has a habit of yelling or going completely silent when she gets a bad temper..which is often considering she has a short temper. When she does finally trust someone, she trusts them too much, and if they turn out to be a backstabber, she makes it her personal goal to make them pay. Big time.

    Biography: At an early age she excelled in math and history. As she grew older, she became less trusting. She helped lead her school in an academic competition. She won there, but was badly injured (hence her eye) by a car crash on the way home. She was in the hospital for two weeks and as she stayed home a month to completely recover. She blamed it on her father, who was driving at the time. Her mother died in the crash. She was 14. Xanthia has never forgiven her father.
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  6. Much better :D

    If you can edit/ hide in spoilers/ remove the first character post to avoid any confusion between the two, it would be much appreciated
  7. Ok finished and despoilered my character's bio.
    Now I just have to finish the work up of how the S.T.A.N. Gateway works, this is what they'll use to travel in time (just a few diagrams to draw) and begin writing the beginning post.

    I'm still hoping for one or two more people to join, but if no one claims a spot by the time Ryex finishes his character (or possibly the end of the week depending on how much time he has) I think this'll still work just fine with just the three of us. Thank you for being patient SilverJae

    Oh [MENTION=2387]SilverJae[/MENTION], [MENTION=4238]Ryex[/MENTION], and at anyone else who joins:
    Is there any particular time period you'd like to visit in this RP?
  8. Name: Avery Malster

    Age: 21

    Title: The Soldier

    Gender: Male

    Nationality: Great Britain

    Job: Soldier for the British Army

    Time Period originally from: 1941

    Skill Set: A brilliant marksman that can hit a target just above 1500 meters also apt in morse code and bird calls.

    Height / Weight: 5 foot 10 165 pounds

    Appearance: Short brown hair that looks like it is occasionally trimmed away by an unskilled barber. He also has pale green eyes that have an odd distant look to them whenever he isn't engaged in anything that holds his attention. He wears his M-43 field jacket over a white cotton shirt

    Other Distinguishing Features: Scar the length of his left arm from a burn he got when he was younger.

    How your character’s life has been influenced by the villain: The two trained together in the same company and had a casual rivalry that motivated Avery to become better.

    Weaknesses: Nightmares (Which leads to lack of sleep), Spaces out when not concentrating, technology.

    Quite respectful when first meeting people (something that comes from his upbringing and training in the army) but when you get to know him he relaxes and likes to joke around. He has a bad habit of smoking on down time.

    Biography: Born in 1920 just outside of London on a farm. He had 2 brothers and 2 sisters at that time and ended up being the last boy born in his family eventually leading up to 2 more sisters. When he was around 7 or so he was helping his mother in the kitchen constantly not allowed to help his father in the farm. While unattended he ended up knocking his mother's boiling jars off the stove cause the large scar down his arm.
    When Avery was 16 his Father ended up dying from the stress of the Great Depression leaving the farm to him and his two brothers. No one knowing how to keep the farm afloat the family sold the land and moved to London to find measly work for everyone.
    At 19 he was enlisted into the British army where he fought on the front lines with his company coming up to 1941 with limited breaks.
  9. Hmm.. To be honest, I don't know. The renaissance maybe?
  10. [MENTION=5470]towerofpimps[/MENTION]
    Approved! :D - And you must have read my mind, I have a plan for something in WWII, your character will come in very useful. Do you have a time period you'd like to visit?

    I like the Renaissance idea, I'll figure out how to use it somehow.

  11. Nothing I could really think about, maybe French Revolution or Civil War?
  12. Sounds like much coolness! I want to join!...Just hope I can fit it in.
  13. Ok, I can definitely work in one or both of those.

    [MENTION=3204]Quiet One[/MENTION]
    If by "fit it in" you mean work around real life I do expect this RP to be one of the slower moving ones on this site if that helps. I've got a full time job that takes priority and I know school starting up is affecting other people's posting schedules. But I do ask that you let me know one way or another pretty soon so I can either reserve the last spot for you or leave it open for somebody else.

    That being said I do have a plan for how this RP will progress, and I will do everything I can to keep it fun and entertaining for everyone involved. :)
  14. Yay =D Okay. The renaissance is awesome =)

    School's been a big thing on my agenda..from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. -.-

    But I'm getting pretty good with the scheduling stuff around!! XD
  15. I definitely want to be in. A few questions, though. I wanted to make a character from crazy far off in the future, the year 25052. I always wanted evolution to have started making changes to the human race by this point. Are these ideas okay for the RP?

    Name: Mondanda Maixing (Friends sometimes called her "Mandy Dandy")
    Age: 23
    Title: The Scout
    Gender: Zed Chromat (explain in Bio)
    Nationality:(Country your character is from).
    Job: Student of Exo-planetary Surveying
    Time Period originally from: 25052
    Skill Set: Quick, stealthy. Her friends often accused her of sneaking around every place. Was on her way to becoming a star runner, until her chromosome type was discovered and it took her out of the running. Can bend her spine almost a full 180.
    Height / Weight: 5'7" 111lbs.
    Appearance: Born into the ever-growing population of Zed Chromat humans, Mondanda has jumbled physical features that don't necessarily go together. She's a ginger with olive toned skin and slanted eyes. She has a relatively tone build which she covers up with an Etheral (a tough weather resistant future fabric) pair of pants and a sleeveless shirt. She carries an Etheral jacket, too, for when it gets cold. Evolution has eventually removed the need for the pinky, and she only has four fingers on her hands.
    Other Distinguishing Features: She's not female. In her time the Y chromosome is slowly dying out. Nature has produced a mutated substitute, the Z chromosome, carrying both male and female characteristics. Mondanda is a hermaphrodite, with a fully functioning sex organ from both genders.
    How your character’s life has been influenced by the villain: Outed her as a Zed Chromat and dealt a heavy blow to her social life. Inspired her distrust for males.
    Weaknesses: Cooking, struggles to speak English as her second language (in her time all people use a dialect called Amese), socially awkward, generally non violent.
    Personality: (Since she's further ahead in the time than anyone else, she'll likely want to show off the everyday devices she has, which would baffle even the Scholar with their sophistication. Gravitates towards the women of the group and doesn't trust or particularly like the males. Can come off as rude to them. Unless it's to show off her tech, she doesn't say much.
    Biography: Mondanda was born to a typical male/female parentage. That was where her trouble with herself began. Her father was one of those who believed that Zed Chromats were a degenerate mutation, not the next phase in human evolution. Such people couldn't be won over, even if you pointed out that other animals were experiencing this mutation, too. She grew up a socially awkward girl, despite the body she grew into, who loved to run from her problems and survey new horizons. She started studying Exo-planetary geography with the hope of getting away from a continent (North America) that was steadily growing more bigoted. In the meantime she travelled around on her portable speed tech. During one of her rides she was offered a chance to go somewhere where all her problems weren't happening and she took it. And that's how she got recruited.
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  16. [MENTION=3204]Quiet One[/MENTION]
    Generally speaking I'm fine with your Character, however we may have to work a few things out.
    questions (open)

    1. Originally Ryex (my Co-mod) was supposed to have the character furthest in the future (part of the reason his bio's not up) So depending on exactly what he has planned (last I heard he had a bit of a tech timeline planned out) you may need to change some details. (i.e year) Either he or I will PM you to work out specifics. It shouldn't be too hard, I just can't have the two of you contradicting each other.
    2. Please explain what Exo-planetary surveying is - a quick skeleton is fine, I just want to be sure it is what I think it is. You can edit this into your bio if you want.
    3. Due to her dislike of men I'm assuming Mondonda identifies as female? if not is there a certain pronoun we should use? (this person?)
    4. Aside from the extra chromosome and super flexibility has evolution given her any other gifts or is that it?
    5. Because it was a significant event in her life I'd like to know how the villain outed her as a zed chromat. How he discovered it, why it ruined her running career etc

    That being said
    Sign Ups are now Closed!

    I will be working out a few things with [MENTION=4238]Ryex[/MENTION] this weekend (with any luck he'll be able to post his bio) then you can expect the villain's profile to be up which will include his own time traveling timeline and important events your character should know (put together from how you all said you interacted with him ). Also the promised explanation of the S.T.A.N. Gateway and any other random things I decide we may need. (links will be added to the second post to make it easy to find)
    And maybe even the IC!
    (no promises, just my current plan)
  17. Falcon, answering your questions:

    1: Sorry, I didn't know about that. I'll be waiting for a PM and will adjust the year accordingly. I can make Z chromosomes a mutation that came from travel further into space, so that Ryex's character may not have heard of it. Don't know. Again will wait and make changes.

    2: Exo-planetary surveying is basically studying the geography of planets outside our solar system. If that's what you think it means, then yes.

    3: Yes, she would identify as female, partly because of her history with men, partly because you wouldn't be able to tell she's not female without taking off her pants.

    4: The flexible spine isn't a product of evolution; it's just something unique to her. There is a chance she's also smarter than those from about our era, but don't expect a mega genius. Just quick-witted.

    5: It ruined her career because being a Zed Chromat makes her something of a pariah because many just consider it a generic mutation. There are a lot of rumors about them, claims that their mutated genes give them certain advantages or characteristics. Basically think of typical racist arguments. Discovering that she was one could be quite easy, if you were around her almost every day. If she became aroused, for example, that would be a dead give away. Mondanda doesn't even necessarily have to be discovered; in some places just the rumor can get her kicked out of a social circle.

    I hope that answers your questions and I will make changes as needed.
  18. [MENTION=3204]Quiet One[/MENTION]
    No worries, I intentionally didn't say anything because I wanted to see what people would come up with :)
    And thank you for answering those questions, that's exactly what I needed to know, all now looks good.
    Even better, Ryex's plan means you don't have to change a thing! and your character is Approved! as is.

    Also, what time period do you think would be fun to visit?
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